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Protester's  Posts     2010
5 things to know about the tea party movement    Politics
1.  The main gripe with the Tea Partiers is Obama’s health care bill.  2.  They seem stupid by demanding NO health care plan, even though the rest of America is for it.  They’ve already said they’re against government programs, except those that benefit THEM, showing them to be greedy parasites.   3.  If they want to appear to be intelligent, they would have compromised, and would be supporting one of the other health care plans that wouldn’t bankrupt the nation, and one would even make a profit while fighting corruption.  It’s a win-win-win situation. Until they show some intelligence, they’re doomed to failure.  4118
And   4119
[QUOTE who="Nobama"]<quoted text>Alright then, your opinion, not mine. But while you're ahead of yourself, you make it sound like Iraq was a bad thing. Bush sent his troops to Iraq to find weapons of mass destruction. Just because none were found doesn't mean they weren't there. Also, while we were there, Sadam was executed.  I call that pretty good.[/QUOTE]
I call your post a total flight from reality.     It's pretty bad when you have to go that far to justify your conclusions about how life works. 4146
[QUOTE who="Dingo"]Has nothing to do with my opinion boss man, it is a fact, gw bush used Clinton's military to invade Iraq... so it must be clinton's fault, right? Iraq was a Very bad thing, it killed over 4,500 American Troops, what did WE accomplished? OK we pop the head of a dictator, I don't have a problem with that, was it worth over 4,500 american Troop lives? was it worth over 20,000 American Troop maimed for life?  You tell me boss man, was it worth it? <quoted text>[/QUOTE]
And, was it worth lying to the American people AGAIN, reminding them that they should never trust their leaders?  The worst thing is that, because of what we did to Iraq, we can expect that to be the future home of terrorism aimed at US.    WE didn't impeach Bush, WE didn't prosecute him for treason, WE didn't hold anybody else accountable, so WE will pay the price.  Bush will never be the victim of a terrorist - WE are paying to keep him safe for the rest of his life.  There is a solution: (next post)   4187
And  and    4188
[QUOTE who="Le Jimbo"]<quoted text>Do you really believe your garbage has any impact on the readers other than a good laugh?[/QUOTE]
Yes, it does.  People do learn from hearing the truth.  I notice you didn't have a single intelligent defense of their lies.  Let The Schooling Begin wrote: <quoted text>This has NOTHING to do with the documented FACTS that Fox sought legal right to LIE to their viewers, that they are constantly being caught giving misinformation on the air, AND that a credible survey proves that watching Fox maks you LESS knowledgable of the world and your country.    Does watching Fox also hinder your ability to stay on topic when responding to others posts? As much as it happens on these threads I suspect it may.  4189
[QUOTE who="Le Jimbo"]<quoted text>Kennedy Brothers Sex Parties?...and these are without Chris Dodd. FBI files show Jack, Bobby and Ted Kennedy along with Marylyn Monroe, Frank Senatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford, and others had wild sexual orgy type parties ……….it is interesting that 5 of these people or their families had ties to organized crime, was in the FBI FILES and that it was Withheld from the people that pay their wages. What else is in these files………………………what hidden behavior, what hidden crimes. Is it right for the FBI to hide information about our elected officials that could and probably would create positive or negative election results.[/QUOTE]
The fact is that nobody, no liberal, no spy, nobody ever did as much damage to the U.S. as Republican leaders have, and are still doing.  They could have all been convicted of treason if their followers didn't defend them forever.  (next post)   4433
And    4434
[QUOTE who="conservative paradise"]Washington - Immediate effects of health reform bill. Benefits for children, seniors among more than a dozen ‘early deliverables’. Changes that occur this year include: Dependent children could remain on their parents' health insurance plans until age 26. Senior citizens would get more help paying for drugs in Medicare. People with health problems that left them uninsurable could qualify for coverage through a federal program. These are among the more than a dozen features of the new health care overhaul law that take effect in 2010 under the measure passed Sunday. Other first-year items include a ban on lifetime limits on medical coverage, more oversight of premium increases and tax credits for some small businesses.  All of that, NOW IN EFFECT!!! a fourth grader knows that !!! But not grips oh lunancy!!!    What a loser!!!   You need to get schooled, dooooofus!!!
My fourth grade nephew is smarter than you!!! Ha ha ha ha ha hahahahahahahaha, ohhhhhhhh freakin ha ha ha ha ha !!!!! 
Seems like the one with "no grip on reality" is YOU.  Millions getting helped by Healthcare Reform right now, today!!!! Oh I love being right, grips a turd = SLAM DUNKED AGAIN !!!!  You should know by now, I only post the truth, go search over a hundred sources that say the same freakin thing!!! Haaaa ha haahahahahahahahaha ha ha!    We Won  We passed a LAW of the land, in effect right now, loooopy!  Democrats Rule!! You drool!! idiot!!!![/QUOTE]
You're proof that stupidity rules in the Democratic Party. Thanks for helping to show everybody why intelligent people have left.
Ex-Democrat.   4553
[QUOTE who="conservative paradise"]Will there ever be a clueless duo like these again ?? I hope not, now we know how bush could get elected twice!!!!      With these stupid people, writing about politics, laws, the GOP turd herd, ETC... JUST BOGGLES THE MIND!!!!
Complete morons, that's all I can say!!! And laugh, out loud, over and over, I will show this SLAM DUNKING OF THESE TURDS TO MY GREAT GRAND CHILDREN !!! We will all still be laughing 50 years from now!!! ha ha ha    LOSERS, CHOKE ON IT!!![/QUOTE]
Morons are those who blindly follow either political party.  Currently that award goes to Democrats who support Obama's bill, trusting a politician, like naive overgrown children.  They refuse to face reality, or even question why legislators were forced to vote on it without even seeing what was in it?  That's so OUTRAGEOUS that every intelligent American is angry about it.        They refuse to ask about why Obama sabotaged ALL COMPETITION, even though that's the American way.  Most people don't even know they had other health care choices.       Obama wanted HIS plan, not what was best for us, or one that would actually make a profit instead of his financial disaster.  (next post)   4598
And   Health Care May Grant Obama Legacy as 'Reformer'
[QUOTE who="Nobama"]<quoted text>Oh, now I get it. Taxes go into effect in order to pay for obamacare, but healthcare is not actually put into effect.[/QUOTE]
And many more surprises, which we’re just beginning to find out about, now that the bill has become law.     4707
[QUOTE who="WaKe Up FQQLZ"]5 things to know about the Tea Party movement. 1.) Homegrown terrorists           2.)In bred racists
3.) Succer moms  4.)Hypocrite perverts 5.) Owned by the British  Don't worry tea Baggots Obama is coming to lock you all up and take away your guns thanks to that retarded Bush and his lapdog/lapdancer Cheney, the Patriot Act will be like a Calgon_e commercial and taking you away. So you can either go to prison and live your homosexual fantasies out with bubbas/bubbettes, bruthas/sistas, and beaners/beanettes or just get killed by our military. Bushes government will knock down your doors take your guns, money, and kids away from you. The best thing for all of you Tea Baggots to do is go to BP's oil spill and jump into the fire. Sarah Palem, Glen Back, Rush LimPballs, Sean Handitea, and the rest of you leaders will kissing the King Obama's A55![/QUOTE]
You’re obviously against EVERYBODY, including Obama who will illegally imprison people who don’t agree with him.  You’re actually dumber than the people you condemn.   4708
[QUOTE who="Nobama"]Being a member of the Tea Party, I think I should display the real 5 things to know about the Tea Party.
1). They are filled with republicans, moderates, and even some democrats who are tired of the direction this country is going towards.
2). They are led under the rule of Sarah Palin, a strong woman who has insults hurled at her by the liberals.  3). Stereotypes are thrown at them by liberals. These include racist and sexist, although the democrats have a history of beating up black Tea Partiers, and although Sarah Palin is the leader.  4). They follow pure American patriotism, and live by the example of the true American example, by preaching about little government. After all, without that, we would still be ruled by King George III.    5). Their persistance and message will spread throughout the country, and eventually, this message will hit the democrats hard in November. That is what the Tea Party is all about.[/QUOTE]
Even though I disagree with almost everything the Tea Party stands for, I admire their courage for standing up to the Republican Party. 
Those who still remain with either major party, after all they’ve done to us, are pathetic cowards, too weak and stupid to even think for themselves.   Unfortunately Tea Partiers don't realize yet that they're not winning their biggest fight, against Obama's health care bill:
(next post) ex-Democrat.   4722   And  #6 4723
[QUOTE who="Juliana Cheng"]Tea Party or not. Without any work income for over a year and a half but several huge medical bills to clear and prescription not filled...I don't think that I can stay healthy to participate in the movement either way. No good health no job.No job no money.No job no disability insurance benefits. No money no talk! No money no gasoline! No money no food! No food no good health!:< [/QUOTE]
When does it get so bad that you join others who are doing something to end the misery?  You can keep complaining the rest of your life, but you’ll get nowhere.      especially posts 80-82, 83 and 86.
If you all had done this decades ago, we wouldn't be living with all these potential disasters now, with many more to come.   4724
[QUOTE who="Nobama"]<quoted text>You say it is out now, but how is that so if we can't even pay for it?  Also, you ask what is wrong with healthcare. It is mandated, they have to give it to is. What if I don't want it? That is unconstitutional. It goes against human rights.
If you are okay with that, you are a socialist.[/QUOTE]
It doesn't violate human rights, but it does violate our legal rights, and if it's not defeated, it will lead to violation of human rights.        People:  We still don't know how bad that bill is, but we do know that he's become more of a dictator than a president.      You've been told countless times how to defeat it, but if you love the insurance companies that wrote the bill, more than your own families, then continue to do nothing.
Those who do care:  (next post) And especially posts 80-82, 83, 86 4796
[QUOTE who="c k dexter"]<quoted text>You've got the most intelligent President in the history of the United States and you hate him because he is black man with a strange name. Imbeciles![/QUOTE]
We voted for him, and hate him because he's betrayed us, and we're smart enough to know it, unlike those who remain loyal to him because he is black.  Obviously, you're the imbecile, too dumb to know it.  4797
[QUOTE who="TeaParty Proud"]For those of you who would like to educate yourselves, you'll find the Tea Party Patriots Philosophy Statement below. Follow the link to learn more:  "Tea Party Patriots, Inc. as an organization believes in the Fiscal Responsibility, Constitutionally Limited Government, and Free Markets. Tea Party Patriots, Inc. is a non-partisan grassroots organization of individuals united by our core values derived from the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States of America, the Bill Of Rights as explained in the Federalist Papers. We recognize and support the strength of grassroots organization powered by activism and civic responsibility at a local level. We hold that the United States is a republic conceived by its architects as a nation whose people were granted "unalienable rights" by our Creator. Chiefly among these are the rights to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." The Tea Party Patriots stand with our founders, as heirs to the republic, to claim our rights and duties which preserve their legacy and our own. We hold, as did the founders, that there exists an inherent benefit to our country when private property and prosperity are secured by natural law and the rights of the individual."[/QUOTE]
The facts are: 1.  The Tea Party movement gained national attention almost overnight when they began protesting against Obama's health care bill.  2.  The American people are slowly becoming more accepting of his bill, just as he knew they would.  That's why he told them to give it time, not because it works, but because they give up easily. 3.  That bill is helping to destroy the U.S. financially, and will leave us with less freedom and more government control, until it will be too late to protest against it.  4.  If all right-wing people were SMART, they'd demand one of the better plans that is voluntary and doesn't involve the IRS.  The longer they wait, fewer people will vote Republican, and more will back Obama. It's NOT INTELLIGENT to demand NO PLAN because most intelligent people want one, but not Obama's.    (next post)   4803  
And   Start with post 83, then 80-82 and 86  4804
[QUOTE who="There Can Be Only One"]<quoted text>
It is not that we disagree with you. It is just that we are educated americans who completely understand the doublespeak of political and corporate leaders. We see you and we understand you actual agenda. Your rhetoric of fear did not win in 2008 and will not win in 2012. We do not live in 1950 America. we are a healthy diverse and forward thinking culture who will not tolerate the regressive speech of racist and bigoted selfish minded people. Your kind continue to be a blight on our great country and truly do not deserve intellectual debate because you are the first group to say something stupid and resort to senseless name calling. Your culture has been revealed and we are simply keeping an eye on you because we know that you will revert to church bombings, sniper fire and other violent crimes when no one wants to hear what you say. You are adolescent in your behaviors and very very dangerous to the fabric of a progressing American society.[/QUOTE]
Truly intelligent people realize the danger in Obama's bill and join together to fight it, instead of each other.  You're not going to change each other's minds, and the more time you spend attacking people's beliefs, the more your real enemies gain on you.  You CAN stop Obama's bill.  He wouldn't have spent so much time trying to convince people to accept it if your voice didn't matter.  So, there's still time.
   The question is, are there enough intelligent Americans to save the country from disaster, and will they act fast enough?   4805
[QUOTE who="Nobama"]<quoted text>Let's see...  Obama has bailed out Greece, made relations worse with our major ally, Israel, and even today, FOX tells many that the Tea Party is spreading it's message; after all, there is a reason Massachusetts has voted in a republican. What has MSNBC told us about?[/QUOTE]
Not about the fact that there are better health care plans. No, Obama buried all competition - how unAmerican is that?
Why?  Because his plan is so bad it can't compete.  HE wants the credit.  It's about his ego, not helping us. (next post)   4806
Health Care May Grant Obama Legacy as 'Reformer'
Why demand the Insurance Corruption plan (my previous post)      10 worst ins. Co’s.   4807
[QUOTE who="Mr Q"]my posts that are within TOS rules are being deleted while posts that crawl with filth are allowed to remain
I'm leaving this little old mosh pit to the rest of you enjoy[/QUOTE]
Here's why: $$$(next post) You did the right thing by posting that, but never give up, fight back.  Too many quitters are the reason the rest of us have to fight so much harder for a legal health care bill.  Free speech is under attack in the media too.  Did any of them tell you that there were better health care plans than Obama's?    I've posted, countless times, ways we can penalize the media for lying to us.  It's critically important.  Topix has the right to charge for deleted posts.  We can name the guilty insurance companies and others who will never be held accountable for their crimes.  It's the only way to punish them, and to warn others so they can avoid being victims of crime, but the powerful pay to have that information deleted, and now they want that to be free:  4832
And   Solutions:    Start with post 83, 85-6, 82 and 86.  media: posts 26, 33, 53, 55, 60, 70, 73, 80.         Obama wants to control the internet:  post:  75   4833
[QUOTE who="Get a grip"]<quoted text>Your page 158 garbage is OLD NEWS and you "schooled" NOONE with your misinformation and your lies. Do you know anything about healthcare yet? That it MIGHT take EFFECT in 2014??? Have you learned this FACT yet, moron????
When are you going to wake up and realize that the POTUS has done NOTHING he promised to do???? Do you need another list? You should really pay attention sometime. Yes, Obama signed a healthcare bill. No, it is not in effect yet and probably won't ever be when the GOP rocks the elections in Nov. I can't wait to see your responses then![/QUOTE]
Republicans shouldn't get arrogant just yet.  Too many people remember the damage Bush did, and most importantly, the fact that Republican idiots remained loyal to that traitor and the PARTY, rather than to the country and survival of human beings. Republicans are too stupid to know when they've been betrayed by their own leaders who think they're idiots. (next post)  4834
And   post 98 4835
[QUOTE who="Dingo"]Sorry to see you leave. posts deleted and you are upset? what is upsetting is when my nose hair grow faster than the hair on my head, now that is upsetting. <quoted text>[/QUOTE]
Sad, no, loss of free speech is actually, believe it or not, MORE important than your hairs.    4836
[QUOTE who="schooling U"]<quoted text>Hey,"W" got a second term so Obama definitely deserves a second.We had to put up with Bush's failed policies and idiocracy for 8 years so Obama deserves another term.At least Obama is trying to help the middle class people instead of pandering to big businesses.[/QUOTE]
Here's little touch of reality for you.  Obama gave in to the horribly corrupt insurance industry (Karen Ignani), so they practically wrote his health care bill.  They got what they wanted, then treated him like they treat us.  More and more, we're being dominated by the greedy parasites who are destroying this country, thanks to our leaders.  The only way to stop it is to unite.  Mexican illegals figured THAT out, why can't you people?     And  especially posts 90, 91, 83.   4859
[QUOTE who="The laughing liberal"]Obama refuses to secure the Border:   (R) Se. Kyle reveals private Immigration conversation with Obama.   Obama said he "Would NOT secure the border because (R) Senators would NOT vote for His Comprehensive Immigrations Reform then!" The WH claimed "that's Not what Obama said claiming comprehensive Immigration reform is needed to secure the border!" ROFL!  (R) Sen. Kyle said he and the Maggot were the only 2 in the room and he stands by his statement!    Lou Dobbs weighed in saying he believes Kyle. Said Obama is fairly clear that securing the border would hurt Illegal Immigration legislation and that any spin about his efforts to secure the border are laughable. Obama is basically holding border states security Hostage for his Amnesty legislation while he tries to file a lawsuit against the AZ Immigration law mirroring Federal Law. Meanwhile American citizens are being Murdered and Kidnapped!
Here's why American have to unite behind health care reform FIRST: It will cost us a fortune, not nearly as much as illegals do. Most people are not affected by them because they live in other areas, whereas health care affects almost everybody. This doesn't involve IRS Gestapo domination, whereas Obama's health care bill does. There are more reasons, but the POINT I'VE MADE FOR A YEAR NOW, trying to get the idiot masses to fight for themselves, is that we have to join together for the common good, replace Obama's bill with one of the much better ones, and then proceed to save the country by taking power away from the traitors. (see my previous post)   4862
[QUOTE who="Nobama"]<quoted text>Many more were dead in WW1, but does that make Wilson a bad president? Also, TELL me how it is illegal.[/QUOTE]
This is one of the dumbest posts I've seen in awhile. There's a world of difference between WWI and Iraq.  You're obviously spending your life working to avoid reality, so I can't help you.   4870
[QUOTE who="Peralta"]From what I've been able to determine, those who loosely ally themselves under the Tea Party umbrella are actually wanting the U.S. to go back to what the original Republican Party stood for.
Check out the 2nc section "Ideology"\ "Republicans also show concerns about having big government in charge of such vital issues as food, shelter, or health care, as they believe the private sector and/or the individual are better suited to control their own lives. President Ronald Reagan who became a Republican in the early 1960s after being a New Dealer at one time, has been quoted as saying "Government is not the solution, it is the problem." [/QUOTE]
Every intelligent person knows the Republican Party was a liberal party, but now is conservative.  It's the party of lies, still trying to fool the masses into thinking that conservatives fought for blacks, when the reality is that they know better, which is why they're mostly Democratic today.  It's truly stupid to think that conservatives wanted to free the slaves. When Ronald Reagan was president, he not only represented the government, he used that power to commit treason, and to violate legal and human rights.  He also was nothing but a liar and a fraud.
Hopefully, every time a Republican tries to scam the public, a liberal will take the time to respond, so that nobody is taken advantage of by ongoing Republican propaganda.   4872

23 U.S. Troops Killed in Afghanistan this Month       World News
Those numbers are going to go quickly into the thousands unless Obama gets the heck out of there.  Those are the people who defeated the Russians, yet Claims they need outrageous amounts of money and large numbers of our troops.  What a scam, and Obama fell for it.   My god, what has happened to the guy we thought we were electing?    11
[QUOTE who="DavidH64"]<quoted text>It used to be that everyday we heard about the protests and effigies of Bush burning/hanging against the war. Now? Nothing. Guess the liberals find the war acceptable and OK now that their Messiah is in command. Who cares that he is doubling the number KIA and money spent.[/QUOTE]
Duhhh.  They were complaining about the war in IRAQ, and Bush helping the bin Ladens get away with everything, including being questioned. Now we're once again supposed to be going after the terrorists (forgot 9-11 already?).
Young people:  Don't join the military - these parasites had no problem slaughtering your buddies in Iraq for the worst of reasons.   18
[QUOTE who="Bernard "]Our leadership is supposed to smart (educated) and have the ability to learn from history and mistakes. Well, I do not believe we have that type of leadership. How many years did the major wars the U.S. fought in last? How about less than Irag and Afghan combined. We won the others because we went in to win!!! Sorry - do not count V.N. it was just the politicians beginning of a learning curve, how to lose and spend a lot of money. You can not win in Afghan because it is not a country, it has no viable economy (drugs is all they have), it has no government regardless of what our educated leaders may say, just tribal chiefs who want nothing more that that tribes power, they do not want progress!!!!! We are not fighting armies, navies etc. We are not fighting massed armor (tanks), infantry battalions. A lot of these people do not fight!!! They just walk around and blow themselves up along with whatever is nearby. We need to pull out and let them rot. The soviets finally wised up! Wake up America. --vote--[/QUOTE]
You're right, and the experts agree with you - we need to get out.  One example:     But, will people have any influence until they unite:   post 83  20
…and the number keeps rising.  The worst thing is, we’re not there to combat terrorism:    21
That's exactly what he and most legislators are trying to do, to destabilize the U.S. internally, so badly that they can give control to the wealthy who will take control in exchange for saving the country.  The first thing that will go is the Bill of Rights.   People, WISE UP.  Unless you FIGHT BACK NOW, this country lost.      You can wallow in your self-pity, your laziness, your stupidity, and your cowardice, but it will cost you years of life.  What it will do to your children will make them HATE you. It is worth it?    If not, join with others now:  (next post)    28
And   especially posts 80-82, 83, 86.  29

64 Percent of Republicans Want Palin to Run for President in 2012      US Politics 
[QUOTE who="It aint necessarily so"][<quoted text>I see it differently.
[1] First, illegal immigrants in America don't get anything that isn't given them. If they were a drain on America, that's America's fault. I promise you that if you come to Mexico illegally, you won't get a thing on the public dime, unless you're caught.
Incidentally, I just read that most American living in Mexico are living here illegally, as their are 130,000 with long term visas out of about 600,000 total (some say up to a million). And one is my neighbor. She is no drain on the local economy at all because she gets nothing that she doesn't buy. And if she tries to interface with the government in any way, she'll be deported and dumped in San Diego, Laredo or El Paso.
So, if you go broke giving your wealth away, I wouldn't blame the ones who came to get it.
[2] Second, I think that Mexican peasants working peon jobs in America for minimum wage or less are giving more than they are getting, and their loss will be catastrophic to local economies and lead to higher prices everywhere, especially groceries. I am anxious to see the effect of the new Arizona legislation of the Arizonan economy if it is enforced. My prediction is that it will be agribusiness magnates that get that law repealed or defanged, not progressives.  [3] Third, I think America is probably on its way down to second-and-a-half word status, a cut above third world, as is Mexico, as Mexico rises to that same level. And it has nothing to do with Mexican illegalls in America. Their smoothing out the continent. NAFTA, baby. Canada will probably fall some, America more, and Mexico rise in the process. The jobs are coming here as are billions in retiree's dollars, and billions being spent on medical tourism. Mexico has very little debt or interest payment, and has a balanced budget. And no mortgages or mortgage crisis. It seems to be that the go-ahead for a unified North American Union has may already have been given (I don't believe that the American people make these decisions any more - that ship has seemingly sailed).  New north-south corridors (highways) are being built, like the four lane highway through Mexico that I believe is expected to be a continuation of I-35. The smart money seems to be on a single currency as well, an "amero" analogous to the euro. In my opinion, that's why the American currency is gradually becoming more colorful - orange on the ten, purple on the five - to get Americans ready for what the kind of colorful currency the rest of the world uses.
But you can expect the American media to scapegoat Mexican illegals as a distraction from who it is that is really responsible for their economic woes, and why they are occurring.  A country doesn't go down the stairs as fast as America has unless somebody is kicking it down. And it's not peasants coming to your farms to pick your lettuce for next to nothing.[/QUOTE]
Excellent comments and insight.  “(I don't believe that the American people make these decisions any more - that ship has seemingly sailed).”   I must hold onto a belief that the ignorant masses can still wake up in time, and will take back the country, using the one issue that most people are involved in already:  health care. People, take advantage of this issue NOW - read and make your voice heard, and help penalize the media and legislators - (next post) 4836
And 4837
 And [QUOTE who="Panty Twist"]We can indeed kick "Leadership" in the you know whats. We can indeed produce new and genuine REPRESENTATIVES. It is indeed UP TO THE ELECTORATE. VOTE NO ON ALL INCUMBENTS. It's our only method of effectively TELLING THEM NO.[/QUOTE]
Absolutely right.  It's up to people to make this work in their areas, because the media won't help.  Read and unite with others to MAKE it work, but you have to  start right away.  (next post)  591
And  especially posts #54-55    592
[QUOTE who="Grand granddad"]64% of Republicans want SP to run for president. 100% of Democrats want her to run. It'll be another landslide for us!  Plus it will be good to be able to laugh at her again during the campaign, like the last time when she told us she would "help progress America" lol!! You Republicans would be saying the same things about her - probably worse - if she were a Democrat. Voting for her is like voting for Dan Quayle![/QUOTE]
Shhhhhhhh.... Yes, we want her to run, but shhhhhh.....    4848

ACLU mum on this church-gov't lawsuit     Religion
[QUOTE who="CatholicPatriot"]<quoted text>ACLU members are in control of many of the law schools throught the country. State chapters of the ACLU have representatives and offices on campus.  I think with a Catholic majority on the SCOTUS, the ACLU's days of promoting hate are over.  There was a joke about the ACLU's initials. It was that they stand for the Anti-Catholic Lawyers Union. Over the last 25 years, the ACLU has shifted from mainly attacking Catholics' rights, to attacking traditional Christians' rights. It was because more and more pro-abortion anti-Christian females joined the ranks of the ACLU.[/QUOTE]
Those who support the ACLU will have to demand that the organization defend THEIR legal rights.  They can't have it both ways, CLAIMING to defend legal rights while defending the horribly corrupt legal system.  If you donate to the ACLU, you have to let them know that you're not sending another dime until they join with legal parasites. com and really fight for prosecutions and changes.  230
Update:  The ACLU is still doing NOTHING to help clean up America's most sophisticated organized crime:  the legal system.
Yes, the legal system is so corrupt that even the ACLU has chosen to be part of it, wallowing in the corruption instead of standing apart from it. Are you donating to that?  Have enough self-respect to demand better.  Here's where to go: (If it's deleted, you can find the link in #230)  231   And 232 
[QUOTE who="octabama"]Liberals always love humanity in theory but in reality HATE People and Americans.[/QUOTE]
You obviously voted for Palin. Yes, in your twisted world, they keep passing legislation that aids the poor and middle classes because they hate them.  If only there was a political IQ test, idiots wouldn't be allowed to vote.  4882
[QUOTE who="octabama"]<quoted text>No such thing as poor in America and shows how stupid you are. Color TV's are not "poor" even go to a terd world country? Get rid of welfare and illegals and there will be no poor. Asians from true poor lands come here and do good right away...poor my keister. One told me the blacks should be glad to be here, not matter what their history....[/QUOTE]
This post is really too stupid for me to comment on, but... "get rid of" ???  Are you a Nazi or an extreme left-winger, or a benefactor?
"No such thing as poor"?  Tell that to the homeless victims of Republican laws making the rich richer and the poor poorer for over 3 decades.  You can't tell it to their victims who have died, but you can be called their murderer. None of this will sink in, I know.  What a waste of my time, so I won‘t post the link again.  4888
[QUOTE who="Smokin Joe Obama"]<quoted text>Garbage!!! Like I said Asians come here from the most poor circumstancs on earth and GUESS what communist fruad, THEY HAVE THE LEAST UNEMPLOYMENT of any race in America per capita. Take that lib comie poor pimping and stick it. I bet you work in social welfare and love that BIG check and BIG bennies at the workers expense!!!![/QUOTE]
I responded to the following, and even quoted you.  You had no intelligent response, and are trying to deceive other readers, but nobody's that dumb.  You made stupid comments and got caught.  Admit it like an adult. octabama wrote: <quoted text>No such thing as poor in America and shows how stupid you are. Color TV's are not "poor" even go to a terd world country? Get rid of welfare and illegals and there will be no poor.
[QUOTE who="Bluntman and Chronic"]  Truth about TOPIX[/QUOTE]
This is critically important.      There's already a major problem with posts disappearing, not because of offensive language, but because they tell the truth.    You can write a post critical of anybody else, but when you post a legitimate criticism of insurance companies and others, you get a warning.     This has to stop.  Every time you see a post deleted, go to the bottom and click on 'feedback', then 'send a suggestion / Other Feedback" and let them know you object.  Threaten to take your business elsewhere.  (next post)        And 4907
[QUOTE who="Wake Up"]<quoted text> Ever occur to you that maybe someone doesn't like people posting blatant lies and BS? [/QUOTE]
Obviously they don't object to brain-numbing stupidity and those who are so spineless and afraid somebody will find out who they are that they don't even create a profile. To those who can deal with reality:  I was responding to an article that is absolutely true, and have seen many people's posts disappear, posts that were not offensive in any way, some I had copied to respond to the next day, some that people posted a second time but weren't deleted that time, etc.  It all seems very random, except for those they are paid to delete by powerful companies.  This is just part of what we should fear - growing censorship.  4934
[QUOTE who="LiberalSheeple"]<quoted text>Actually, I think we need to rid our system of welfare all together. This country continues to reward Failure and that is our biggest problem. The Race Card is usually just another excuse for molly coddling and that is rather pathetic in itself. Good talk and I hope you have a great weekend.[/QUOTE]
No, evil Republicans want an end to welfare for people, but they've mostly approved of welfare for corporations, etc.  How much does Bush work every day?  How much are you paying him to do nothing?  4975
[QUOTE who="LiberalSheeple"]<quoted text>Actually - you are a Liberal - which means you follow like Sheep - thus the Sheeple. You follow the welfare ignorant thus you live off the government teat.      You live in Massachusetts which means you are not too smart since you have not moved yet. Thus you are dumber than cow dung.      One day you will realize why Mass is 47th in the nation for business - thus why there are so many section 8's that move there and that you end up paying for. All the other smart people already left because they are sick of paying for these Wards of the Commonwealth.      Accept the fact that you bolster your smarts because you know full and well you are one of the ignorant ones.      Too slow to catch on and now you are angry and feel like you need to belittle others to prop up your false sense of reality and make yourself feel better. That is very pathetic. You know it, John Kerry knows it - Bob Dole knows it - the American public knows it. Plus the fact that you answered these stupid questions just makes me laugh my butt off. Good luck loser (just like your Bastan Celtics)[/QUOTE]
Conservatives thrive on stupidity - the word 'conservative' means to preserve things as they are.  They don't want change, therefore they blindly follow those leaders, and evidently are so against change that they're willing to wallow in ongoing corruption. 
Liberals see the problems and want to change things.  They're more intelligent. Conservative sheeple thrive on ignorance.  (next post)  4978
And   4979
[QUOTE who="Pathetic Stalker"]I am a democrat but feel that Sarah Palin provides the best option when compared to this Failed administration. Heck, anything has to be better than this.[/QUOTE]
Well, which is it?  Anything is better? Yeah, don't do anything intelligent.   The American masses are idiots, endlessly repeating the same stupidities decade after decade:  There are only two parties, they CAN'T vote any other way, never listen to the advice of intelligent people, just continue to ignore reality and be blind to anything else.  A waste of my time.  5002
Americans Will Put President Obama On Mt Rushmore
Protester www.insurancecor Since: Jan 09 1,642 Location hidden |#3  Nov 15, 2009
His supporters think he's the greatest, but he's taking a lot of heat over his healthcare reform disaster. It adds to our massive deficit, and is set up to be more government welfare, so a large percentage of the population is against it.  There is a better plan, a compromise, taking the best of both sides, but the masses are frankly too stupid to get it. It's pretty simple, but they would rather bi!ch forever than have to think for themselves, so it's doomed to failure. I can understand why the rest of the world has a negative attitude toward the U.S., but remember, there is a minority of intelligent people who are suffering because of the stupidity of the masses who absolutely refuse to change.
[QUOTE who="Mr Owl 1939"]Thanks, Lovett. You are one of the few who have said an American is welcome to live in Britain. Some don't like Americans. Do you really live in Britain? Have you met some Americans who weren't rude and overbearing? Protestor, Why would any American in their right mind choose socialism over CONSTITUTIONALISM? If National healthcare is so wonderful, why are some of the provincial Supreme Courts in Canada overturning the healthcare of Canada and ruling it unconstitutional? They have had it since 1984. Isn't that enough time to iron out the quirks and make it workable and presentable? Why does the premier of Newfoundland go to Miami for a heart operation? Why do so many Canadians buy homes in the states to make doctors appointments, Hmmm? Let's have some answers about the great and wonderful healthcare Congress passed in the dead of the night without the American public and voters knowing what is in it. [/QUOTE]
What’s the matter with you?  Can’t you comprehend what you read?  I said just the opposite of what you’re accusing me of saying.
People:  I think the Insurance Corruption plan is great because it competes against insurance companies who are killing people for greed.
The plan has a lot of other great advantages, so I encourage all countries to consider it.  It’s a compromise - not a free ride, but no greed either.  It’s voluntary, so that eliminates the IRS (America’s Gestapo) involvement, and much more. 
The reason the media has buried all other healthcare choices, is because they’re better than Obama’s, and he wants the credit, plus there’s evidence that he’s giving the corrupt insurance industry the profits they want.   11

Ariz. gov: Most illegal immigrants smuggling drugs       Illegal Immigration
The border is also being used by possible terrorists.  Instead of protecting our borders, our troops are being slaughtered in Afghanistan.
(next post) 215
Phoenix cops attacked by illegals   
Terrorists cross border
Moyers - Afganistan
Afghan.    Obama & Afgan  
Endless war
Solution:  Join together to take back the country  post #90, 92, 86, 83    216
[QUOTE who="Jim Hayden"]<quoted text>You keep trying to justify the unjustifiable. They crossed our border illegally and they are the criminals. Those who hire them and those who profit from their campaign donations are traitors.[/QUOTE]
True, because our DEFICIT is going to destroy us - a threat more severe than any spy could have done.  People, did you just ignore the solution I posted at #216, because you think it's more important that you COMPLAIN rather than RESPOND? If so, you are as guilty as the illegals and traitors at the top.  You are more pathetic though, because at least they are all making a financial profit, while again, you are the financial losers.   257
[QUOTE who="agree"]<quoted text>I agree, I can't watch the "news" anymore. It is biased and urelaiable. Whatever happened to reporters like W. Chrokite, who reported the news. Today we have a bunch of bleached blond airheards that dress like whores, male anchors that cant find Iraq on a map and of course the token asian reporter. They read from promters and half of the time can't pronounce the words they are trying to read.[/QUOTE]
THAT's why people need to watch PBS, Democracy NOW!, and read The Nation. Did the mainstream media tell you that there were better health care choices than Obama's?  No. They sabotaged your right to information, and stomped on good old American competition.  Why?  They chose instead to profit from the corrupt insurance industry's ads. Did they tell you that the insurance industry (Karen Ignani) wrote Obama's bill?       Their lies, and letting enough time go by in which the American people do NOTHING, will result in success for Obama's bill, and we will be even more oppressed by the IRS Gestapo.  We don't even know yet how bad that bill is.
Corruption profits because the American masses are THAT lazy, stupid, and gutless. Patriotic Americans need to read, and take back their country, THEN they can solve all our problems by penalizing corruption, etc.  THAT's the BIG picture. (next post)  12
Obama’s health care deal   - increased costs, reduced benefits       Health Care May Grant Obama Legacy as 'Reformer'       Other health care plans:  Start with post 83, then 80-82 and 86      A bad bill:  posts 3-8, 12-17, 4 
And               13
Here's why American have to unite behind health care reform FIRST: It will cost us a fortune, not nearly as much as illegals do.
Most people are not affected by them because they live in other areas of the country, whereas health care affects almost everybody.
Illegal immigration doesn't shove the IRS Gestapo down our throats, whereas Obama's health care bill does.
There are more reasons, but the POINT I'VE MADE FOR A YEAR NOW, trying to get the idiot masses to fight for themselves, is that we have to join together for the common good, replace Obama's bill with one of the much better ones, and then proceed to save the country by taking power away from the traitors. The masses need to learn what the illegals have known all along - work TOGETHER for the common good of your people, instead of trying to fight them AND illegals at the same time. (next post)   299
And    post 83.  300
[QUOTE who="Stop the madness"]<quoted text>We just had a big drug sweep here in my city and a neighboring town. Who was transporting the drugs? A Mexican who belonged to a gang in L.A. He owned a semi and would bring in tons of cocaine, dropping it off to a couple of Mexican co-horts with a fake business front in the south-end. He was associated with a cartel in Mexico (can't think of the name right now). Obviously, he was never caught on either side of the border (well, maybe just not THIS side) until now, and where was he caught....way over on the east coast. Let's clone Jan Brewer.[/QUOTE]
Not too long after NAFTA became law, we were hearing stories about certain trucks that were just waived through at the border, and that they contained drugs.    Whether that's true or not, we know that we wouldn't be having all these drugs if we hadn't had traitors in power for the past few decades, and instead we had patriotic leaders who sealed the border instead of granting amnesty.        Since then, the American people have complained continually, but has it changed anything?  No.    So, why are they still just complaining - are they that stupid?  Yes.
I've posted countless times that we have to do more, but the masses are just too lazy or too stupid to get it.     I'm not going to keep writing it, so here it is: (next post) 322
Illegal Immigration Ariz. gov: Most illegal immigrants smuggling drugs   post 299   321
And 242
Our economy needs to prosper, and it can’t when people have to live on welfare and unemployment because illegals have the jobs and send the money to Mexico.  This couldn’t be any simpler, and the fact that it has been debated for decades is evidence of the stupidity and cowardice of the American people.  Most don’t have a clue what to do, others are too gutless to do anything, and most don’t care because it doesn’t affect them directly.  They’re too stupid to learn from the illegals, to work together. AGAIN, here’s a solution that will work (next post)  
And   posts 100 and 83.
[QUOTE who="Jim Hayden"]<quoted text>How is living in one's car and dumpster diving Illegal? How is starting one's own lawn care business illegal. I said I was arrested for standing up for my rights and for the rights of other American citizens. Yea the Democrats do not like it whenever someone points out what they are doing. I was picked up and held for 3 months once in Tampa for protesting the conditions at the VA Hospital in Tampa. I was not even on VA property at the time. I was arrested again in Oak Ridge for exercising my rights as a citizen of Oak Ridge when a problem with the city occurred. I made arrangement to pay half of my electric bill one month and the rest of it the following month. The city cut off my electricity and when I asked why the City's electrical department got very belligerent with me so I went down to talk with the Mayor to get it fixed. I talked with the Mayor and the City Manager and got it resolved. As I was leaving the building I was arrested for threatening the manager of the City's Electrical Department. I asked the cops at the time that if I had done what she said I did then why did I go directly to the Mayor's Office. They arrested me anyway. I spent a night in jail and all charges were dropped a week later.
Oh yea I was picked up twice by the FBI for telling people to get out and Vote over the internet and using a very powerful bomb as a parody to demonstrate the power a single vote has. Apparently the Democrats DO NOT like being reminded that We the People have the POWER to replace them. Now if I can be arrested and held in jail for exercising my RIGHTS as an American citizen while the government fails to detain and deport those entering this country illegally something is very wrong. VERY WRONG[/QUOTE]
There's a whole lot that's very wrong, and it's shocking how many people still don't get it that those who have government power are abusing it.  Yes, they are so brain-dead that they don't realize that once they leave the office, or retire, they're in danger of being victimized like anybody else.  They are so pathetic that all they know is a simple 'obedience for approval' treadmill existence. Prediction:  It's going to get so much worse that these will be the 'good old days' when people could actually protest in large groups and make a difference. 
To the masses:  Keep it up, just keep waiting until you suffer before getting involved, let corruption grow so powerful that by the time you figure it out, it will be too late. You've let them get the amount of control they have now, and they won't easily give it up.  So, the longer you wait, the harder it will be.  There is no free ride, no political welfare. FIGHT BACK (next post)  350
And    post 86  351
[QUOTE who="Chicago Guy"]<quoted text>Jim, you seem to be incapable of making this about anything other than you.    I feel empathy for you, gratitude for your service, and frustration on your behalf... but your story is irrelevant to the thread topic.           My point was simply that knowing only limited facts about your life makes it very easy to make inaccurate, stereotypical assumptions. It's very easy to de-humanize people with such generalizations when you don't actually know them. I believe that's what the anti-illegal crowd is doing.     Do you understand my point?[/QUOTE]
Are you subhuman?  Just extremely shallow?     His post was about how far abusers will go to keep people quiet, etc.  Our freedom of speech is in serious danger, and what did you do? You did just what you falsely accused him of doing.  YOU made it all about you.  YOU dehumanized him by turning serious warnings into a discussion as serious as the weather.   YOU dismissed important information as 'irrelevant'.     YOU just brushed off what the 'anti-illegal crowd is doing' as though they aren't angry about serious crimes.     What the he!! is the matter with you?  Get a grip on reality.  You're blind, deaf, and dumb as dirt.  Government corruption wouldn't be able to flourish if it weren't for the idiot masses.  448
[QUOTE who="American Born2"]<quoted text>But we don't know it won't happen. The majority of citizens want it to happen. The majority of us are against the broken system we have and it's showing in the polls. And trust me I know what politicians on both sides serve. As for amnesty... I don't agree with it or the current ideas on how to do it. Politicians are saying that the illegals need to "own" up for what they did. Break the law to be exact. They should pay fines and back taxes etc??? How much is it going to cost to enforce those ideas? Does anyone really believe these illegals are just going to turn themselves in and pay fines and back taxes??? You know they won't do this willingly... some might... most won't. They want the free ride they have now. It would be far cheaper to just enforce the laws we have. Investigate, detain and deport. Our economy does not depend on illegals... it may depend on cheap labor in some ways... that I will agree with. I have given my ideas on this before. Alot of down and out Americans will do the jobs the illegals are doing. We can also throw in folks who are in prison... non-violent offenders of course. Many folks have to do community service after breaking the law... use them as well. [/QUOTE]
You're right - that BS about Mexicans doing jobs that Americans won't has finally been proven to be a lie, now that so many are jobless.
Yes, we CAN.  We can do a lot of things, but the government won't let us - example:  Arizona. I've been posting this for a year now: 
People, face reality.  All the 'mistakes' our politicians are making are DELIBERATE.   They're CONSISTENTLY making most Americans poorer and homeless, and driving the country to bankruptcy for a REASON:  (next post)   449
And  450
[QUOTE who="Jim Hayden"]<quoted text>You are right it is NOT just about me. Igt is about forceing ALL Americans to obey our laws while refusing to enforce our immigration laws. It is about persecuting America's Veterans while giving criminals more rights and freedoms then our own Veterans get.  While I have used my own experiences to dramatize our situation I am not alone.  Our government for whatever reasons is refusing to enforce the laws that are on the books. It is NOT the system that is broken it is the people at the top who refuse to enforce it. It is illegal for any person to hire any person in this country illegally. It is just as illegal for a politician to accept money from a foreign national or a foreign government. Those are the LAWS and they MUST BE enforced.[/QUOTE]
Yes, but most people absolutely refuse to face reality:  On one side is most American citizens, Arizona and California governments which have tried to stop the invasion, the laws of the United States, etc.  On the other hand, Mexico's government AND people, both Democratic and Republican POLITICIANS, America's wealthy who want cheap labor, etc. The American people are RIGHT.
Mexicans are law-breaking invaders.       Our politicians are traitors. This couldn't be simpler.     (see my previous post for link)  451
[QUOTE who="Jim Hayden"]<quoted text>Post #216 has been removed. Sorry dude[/QUOTE]
Thanks so much for telling me.  I depend on people to tell me when that happens, and that's why I post separate links, or else all the information is removed by the Propaganda Ministry.  Here are both posts again:  The border is also being used by possible terrorists.  Instead of protecting our borders, our troops are being slaughtered in Afghanistan. (next post) 215  452
Phoenix cops attacked by illegals   Terrorists cross border         Moyers - Afganistan      Afghan.  
Obama & Afgan     Endless war    Solution:  Join together to take back the country   post #90, 92, 86, 83   216  Start with post 100, and the explanation at #83. People:  Why is this information so threatening that it had to be deleted?  Scary.  453
[QUOTE who="Concerned for the future"]<quoted text>Sorry, I guess I misunderstood you. I thought you said they were coming here illegally because of poverty and hungry kids.  Now you say most of them are not starving.  So, tell me again why they are coming here and why you think it is OK for them to come here illegally.  BTW, many people are living in poverty in the US. "According to to the Census Bureau, 35.9 million people live below the poverty line in America...."  I am sure that number includes illegals. But even if all 12 million illegals are living below the poverty level, that would still leave 23.9 million Americans and legal residents living in poverty. Where do they go for a better life?[/QUOTE]
Good comments.  We have to take care of our own. At the same time, however, I have to think that all those adults living in poverty are able to fight for their survival, but most have chosen not to.     I can't carry that much dead weight - can any of you?     There has to come a point where they say they are fed up with their children suffering and decide to act like adults and fight back.    (next post)    462
And    post 106, 100, 83        463
[QUOTE who="Georgetown Hoyas"]Some key points in President Obama's speech: 1.Illegal immigrants make a mockery out of immigrants who are going through the process the legal way. 2. Our southern borders are the most porous. 3.Guns, cash and drugs are coming across the border 4.Our employers are hiring illegal immigrants 5.We are doing a poor job of keeping up with who is coming into America
Mr. President, this is all the more reason to support Arizona and not the Mexican president, deport illegal immigrants, because we don't know who the drug mules are and so employers will hire American citizens who are without jobs. And why we need a fence all the way across and more guards. Arizona's gov. was not the only one to say immigrants are smuggling drugs. Our President today said it in essence. He said that guns, drugs and cash were being confiscated at the border.[/QUOTE]
Yes it is.  You still don't get it?
It seems like every week our political leaders come up with new ways to betray us, and the USA, and yet the masses are STILL like overgrown children, trusting 'daddy' to take care of them, and then assuming he must be an idiot when he doesn't.
THEY'RE DOING IT DELIBERATELY. (next post)  465     And 466
And Shame on Topix for deleting:    466

Bill Clinton tells Democrats, 'Never give up'  US News
[QUOTE who="The laughing liberal"]24 US Troops Killed already this month.  IMPEACH THE MAGGOT![/QUOTE]  23
We need to get out of Afganistan, but your comments are stupid.  After ongoing conservative approval of Bush killing over 100,000 in Iraq, including children, and Americans, it’s phony to be so ‘concerned’ about 24 dead.   69
[QUOTE who="Marine Corp Pat"]<quoted text>The federal budget deficit surged to an all-time high of $1.42 trillion as the recession caused tax revenues to plunge while the government was spending massive amounts to stabilize the financial system and jump-start the economy. Also, President Obama did what Bush refused to do which was adding the cost of the two wars into the federal budget. Where was the outrage from the right when Bush took us from surplus to deficits? Or when his policy of deregulating the oil industry that led to this Gulf oil disaster was being implemented?  That’s why you right-wingers don’t have a leg to stand on; that’s why you haven’t been able to capitalize on the sour mood of the country. You’re not fooling anyone; America still remembers who was in power when the country went to crap over the previous 8 years. You have no solutions or candidates that can take back anything in November or 2012. I’m going to really enjoy rubbing it in your face when the Democrats retain control of both the House and Senate after the mid-terms.[/QUOTE]
I think liberals do have good reason to worry.  Remember that most people kept Bush in office for those 8 years, and recent elections prove they have short memories.  The one big issue remains Obama's health care bill.  If Democrats want to stay in power, they'll turn against those legislators who betrayed them by forcing a bill that requires the IRS to enforce it. Until that bill is replaced by one of those that is far superior, Democrats will pay the price. In addition, Republicans will destroy all health care once they do get back in power, so it will all have been for nothing, unless Democrats start speaking out like the Tea Partiers.  No matter how you feel about them, they are at least fighting back. Where are Democrats?  They need to wise up and get involved NOW at: (next post)  88
And   89
[QUOTE who="Responsibility"]Good news is that for those under sexed prurient folks who are fixated about Monica's dress, you will always have Clinton to thank for your opportunity to get your sexual jollies. The better news is that the big bad bullies attempted to bring Clinton down yes he has never "given up" and continues to do good work. Guess he is a shining example of never "giving up"![/QUOTE]
First, Republicans, who claim to be almost Puritanical, are obsessed with other peoples' sexual activities, while those who just get on with life, have better things to think about, like surviving George Bush.        Republicans, who falsely claimed to represent 'family values', are notorious for helping the prostitution industry flourish at every Republican Convention.  (next post)  93               And   94

Blue California may turn red    CA
Would anybody really expect anything better than this from a state that is rotting with corruption and apathy?  Of course they'll vote Republican --it's the dumbest thing they could do.  It's either that or grow up and stop being overgrown children waiting for mommy-daddy to come along and fix everything.    The best answer is to go to sites like insurance corruption. com - the Fight Back page, and see the corruption of both political parties, stop donating and let them know about it, vote independent or boycott some elections, etc.
Do something INTELLIGENT for a CHANGE, California, anything but cut your throats with a Republican knife.  375
[QUOTE who="Panty Twist"]Folks, we can just cut right through all their "professional quality" smoke and mirrors. 
Ask Senator Evan Bayh - a DEMOCRAT.  JUST VOTE NO ON ALL INCUMBENTS.  Every Election, Every Level, EVERY TIME. That will finally bring a satisfactory end to "Leadership's" glib professional sounding blibbity blab nonsense. [/QUOTE]
What a STUPID idea.  Why aren't you also saying we need to get rid of every executive and professional in every office after a couple of years?  Because it's a dumb idea.  You want people with experience, but you don't want the corruption, and you're too dumb to even know that there's a difference. At insurance corruption. com there are intelligent ways to bring legislators under control and take back the country.  552
[QUOTE who="Panty Twist"]<quoted text>Well, if we were comparing concert pianists I'd agree with you that actual experience up on that big stage is very important. But, Congress?  At this point, they're way too experienced for the Public's good.
So, heaping even more "experience" on this particular gang of hackneyed cronies will only increase their collectively "experienced" ability to PROFESSIONALLY corrupt the system.  So, in this real world case, the baby needs to be casually thrown out right along with the bath water. Because, the American Public can always produce yet another class of greedy little baby politicians. But, we'll never be able to create ANOTHER CONSTITUTION. So, VOTE THEM OUT!!!! It is the Electorates' only nonviolent method to CORRECT these professionally crooked politicians.[/QUOTE]
No, again experience is not the culprit.  It's the laziness of the American people.  They'll do anything to get around the fact that they have to get off their dead rears and hold politicials accountable.  It's not one party, it's ALL human beings.  It's the same with the legal system, corrupt insurance industry - everything.  It's a gauge of how lazy the American people really are, especially those who whine and complain about welfare recipients - all they really need to do is look in the mirror. The only solution is to stand up to them all - see legal parasites. com for ways to fight back.  No, America, there is no free ride.    565
[QUOTE who="General BillBo"]If they really had the people on their side, our precious political leadrs would not have to sneak around in the greasy shadows to express their "vision".  Folks, We the People of The United States have only one chance to save ourselves.
Our ONLY CHOICE is to finally stand up for ourselves and SAY NO to the politicians!!  We already know who "did it" - it was THE INCUMBENTS. So........,  JUST VOTE NO on corruption, graft and officially condoned bigotry.  JUST VOTE NO ON ALL INCUMBENTS.  In EVERY ELECTION for EVERY OFFICE every time. Whether they're running for reelection or attempting to transfer their SELF VAUNTED "experience" over into an even more powerful position.  The only people who benefit from their "experience" are the politicians themselves and their crooked backers. We need to flush our Nation's ENTIRE political toilet - not just half of it. KICK THE BUMS OUT.  EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!!!![/QUOTE]
Are you getting a supply of angels from Heaven to take their places? This never has been a lasting solution - has intelligent solutons - 'Fight Back' page.  576
[QUOTE who="General BillBo"]<quoted text>The American People can indeed produce an ENDLESS SUPPLY of excellent new REPRESENTATIVES. WE HAVE NEVER NEEDED LEADERS.  WE THE PEOPLE are the "leaders" of this great nation.
We merely need REPRESENTATIVES of good character and moderate intelligence.[/QUOTE]
Are you kidding?  Not only are we NOT leaders, we don't even have a voice.  Are you aware that the American people have been telling their legislators how much they're against Obama's bill and it has made no difference?  Obama even went back on his word, and refused to let anyone speak for the single payer plan during his discussions early last year.   Our leaders are political parasites who have betrayed us repeatedly.  Until people get out of their dream worlds and face that reality, it can never change.  Solutions:  Demand one of the better plans, and help penalize deaf politicians.  Let them know you’re not sending them, or their party, another cent until they give you a GOOD health care plan.  Let them know you’re voting for independent and third party candidates, and why.  Then let the media know they’ve lost you as a customer because they buried all other health care plans, denying you the right to choose.  Help spread the word - we have a lot of work to do to make up for the media betrayal.    Read about other choices, and more about fighting back at:  (next post)  588
And 589

Britain Apologizes for Pope Jokes   World News
The British should never apologize to this pope for anything!  He is an unrepentant child molester, guilty by association.  We treat those who destroy children's lives as the lowest form of criminal, most hated by ther inmates, yet this crimial is called a man of God?
What does it take for Catholics to see the fraud that church is?  Old men parading around in expensive robes, telling the poor to produce more starving chidren!  This is very simple:  If you claim to represent God, and you're doing evil, then you're really speaking for Satan.
The worst part of child molestation is that it influences and haunts them the rest of their lives. This pope was a Hitler Youth, which have influenced him.  Maybe he embraced evil and rejected God as a youth, but HAS earned how play the Catholic religion game. It's so clear - They're all flaunting Godlessness, which only appeals to some of the dumbest people on earth.
[QUOTE who="Desperate Dan"]<quoted text>Hatred and terms of service. Who do these apply to and who do they not apply to. These terms are relative and very dependent on the society you were brought up in.  For example, I have had FOUR posts removed from this page alone by the Topix moderators. All posts were relevant to the discussion and powerful because they contained links to quality news and information sources. By removing these posts the Topix editorship has chosen a path against free speech and opted to skew the dialogue in favour of those who come on here to vent their hatred against 1 BILLION human beings who chose to follow the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.  I put it to you that both hatred and corrupt terms of service are the norm for this forum which above all else revels in spreading hatred and disruption. Hence .... I think you expectations are two high. When you speak to the good Rabbie Lerner next, please send him my regards and thank him for his good natured attitude to us ... even though we still tend to remember our elder brothers during our Good Friday prayers. But we sincerely do wish you well, and we offer our humble forgiveness for any ill feels created. [/QUOTE]
I can back up your accusations about links being deleted.  I couldn't even tell you how many times they've done that to me.  It's strange how they leave some of the most abusive posts, and links that are just garbage, but delete important ones.  The Religion Forum is the worst.
Here's one that's regularly deleted because it dares to criticize Obama's health care bill, gives the names of other choices that are far superior to his, valid criticisms of his bill, and ways to penalize deaf legislators and the biased media for denying us the right to have a choice.
Obama also denied single payer advocates the right to attend his meetings.  It's clearly all about his ego, and he wants total credit.  It's also about a sleazy deal made with the corrupt insurance industry.  Why else would they have to use the IRS Gestapo to enforce it?  We are in real danger with this bill and need to demand one of the better ones.   Here is the information (one plan is at insurance corruption. com) - let me know if this next post is deleted:   163  164
[QUOTE who="Desperate Dan"]<quoted text>Interesting. There's nothing after this post so the Topix Thought Police/ Spanish Inquisitor/ Protector of the US Gov Lobbyist has obviously struck again.  What is the point of participating in a forum which deletes alternative viewpoints? The propaganda machinery of modern America and Ancient Bolshevik Russia have the same Mother.[/QUOTE]
I'm posting it again, as I often have to do. It's strange how topix leaves some of the worst links, irrelevant links, worst posts, some with abusive / very foul language - not that there's anything wrong with that (freedom of speech), but then they delete my links to their own threads.  Talk about stupidity. What it really shows is the extreme amount of bias against any health care plan that is not Obama's.  So much for competition and freedom of speech!   (see next post)  240          And  241
[QUOTE who="Desperate Dan"]<quoted text>You think so? Check the number of missing posts on this page allow.
C . E . N . S . O . R . S . H . I . P .  This is the place where Trolls meet aided and abetted by the fool owners of Topix who make a fortune out of slander and lies. C . E . N . S . O . R . S . H . I . P . Look at how many statements are made totally unsupported by facts or reason. C . E . N . S . O . R . S . H . I . P . I made my mind up about Topix a long time ago. The stench of Troll BS just gets to strong when there are high levels of  C . E . N . S . O . R . S . H . I . P .[/QUOTE]
When mine disappear, like the one I just posted, usually they are gone so fast that there is no missing number.  It always posts, and I record the number, but then later find that another comment has that number.  That's why I routinely make two posts, so there's a record that one was censored.   242
[QUOTE who="ExposingRabbiPaedos"]<quoted text>No he's not, i also have had many posts removed. You have proved to me that you are a liar as well as likely to be a Topix editor, that has agendas, who 'filters out' and 'deletes' posts of views and evidence that supports those views.[/QUOTE]
You should all file complaints.  I have, and I don't know if it did any good, but if they get some from other people, it should change things.
Go to the bottom of the page, under 'About Topix', then click on 'feedback'.  258
Britain Apologizes for Pope Jokes   World News
...and I thought the 'Religion Forum' was the worst.... It was removed, so here it is again - (next post #260) or go to US News and search for "Those Opposed To Obama's Bill"  259  And 260
You're doing the right thing, as are others in the Insurance Forum and other places. They are most threatened by those of us who speak out, and they're most encouraged to victimize us by those who are too gutless to even speak out anonymously.  How pathetic is that?
Many of the media won't print these stories because they make millions from insurance company advertisers.  Is Topix selling out too?
People:  You can and should all complain about this ridiculous amount of censorship.  At the bottom is a column that says 'About Topix' and under that 'Feedback'.  Tell them how you feel about this.  281
[QUOTE who="Desperate Dan"]Amen to that Protestor. What you need to understand is this, that through the power of the mass media there is an undercurrent of at worst mass propaganda, at best a never ending sales pitch for all people to become mass consumers of the most bizarre products.     The masses are being brainwashed slowly but surely to accept life as termites working away to endlessly to taken on ever more credit to support those at the top of the pile working for the finance corporations.   They wont protest at censorship because they are becoming not only the overworked Censored and silenced minions - but due to the pressure of the media they are actually being involved in self-censorship by the power of Conformity - to be one of the herd - a trait long exploited by the unscrupulous.[/QUOTE]
You're absolutely right. To benefit yourself, forget them, and concentrate on joining with those who are trying to cut the money connection between corporations and legislators. One of the best ways for all countries to do this, is by using health care, something which most people are interested in.   People simply have to demand that their tax dollars be used to create a competitive insurance company, offering every kind of insurance, with low rates, totally voluntary, and so much more. Then all the massive profits won't go to finance corruption, abuse, and to legalize crimes which victimize YOU.  There is such a plan, free for the taking, at (next post)    300
And   301
[QUOTE who="Desperate Dan"]<quoted text>If that is the case why do Topix delete all my many posts showing verbatim letters by the Pope criticizing this evil within the RCC and being involved in anything but denial. Central to Catholicism is a recognition of your own fails, repenting and changing your life for the better.    What I'm talking about has all to do with destroying morality and moral organizations by big business and finance, and is more linked to the corruption within the Insurance companies that PROTESTER has quite correctly identified than it is to any great failing by the Catholic Church. It's all modern propaganda and trying to win control of the minds of the massed population. [/QUOTE]
That's just a warning. Obama talked about taking control of the Internet.   He's using terrorist threats, etc. as an excuse, but notice how they let porn and a lot of garbage go by, but in reality he will be using that power to silence his critics, especially those of us who are trying to defeat his health care bill.  We want a GOOD health care plan, not his which is so abusive that he has to use the IRS Gestapo to enforce it. We also want to take back the country and end the corruption which is destroying it.  We want to sever the ties between political whores, the corrupt insurance industry, and legal parasites. We are truly fighting for our lives, so everybody HAS TO DO THEIR PART, and take responsibility for the corruption they finance.  You are the money and the votes behind it, so you have the power to stop it.  Use it or lose it.  Here are the other health care choices, information, and ways you must help penalize deaf legislators and the biased media which has kept all this information from us.  (next post)  304
And    and here’s how Obama forced his plan on America:  305
Desperate Dan Nigeria |#303 Thursday Jun 10
I can read wrote: <quoted text>.. They think even mentioning paedophile priests no matter how common they are is akin to trying to exterminate entire races of people. That is their strength of denial on the subject and that is the reason these things will continue.
If that is the case why do Topix delete all my many posts showing verbatim letters by the Pope criticizing this evil within the RCC and being involved in anything but denial. Central to Catholicism is a recognition of your own fails, repenting and changing your life for the better.
What I'm talking about has all to do with destroying morality and moral organizations by big business and finance, and is more linked to the corruption within the Insurance companies that PROTESTER has quite correctly identified than it is to any great failing by the Catholic Church. It's all modern propaganda and trying to win control of the minds of the massed population.
[QUOTE who="Desperate Dan"]Note: 8 posts have been deleted since Paul Sinclair's joke.     Who is controlling the Topix moderators? [/QUOTE]    376
[QUOTE who="ManyRabbiPaedos"]<quoted text>Could post the content through another link? Topix editor doesnt believe in truth.They have deleted so many of my posts,so i know the feeling.[/QUOTE]
I agree - sometimes they delete posts containing a link to another Topix thread!    377
[QUOTE who="I can read"]Are they now practicing witness intimidation against all the victims like is happening with priests in Beliguim?
The story didn't come up - did you save it or have other coverage? Both Protestant and Catholic churches are more Godless every year.
True Christians know good from evil and leave those churches.    391

CNN: Border killing a symbol of failed policy    World News
Buckeye wrote:  Let me tell you about a little known story about the border patrol. My father was a proud war veteran serving in the Korean AND Vietnam wars. Upon his return to El Paso (mid 60’s) from San Francisco, my father laded at the El Paso International airport wearing his army jacket and two border patrol agents approached him and asked him for his green card. My father could not believe them, he just returned home from serving his second tour and those cowards asked him for his papers. He politely explained to them that he had just returned from war and asked them if they had served? The two cowards got upset and pulled my father to the side and searched his duffle bag and patted him down. One agent was Latino and the other was Anglo. My father was so upset he let them know that if he ever saw them ever again he would make things right. Several months passed and my father was a regular at the tap bar downtown… day my father was at the tap with some of his army buddies and in come the two coward border patrol agents who were off duty. My father approached them and asked if they remember him….they did. My father then proceeded to ask them to go outside and have a talk. My father persisted until both of the cowards stepped outside with him. My father assaulted both agents and showed then what a REAL man in uniform was. Several weeks later the cowards started to harass my father by telephone, there was always a parked car in front of his house with bp agents inside 24/7, my mother received a death threat one night while my father was at work so my father called up his friends at the FBI. The FBI tapped our phone and investigated the harassment. Once the cowards were caught harassing my family the FBI called my father in and the two agents were there with the head of the border patrol along with the FBI. The head of the border patrol asked my father what he wanted to do, noting that the two coward agents had families and to take their families into consideration and if he decided to follow through with charges it would ruin their careers. My father asked the cowards if they loved their family, and if they though my father was worth them losing their careers. The two cowards apologized to my father and our family. The FBI warned the agents that if there was any more trouble the FBI would pursue charges. If you look up the El Paso times archives you will find an article titled “Border Patrol Agents assaulted”….my dad still has the article. Based on my family’s experience, I think the border patrol is a joke. As many agents as there are patrolling the us mexico border, the mojados laugh at them and have them figured out. The border patrol are nothing but Coca Cola cowboys with green shorts and guns.  Buckeye
ME -  I wish your dad had prosecuted, but maybe he feared what would happen to him and his family would be much worse.       This country is corrupt through and through - all because there is no accountability. The American people need to come together on one issue, and win, to take back their country. They've already decided that issue is health care, since most are against Obama's plan which is so abusive that he has to use the IRS Gestapo to enforce it.    We want a good plan, and there are others that are far better, but the media has buried them. We MUST sever the ties between the corrupt insurance industry, their legal parasites, and our political whores. People, you can do as little or as much as you want, but everybody has to carry their own weight in this.          Here's the information and solutions:  (next post)
Use it to save your country before we lose free speech on the internet - then it truly will be too late.  
It's the previous post - something happened to this one.  93 
And Ok, now this one disappeared - more censorship???   and here’s how Obama forced his bill on us:  94, 95
[QUOTE who="7 Minutes worth watching"]<quoted text>[/QUOTE]
Good video. They have no respect for us, our agents, or our country, and it's our fault it got this bad.  Until we work together, in a show of strength, to take political control of the country, it will never change. Voting is one way, but not the ongoing joke of voting back and forth between Democrats and Republicans.  THAT DOESN'T WORK.  Another thing is for most Americans, who want GOOD health care, to demand one of the better plans that is voluntary, doesn't require the IRS to enforce it, etc.  One makes a profit, so Republicans have NOTHING to complain about now.  Everybody has to help - we're losing a lot of battles.  (next post)  121
And   122
[QUOTE who="CANDY09"]THANK YOU BORDER PATROL AGENTS for your service to this country!we are blessed to have you on our borders protecting and making sure nothing ILLEGAL comes in!! [/QUOTE]
They need to know we're behind them.  It's terrible that they're caught in an impossible situation.  That failure is ours.  The American people have done almost nothing to put a stop to this disaster.  Most don't have a clue about what to do, and some don't care.
The only solution that makes sense is for Americans to join together in the issue that most agree on, and that is that they want health care, but not Obama's abusive plan.  By winning that battle, we will have the clout to move on to other issues, and illegals are one that needs to be tackled next.  There is a solution that would get most illegals out quickly, without violence, but to make that public now would sabotage it. All this was made public last year, and here we are a year later, and it's worse.   Why? Because the idiot masses looked at the solution and said "Duhhh, what?" Then they moved on, and continued their endless bi!ching and complaining. Stupidity is our biggest problem.  So, we have to educate them. The media is another.  So, we have to spread the word. (next post)  128 
And    and  129
[QUOTE who="PlacitasRoy"]<quoted text>Nicely edited examples of rare events. Trouble is it is a bitch when the FACTS don't correspond with propaganda, fear-mongering, and racism. MEXICO-U.S. BORDER ACTUALLY VERY SAFE Review of Government Data Shows Border States Home to Big Cities with Lowest Violent Crime Rates in Nation  [/QUOTE]
So, all the investigative reports of Middle Eastern people sneaking into the U.S. are all lies? Plus, you quoted a media story to back you up.   Here's a good example of why you can't trust the media anymore:  (next post)  134
And   especially posts 80-82 135
[QUOTE who="Robert-2012"]<quoted text>It is a catch 22. But I deagree. Here is few reason. 1. Where was the Mexico law enforcement personal/military? They wasn't there until "after" the incendent. 2. From what I researched. The indivdual have been arrested for previous drug related atctivtly. 3. The individual who got shot was throwing rocks and was on the U.S. originally. 4. Throwing rocks can "KILL" or do serious harm at a minimum. Rocks have been used as weapons in wars throughout the centuries. Not to mention all the women who have been put to death under different religious laws. Even today. I am sorry to hear of the death. But I wonder what you would have done. As you are holding one criminal and suddenly rocks are being throw at you. At the point of defence you are not "measuring footages. --- Maybe ways to add security to the area, or by the bridge. Might be: Add additional walls below the bridge. This would still allow water flow and slow down the path under the bridge. Or maybe the U.S. and Mexico law enforcement could agree to some kind of warning system light/horn, etc. That if either side sees a violation going on below the bridge. The law enforcement from both sides are alerted. This attention may also discourage crossing in that area. Anyway ...Later [/QUOTE]
You are all so naive.  This problem has been going on for almost THREE DECADES and you still don't get it? The situation is EXACTLY what the leaders of both governments want.  Figure it out, or go back and read previous posts.   141
[QUOTE who="Robert-2012"]<quoted text><quoted text>No. not "naive". Considering the source, simple giving a view point and options for this specific post. Please go back go back and read "Texas needs better" #137 post. Explain why the individual where across the border or in the ditch?  Explain how they got over to the U.S. side?  Explain how "rocks" can't cause injury or death?
Give options of types of weapons that can be used by BP to protect themselves, or a criminal in custody. From individual throwing rocks at them from the Mexico Border side?  As videos show. The officers had custody of one involved in the incident. Explain where was the Mexican law enforcement? Then explain what you would do in that situation? Or what recommendation do you have to help fix the situation? ---The groups, etc may want this. But it can grow past what they "think",... they have the ability to control. Or politically and financially profit from, etc. The problem with plans. Others have them too. Later..:)[/QUOTE]
You're not listening.  I wrote that it's been THREE DECADES (since Reagan first granted them amnesty which started the flood of illegals into the U.S., all thinking they'd get amnesty too, and then Bush did the same stupid thing). There is going to be nothing but violence and increased hatred between our two countries until the feds stop bringing them here so their wealthy supporters can have cheap labor.
They are betraying our people who lost jobs, and the country which loses the money those people send to Mexico, and we all lose because they still get social security and other benefits. I wrote about the need for a SOLUTION which will never come until the American people get off their lazy rear ends and fight to take back control of the country from politicians who are destroying it financially.
YOU waste your time on this one event, while I try to get people to fix the BIG problems.  THAT's what I was saying. (next post)
And     especially post 83 144
Thanks, you too.  Another problem that’s resulting from all this is increased tension between these two countries.  This isn’t going to get better any time soon.  Americans won't be able to travel anywhere in Mexico, which they shouldn't anyway, in protest to the way we're treated there. Come to think of it, they should boycott us too, refusing to come here at all.   148

California Broke, Thanks Mexico
[QUOTE who="Mojave1"]<quoted text>I Agree , he must be to young to remember Prop 187 , we tried and were shot down and sold out by our elected officials .They should all be held responsable for this and have to reimburse this state ![/QUOTE]
Shot down?  Should be held responsible? 1.  Most Californians are still pathetic whiners, battling each other over who to blame, and solving nothing.  No wonder intelligent people have been getting out -- not motivated by cowardice, but by the ability to know when they're outnumbered by total losers.  For others - legal parasites. com - join a REAL tea party!  2.  Reagan and Bush who enticed them here, for the benefit of their big money contributors who wanted cheap labor.  It's too late to make them pay for what they've done to American citizens, but if the American people had impeached and prosecuted them, we wouldn't have the scum we have in congress today. 
3.  There are many other ways to fight back, but it's a waste of time because Mexicans are just taking advantage of people too pathetic to fight for themselves.  The entire world has lost respect for a nation where the majority of people are idiots and cowards.     6305
The real problem is the laziness of the American people.  They'll do anything to avoid getting off their dead rears and holding politicians, legal parasites, insurance companies, etc. accountable.  The massive amount of corruption is a gauge of how lazy the American people really are, especially those who whine and complain about welfare recipients - all they really need to do is look in the mirror. The only solution is to stand up to them all - see legal parasites. com for ways to fight back.  No, America, there is no free ride.  A few activists can NOT carry that many tons of dead weight, nor should they.    6310
I_M_Disgusted Corte Madera, CA |#6325 Mar 27, 2010
Protester wrote: <quoted text>Shot down? Should be held responsible? The entire world has lost respect for a nation where the majority of people are idiots and cowards.
Good point! The FORMERLY-greatest nation in the world has allowed itself to be successfully invaded by a "culture" and people who have driven their own half of the continent into the ground... Between bleeding-heart liberals, corporate-conservatives, and every venal POS in power who only cares about MORE power, they have treacherously and treasonously sided with the invaders, who needed no bullets (except for the filthy hispanic gangbangers) but only ovaries...
[QUOTE who="Rico from East Los II"]<quoted text>Americans are afraid to miss work, get dirty, and risk their lives. Of course it takes brainwashing to become like that, simple military boot camp training will solve that.  Problem is that nobody will do it, Americans always rely on others to solve their problem and that is failure #1.  Writing letters to our elected officials or voting out the old scum and voting in new scum does not do the trick.  "A riot is the language of the unheard" by Martin L King Jr
Civil unrest is the answer.  Americans dying on the streets in the name of fixing this failed Government is what will get this Nation back on PAR. Who's ready for that?[/QUOTE]
I have to agree with you, people tried voting in new people and most of the time it doesn't work, at least not for long.      What will work is:
DON'T DONATE A CENT TO EITHER PARTY, and let them know that it's because they passed a health care plan that's a disaster when there were other choices - THAT gets their attention fast. DO THE SAME WITH THE MEDIA - have you seen Rep. Alan Grayson's new health care plan anywhere in the media?  I haven't.  Boycott them, and let them know why.  They're either pushing Obama's corrupt insurance industry plan, or are Republican.  In either case, we don't have a legitimate media and that has to change. Here are the two plans:
And   [QUOTE who="Protester"] [/QUOTE]
This should have been:   The most important information is near the end of the interview.  These people support Grayson's plan to just let the American people buy into Medicare.   1.  Demand one of these plans from your legislators  2.  Tell the media they've lost you as customers / viewers because they've kept these plans (and maybe others) from you because of their bias.    6330
We need to get all our troops out of Afganistan and have them patrol the borders.     We need to prosecute all who hire illegals.    There's a lot more, but first we have to force politicians to listen to us by using the issue of health care. Everybody needs to carry their own weight - there is no free ride in this fight. Read about the legitimate problems with Obama's health care bill, and what needs to be done to get a good plan that won't be a financial nightmare. If we're taking the country back, it should be a country worth fighting for - OUR country. See next post, and if topix deletes it again, it's because of media bias in favor of Obama.  After all, have you read about any of the better health care plans in the media?  No. (next post)  6349    And   6350
I_M_Disgusted Corte Madera, CA |#6325 Mar 27, 2010
Protester wrote: <quoted text>Shot down? Should be held responsible? The entire world has lost respect for a nation where the majority of people are idiots and cowards.
Good point! The FORMERLY-greatest nation in the world has allowed itself to be successfully invaded by a "culture" and people who have driven their own half of the continent into the ground... Between bleeding-heart liberals, corporate-conservatives, and every venal POS in power who only cares about MORE power, they have treacherously and treasonously sided with the invaders, who needed no bullets (except for the filthy hispanic gangbangers) but only ovaries...
[QUOTE who="Rico from East Los II"]<quoted text>Americans are afraid to miss work, get dirty, and risk their lives. Of course it takes brainwashing to become like that, simple military boot camp training will solve that.  Problem is that nobody will do it, Americans always rely on others to solve their problem and that is failure #1. Writing letters to our elected officials or voting out the old scum and voting in new scum does not do the trick.  "A riot is the language of the unheard" by Martin L King Jr
Civil unrest is the answer.  Americans dying on the streets in the name of fixing this failed Government is what will get this Nation back on PAR. Who's ready for that?[/QUOTE]
Civil unrest is the answer for those who have tried everything else, however, the American people haven't even begun to fight back.
If Americans stand together on one issue, and succeed, it will be the beginning of taking back the country.  Americans have already decided that issue is health care, since most are against Obama's bill. Most are still unaware of how to fight back - the media has buried all other health care choices.  It's up to you to spread the word. Read about how you can help penalize deaf legislators, the biased media, and Obama for forcing this fraud on us.  (next post - if it's deleted AGAIN, go to US News and search for "Those Opposed to Obama's bill")   6363
And  6364
[QUOTE who="Protester"]...and I thought the 'Religion Forum' was the worst....   It was removed, so here it is again - (next post #260)
or go to US News and search for "Those Opposed To Obama's Bill"[/QUOTE]
I did this search myself yesterday, and repeatedly it produced NOTHING.  I also searched for threads I had replied to in the past year, and found that entire threads had disappeared!  So, I posted about that today at that link (see post 260)
[QUOTE who="Boycott Sanctuary Cities"]<quoted text>Actually, if yuou look at cal Porp 187, In 1994 the people tried to fix it,
They voted to fix it. but the crooked democrat governor Grey Davis and the crooked federal appeals court struck it down.
Its not ALL the peoples fault in california.  Its just the democrats fault for voting California Proposition 187 (also known as the Save Our State (SOS) initiative) was a 1994 ballot initiative designed to create a state-run citizenship screening system in order to prohibit illegal immigrants from using health care, public education, and other social services in the U.S. State of California. The proposed law was initially passed by the voters through referendum in November 1994 but later found unconstitutional by a federal court, with appeals against the judgement being halted by Governor Gray Davis in 1999. (1994)[/QUOTE]
This was a case of the US Government against the citizens, but now state government are joining us against the US Government.
Why are US Congressional parasites so determined to assist the invasion by Mexico? Because they've been bought and paid for by wealthy donors who want cheap labor.  The last thing they want to have to do it pay Americans a living wage.  They'll take their busines to China before they'll do that! Every single one of those acts is treason.  By putting this country in a financial crisis for pure greed, they have weakened the country and should be tried for treason.     Further, by putting Americans out of jobs, and sending jobs overseas, they are sentencing them to premature death by homelessness.  WHEN ARE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE GOING TO WISE UP?   When are they going to see, right in front of them, that Mexican illegals have made it work for them by working together, lying for each other, etc.? See next post and GET INVOLVED instead of watching your country die in front of you:   6439
And   6440
[QUOTE who=" Go Blue"]<quoted text> Has Arnold or any other politician ever tried to revive prop 187?[/QUOTE]
If they're going to, this is the time.  Put the pressure on.   6441
[QUOTE who="maroon62"]<quoted text>uh, just where is the "media bias" for Obama...the opposite is the actual truth...the country you want back never existed....sorry, isn't going to happen....most people actually think about things rather than repeat stupid and empty cliches.they learned from talk radio and tv....[/QUOTE]
I don't think you're teacheable, so for people who are intelligent: Have you seen any other health care plan in the media?
It's been a top issue for years, yet they never mention that there were other choices.  Why?  Because they're biased, and will endorse whatever Obama wants. One plan is from a Congressman, and even THAT one has been buried.  Another would make a profit, to HELP the American people who are burdened with debt, both personal debt and the national deficit.  The only thing that will force the media to stop deceiving us, is to stop being their customers and viewers.  All that information has been made available repeatedly on Topix, but still the idiots don't get it.  If you know losers like that, cut them out of your life - they'll just bring you down and make you feel hopeless.
In reality, there is hope.  As I've said over and over again, they have big corporate money, but if they don't have our votes, they'll finally listen to us.  Recent elections are showing us which states are still backward and ignorant.  Did you help vote for independents instead of big money? Here's where you can read, and get involved, speaking with one voice against deaf politicians. (next post)  6621 
And   6622
[QUOTE who="well well well"]go to all the schools listed in l.a. county and orange county and see just how many are there.i say its about 98% mexican. and san bdo.county also.there are maybe 1-5 white in each class the rest mexican.but the schools get more money per day for the mexicans than anyone all the free lunch they get.and wic.we should have stopped this yrs ago.[/QUOTE]
So, why didn't we? Some people would get involved if they knew what to do. We can't do ANYTHING to change this problem until we have the power to do more than vote, because the idiots just bounce back and forth between the two parties, which solves nothing.
We have to unite under one issue that most Americans care about, and they have decided that issue is health care. So, by getting involved in that, and taking back your country, you can fix anything else. Get busy, get active and MAKE this happen.  Go to:  (next post)   6632  And   6633
[QUOTE who="maroon62"]<quoted text>Uh, wrong...70% favor health care reform and roughly the same amount are upset with the present plan because it serves the insurance and big pharma corporations. Most of us wanted an extension of medicare or single payer and that is why so many are upset with the present law..O:nce again, you crazy screwballs on the right, immature as hell, are preaching to each other and are becoming a great source of humour, however dangerous, and the country is laughting at your paranoia...the country you want to take back never existed...but it is fun to see your[/QUOTE]
You're a good example of the braindead stupidity that is America's biggest problem.  If you are that dumb, go sit in a corner and don't say a word.  You do more damage than you know, to the ignorant who are trying to get information and might believe anything you say.
Here's what I wrote: Protester wrote:  <quoted text>  Civil unrest is the answer for those who have tried everything else, however, the American people haven't even begun to fight back. If Americans stand together on one issue, and succeed, it will be the beginning of taking back the country. Americans have already decided that issue is health care, since most are against Obama's bill. Most are still unaware of how to fight back - the media has buried all other health care choices. It's up to you to spread the word. Read about how you can help penalize deaf legislators, the biased media, and Obama for forcing this fraud on us.(next post - if it's deleted AGAIN, go to US News and search for "Those Opposed to Obama's bill")  I'm very left-wing, but am against any politician who betrays us and the country for money and power. This is about working AGAINST CORRUPT INSURANCE COMPANIES, THEIR LAWYERS, AND THEIR POLITICIANS and TAKING BACK OUR COUNTRY. Here's the information again, for those of you who just drifted right by because it looked like you might have to actually DO SOMETHING more than complain about everything.  (next post)   6636
And   6637
[QUOTE who="Santa Cruzian"]Maroon 62 is definetly not a native californian. I am. My Grandfather immigrated legally through Ellis Island and a process to benefit his country. Not create financial strain to the new country he worked so hard to get to. Understanding that there has to be a controlled process of legal immigration as not to tank the economy, and allow criminals and terrorist too spill into the country with the good people looking for a good life and political asylum as well. Remember the crazy soccer fan's that rush the fence. Kao's and then the bleachers crumble right beneath their very feet. Same principal. Doesn't matter if your a crazed British soccer fan, Brazilian soccer fan, or an illegal alien from any country. There has to be somebody controlling the flow. The dam can only support so much volume. [/QUOTE]
And the country can only take so much of their crime, and our job losses.
All the problems we have in this country are caused by our politicians, and by their refusal to fix problems, like them repeatedly granting amnesty.       The biggest problem, though, is the stupidity and laziness of the masses.  I've posted a great solution, repeatedly, but the idiot masses sometimes post a complaint right after that.  If they're too lazy and dumb to read, and if they want to hear themselves more than they truly want solutions, they're living on political welfare, and they expect us to carry their dead weight.    Again, if we all come together on one issue, and win, we will be able to make other demands.  (next post)      And  6640

Calif. law to free inmates early draws protests
Suffered enough yet?  How much are Californians willing to put up with before they even BEGIN to take back their state?  Intelligent people get out, knowing that most people won't help fight back.  At insurance corruption. com, on the Fight Back page, there are ways to take back your state, no matter where you live, but it requires getting off your dead rear and actually doing more than sitting at a computer and whining about it.  130
Californians COMPLAIN about this, and the Mexican invasion, and everything else, but do NOTHING. Those who are adults should go to sites like legal parasites. com and take back their country.  You can either do it now and prevent violence, or wait and be involved in it.  THAT'S the violence you should really be worried about.  207
As crime increases due to the release of more people who haven't been rehabilitated, ask youself if you are one of those who has to be the victim of crime before a lightbulb goes off in your head and you decide that you might have to do something.    If Americans stand together on one issue, and succeed, it will be the beginning of taking back the country.  Americans have already decided that issue is health care, since most are against Obama's bill. Read about how you can help penalize deaf legislators, the biased media, and Obama for forcing this fraud on us.  (next post)   209    And  210
And If it's deleted, go to US News and search for   Those Opposed to Obama's bill:  211
[QUOTE who="Richard_"]<quoted text>I guess the congress members from your state should have thought about that when they chose to spend this country's national treasure on invading Iraq.[/QUOTE]
Well, they voted based on Bush's lies. Yes, first self-serving politicians push US deeper into debt, not with money used to sustain life, but to promote corruption and death, and bailouts for the greedy who have sentenced our homeless to premature death. Then, they 'save' money by victimizing us in many ways, and freeing career criminals is one.  They know those people are going to victimize us, just as they know their families are safe in good neighborhoods. So, I guess we're the enemy. Americans should have been so outraged, generations ago, that they demanded accountability, but they didn't.  That makes it so much harder for us today. We MUST do better for our kids.  Fight back, join together to stop the insanity and self-destruction. see next post  216
And      217

Cash, weapons found after traffic stop in Phoenix; illegal immigrant arrested      Illegal Immig.
[QUOTE who="Dennis"]Why is it I have to go to local Phoenix news to find this story? It should be on Yahoo and Google -- on ABC, CBS, and NBC.[/QUOTE]
How much proof do people need that the media is extremely biased? They don't cover issues that don't promote the federal government/Obama's agenda: whenever Arizona's law is working,  there are other health care plans that are far superior to Obama's, the truth about how that plan will be carried out and what's hidden in it,  the fact that Obama committed treason by holding an official position with a world government (NWO) while president, (next post)   7
And  Obama sworn in as world president at UN 9/09    posts 53, 56, 60, 83     8

Catholic Church role in killing sex-abuse bill downplayed     Religion
What kind of sick people stay in a 'religious' organization that first covers up crimes against children, then actively spreads the criminal activity from church to church, and worst of all, covers up the fact that those crimes were known to leaders all the way up to the pope?
AND IT'S STILL HAPPENING??? They're STILL unrepentent. WHAT DOES IT TAKE FOR CATHOLICS TO GET IT THROUGH THEIR HEADS THAT THEIR CHURCH IS AN AGENT OF SATAN? What does it take for all those parents, around the world, to stop paying old men to destroy children's lives? What does it take for them to stop sacrificing children to evil?  Protestants have been warning them for ages, but those are parents who put themselves before their children. They shouldn't have any children, and instead they're having the most. protestant  4
[QUOTE who="Tom"]This coverup no doubt extends stright to the Vatican.[/QUOTE]
It's common knowledge that this pope was involved in a coverup. Because of the fact that these are crimes against children,
and that church leaders covered it up, and that they have covered up crimes like these against children for hundreds and hundreds of years,
and that some of those have also become common knowledge, and the fact that the pope himself is involved, and the fact that people are encouraged not to look in the Bible to find truth for themselves: HOW MUCH SATAN ACTIVITY DOES IT TAKE FOR IDIOTS TO GET IT THROUGH THEIR THICK SKULLS THAT THE CHURCH ITSELF IS UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF SATAN? Yes, there are Christians within the Catholic Church, but why would they want to stay in an organization that continually PROTECTS EVIL?
Cowardice.  Laziness.  Fear of ridicule from other people. Those are sins too.   Conclusion:  No good Christian could stay in the Catholic Church for another day, after hearing the truth.   Solution:  Find other former Catholics and have your own Bible studies and worship in your homes.  You don't have to belong to any religious business organization.(next post)  9             And   10
[QUOTE who="Who Dunnit"]These priests who molest kids and pretend to be all holy should be treated the same way as any other pervert. The problem is they are supposed to be God's servents and they are disgusting hypocrites. And to make it even worse, the Catholic church defends them and moves them around to different locations so they can take advantage of new victims. The enablers belong in jail right along with them. [/QUOTE]
So, now it's all been out in the open for YEARS, yet are Catholic parents demanding they all be prosecuted?  No. That religion appeals to people who are willing to sacrifice their kids to stupidity and weakness.  If they were real Christians, they would have immediately seen the church for the Godless business organization that it is, and would have left, like so many others have done over the past hundreds of years.  They're all to blame, and they will pay for it.  23
[QUOTE who="issues"]Every religion has those issues.[/QUOTE]
Every church has abuse/the potential for abuse and criminal activity, but they only succeed where the people are so willing to compromise with evil that they let it continue.  In the case of the Catholic Church, the evidence is so damming that there's no way it could be a Godly organization. That's why Protestantism is so popular - people demanded Godliness and truth.  But now too many of those churches have become corrupted, and that's why Protestant Protest. net was created.  Many of them still insure with guide one ins. co., the company that vigorously defends child abuse in Protestant organizations.  They used hundreds of felonies, including the destruction of evidence to win a case they would have had no chance of winning.  Then they went after their victims, trying to financially destroy them.  Their crimes almost killed one person. It can happen to you if your church, school, summer camp, senior residence, etc is insured with guide one.  You have been warned.  You can read about it at:  (next post)   (Make a note of this before it's deleted)   28
And  29
[QUOTE who="Cathoholic"]<quoted text>I don't know where you have been. [/QUOTE]
It's very simple, part of demanding they all be prosecuted, is leaving the church.  Church leaders are like legislators, they aren't going to listen until you talk money. It's not just the abusers who should all be prosecuted, it's every single person who assisted in the cover-up, especially the pope.   38
RealSheryl Since: Apr 10 880 Sparta, NJ |#40 Sunday May 23  Protestor, very good! I hope to see you on here more, take care.
[QUOTE who="Reality Check"]The worst part of all this is that these predators and those who covered their tracks paid no consequences. And whatever legal fees have been paid out came from the contributions of decent unsuspecting Catholics. It's a total abomination that these child molestors administered the sacrament of communion at mass, and molested the altar boys an hour later. [/QUOTE]
Evidently they were trying to give people more control over where their money went in 2009, and expose what it was spent on, but Republicans helped defeat it. So, the Republican Party's so-called morality is supported by both Protestant organizations, and Catholic.  That figures. From the article: "On its face, the Catholic Church's recent defeat of legislation extending the statute of limitations for sex abuse echoes the organization's 2009 quashing of a highly controversial Judiciary Committee proposal giving the laity greater oversight of parish finances."  "While legislative Republicans condemned last year's parish finances bill..."       (next post)    51
And Get out of those money-worshipping religious 'organizations'.   52
[QUOTE who="set me free"]It's much too late to save mySELF from falling . I took the chance and change your way of life.  
Causing losing everything is like the sun going down on me .  although I search myself.set me FREE./[/QUOTE]
It's never too late to be saved, as long as you're alive, you have that opportunity.  No, you can't save yourself.  Neither can anybody else. If you pray and sincerely want Jesus to save you, to die for your sins, it will happen. Mormons, Catholics, and all those who follow the teachings of MEN who came up with the idea that you can pray for the souls of others, or that you can influence anybody else's spiritual decision, are liars.  Men have come up with a lot of garbage to lure people into following them.  The truth is simple - you're only in charge of your own life, and you ARE in charge of your life.   55

come on true brits do you want these muslims out of england sign up   London, England
Nov 15, 2009 My ancestors were British and I hate seeing the violence and animosity resulting from immigration in England. YOUR ancestors fought for that land -- what would they think of their sacrifices today?  It's even worse with Muslims, since their religion is often violent, with the goal of some that it has to be the only religion in the world. That doesn't make any sense, but fanatics don't think things through. I watched a documentary last week, showing that they don't even learn the language in Germany and keep themselves separate, which means that something is wrong and it will come to violence.  We in the U.S. have to be a melting-pot, but you didn't, and I hope you can take back your heritage. 6
We both live in countries that have been betrayed by their leaders, and we're paying the price.  It's only going to get worse, so I encourage people to fight back now.  At insurance corruption. com - 'fight back', there are ways to make them pay - cut all their retirement, make the pay back what they already got where treason is involved, prosecute them for treason, fine them for damage to the country, etc.  101
What I don't understand is, why have Muslims moved to other countries?  They don't want to become part of the culture, and often want to be completely separate from that culture. Check out what they ARE doing.  If they did it for their children, then they wouldn't be exposing them to these kinds of societies.  If they wanted a better life, then they would have changed.   If it's for an underlying religious agenda, then beware.  128
Here's a guy who's a real hero to Britain - I hope everybody watches this video before making any decision:   245
Democrats unveil health care bill         ALL DELETED
They keep changing the plan, but the plan at insurance corruption. com remains the same because it's the best one.

Democrats seek agreement, vote on health care
Their health plan is so seriously flawed that the taxpayers have to DEMAND a good plan.  First, since insurance companies are the problem, we should not be forced to subsidize them -- just the opposite, the government should compete AGAINST them.  That's the ONLY way to control their criminal activities.  The plan at insurance corruption. com does just that.  Speak now, and loudly, and often, or suffer the consequences.  487
Asian Guy wrote: <quoted text>from what I read, contrary to what reid is saying, the insurance companies are only making on average about 10% profits.   that being the case, obamacare will bankrupt them.    will that happen? I guess we may find out.    right?
Logically: 1. The legislators work for the insurance companies, which explains why the laws work in their favor, and why they're never prosecuted for their crimes (fraud, murder, etc.) 2. Obama met with a steady stream of ins. co. execs. recently - up to no good, for sure.(Wish I had made a note of that article)           3. They're forcing millions of people to pay insurance companies premiums - how do you think they got to be multi-billion dollar companies?      4. If the American people had even average intelligence and had demanded the plan at insurance corruption. com the insurance companies would have been excluded, and all that money would have gone toward the deficit.  547
Linktv wrote: Insurance: Money to Congress
Pharmaceuticals / Health Products: Money to Congress  Watchdog Group Sues for Disclosure of White House Meetings with Healthcare Execs / July 23, 2009 / I want to just talk about some of the names, as they’ve released this, naming some of the healthcare executives who have made multiple trips to the Obama White House.       Richard Umbdenstock, the president of the American Hospital Association, has visited the White House eight times since Obama took office, beginning on February 3rd, two weeks after Obama’s inauguration. Former Congressman Billy Tauzin has visited five times, now head of the drug industry lobby, the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, known as PhRMA.            Dr. James Rohack, president-elect of the American Medical Association, has visited four times, as has Karen Ignagni, president and CEO of America’s Health Insurance Plans, an industry trade group. Other healthcare executives who have made multiple visits to the Obama White House include Jeffrey Kindler, CEO of drugmaker Pfizer; Stephen Hemsley, chief executive of UnitedHealth Group; George Halvorson, head of Kaiser Foundation Health Plan; Richard Clark, CEO of the Merck pharmaceutical company; Jay Gellert, CEO of Health Net; and Rick Smith, senior vice president of PhRMA, which Billy Tauzin heads.
They were buying the health care plan THEY wanted to force on us. They're going to make a killing on this. Obama had a choice - either sell out, or follow the insurance corruption. com plan and use all that massive profit for the survival of the U.S. and so much more.
Asian Guy wrote: <quoted text>from what I read, contrary to what reid is saying, the insurance companies are only making on average about 10% profits.  that being the case, obamacare will bankrupt them.  will that happen? I guess we may find out. right?
Insurance companies are multi-billion dollar industries -- that's how they could afford to force us all to buy insurance from them. Instead of lowering premiums, they bribe our leaders. Yeah, they really care about us.
There's a new explanation at insurance corruption. com -- we need to demand that plan.  564
 [QUOTE who="Asian Guy"]<quoted text>evidently, you have your mind made up. no matter what I say would convince you
 otherwise.    let me just say this, genius... if the insurance companies go bankrupt, what will you do then? would you believe that
  the insurance companies are not making as much money as obama is saying they are making?[/QUOTE]
Only people with criminal minds or pathetic naive idiots defend the horribly corrupt insurance industry.  You evidently don't get it when most Americans complain about them, and somehow think you know something they don't, something that goes against everything we know about them. They are multi-billion dollar companies and they are running the health care reform show.  They've been meeting with Obama and getting the profits THEY want.  THEY are exploiting their money and power to the fullest.   Real Americans DON'T want to be told they HAVE to buy anything, so maybe it's your genetics that makes you want to be obedient, without question, to authority figures.
I do NOT have my mind made up to the point that I don't consider INTELLIGENT arguments.  565
Democrats need to ignore the Party and seek agreement that this health care plan is a disaster, plus demanding one of the other plans which are far superior and both agree that insurance companies must not be allowed to FORCE us to buy insurance.  So these plans cut them out completely:  567
and  - goes even farther to help the middle class survive financially, and  an interview in which liberals support a plan which allows Americans to just buy into Medicare if they want to. Get busy on one of these NOW or pay a big price!!!  568
[QUOTE who="Asian Guy"]<quoted text>"horribly corrupt insurance companies"???? what makes you believe they are corrupt? because the politicians tell you they are? from what I read, the health insurance companies don't make huge profit margins. but the politicians argue that they ARE using weird figures to justify their goal of abusing the insurance companies.       consider this...     if an insurance company in year one made 2% profits, and in year 2 made 8% profits, WHAT is the change from year 1 to year 2?      400%, right?      bottomline though, the profit margin is just 8%. right?  well get this, according to the following article, this is the platform used by reid to crucify the health insurance companies.  do you see the flaw in reid's argument?[/QUOTE]
What's worse than ignorance is spreading lies.  You must be going through life just listening to yourself talk, because if you paid any attention to the media, you'd know that insurance companies recorded record profits and their profits are in the multi-billions.
They're able to buy off the President and Congress, so they don't need little old you to lie for them.  They're experts at lying and deceiving.
For example, they paid legislators to write a law making it mandatory that, in court, no juror is allowed to know if an insurance company is part of the litigation.  That was done to protect them BECAUSE THE PUBLIC KNOWS HOW CORRUPT THEY ARE and could come back with a verdict punishing them because MOST PEOPLE HATE THEM - and that's based on their own experiences with them.  So, when you try and act innocent, you make a fool of yourself.  You're either extremely stupid or are part of the corruption in some way.    571
[QUOTE who="Asian Guy"]<quoted text>if what they do causes me to lose my social security pension, I will shoot them dead.
advocate violence? ..what they are doing is treason. what do you think I should do when they take away food from my mouth to give to foreigners? I expect to receive my social security in 6 years. if that doesn't happen, I will form a list of these POS politicians and shoot them down with a smile on my face.  6 years is not a long time. soon. and get this, genius, I don't think I'm the only one that feels this way.[/QUOTE]
Yep, you're the kind of person who defends insurance company corruption. People:  You don't have to murder anybody, you have strength in numbers.  Go to insurance corruption. com and demand your rights - use them or lose them!   572
[QUOTE who="KathySuf"]Government healthcare was socialist before Obama came along. Obama is the speaker for this administration, and this administration is giving those not socialist the royal sh***; the mandates in the healthscare bill just dumped on us are massive --- definitely socialistic, laying the foundation for more government control. The gov. has no RIGHT to tell me I must buy a product intensely not wanted ---- but personal rights seem to have no value anymore.
Socialism seems to be defined as the government having power & control vs. the people having power and control over how they live their own personal lives. This administration says God bless America, but they tell us what's acceptable, that they are gifted, and we can't think for ourselves; if they want to bless America, they could try listening to the people --- not that the Republicans are any better than the Democrats, but the Republicans should be listened to, not insulted by saying I'll listen to any reasonable alternative ---- when there were, and are many reasonable alternatives that this socialistic administration won't listen to.
The gov. already has a lot of control over private insurers --- by reading the healthscare bill mandates, private insurers' will be forced out of businesses; people will be forced to pay for an inefficient excuse for healthcare --- government run ---- not dumping on the CBO, but people that believe this administration will save money with this healthscare scheme are delusional. Now that people have to live with the consequences of this atrocity, some are finally waking up ---- it's going to be real hard to reverse the damage this piece of cr** will dump on the Republic. People seem to believe 2+2 = 5, the sooner we realize the elites know more than we do --- the sooner this compassionate administration, that's “representing” what's left of the Republic will be happy.
You're so right - there's something wrong when the government forces us to buy insurance.  The insurance companies are behind it all (having repeatedly met with Obama, and their lobbyists with the legislators), so the only solution involves cutting them out completely.
What's really scary is that there are OTHER choices out there, but the media has buried them. So, we have to fight the media, the government, and the insurance industry - all have agendas (money and control over us) which are sabotaging our freedoms.
If we don't come together, Republicans, Democrats, and independents, to fight this, we won't come together on anything, and we will lose ground that we probably won't get back in our lifetimes. This is extremely important, we must TOGETHER demand a choice they won't like, such as the following, and the only way I know to fight back is to go to:  575
the 'fight back' page at  or support this plan which simply lets Americans buy into Medicare if they choose to:    576
[QUOTE who="Linktv"]The Single-Payer Solution Apr 23, 2008 / By Amy Goodman As the media coverage of the Democratic presidential race continues to focus on lapel pins and pastors, America is ailing. As I travel around the country, I find people are angry and motivated. Like Dr. Rocky White, a physician from a conservative, evangelical background who practices in rural Alamosa, Colo. A tall, gray-haired Westerner in black jeans, a crisp white shirt and a bolo tie, Dr. White is a leading advocate for single-payer health care. He wasn’t always.  [/QUOTE]
On one of her programs, Amy Goodman talked about how Obama had not allowed any single payer advocate into the talks.   He has betrayed us all, just so he can have the glory of going down in history as the ONE who brought health care to us.  He couldn't care less if it's bad or that it's a financial disaster, it's all about his ego. We can't let him, and the press, get away with that.  We have to force them to give us a good plan.  Personally, I'll never stop advocating for, or advertising, the better plans, but every day that goes by, the government is pouring more money into his fraud.  It continues, like everything else we hate, because the majority of people are letting it happen, mostly because they don't know about their choices.  That responsibility is on the shoulders of those who do know, to spread the word.(next post)  579      And   580
Dems need a backbone    US Politics
I agree, and it's pathetic that Democrats weren't outraged during Bush's 8 years of treason, and working to impeach him.       Intelligent people know that both parties are too corrupt, and are voting for independents.  Republicans aren't that smart -- they'd rather stick with the same old corrupt party, while Democrats have branched out.  That's part of the reason Republicans get so many votes, plus the fact that most people are too stupid to know what they're really voting for.        Intelligent-liberals. com takes the middle of the road, rejecting the corruption of both parties, and exposes some truths about how many Republican traitors have ruled this country.  It's useless to try and teach Republicans, they know it all, are sanctimonious, and refuse to learn.  Ignorance is bliss to them.  The only way to stop them is the demanding the political IQ test described on the site.  3
 Dems Near Plan to Pass Health Care Bill
[QUOTE who="winning side"]this man will not stop at getting his agenda across, or should I say he is shoving this agenda down our thoats. great pick for president, he is not for the people by the people he is for himself, andthe democrats are all in it with him, and the Media is swimming in the pool of deception with him and we are paying for it all. [/QUOTE]
Yes, he is, so what did YOU do to stop it?  If you didn't demand something better, like the plan at insurance corruption. com, then you deserve to be victimized.    Yes, the media has refused to inform the public about that plan because they're either biased in favor of Obama, or Republicans who didn't wany any plan.  So, what did YOU do about it?  Did you let your media know you're cancelling/not watching any more?    Democrats and Republican legislators are against the insurance corruption plan because it makes a profit by eliminating all insurance company involvement.  They had to choose between you and their greed, so you lose again, but you deserve to be victimized if you didn't fight back.  So, did you follow the suggestions at Insurance Corruption, to bring legislators back in line?  104

Do you really hate Americans?   London, England Forum
[QUOTE who="white woman USA"]<quoted text>
We don't like our politics much either anymore, idiots voted in the new socialist gov't and have been pushing their garbage through for some time, True Americans are outnumbered. True Americans like Regan, Bob Hope, and Bush the first, Lloyd Marcus and project 21, and yes rednecks are usually part of the old style politics, so look numb nutts, before you go using that hole for anything other than kissing liberal ass, get your info straight. UK people like you make UK people look bad. You don't have to like us, you don't mean a sh&^ to anyone here or probably there. Liberals crap wont be in charge long, rednecks will be a part of making damn good and sure of that.[/QUOTE]
As you can see, the US is close to a civil war.  The whole world was laughing at us because brain-dead Republicans put George Bush in office and kept him there.  Now Republicans are waging tea parties, which are supposed to represent the overthrow of the government, but they are just having hissy-fits and will never do anything.    Republicans never complained while Bush was butchering young Americans and Iraqis, year after year, leaving thousands of kids without their parents.  No, they're throwing tea parties because liberals want national health care, which would save lives.  It was later discovered that Obama's health care plan is seriously flawed, but are the American people intelligent enough to say no, and demand something better?  Of course not.  The plan at insurance corruption. com was advertised since the summer of 2009, but the media is so biased they wouldn't tell the public about it.  So, at this point, it's hopeless, and probably going to get violent, because our biggest challenge remains:  stupidity.  367
You absolutely have the right to detest Americans who victimize you in any way, or who are bad for their own country. I think most of us like England, and the people, especially those of us whose ancestors came from England. It's ridiculous to lump all Americans into one pile, or any other nation. Most of the world either hates us, or will in the near future, because of the treasonous acts of parasites like right-wing Republican George Bush. I just hope they remember that most of us hated him too, we just couldn't get him impeached.  I still think he should be tried as a war criminal.   379
[QUOTE who="RedneckVixen"]<quoted text>
Well Im from the "Bible Belt". A much younger generation I can assure you. Yes the older generations from here are stubborn but its not all their fault. The Bible Belt is one of poorest areas in the USA and My Grandfather only went to the 8th grade because that's all this area had to offer. I work with the older people now and yes they are very unreasonable when it comes to the USA being the best country in the world. First you have to understand that the majority of the American military forces has always been from the southern states, and for the most part that was the only time the older generation left this area. My Grandfather came back home and never left again. When he heard I was going to Germany on a senior trip he flipped. I guess home always seems like the best place on earth if all you have seen is war on the outside.
I can assure you that not all us southerners are idiots and backwards, we may talk funny next to every other American but it doesn't make us unintelligent. What big Holly Wood has to say about us is also extremely embellished. We do have all our teeth and we do have education, and we don't play a banjo on the front porch LMAO!
I can also tell you that it wasn't till I went to Germany that I figured out that everybody calls us "Yanks", I thought that was pretty funny. Here in the south we call everybody in the northern USA "Yankys" lol If you was to call a southerner a "Yank" you probably wouldn't receive a good welcome.(just a pointer)[/QUOTE]
There's a good reason why they call us Yanks.  We're kind of arrogant to call ourselves Americans, as if South America, Central America, and the rest of North American countries aren't.  The trouble is, it's hard to come up with a name that uniquely 'United Statesian'.  388

Elite - Afganistan     all DELETED

End in Sight, Health Care Battle Tilts Obama's Way
[QUOTE who="Stoneman"]<quoted text>By the way-- if the objective is to increase competition, why are you liberals so dead-set against dropping the rule that restricts availability of insurance to within states?[/QUOTE]
The intention of the plan at insurance corruption. com is to greatly increase competition, so why are Republicans against it?  Because they, like Democrats, want the insurance companies' financial support.  They're all alike - putting themselves first.  34
[QUOTE who="Socialist Obama"]New England Jouranl of Medicine said one-third of doctors would added that with 30 million new people, and you have health care rationing and Americans dying. You don't cure a headache with a shotgun blast to yor head. To hell with you Obama, you GOD DAMNED socialits scumbag. 
Attention "Progressives," As you ram this bill down the throats of an unwilling public, please read the AP article below. Also remember Caterpillar's announcement that Obamacare will cost them $100 million per year, beginning IMMEDIATELY. More bad news will come as people dissect this 2,700 page monstrosity.  So the phony cost projections that "Progressives" forced on the CBO are already coming unglued. What's going to happen once businesses realize what this legislation entails? What do YOU think the impact is going to be on JOBS?! Creating a giant Rube Goldberg machine to regulate 15% of the economy in one fell swoop is pure insanity under the best of circumstances. Legislation "crafted" behind closed doors to meet phony "targets" and placate special interests guarantee an absolute disaster.  The Congressional Budget Office said Friday that rolling back a programmed cut in Medicare fees to doctors would cost $208 billion over 10 years. If added back to the health care overhaul bill, it would wipe out all the deficit reduction, leaving the legislation $59 billion in the red. aka 'Doctor fix.' The IRS/Treasury will look into 300 million Americans and look at ever aspect of your life and waiting to see if yor are paying for health insurance or you will be heavily fined, but this will NOT include minorities of white trasg who will receive govermnet subsidies PAID for by you suckers for the first 4 years while you get NOTHING in return. They should at least call this bill what it is.  It's not healthcare reform - It's healthcare "welfare"  Meanwhile, 38 states (76%)have filed suit against it, on Tenth Amendment concerns, individuals file against it on Ninth Amendment concerns, and Boehner, et. al., file against it on process concerns (see the Chadha decision; process matters.)  Job 1 next year will be to replace Obmacare with common sense, INCREMENTAL reforms. In the meantime, PLEASE STOP DRINKING THE KOOL-AID!
Medicare fix would push health care into the red  11.43 million American people, are on unemployment right now. Obama has a new bribery plan to buy a vote called "the Bismark Bailout" another Obama bribe. This dog bill will pass one way or another with strong armed tactics, bribes, payoffs, lies etc.  Wind power lies.   Obama to Iranians: We want brighter future for you[/QUOTE]
You should have put all this energy and rage into demanding the plan, which wouldn't have been a burden at all, but those who are against any health care are too dumb to know when it's best to compromise, especially when everybody benefits.   144
[QUOTE who="Skizazz"]<quoted text>I think you've left out a group as well. It's a mistake to assume that all of the people that have don't have health insurance either can't afford it or are just to irresponsible to get it.  I'm sure there's quite a few people, like me, who have made an educated decision NOT to get it. Everybody agrees that insurance companies make big profits, right? What does that means that, over time, most people pay in FAR more than they take out. Correct?  Since that's the case, I've made the decision to keep the money I would pay for insurance and invest it. Essentially, you could say that I'm self insured. In the past twenty years I have incurred ZERO medical bills of my own. That means all the money my employers paid in the past for my medical insurance was basically wasted. Since I started my own business roughly seven years ago I have been without health insurance. Over that time, we have only incurred one medical of $4000 when my little girl had to be taken to the emergency roof for a high fever. I just paid the $4000 out-of-pocket. For a family of five I would be paying far more than $4000 PER YEAR for coverage so I am currently WAY ahead by not having it.
Is it a gamble not having insurance, of course. However, most investments are a gamble. The money I could have used for insurance has been invested and has paid off very well. I now have plenty of money set aside should a problem arise. However, that money is invested and making money for me instead of somebody else. [/QUOTE]
Better than investing, the plan at insurance corruption. com was about using the money to pay down the deficit, IF you care about the country and future generations.  It would do that by cutting out all insurance companies, and using those profits for OUR deficit.  That's one big reason why legislators were against it - THEY want insurance company payoffs.  So, it was an attack on that corruption too.  The good news?  It's NEVER too late to demand it.   147
Jimmy Worley wrote: <quoted text>Dumb idea cutting out all insurance companies under our current system! You may be able to self insure yourself and have been lucky so far but sudden illnesses and diseases and accidents for even those of us in the best of health can easily wipe us out and shift the burden to the rest of the public. Also the great majority of people are in no position to insure themselves and wouldn't do so even if they could! Joe Sixpack would rather buy a new SUV and a 60 inch plasma and take a cruise to Mexico before he put anything away for a possible (and as we get older probable!) medical catastrophe! I would like to see the insurance companies eliminated from the medical equation since they take away about a third of every dollar we spend. I favor a single payer system like they have in Canada and quite a few Democratic legislators were for that too. However public sentiment was against it and so were the Republicans. Jesus they were bellowing about "a massive government takeover of our health care system" for this bill (which it wasn't!). Can't you hear the screaming if a single payer system was proposed. They would have been equating it to a land attack from Moscow! Unfortunately at least for now we're stuck with the insurance companies, like it or not (and I don't!)
No, no, no!!! I can't believe the inability of the American people to comprehend this simple idea!!! How do you survive??? Check the site again - insurance corruption. com and if you still don't get it, I'll see if I can explain it better. 170
[QUOTE who="Protester"]<quoted text>No, no, no!!! I can't believe the inability of the American people to comprehend this simple idea!!! How do you survive???Check the site again - insurance corruption. com and if you still don't get it, I'll see if I can explain it better.[/QUOTE]
ps - That wasn't directed at you personally, but at so many people who are against the plan because they don't even try to get it.  171
[QUOTE who="Dr Robert Branson"]<quoted text>I don't doubt the corruption in the insurance industry at all! They are unfortunately in my opinion a necessary evil that we have to deal with in today's society. I repeat that even though you may be able to comfortably insure yourself, the great majority of the rest us, even if we are fairly well off, simply cannot. A good friend of mine's wife had some severe and life threatening medical problems last year. She had been just laid off but fortunately had COBRA (continued) coverage from her former employer, although she had to now pay the full cost of that coverage. Six months later her medical bills exceeded $750,000, three quarters of a million freaking dollars! Without that insurance coverage it would have forced the family into bankruptcy. By the way they are a thirty something couple...medical disasters don't always happen to the old or infirm! Fine if you can insure yourself but most of us can't! Hell most of us can't even adequately insure ourselves to prevent the financial disaster a car accident with no injuries can cause today...we are a bunch of sue crazy bastards you know![/QUOTE]
NOTHING is a necessary evil - that's pathetic.  It just proves that the American people are too lazy to demand that they be prosecuted for the felonies they commit, just like anybody else.  It's sick to say that they can get away with murder because they are wealthy.  It's worshipping money and power. You are either not reading the insurance corruption. com plan, or not comprehending it.  Try again - it has nothing to do with anybody insuring themselves. It's similar to the plan Rep. Grayson created in which people are allowed to just buy into Medicare, except that it's more like people creating their own profitable insurance company and buying into that. PEOPLE:  Don't ever let anybody tell you that you have to suffer with corruption.  You are the money behind the corruption, therefore you are the power behind it - it would not exist if you didn't let it.  The insurance corruption plan has another benefit.  When a disaster like Katrina or 9-11 hits, you don't have to be left with nothing because your insurance company defrauds you.  This plan offers insurance that covers disasters and much more, also making a profit.  This plan is far superior and the only thing that stands in the way of its success is stupidity and laziness.  This will show if those Americans want to change, want to survive, and want to stop dumping their garbage onto their children. 
READ and COMPREHEND the ideas behind these plans.   175
Here are two health care plans which every intelligent American should be able to choose from:  has been around since the summer of 2009 and this one endorsed by liberal leaders  - the most important part is near the end.  191
[QUOTE who="YeahRight"]<quoted text>When has congress undone or unfunded a social program? Once one gets in it stays and those of us who work pay for it - forever.[/QUOTE]
That's YOUR FAULT.   Every intelligent person reading this thread would have acted on post 191, and would have encouraged others to do the same.   Those are something called SOLUTIONS, which were completely ignored by the idiot masses who just want to hear themselves talk about nothing.  Those solutions also required something called THINKING, which the idiot masses are allergic to.
The government WILL DEFEAT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AGAIN and it's all the fault of the idiot masses.  There will always be corruption, but it's the responsibility of the victims to fight back. So grow up, get involved, and stop this health care disaster.   202
[QUOTE who="YeahRight"]<quoted text>I didn't realize I, all by myself had that much power! Mel Brooks was wrong, it isn't good to be the king. I went to post 191 and there isn't one. Hops from 190 to 192. Must have been something so far out there that even the topix didn't keep it on the thread.[/QUOTE]
I'd post it again, but you do think you're the king and know it all, so I won't waste my time. It could be that when I posted, I thought there were other people in the world, besides you, reading it, and was writing to the general public.  205
[QUOTE who="YeahRight"]<quoted text>Uhm, you said "That's YOUR FAULT" and that indicated that I alone was responsible. I stated I didn't realize I had that much power. I didn't say I thought was a king.  You referred me to post 191. I simply was informing you there was no post 191. Are people expected to understand post 191 by telepathy or get admonished for not knowing it's content?[/QUOTE]
Can you read????  I said, "I'd post it again, but..." which obviously means it's not there.  It couldn't be any simpler.  Again, I wrote, "It could be that when I posted, I thought there were other people in the world, besides you, reading it, and was writing to the general public"  This is the last time I'm going to repeat the obvious to you.  I don't think you're really this dumb, and that this is some kind of juvenile harassment, but you're a waste of my time.  208
Liberal leaders are speaking out against this bill, and demanding that it be fixed before it's too late.  I just tried to post more information on the US News forum, but it was all deleted.   That's a warning - not only is the media sabotaging the right of Americans to know about other choices, but now it's happening here. That should scare every person in the country, regardless of political affiliation. It was posted sucessfully to the US Politics forum:  Democrats:  What are you doing? Help stop this bill and demand good government for you and younger Americans before it's too late, and demand that Topix fire the person responsible for deleting important information Americans have to have to make a good decision.    211
[QUOTE who="YeahRight"]<quoted text>In a word - Phhhtt!       My original post still stands. With or without the now infamous post 191.
"When has congress undone or unfunded a social program? Once one gets in it stays and those of us who work pay for it - forever."[/QUOTE]
And they're ALL BAD, and everybody hates them, and they do nothing to help us survive and improve our quality of life....             You're a simpleton, endlessly complaining about everything, too lazy or stupid to do anything to make things better.      People:  This is the result of that kind of losers' thinking: There are other health care choices which are far better than Obama's, but he wants to take total credit for finally bringing health care to America's middle class.  Also, all other choices have been buried by a media that is so biased that most of them should be out of business.  Also, that legilators totally ignored the fact that most Americans were against Obama's abusive plan because they're getting paid by the sleazy insurance industry and trial lawyers (so is Obama) to force a plan on you that VICTIMIZES you in many ways.
 So, if you're tired of being one of the losers, or if you just didn't know where to go, here's where you can read what others have to say, other choices, and how to penalize the legislators and media that have no respect for you. If it's deleted, go to US News and search for:  Those Opposed to Obama's Bill (next post)   214               And  215
[QUOTE who="Must be the Music"]Go Obama.If we can afford the longest war in History surely we can afford healthcare[/QUOTE]
That's unbelievably stupid.  Exactly how many more financial disasters can this country endure?  Exactly why are they deliberately doing this to us?  You don't know. People we're in serious danger - fight back or pay a terrible price (next post)   218
And    Start with post 83, then 80-82 and 86  219
[QUOTE who="Le Health Care Poll"]<quoted text>We are there!!! Victory belongs to the people!  US: Health Care (Kaiser 6/17-22)Emily Swanson | June 30, 2010 Topics: National , poll --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Kaiser Family Foundation     6/17-22/10; 1,207 adults, 4% margin of error Mode: Live telephone interviews      (Kaiser: summary, toplines)      National       As you may know, a new health reform bill was signed into law earlier this year. Given what you know about the new health reform law, do you have a generally favorable or generally unfavorable opinion of it?     48% Favorable, 41% Unfavorable (chart)
    Based on those who have an unfavorable view of the new health reform law (n=526): Given that you have an unfavorable view of the health reform law, which comes closer to your view of what should happen now:    29% The law should be given a chance to work, with Congress making necessary changes along the way  66% The law should be repealed as soon as possible Do you think you will be better off or worse off under the new health reform law, or don't you think it will make much difference?     You and your family: 28% Better, 28% Worse, 39% No difference The country as a whole: 42% Better, 32% Worse, 19% no difference     Say a candidate for Congress voted FOR the health reform law. Would that make you more likely to support that candidate for Congress, more likely to oppose that candidate for Congress, or wouldn't it make much difference in your vote?     34% More likely to support, 55% 31% More likely to oppose, 32% No difference Party ID   35% Democrat, 25% Republican, 31% independent (chart)   //////////////////////////// [/QUOTE]
People:  Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that victory belongs to the insurance companies, since they basically WROTE THE BILL.  THEY demanded that all Americans be forced to pay them insurance premiuns.  Are you also required by law to buy any other product?  No, because that would be illegal, as this bill is.  If the bill is so good, why did Obama and the media bury all the competition?  Isn't that unAmerican? So, now the IRS Gestapo requires you to PAY taxes and PAY for insurance.  What's next?  Probably all kinds of additional taxes, such as an energy tax.  How stupid are the American people?  This issue will decide it.  The majority demanded health care reform BECAUSE OF CRIMES AND ABUSES BY INSURANCE COMPANIES, and their solution is to PAY THE CRIMINALS TO PAY THEM, AND PAY THE GOVERNMENT TO FORCE THEM TO PAY. How can the masses have a favorable opinion of something that's still a mystery?  How could this be any more brain-dead? (next post)    221
And   Start with post 83, then 80-82 and 86.    222
End in Sight, Health Care Battle Tilts Obama's Way- Of course it went his way, he destroyed all competition. Yes, the end is in sight - the end of freedom from IRS Gestapo bullying, the end of any hope of good health care, then end of trying to stop the deficit from destroying our children's futures, (long list)   223

FBI: Mexican Soldiers Used Rifles to Chase Off U.S. Border Patrol   World
Mexicans continue to outsmart the American people.  They have learned to work together for their mutual benefit, while braindead Americans just bi!ch and complain.  Some write letter to their legislators, who ignore them. People:  WISE UP!
Learn to work together, first by using ONE ISSUE that most Americans are concerned about.  They've already decided that issue is national health care. Every intelligent American hates Obama's plan because it's a financial disaster that WE have to pay for, and because it's so abusive to US, that he had to get the IRS to enforce it - the one agency that all Americans hate. There are other health care plans, but the media has buried them.  It's Obama's plan or nothing.  You have to fight back, or let corruption grow.  That's what your parents did to you -- do you want your children to resent you for sabotaging their futures? Are you living in fear, or are you ready to stand like an adult and fight back?  The other plans, as well as good ways to penalize deaf legislators and the biased media are:  (next post)  7
And   8
[QUOTE who="From Me"]<quoted text>NO sir you aint smart you are just a leech and USA has wised up quite a bit if you can ban together and come over the border like the sleezy snake that you are I say what ever you meet here should not upset you go home over throw your own government! Stop trying to come into someone else house and take it. You aint picked enough greens, beans, grapes, mopped enough floors for America to give their country to you without a fight and nope you ain't wise either! You whinning over a kid? When the kid was wrong for even trying to come over here why did you not turn the gun on him yourself?[/QUOTE]
People:  This is a good example of the braindead stupidity that is America's biggest problem.  You can't teach those who are too stupid to think, and only come on Topix to hear themselves rant and rave. His post has nothing to do with what I wrote.   Intelligent people read it, checked it out, and understood that there is a way to take back our country from political parasites, the corrupt insurance industry, and their sleazy lawyers.  Again, here's what I wrote, and the link: Protester wrote:   Mexicans continue to outsmart the American people. They have learned to work together for their mutual benefit, while braindead Americans just bi!ch and complain. Some write letter to their legislators, who ignore them. People: WISE UP! Learn to work together, first by using ONE ISSUE that most Americans are concerned about. They've already decided that issue is national health care. Every intelligent American hates Obama's plan because it's a financial disaster that WE have to pay for, and because it's so abusive to US, that he had to get the IRS to enforce it - the one agency that all Americans hate. There are other health care plans, but the media has buried them. It's Obama's plan or nothing. 
You have to fight back, or let corruption grow. That's what your parents did to you -- do you want your children to resent you for sabotaging their futures? Are you living in fear, or are you ready to stand like an adult and fight back? The other plans, as well as good ways to penalize deaf legislators and the biased media are:(next post)   38 And   39
[QUOTE who="I can read"]<quoted text>Perhaps his post had nothing to do with what you wrote because this is a thread about immigration and you are a spammer who posts in every thread he can about healthcare no matter how irrelevant or utterly stupid you sound?[/QUOTE]
The problem is that you're too stupid to get it.      Obviously you want to hear yourself complain endlessly, and hate solutions because you'd have to do some WORK. People, the point is that our ongoing 'war' against Mexico will never end, and could escallate, until immigration problems are solved. Right now, the American people are victimized by our government's policies, in so many ways, that they can't get much done. The one issue which most people agree on is health care. We have to concentrate on that one and win that fight, then we'll have the political muscle to move on to other things.  (next post)  47
And   48
[QUOTE who="AZBowhunter"]<quoted text>You're smoking crack! There is no agreement on health care.....particularly socialized health care. Progressives want the gov't to run health care and conservatives don't. Since 40% of the country leans conservative and only 20% of the country is progressive that leaves another 40% of "moderates" who are fickle and don't really keep up on current events......which is why we ended up with Chairman Obamao for president.[/QUOTE]
Pay attention. There is absolutely agreement that MOST PEOPLE ARE AGAINST OBAMA'S HEALTH CARE BILL.  If Republicans were intelligent, they'd realize that most people want a GOOD health care plan, and they'd compromise on one that would work.
This couldn't be any simpler.   50
For those of you who are not idiots, the connection is that Americans are fighting political stupidity in all directions, which is ineffective.
If they focused on one issue which the agree to disagree on the most, which is health care, and use their collective anger to successfully replace Obama's bill with one that works, they'd have won a major battle.   Then they can move on to successfully deal with other problems. As it is, idiots like 'I can read' (but can't comprehend what I read) just rant and rave about problems and have no solutions, no way to FORCE most politicians to even listen. There are other things that can be done to help that happen too (next post).  (It was #48 but Topix deleted it because stupidity is more important than information here).   
[QUOTE who="I can read"]<quoted text>Pay attention.      This is a thread about immigration you utter retard.[/QUOTE]
I don't expect the idiot masses to get it, I expect them to continue to be nothing but dead weight, obsessed with body functions and running off at the mouth to advertise their stupidity. Intelligent people: You should be scared about the power that insurance companies have over you. You can't win the immigration fight, or any other fight, until you win the health care battle.     Since you're able to read AND COMPREHEND, you need to jump on this.     Those in power aren't sitting around doing nothing but posting complaints, they're working hard to control you, and you are running out of time.    (next post)  66
And   especially posts 79-82 67
[QUOTE who="I can read"]<quoted text>So I'm too stupid to realise that the solution to illegal immigration is to ignore it and stop obamas healthcare bill? Clearly I must be, why don't you show everyone exactly how intelligent you are and how your rants about healtcare have any relevance whatsoever on immigration?  I'm sure you can also explain what a thread about a British official appologising to the pope about slagging off the vaticans record on paedophillia has to do with the US healthcare system since you've spammed that thread too.
What deluded fool you are.[/QUOTE]
It was probably about Guide One ins. which uses crimes to defend the crime of child abuse. For those of you who are intelligent and looking for solutions instead of constant complaining, here's the explanation: (next post)   70
And    post 83  71
[QUOTE who="AZBowhunter"]<quoted text>You're the one that needs to pay attention, asscrack! The American people do not want the gov't involved in their health care.... particularly when it comes to socialized health care which is the ONLY compromise that would be made.
If you really want GOOD health care get the gov't out of health care and then get the insurance companies to compete from state to state.
Competition is the ONLY way health care will remain cost effective and good.[/QUOTE]
Great solution, work WITH the insurance industry that forced Obama to make it the law that Americans must be FORCED to buy insurance, with the threat of the IRS Gestapo to back it up. Yeah, that's really the American way, and it works because there are so many idiots who won't get it until it's too late. Yeah, let's go deeper into debt instead of paying down the economy. It's really stupid to criticize what you can't understand.  72
[QUOTE who="Kit"]I wonder what would happen if these felons crossed security at the White House. The rest of our country needs the same consideration![/QUOTE]
Good point, they're not a threat to politicians or the wealthy who paid them to grant them amnesty in the first place.  No, they're safe in good neighborhoods, but they all KNEW we'd be victimized by the violence and loss of jobs.  They betrayed us and got away with it. We need to fight back. (next post)   73  And   post 86  74
Concerned About Americans Orlando, FL |#89 Saturday Jun 26
Protester wrote: <quoted text>Good point, they're not a threat to politicians or the wealthy who paid them to grant them amnesty…. 
You are absolutely right. The Immigration Reformistas like New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Australian immigrant Rupert Murdoch and the "U.S. Chamber of Commerce" are for importing more immigrants while there are 25 million unemployed Americans!
The "Immigrant Rights" groups are trying to change the image of the Illegals in front of the Television News cameras at the demonstrations against the Arizona law they are staging:
Concerned About Americans Orlando, FL |#89 Saturday Jun 26
Protester wrote: <quoted text>Good point, they're not a threat to politicians or the wealthy who paid them to grant them amnesty….
You are absolutely right. The Immigration Reformistas like New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Australian immigrant Rupert Murdoch and the "U.S. Chamber of Commerce" are for importing more immigrants while there are 25 million unemployed Americans!
The "Immigrant Rights" groups are trying to change the image of the Illegals in front of the Television News cameras at the demonstrations against the Arizona law they are staging:
[QUOTE who="Desert Rat"]<quoted text>It would be much better to jump on an ignorant shit like you and kick the snot out of you until you learn to stop spamming. All that you are doing with your bullshit is cranking in a bias against yourself. That's fine because people should be biased against idiots, but you are also cranking in a bit of bias against your cause.[/QUOTE]
What's your great solution?  You have NONE.  You're too dumb to have any and to dumb to know good solutions when other people post them. They're not for you, they're for intelligent people, so stop commenting on them.   They're for people who know how to do something more than griping and complaining their whole lives. They're for people who aren't too lazy or gutless to fight for their country's survival.
 They're for people who don't spend their entire lives on political welfare, expecting others to carry their dead weight.   80
[QUOTE who="Russia1513"]<quoted text>In a very convoluted way, his post makes sense. We have two different 'wars' going on across the ocean. Yea, it's stupid, I agree. We have a life- and planet-changing oil spill off our shores, the likes of which we have never even contemplated and have little control over because of its LOCATION (if it's further out than 12 miles, our hands are tied except for whatever BULLYING we can do to rectify the situation). We have a huge healthcare bill no one but congress, the senate and the white house wanted. We'll get the bill in a couple years for that. We have rampant unemployment with no end in sight for people of all walks of life and all levels of education. We have allies that are on the brink of another war, whom our Commander In Chief is throwing under the bus with few other allies backing us up. We have enough poor, indigent, criminals, and deadbeats to last us 5 lifetimes and we're busy trying to instill some form of personal responsibility to them despite that our government is trying to indoctrinate them to the opposite that laziness is rewarded.     China essentially owns us (amongst others).     And now we're supposed to roll over in submission to anyone with the ability to climb a fence, whether it's with the intentions of selling drugs or bodies or merely looking for 'a better life'. And we the people are supposed to figure out a way to pay for it while still being able to afford food and shelter. Fuck that shit. In how many different directions are we supposed to allow ourselves to be pulled?? SOMETHING HAS TO GIVE.       Being from England, I really don't know what your agenda is. YOu could be socialist, or other. You may not even have an agenda. You don't know what it's like til you live here. Federal taxation is against the Constitution. But from what I hear, you guys didn't like those ideas very much. You're still stinging from the rebuke, even a couple hundred years later. Try to understand our worries from our side of the pond, even if you don't sympathize with us.[/QUOTE]
England has been our ally and has fought beside us many times, but I think most of us feel bad that Bush deceived them too.   Bush ruined our reputation with the entire world, and yet we couldn’t get him impeached, to just stop the stupidity and betrayal.  81
[QUOTE who="Concerned About Americans"]<quoted text>You are absolutely right. The Immigration Reformistas like New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Australian immigrant Rupert Murdoch and the "U.S. Chamber of Commerce" are for importing more immigrants while there are 25 million unemployed Americans!  The "Immigrant Rights" groups are trying to change the image of the Illegals in front of the Television News cameras at the demonstrations against the Arizona law they are staging:[/QUOTE]  
Thanks for the link - they're always working to defeat their own country. People:  From the link, "The big corporations that prefer to use subcontractors to divert the risk of hiring Illegal Immigrants (so they don't have to pay Social Security or workman's compensation insurance, if they get hurt at work they are treated at the county hospitals)..." That means WE have to pay higher taxes.  Here's just one example of different groups WORKING TOGETHER for their common good.  Why can't you all LEARN that? (next post)   97
And   especially posts 80-82 and 86.  Start with #83  98
[QUOTE who="CSI America"]Please sign this petition. Every little bit we do will help! Stand up for what you believe in...Thank you.[/QUOTE]
I signed it, just as I signed Rep. Grayson's health care bill. In both cases, I believe the best answer to taking back the country AND getting the best health care at the same time is at my previous post, but if the American people decided on Grayson's plan, I'd be ok with that. It's extremely important for us to all support each other in every way, against government abuse and corporate abuse/corruption.  People need to work harder and faster.  We're running out of time.  101
[QUOTE who="I can read"]<quoted text>Hypocrite much?  Your solution to the immigration problem is to ignore it and reform healthcare instead. You better hope mental healthcare is the first part reformed[/QUOTE]
Just because you don't get it, doesn't mean that most people don't. You didn't bother to learn because you're more interested in hearing yourself complain, complain, complain.  Since that never does anything but irritate people who are sick of hearing about it, maybe you should consider mental healthcare.  233
[QUOTE who="j-mdr"]Why the violance there is a lot of ways to fix the problems, but definaly not like that... the gringos forget the TX, Utah, New Mexico and California were part of Mexico, all that land is full of Mexicans, You gringos hate to much!!! we all human, at the end the land it doesnt belong to nobody. Except God!!! Only the fithing you think will fix? No!!! Mexicans or other countries come to work the jobs that you guys doesnt want to do, the wants that you dont want to do! they dont take no body job!!!  why a border police kill a boy like that a cold blood it is that legal????? [/QUOTE]
A lot of us have been warning that Mexicans are and INVASION, and are slowly taking lands they say belong to Mexico - BUT THEY DON'T EVEN WANT TO LIVE IN MEXICO!  So, you see the stupidity. However, they're still smarter than the U.S. idiot masses.  They know enough to work together, but the idiot masses are still scratching their heads DECADE after DECADE.  Yes, they are THAT slow. If you want a SOLUTION that requires intelligence, and doesn't involve either violence or gutless cowardice:  (next post) 236
And  Start with posts 100 & 86, and the explanation at post 83.      237
[QUOTE who="pug"]<quoted text>
What? It's okay for mexican nationals to shoot and kill United States citizens. It's not okay for a Border Patrol officer to defend themselves?
Does God pay taxes? [/QUOTE]
There aren't enough people defending their own officers to fight the invasion, which is, again why we have to first demand a GOOD health care plan. (post 237) 249
[QUOTE who="jjgb1"]<quoted text>No, they work the jobs we are too smart to do. Big difference. Furthermore, there will be much MORE fighting as long as illegals keep coming here, thinking they are entitled to be here yet disrespecting our country and her people. Americans are fed up with it and will begin to fight back, so do something before it escalates: Come here legally, act like you are grateful to be here, and swear your loyalty to the U.S. and we will have no problems. Anything short of that we will have no use for you whatsoever and treat you like the anti-American criminal that you are.[/QUOTE]
You people all keep complaining about all the problems this country faces, yet you don't get it that political leaders aren't fixing them.  They have NO respect for you.  You've been told, for years, that you have to do more than TALK about fighting back.  (post 237) 250
[QUOTE who="Bedrock Bob"]Better quit while you are ahead! This guy knows a lot more about American history than you do. You have been propogandized from birth and now you are at a deficit for real knowledge.  God bless America but we have lied to our children and now they have no idea where they come from or what our country has done.  You are not going to come out on top of this argument. You have nothing to play with. Give it up![/QUOTE]
It carries on into adulthood.  I've been amazed at the ignorance of the American masses.  Our leaders didn't just happen to dumb-down our kids - they have a plan. (next post)   300      And    301

 FBI Warns Extremist Letters May Encourage Violence | WBNS-10TV,...Central Ohio News
[QUOTE who="Free America"]At least they are trying to do it peacefully. It's better than doing nothing at all. As long as it stays peacefull then I have no problem with it.[/QUOTE]
I agree, at least Republicans are fighting for what they believe in, and if Democrats are smart they'll use all that Republican rebellion to demand a voluntary health care plan that eliminates the cause of our problems, the corrupt insurance industry. There are at least two plans, so if Democrats want to avoid losing elections for a long, long time, and if they want a good health care plan, they need to work hard to promote these plans. If you don't know about these plans, it's because your media deliberately kept that information from you, forcing you to take one side or the other.  Let them know that they defrauded you and have lost you as a customer or viewer.  Here are the plans: (next post) 69
Rep. Grayson's: 
and the interview in which liberal leaders support it: 
Also, the plan which goes farther and makes a profit, helps small businesses and the middle class financially, isn't welfare but is very affordable, and a lot more:  70
The second plan also attacks deaf legislators, the biased media, corrupt insurance companies, and is a golden opportunity for both Republicans and Democrats to work together, but separately, for a common goal - to save this country while we still have the power to fight back.  71
[QUOTE who="buckeye bopperman"]I'm a democrat but at this time in America I sort of wish I wasn't . Obama has subjected the country to such thuggery and underhanded Chicago style politics that I am ashamed to be called democrat anymore. I am thinking about joining the tea party . My brother has already and he says they are a great bunch of people that love America and hate what Obama is doing to us .Is it any wonder folks are fed up with Obama and his houseboy Governor Stricknine ? These politicians are robbing us and it's time to stand up to them and say enough ! [/QUOTE]
I've left the Democratic Party, voted for Obama, and am now working against him. You have the correct attitude, but it has to be backed up with action.  Legislators are deaf to us, they know how we feel, but they don't care. If you go to the US News forum and find 'Those opposed to Obama's bill, you'll find other choices, read what intelligent critics have to say, and find a website where you can put words into action. Those actions are designed to tell politicians, and the biased media that has kept us in the dark about other choices, that we're cutting all support.  Talk to them in the one language they understand: money. 97
[QUOTE who="buckeye bopperman"]I'm a democrat but at this time in America I sort of wish I wasn't . Obama has subjected the country to such thuggery and underhanded Chicago style politics that I am ashamed to be called democrat anymore. I am thinking about joining the tea party . My brother has already and he says they are a great bunch of people that love America and hate what Obama is doing to us .Is it any wonder folks are fed up with Obama and his houseboy Governor Stricknine ? These politicians are robbing us and it's time to stand up to them and say enough ! [/QUOTE]
Wait!  There are always other choices.  I made the choice to leave the Democratic Party, and after being betrayed by Obama, I'm trying to let people know a few things:  We are all being betrayed by the media.  Haven't you people wondered why the media isn't telling you about other choices, even though they were told repeatedly about them?   We're being betrayed by our leaders, and this plan is more proof. Voting in new people is ridiculous - has it worked for you yet?  No.  Money and power can corrupt anybody. If it's too much trouble for any of you to take the time to check out these sites, then you are truly a loser, and we have the right to be angry since we have to carry your dead weight.  This is too important not to check out, and help spread the word while there's still time (next post):  115
And   116
[QUOTE who="Micky"]<quoted text>I hope it doesnt happen, but right now the climate is set for others to pick up arms and start popping. Probably be a square headed northener. Most people from the north talk funny(through their nose) and have cube shaped heads.[/QUOTE]
There's going to be a lot of violence as a result of the government pushing people too far, and not just from the tea partiers.  It will come from all sides once people find out how bad Obama’s health care bill really is.  They’re just not smart enough to see the problems in advance and act to prevent violence.   Smart people try to fight back without violence first (next post) 118 119
[QUOTE who="Skillet"]<quoted text>Imo,,I think this is going to be setteled in the streets. There probably will be riots against democrarts,again,imo[/QUOTE]
I'm sure of it because the simple masses never learn, so they only hurt themselves.  They riot and destroy property and harm people in their own neighborhoods / on their economic level.  They're not smart enough to see problems in advance, or listen to those who do.
Their real enemies live in upper class neighborhoods, protected, and laughing all the way to the bank because they know how to beat the justice system.  120
[QUOTE who="Great American"]Texas is considered a state but is actually a Republic.What is pissing off a great number of people is the trampling of States Rights.We will be hearing alot more about this during the next several months.Texas is doing much better than the rest of the country and should be a model of how to do business,deal with crime and fair taxation.Don't Mess With Texas!You are probably correct about succession being illegal...according to Federal law,which is the cause of most of the problems.I'd like
to see Barack Hussein Obama's response if Texas does succeed.He'll be in quite the pickle.Good Luck to you Lemmings.[/QUOTE]
Now that the feds are trampling all over our states, we have good reason to be defiant and demand MORE states rights.   (next post)        129
And posts 106, 100, and 83         130
[QUOTE who="Mr Putin"]Change? Your president ran his campaign on change. I will not capitalize president in this memo. He has brought change alright. You people better wake the fk up. Your country has never been so divided in my life time or your life time. I dont think it was the change you were looking for. This man is taking you down the road we have already traveled. Communism. His next move is to legalize all the illegal mexicans. That will be 16 million more votes for him and the democratic party. Ask yourself one question? Can you afford to pay the health care for 16 million more illegals? Under his current health plan in 2013 your health care isnt going to be worth a dime. It really kicks in after the 2012 presidential election. Why does it kick in right after the 2012 election? It is because it is designed that way. WTF up people. This man has no plans what so ever to leave the White House. Arm yourselves to the brink. The smart ones will. The dumb ones will trash my post. [/QUOTE]
Excellent insight about the health care fraud.    We need to demand it be replaced with one of the better plans, which is why he buried them and betrayed his promise to single payer advocates.   He wants the glory and we get the abuses.  We still have the power to change that.
(next post)   131              And
Health Care May Grant Obama Legacy as 'Reformer'
Obama claimed that his bill wouldn't increase the deficit, but even if that was true, it would be at our expense. 
Health care   
Best plan posts 106, 100, and 83  Alan Grayson - buy into Medicare  Sign Grayson’s petition:      132

For Bill Maher, religion is a joke                  Religion
America's phony religious leaders, who worship money and power, are to blame for the people who see religion as a fraud.
Beginning in 1980, they became a political entity, telling people that God wanted them to vote for Reagan, and every Republican since then.
They insure with Guide One, and insurance company that vigorously defends child abuse, with the commission of hundreds of felonies.  Those who insure with them can expect to be victimized and lose everything they own. Church leaders have driven people away for generations, and those people often left Christianity behind too, and then had children who became atheists.   That's why the Mormon Church is so popular - they're practicing religion as it should be.  Unfortunately, that church is a cult, not a Christian church because people basically save themselves with their good deeds, instead of giving the Lord all the credit.  If you're in one of those churches, get out.  Join with a few people and meet in homes, if there isn't a good church nearby. protestant protest. Net  144
Jesus, the messiah, the christ, the son of the living God said plain and simply, " I am the truth,the way and the life and NO ONE comes to the Father but by me." so your choice. it's called free will. He's waiting for you and loves you, enough to suffer,be tortured and die for your sins. but again it's really up to you. God loves you but won't force you to love and worship Him that is your free will choice to live forever with Him, or not. you decide. I've made my decision to live forever in God's kingdom, I can only pray that you'll join us there.[/QUOTE]
You will know them by their deeds:         Republicans use their money and votes to support leaders who've made the rich richer and are killing off the homeless and poor.    Republicans talk about family values at the same time they've destroyed countless families which broke up under financial stress, etc. caused by Republican greed. Republicans put Bush in power and kept liberals from impeaching him as he murdered over a hundred thousand men, women, and children in Iraq, leaving children without one or both parents in both countries.     Republicans were outraged when Obama wanted health care to save lives, not when their money was used for death and destruction. The god Republicans worship is the Almighty Dollar. There's more at Yes, we know you by your deeds.  203
Bill Maher can't come up with a joke good enough to save his arse on Judgment Day. Neither will all the religious fanatics who call themselves Protestants, following leaders whose motives are money and power, just like politicians.  They were told to spend their money to spread the gospel, not get rich - the opposite of Christianity.     The U.S. is suffering today, because they claimed this is God's country while doing evil, which gives God a black eye to unbelievers.  Warning:  It's going to get worse.  (next post)   236
Real estate foreclosures -
Banks -    Christian -
Solution:  Solution:  Work together on one issue after another until we have financially saved ourselves and our country.   237
[QUOTE who="Big Al"]<quoted text>So you're saying that Christians that don't call themselves Protestants don't follow leaders whose motives are money and power. Like those Christians that buddied up to the Roman Emperor Constantine. Or maybe the ones that sold indulgences to wealthy patrons that allowed them to get into heaven in spite of their sins. Or maybe you're referring to the Christians that say mass in the most expensive silk vestments on alters with golden candelabra and golden chalices while people all over the world go hungry.
And of course the guy that said "He causes His sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous." was nuts. Only good things happen to good people and only bad things happen to bad people.[/QUOTE]
I'm saying that Christianity is a faith, while Protestantism has become big business.  The churches focus on wealth, being sanctimonious, and dressing up to impress other idiots, etc.  It's about churches taking money from people and using it to build monuments to their greed, and setting up countless organizations, etc.       There's a world full of people who have never seen a missionary, even though we were told to use our money to spread the Gospel.       Starting in 1980, I noticed that they were suddenly very political, telling people that they had to vote for Reagan, because God wanted them to.  I never heard of a single Protestant leader who publicly exposed how Godless that was, so they're still doing it.    It doesn't take much to realize that something's wrong, and that's one big reason so many people have left those churches rather than finance Godlessness.  330  and   331
[QUOTE who="RealSheryl"]<quoted text>Nothing personal, but I strongly disagree. There will be no "Judgment Day". And as for Bill Maher, who isn't an atheist by the way, religion's a joke to him because it IS a joke. God and religion are not one and the same.
God's gonna give black eyes? Strange beliefs you have sir.[/QUOTE]
No, doing evil, and telling people that God wanted you to do it, gives Him a black eye.  That drives people away from Christianity if they're ignorant and don't know when they're being deceived.      I can't think of much that's more spiritually dangerous than lying about God, for example using him for money and fame, which is what a lot of televangelists are clearly doing.  Some people see one bad televangelist and decide they want nothing to do with Christianity. I do believe in the Judgment Day, but that those who let Christ's death pay for their sins won't have anything to worry about.  It's about trust, faith.   332
[QUOTE who="ted stephens"]this is to everyone, the place posted isnt your isp, it s just the closest online and not busy at the time with this useless place full of shit called topix,, topix should illegal im the only real name i see here[/QUOTE]
'topix should be illegal'?  What's the matter with you?  Who made you the resident Nazi?  That's your real name?  Who cares?  How many people are going to take your word for it? People have the right to be anonymous because free thinking and free speech are most important here, and the last thing most people want is an idiot trying to take that away from them.  Your comments were not intelligent, were meaningless, and were not on topic.  Why are you even here?   412
[QUOTE who="RealSheryl"]<quoted text>Hi again Protester. I fully agree that a bad televangelist can drive people away from religion, and there are quite a few of them. I wonder how Oral Roberts and Pat Robertson (also Falwell) got any followers at all. The one I truly trust is Billy Graham.  Now, regarding Judgment Day, I find that extremely difficult to believe in, as wouldn't it have to affect the entire universe? Do you believe our one teensy planet would be judged and then possibly be annihilated and the rest of the cosmos would stay intact? Are we that arrogant as to believe that in this enormous galaxy, one of billions of others, we are unfathomably important as to be the only planet where life evolved? I do not believe we are the sole reason that everything else exists just because of us? So far, I guess the radio telescopes placed strategically all over earth have picked up nothing, but that doesn't mean they never will. Sorry this is so long - I've been up all night (it's just after 5:00 a.m. here) and I'm exhausted. I'm often up late due to pain from my PMR condition, but sometimes, like tonight, I just find life so fascinating that I don't want to waste it sleeping! However, I'm to the point right now I can hardly keep my eyes open. I enjoy your posts so much and they really get me thinking! See you tomorrow (God willing!).[/QUOTE]
Hello and thank you for the compliment. Well... about Billy Graham (next post) - I'm still investigating that video and am not ready to completely accept everything.   Remember when Oral Roberts said, basically, that God was holding him hostage and was going to kill him if people didn't pay a ransom?  I thought the entire Protestant world would turn against him, but instead, he got the money, and prospered, which helps prove my pro-Christian, but anti-Protestant views.  Also, since God didn't want the money given to Him, but to the hostage, made it look REALLY suspicious. I personally believe that, after Judgment, true Christians will be living on a cleaned up Earth, or maybe it will be their jobs to clean it up.  I don't believe this planet was created and not used and taken care of. As a child, I believed that there were other 'planet earths' out there, in different stages of development.  God wouldn't create only one earth, then do nothing forever. 
As far as Judgment Day, well, it wouldn't be paradise with people who don't care about others, and in fact, try to destroy other people in one way or another.   433

Force legislators to listen to you     NEWS   
Stop donating to them or their party and they'll listen fast. Start recall elections to threaten them. Make your demands clear. 
Force the media to publish your demands, to tell the stories about what insurance companies are doing to destroy people, etc.     There are many more ideas at insurance corruption. com on the Fight Back page.       In other words, you have to threaten them personally because most of them clearly don't care what the people want.  #1

'Go for it,' Obama tells GOP on health repeal
Obama may regret his arrogance on this.  Rep. Grayson's plan is gaining popularity.  It simply lets people buy into Medicare if they want to, eliminating the cause of our health care problems = insurance company thieves who paid our political leaders to write this plan which forces millions of us to reward their ongoing crimes, including murder. Here is Grayson's plan: (next post) 1221
and  and the interview with Bill Moyers  , in which liberal leaders support it.    The plan which goes farther, makes a profit, financially helps small businesses and the middle class, is affordable instead of welfare, and much more:  (next post)  1222
Since most people won't take the time to check out the Insurance Corruption site, here's the summary: "A very simple explanation of this plan:  It's like the American people go into business for themselves, setting up an insurance company independent of direct government intervention.  They could all afford the insurance because premiums are lower.  So, they wouldn't make the multi-billion dollar profits other insurance companies get, but they'd still make a profit, like any other insurance company, which would be used to help pay their biggest bill=the deficit.  See Middle Class benefits, below."  1231
And, since many people won't take the time to watch the interview, here are comments from National Organization For Women:   "The health care reform bill passed by Congress…fails in many important respects. After a full year of controversy and compromise, the result is a highly flawed, diminished piece of legislation that continues reliance on a failing, profit-driven private insurance system and rewards those who have been abusive of their customers. With more than 45,000 unnecessary deaths annually and hundreds of thousands of bankruptcies each year due to medical bills, this bill is only a timid first step toward meaningful reform.  Fact: The bill permits age-rating, the practice of imposing higher premiums on older people. This practice has a disproportionate impact on women, whose incomes and savings are lower due to a lifetime of systematic wage discrimination.
Fact: The bill also permits gender-rating, the practice of charging women higher premiums simply because they are women. Some are under the mistaken impression that gender-rating has been prohibited, but that is only true in the individual and small-group markets. Larger group plans (more than 100 employees) sold through the exchanges will be permitted to discriminate against women -- having an especially harmful impact in workplaces where women predominate. We know why those gender- and age-rating provisions are in the bill: because insurers insisted on them, as they will generate billions of dollars in profits for the companies. Such discriminatory rating must be completely eliminated. Fact: The bill covers only 32 million of the 47 million uninsured in this country, does not contain a meaningful public option and provides no pathway to a single payer system like Medicare for all. Democratic negotiators crumpled before powerful business interests and right-wing extremists, and until they get a spine there will be no true competition to help rein in costs.  We still have a lot of work to do before we can genuinely celebrate."  1236
I'm spending a huge amount of time trying to let people know they have choices, something the media has deliberately failed to do in 2009, but it‘s worth it if people use this information to attack corruption.  Their bias has denied all Americans the right to know, is forcing this bill down our throats, and has defrauded those who paid for their publications, watch their programs, etc. Let them know today that they've lost a customer/viewer because of it, and hopefully it won't happen again.  1237
[QUOTE who="Frank"]<quoted text>I will agree that much more needs to be done to reform the healthcare system and will acknowledge the Bills flaws that need to be fixed, however I am certain that this bill is much better than the nothing that the insurance companies and their paid representatives in Congress wanted. At least it’s a start. We as a people can continue to push for a Medicare buy in for all citizens, which is the obviously the best option. The current Bill may not be the whole loaf of bread but it’s at least a peanut butter sandwich which is a lot better than starving like the Republicans would have us do.[/QUOTE]
No, no, no, I disagree - think about this:  Right now people are all worked up, so it's the perfect time to inform them about their OTHER, and much better choices.   That's why Obama is telling people to wait a week, he knows people will cool down and eventually give up.  You're one proof - you're already 'settling' for what they've done. The fact is that this bill is not even good enough to compromise on.
Read what some of the critics are saying:  Look for 'Those opposed to Obama's bill:' on the US News forum.  If I put the link here, the whole post might be deleted.  That's happening a lot lately.(?)  1295
[QUOTE who="ZIAflintstoner"]<quoted text>
Insurance rates should have some "discrimination" in them. The older one gets the greater probability of use. Same for gender assuming that women use more services. Don't agree with the wage discrimination comment but then this is NOW we're talking about. And additional coverage of "only" 32 million. It's more than before.  THANKS to Protester for posting all the info.[/QUOTE]
Thank YOU!  I rarely get anything but criticism.  I've just about given up a personal life to get a good health care plan for this country.
If I find a third health care plan that isn't abusive, I'll post it too, and often, count on it. People: check out 'Those opposed to Obama's bill' on this forum for many more comments critical of this bill.  I try not to post too many links, plus they often 'disappear' when I do.  1298
[QUOTE who="TexasRanger"]Clearly, this was not some kind of innocent mistake. As the Washington Times pointed out, Ms. Langley was the head of the Lake County Republican Party. Someone in that position cannot help but know which Members of Congress represent her and her county. Since I do not represent Ms. Langley in Congress, any fundraising effort of hers directed against me that begins with the phrase "My Congressman" is fundamentally dishonest and fraudulent.  II. "Non-Connected Committee" Assertion
In the committee's Statement of Organization, Ms. Langley falsely claimed that the committee supports or opposes more than one candidate, and that it is not connected with any other organization (see Ex. 5). The website, however, clearly shows that the committee opposes only me. This also was true in the committee's news release, and Langley's statements in media coverage regarding the website. Moreover, in the Fox 35 interview, when the interviewer said "so your goal is to unseat him [meaning me]," Ms. Langley's response was "absolutely, that is our entire goal." Furthermore, since Ms. Langley is a former Republican Party official, it strains credulity for her to assert that her committee is not connected with any other organization. Indeed, the avowed purpose of the committee is to raise money for the Republican nominee in next year's FL-8 election. Thus the committee is simply a device to skirt around contribution limits.  In short, the activities of Ms. Langley and the committee are awash with FECA violations. Every dollar that the committee has raised has been raised in violation of law. Indeed, among other things, Ms. Langley is personally guilty of the type of fraudulent misrepresentation specifically prohibited by 2 U.S.C. 441h.  For the reasons stated above, I respectfully request that the FEC assess all applicable administrative and civil penalties, under 11 C.F.R. 111 and otherwise. This includes, but is not limited to, the assessment against Ms. Langley and the committee of a civil penalty equal to 1000 percent of the amount that the committee has raised or will raise. (In other words, I request that Ms. Langley be fined an amount equal to ten times what the committee raises.) Because Ms. Langley's violations are knowing and willful, I also ask that the FEC refer this violation to the Attorney General, for his consideration of all penalties, including but not limited to "imprison[ment] for not more than 5 years." 2 U.S.C. 437g(d).  Thank you for your attention to this matter.  Sincerely, [/QUOTE]
I'm always heavily criticizing legislators, but this guy is a hero.  He has given the American people an alternative health care choice, bravely standing up to incredible political pressure, I'm sure.  Last week, I posted to Florida voters that they really got it right this time.
Everybody complains about all legislators being corrupt, yet when one comes along and stands out from the crowd, the idiot masses jump down his throat for it.  He can't win.   Well, he is a winner with every truly intelligent person, whether they want another plan or not. 
Here's his plan: (next post)
And  and the Bill Moyers interview    
[QUOTE who="STA"]<quoted text> Again great post I have been following what your saying and found that your posts are for the most part accurate and informative, still looking things up and I hope to be able to form my own opinion on this bill soon again thanks for the info[/QUOTE]
Great.  That's the most important thing, to get information to the people so they can form intelligent decisions - it's THEIR health care.
It's hard to believe the media is THAT biased.  I mean, one of the plans comes from a Congressman.  Makes you wonder...   1314
[QUOTE who="YouShouldHaveListened"]<quoted text>You should have listened to those who didn't vote for Obama. We tried telling ya, but you wouldn't listen. He told you what he was going to do - spread the wealth around.[/QUOTE]  1282
OMG, how treasonous is that, as if most of the people in this country have any right to survive and be healthy!  No wonder Republicans are so outraged, with them always putting humanity before the Almighty Dollar. Yes, you certainly are a brainball to have that insight, but I wonder if you thought that up all by yourself.  Ever heard of repercussions? 
[QUOTE who="JackMcIntosh"]<quoted text>I wasn't trying to have a reasonable conversation. I was trying to make a point.
You said Grayson was a victim of crime and applauded his "courage" for standing up to it. I found that to be offensive. If campaign laws were broken, fine, the authorities will deal with that, but let me make one thing clear...  I have worked with people out here in the real world who have been the victims of violent crime. Real, life altering, horrific crimes Frank. I have seen the courage it takes for a woman to stand up to her attacker. I have seen the strength of character and the dedication it takes for a family to stand up and defend their children once they have fallen prey to the most vile individuals our society can produce.  I have marveled at their courage and I have stood with them as they struggled with a legal system that doesn't give a damn and to hear you compare some sniveling politician to the victims of true crime is simply outrageous and unworthy of respect. Maybe some day you'll know what it feels like to stand between a serial child rapist and his victim simply because he came from a prominent family and was given the lightest sentence possible.
Maybe you will know the rage I felt, an entire community felt, when this monster came seeking revenge against the people he had already so gravely abused and fate places you in the breech. Maybe you will know what it feels like to find yourself starring down the barrell of a gun when he hires a drug addicted thug to convince you that if you testify in the new trial "you will pay with your life". I know Frank.
I know and I can tell you this, it wasn't my courage that kept me going, I was afraid. It was the faith of a child, Frank, it was an innocent who had been so badly mistreated, first by her attacker and then by a legal system that had convicted him and sent him home in the same day.
I drew my courage from one tiny gesture, one simple moment when a child in jeapordy looked me in the eyes, touched my face and said, "I'm not afraid...are we Jackie?" That was the courage a victim of true crime Frank and now you know why I wasn't interested in having a "reasonable conversation" with you earlier, because your statement, no matter how eloquent, did not deserve it. You were right Frank. I should have taken a break today...I really don't need this.[/QUOTE]
You talked about the criminal system, which is as good or bad as the people let it become.  Crime will flourish where people don't stand up to it, and those who do are indeed brave. The civil system is probably more corrupted, and again the people are to blame.  If they went to sites like 'legal parasites. com' and fought back, this country wouldn't nearly so corrupt or violent.  It also has to do with the health care law because the corrupt ties between the insurance industry-legislators-corrupt legal system is killing us.  The number of felonies they get away with would probably shock us all. So, if this reform bill isn't stopped, it will mean the criminals got away with it again because the people failed to stand against it when it counted.   1382
[QUOTE who="PlacitasRoy"]<quoted text> Still spewing the debunked IRS fear mongering carp? LIEs! Are you that ignorant or are you just intentionally and maliciously LYING? From "This wildly inaccurate claim started as an inflated, partisan assertion that 16,500 new IRS employees might be required to administer the new law. That devolved quickly into a claim, made by some Republican lawmakers, that 16,500 IRS "agents" would be required. Republican Rep. Ron Paul of Texas even claimed in a televised interview that all 16,500 would be carrying guns. None of those claims is true.  The IRS’ main job under the new law isn’t to enforce penalties. Its first task is to inform many small-business owners of a new tax credit that the new law grants them — starting this year — which will pay up to 35 percent of the employer’s contribution toward their workers’ health insurance. And in 2014 the IRS will also be administering additional subsidies — in the form of refundable tax credits — to help millions of low- and middle-income individuals buy health insurance. The law does make individuals subject to a tax, starting in 2014, if they fail to obtain health insurance coverage. But IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman testified before a hearing of the House Ways and Means Committee March 25 that the IRS won’t be auditing individuals to certify that they have obtained health insurance. He said insurance companies will issue forms certifying that individuals have coverage that meets the federal mandate, similar to a form that lenders use to verify the amount of interest someone has paid on their home mortgage. "We expect to get a simple form, that we won’t look behind, that says this person has acceptable health coverage," Shulman said. "So there’s not going to be any discussions about health coverage with an IRS employee." In any case, the bill signed into law (on page 131) specifically prohibits the IRS from using the liens and levies commonly used to collect money owed by delinquent taxpayers, and rules out any criminal penalties for individuals who refuse to pay the tax or those who don’t obtain coverage. That doesn’t leave a lot for IRS enforcers to do...." there's a lot more:[/QUOTE]
Well, without investigating thoroughly, I would guess that the truth is somewhere in the middle, but I know one thing for a fact -- that IRS involvement is ominous.  The IRS is our version of the Gestapo, and so I would bet that the stories of them as a bunch of nice guys who just want to help us is the biggest load of cra, uh, fairy tales, that I've heard yet.  It's called propaganda, and it works pretty well on the idiot masses who fear they're being lied to, but are afraid to face reality.  Plus, most Americans want a good healthcare plan and are against Obama's bill, so it would take a lot of agents to force them to buy insurance that won't be affordable, violates their rights, etc.
Here's another side of the story which I find more believable, mainly because we can count of lies from politicians, specifically the kind of people who have handled this bill so suspiciously:    1383
[QUOTE who="JackMcIntosh"]<quoted text>I agree with much of what you say and have spent much of my adult life standing up to it in a very public way, but I think you overestimate the ability of the people to influence a truly corrupt system.  As far as the insurance reform bill, it is now law (unless it can be found unconstitutional in some way) and the only way to stop it is to throw the bastards out and elect people who habve dedicated themselves to changing the offensive parts.  2010 is our first chance.[/QUOTE]
Never underestimate the power of the people - why do you think there have been so many changes to the even more abusive plan they had last year?  Public outrage.  There are more of us than there are of them, and our sons are in the military, so if people raised them right, they won't shoot us.  What else does Congress do besides pass laws and change laws?  They'll do it NOW because we demand it.   People will be truly pathetic losers if they're told that's all they can be often enough. Well, there are lots of us who tell them they have more than hope, they have power, but if they're waiting for daddy-mommy to come along and lead them, then get shot, and the movement falls apart - NO!  That scenario has been played out too often, we're bored with it.  Now, since the people and their pathetic weaknesses and stupidity are at fault, THEY have to make it happen, either individually or in groups, or by joining other groups.   The main enemies here are traitors to everything this country stands for, and time.  If enough time goes by, the movement will just die.  Check out 'Those opposed to Obama's bill:' on this forum.   1413
Just Info wrote: This whole debacle of an administration is just again showing how completely inane they are.  The fact that the IRS is being used in any part of this health care BS is a misuse of the agency. They will have to put on more agents to handle the increase in paperwork as a minimum. Then they will have to assess the increased taxes on those that don't get an approved health insurance policy. Now they say that even though they can assess an additional tax to anyone not getting an approved insurance they can not enforce it. According to the way this law is written the additional tax is not subject to the same laws as other federal taxes. So if we are to believe them, they can not force you to pay it in any way. They can not charge you for tax evasion in a federal court, they can not attach your earnings, wages, or property or force collection in any other way.  Now I ask anyone with half a brain out there. What kind of idiots make a law that can not be enforced?  I submit that regardless of what is currently in this law by the time the mandatory insurance goes into effect the IRS will have the power to enforce it. To think otherwise is either being foolish or just plain stupid.
You are absolutely right - it's a Trojan Horse ( )  1416
[QUOTE who="Veruca"]<quoted text>Precisely! The State of Massachusetts already has Universal Health Care and already imposes penalties on those that don't carry insurance. In order to prove that you have insurance, the carrier sends out a MA 1099HC form.   Anyone that doesn't provide this form is assessed a penalty on their taxes. So, the answer to your question is abbsolutely "YES."[/QUOTE]
The solution would have been so simple, because we would've heard about it from the media in 2009, and none of this would be happening now. But, the media betrayed us - tell them you're furious and they've lost you as a customer/viewer/listener, etc.     Demand one of these plans, follow through by carrying out punishments (Insurance Corruption - ‘Fight Back’ page), and keep spreading the word.   We wouldn’t have to do all this if the media were doing their job - they don’t deserve a cent from you, but they have to know why so they'll start informing the public.  1442
[QUOTE who="Flatblade"]<quoted text> I don't flame much, but it is BS to say that liberals are at fault for the decline of the family, lack of morality et al. Take a look at the white collar criminals (including two in the state of MN--Hecker and Petters) and see the total immorality of their lives. In the "good old days" that you are alluding to, the privileged could do what they wanted and the middle and lower class had to tow the line. Chemical dependency is an illness, and if you choose to disbelieve, that is your ignorance. [/QUOTE]
Right, and God only knows how many poor and middle class families have been permanently destroyed by Republican 'family values', because the definition of that phrase is GREED.   1444
[QUOTE who="Veruca"]<quoted text>Remember......
If a conservative doesn't like guns, they don't buy one. If a liberal doesn't like guns, then no one should have one.
If a conservative is a vegetarian, they don't eat meat. If a liberal is vegetarian, they want to ban all meat products for everyone.
If a conservative sees a foreign threat, he thinks about how to defeat his enemy. A liberal wonders how to surrender gracefully and still look good.      If a conservative is down-and-out, he thinks about how to better his situation. A liberal wonders who is going to take care of him.
If a conservative doesn't like a talk show host, he switches channels. Liberals demand that those they don't like be shut down.
If a conservative is a non-believer, he doesn't go to church. A liberal wants all churches to be silenced and God removed from public view.
If a conservative decides he needs health care, he goes about shopping for it, or may choose a job that provides it. A liberal demands that his neighbors pay for his.  But, don't worry, Liberals will tell you that they want to "live and let live." Unfortunately, they don't want to "let live" unless you fit into their mold.[/QUOTE]
This is one of the dumbest posts I've seen in a long time. If you can dish it out, you set yourself up to take it too:  You need to get off of political welfare.  Liberals always get stuck cleaning up the mess Republicans, and those who have that mentality, leave behind.  1487
[QUOTE who="Rad Grandad"]btw what about smokers? If someone can afford cigarettes should they get food stamps? [/QUOTE]
Are you going to be the cigarette police? How about this:  If a president betrays his country; kills many thousands of innocent people; lets Obama get away because their two families are long-time friends; says ketchup is the only vegetable children should have; attacks unarmed women and children, leaving them hungry because district attorneys won't collect child support; rewards corruption which leaves many thousands homeless and traumatized for life, resulting in early death; (list is almost endless) should they be allowed to just live their cowboy-brain lives in freedom and be rewarded with a fat check for the rest of their lives?   Or, shouldn't the cigarette police do something meaningful with their lives, and demand prosecution?   1488
[QUOTE who="JackMcIntosh"]<quoted text>One liberal to another...who is going to clean up our mess?[/QUOTE]
We have to, that's why I keep posting information that the media is keeping from us.  There are much better plans than Obama's and I hope people will work to make this happen.  I've given Republicans credit for at least standing up for what they believe in, and that Democrats need to stop trusting Democratic leaders and demand a good health care plan.  See 'Those opposed to Obama's bill:' on this forum.  I repeatedly did searches earlier and it didn't come up (?) so here it is:  (next post)  1491
And   1492
[QUOTE who="Rad Grandad"]<quoted text>I think you should go back a post or two to put the question in context, it was simply a question and not a statement. I'm not really quite sure what you're going on about, I dont smoke cigarettes and never have but as long as they don't blow smoke in my face I aint got no problem with people smoking. If you're looking for fight look elsewhere please, I'd rather watch snowmen races in a blizzard then argue about nothing.[/QUOTE]
I was making a point, don't take it personally.  1493
And Correction:  Osama 1494
[QUOTE who="Just Info"]<quoted text>Not the Republicans or the Democrats but the Liberals have caused the disintergration of the family. They have pushed their noses into family business at every opportunity. They have classified discipline as abuse and kneecapped the parent when it comes to teaching their kids respect and values. The schools encourage the kids to call the police for anything and in the case of a friend of mine his daughter claimed he had abused her because he wouldn't let her go to a party. Her school teachers backed her up. After the investigation was complete it was found that he had done no wrong and was cleared. The problem is because of the bleeding heart liberals he had been made to suffer during this entire time. He lost a promotion in the Military which is standard practice, and both of his kids were removed during the investigation.  The libs have destroyed the Family and need to keep their backside out of peoples private lives.[/QUOTE]
No, liberals came in and dealt with crimes against family members that Republicans wanted covered up, so they didn't have to see anything unpleasant.  Those weren't families, they were good-old-boy ownership of human beings - a sick situation, which people like you couldn't have cared less about. Republican greed destroyed countless families, as they couldn't survive financially because of Republican tax cuts for the wealthy, giving jobs to non-citizens, and Republican defeat of attempts to provide them with a living wage.   1532
[QUOTE who="Sisyphus"]<quoted text>You keep repeating the same falacious reasoning that bolsters todays dependent attitude towars gummint resposibility for your own misfortune. You seem to think that during hard times, one should retain all the amenities that one had during the good times. It cannot possibly be that way without the accumulation of the enormous debt that we have aquired through borrowing. T o accomodate the bad times , you must be willing to sacrifice the easy way, and buckle down to the reality that TV, internet, barbecues, movies, vacations in another state, Disney Land, and a host of other money vacuums must be put aside for the duration. Of course, some will lose their homes, their jobs, even their will to struggle, but this is life, and the strong and resourceful will survive. Thise who can't, or won't ,meet the challenge of doing more with less, even though they are capable, deserve no pity and no support.[/QUOTE]
If we were going through legitimate hard times, it would be different, but these hard times were created by corrupt men conspiring to destroy our nation’s economy and  many people for pure greed.  So, to have an  attitude that people are expendable for the glorification of the Almighty Dollar is twisted, and clearly it's not YOU who's losing a home, etc. It's the attitude of a loser who has allowed tremendous corruption by not fighting back, and even now as people suffer all around, homeless and hungry, you're talking about giving up Disneyland.  Yeah, you're really suffering. You're the one who needed to learn, during good times, to fight to prevent these bad times.  Much of it was caused by leaders like Reagan who destroyed the safeguards that Democrats had put there to protect the American people from such lunacy.    Liberals have been warning about the dangers of Republicans making the rich richer for THREE DECADES, but brain-dead Republican voters were too busy celebrating their self-made 'superiority'. Finally, the liberals have been proven right, and when things couldn't get much worse, the masses voted for a Democrat because they were scared.  It took Republicans about 30 years to bring us to this, and Republicans have been complaining for over a year that it wasn't fixed immediately.  The lesson to learn from all this is not to be gutless and blame the victims.  It's to learn that if you vote to let criminals run your government, and refuse to let Democrats impeach them to save the country, then you also are a traitor. If the American people don't come together to defeat Obama's healthcare bill, and at the same time strike a serious blow to legislative/insurance company corruption, they probably won't be able to come together again, not without violence. Information such as other healthcare choices, critics of Obama's bill, and ways to make sure deaf legislators and the biased media never betray us again is at: (next post)   1584
And    1585
[QUOTE who="Veruca"]<quoted text>LMAO!!! The Liberals have been in Congress since 2007. Coincidentally, that is when the Recession began. With that said, we are still in a recession. They have done nothing to make the country better. In fact, we are worst off now than we were then. If you believe that spending money on Healthcare, raising taxes to fund it and forcing people to buy something when they can't even get work is going to help, then you need help.[/QUOTE]
I see your problem, you can't read.  1587
[QUOTE who="Veruca"]<quoted text>Make up all the excuses that you want. While you're at it, make up some more stories about people dying. Are there any other entitlement programs that you want to endorse with these tall tales? People are having it hard and the crime rate is up because the economy is in the toilet. Go through the obituaries and tell which people died because they made minimum wage. People can't find one job let alone two and how is that their fault? The question is, How is it not their fault? Should someone else find a job for them or is it their responsibility to provide for themself? See, I told you that you have an entitlement mentality. You are a fool for the "Poor me Poor me It's not my fault. Provide for me. Gimme Gimme Gimme" people. Cry me a river. If someone is able bodied, there is simply NO EXCUSE! NONE! How am "I" making it about you. I never said that you were lazy. In fact, I thanked you for your service and said that guys like you deserve benefits and more benefits than are available to you. You've contributed.  Your stories of people dying because they get paid minimum wage is absolutely ridiculous and are downright laughable exagerations. BTW, If I can do it Anyone can. Now I said it. I figured that since you put the words in my mouth, I might as well say it. Because, it's true. However, let me elaborate on it a bit. Anyone with an able body can do it. You are teh master of your own destiny. If you refuse to acknowledge that, then you can sit back and watch life go by. As for me, I will master my destiny as I have all my life.[/QUOTE]
I don't know why you are so desperate to avoid reality, but I know a way you can find it.  You NEED to lose your job, home, and everything you own.  I think that might do it.  Some people just have to learn the hard way.   1664
[QUOTE who="Veruca"]<quoted text>Things aren't quite equal there. Only 47% pay no federal taxes? Let's bring that up to 50 % and then we can call it equal. You know 50-50. That way half of us can pay for the other half and 2 halfs make a whole, right?
At least that's how an entitleist would look at it.
I bet most of those paying so much tax are Republicans who voted for leaders who made the rich richer, and continually gave them tax cuts over the last 3 decades. "...the number of millionaires in the U.S. is on the rise, with the number of households worth at least $1 million up 16%...  According to a Spectrem Group study, there are now 7.8 million millionaire households in the U.S., a big increase...
This comes only a year after a 27% drop (in the 2008), which followed a record high of 9.2 million households in 2007.  Additionally, there was an increase of 17% in families worth at least $5 million and a 12% increase in households worth $500,000 or more." Consumerist
Republicans just don't learn, instead of facing reality and blaming their own politicians, they blame the increasing numbers of poor.  That's what scumbag bullies do, they blame those who can't fight back.   1666
[QUOTE who="Just Info"]<quoted text>Minimum wage increrases have never helped any worker. [/QUOTE]
What????   1667
[QUOTE who="JackMcIntosh"]I've been wondering...     Obama made this comment "Go for it" when the "progressives" were convinced that passing this insurance reform would give them a boost in the polls. The bump became a dip and opposition to the reform package actually increased and has solidified at well over 50%. At the same time support for the bill has plummeted, even among liberals such as myself, and the democratic party has dropped in favorability to the dismal levels of the GOP. Do you think Obama would make the same cocky challenge today? I know the common defense among the faithful is that eventually the people will realize the "positive" aspects of this effort and change their minds, but it looks like they are wrong about that one too. Oh, and where the hell is Nancy Pelosi. For a few days after the bill passed she went on some sort of derranged victory tour, doing interviews, mugging for the cameras, proclaiming her historic achievement (even though it wasn't her version of reform that was Reids). All of the sudden she is out of sight. Could it have something to do with the fact that she so totally misread the publics reaction to the bill and that she is now (according to all the polls) one of the most despised figures in American politics? I know she spent the entire democratic primary of '08 telling the public "the popular vote doesn't matter" to justify installing Obama as the nominee, but by now even she has to realize that at some point, when the people are so overwhelmingly against you the popular vote will overtake the ability of the elitist class to manipulate the outcome. [/QUOTE]
Your words mean nothing if you're not backing them up with action:  1668
[QUOTE who="Sisyphus"]<quoted text>Still backing and filling for the wretched hole that you have dug for yourself. The example you cite concerning the baseball hitter is completely asinine. Just because a person fails one or more times , does not entitle him to quit and beg others for sustenance. A real person perseveres, doesnt whine and run to mommie or daddy, just gets up and goes at it again. And again. And again. But it's the elitists who rush to help him up, thereby making him dependent on you the next time he decides to quit. Karma ? I think not. Personal gratification? Possibly.[/QUOTE]
Republicans rant and rave on this one topic, because they're too dumb to get it, that the wealthy are doing the same to them. 
They seem to be fine with gang warfare and drugs, record numbers of millionaires and homeless, etc.  They still defend their tax dollars going to Bush's death and destruction, but they complain about paying for life and health.  That's what immoral parasites do, all their lives.
They'd don't want any solutions that aren't Republican or conservative, such as:  1686
And      1687
[QUOTE who="CatmomDu"]<quoted text>But, Terlet Boy, there is still luck involved. The luck of health good enough to work, the luck of demand for what you were peddling, the luck of having a cognitive brain that can figure out how to run a business, the luck of not having to quit school to take care of someone infirm in the family, the luck of not being hit by a truck. The luck of not being victimized, hurt, stolen from, having the house burn down, etc. etc.  I'm a planner, and lately can hardly believe my "personal luck" lately.. last 15 years or so. So often, in my life, there were factors outside myself that would "ruin my life". Yes, of course, I picked myself up, but not everyone can.. Depends on way more than we can plan for.  This is why you're so pleased with yourself for buying flood insurance, right?
Now what would have happened if your entire town had an earthquake? A flood that wiped out more than you could plan for.. bridges, water supply? Cancer? A close loved one getting extremely ill? Time at war where what you had to do and saw gave you nightmares .. and "day" mares?  I'd like to think you get my drift, but most likely, you can't.[/QUOTE]
Well said.  Some people are just too dense to get it unless they are victimized, then they grab all the free handouts they can get.  1717
CatmomDu Since: Feb 09 710 Tewksbury, MA |#1741 7 hrs ago
Protester wrote: <quoted text>Well said. Some people are just too dense to get it unless they are victimized, then they grab all the free handouts they can get.
Thanks. I don't honestly buy his story anyway. Most likely he lost his job or failed his business, but if he's really got the home "paid off", chances are it's money he inherited or married.  1741
[QUOTE who="Jeffery Wright"]There is one good thing about ObamaCare: the bill is so packed with insanity that there will be a steady supply of appalling revelations to keep people stoked to start taking back control of our runaway government in November.
The latest: The Congressional Research Service confirmed in a memo Wednesday that rapists and sex offenders may get federally subsidized Viagra and other sexual performance enhancing drugs under the recently passed health care reform law.
Yet again we see that liberals will always side with the bad guys.[/QUOTE]
The worst parts negatively affect us all.   People should be worried that the media is burying other choices.  On Democracy NOW, they were talking about how Obama wouldn't allow 'single payer' advocates to even have a say in health care talks.  On The Doctors tv, they've had a couple of programs where they advocate in support of Obama.  Today they talked about a few things, and all were good points about his bill.  The bias is everywhere. So, people have to work harder to spread the word about other choices - one of these was heavily advertised, and one is from a US congressman, but both have been buried by the media.  Why?  Because if the American people knew about them, Obama's plan wouldn't stand a chance. Again, everybody needs to take personal responsibility, take action against the media, and learn about the other plans, then demand them (next post):   1722
And  1723
[QUOTE who="Les"]<quoted text>Please explain to everyone how Reagan "set up this (financial) mess we have now". Most of us already know you are wrong, but will wait to see how you spin this. While you are at it, take a closer look at your pals, barney frank, chris dodd, franklin raines, etc. and tell us how they DIDN'T have anything to do with it or were not principally responsible.[/QUOTE]
There are a lot of posts blaming different people for our financial mess.  The bottom line is, they do it because they can, the same reason insurance company CEOs kill people for profit, and the same reason for the tactics they used to get this bill passed.    They will continue to do it unless the American people can FINALLY learn to work together to take back their country from the criminals who so arrogantly ignore our demands.  See post 1723.
[QUOTE who="Les"]<quoted text>Please explain to everyone how Reagan "set up this (financial) mess we have now". Most of us already know you are wrong, but will wait to see how you spin this. While you are at it, take a closer look at your pals, barney frank, chris dodd, franklin raines, etc. and tell us how they DIDN'T have anything to do with it or were not principally responsible.[/QUOTE]  1670
There are a lot of posts blaming different people for our financial mess.  The bottom line is, they do it because they can, the same reason insurance company CEOs kill people for profit, and the same reason for the tactics they used to get this bill passed.    They will continue to do it unless the American people can FINALLY learn to work together to take back their country from the criminals who so arrogantly ignore our demands.  See post 1723.   1750
[QUOTE who="the Decider"]<quoted text>So, this doctor's potical beliefs and agenda are more importance than healing the sick? Good. If he needs a hand packing, I'll be the first to lend a hand. Don't let the door hit in the *&^& on your way out. [/QUOTE]
Grow up.  Doctors ARE healing the sick, not healing the government because you couldn’t get off your dead rear and help stop this bill, demanding a better one instead.  2257
[QUOTE who="Just Info"]<quoted text>Yeah and it was all Carter's doing to get the hostages back from Iran. Get real. Reagan beat the USSR, he led this country to the most prosperous years it has seen in racent history and had he stood his ground on international issues. He withdrew the Marines and blasted the heck out of Beirut from offshore. Seems like a way to pervent further injury and attacks on our Marines to me. Pretty smart strategy. By the way the naval bombardment was the largest since the Viet Nam War at that time. Doesn't sound much like running to me.  On the other hand Carter couldn't even organoze a simple rescue mission to Iran. He managed to get our people killed by eqachother. Now to obama. He spends all his time appologizing for the US and kiss the backsides of Arabs.[/QUOTE]
Your ignorance is showing.  Reagan was so slimy that he made an underhanded deal with the Communists to keep the hostages, to make Carter look bad so Reagan could win the election.  Reagan made a deal with our enemies for his political gain and continued to betray the American people all through his presidency.  2258
[QUOTE who="CBOW"]Appears as though the people are wising up to what Obamacare is really all about. It's not about creating "affordable" healthcare, it's about tax revenue generation through a mandatory system of purchase. Had it been about providing affordable health insurance to all, it would have been labeled "health insurance reform", not healthcare reform. The politicians who rammed this through signed their own death warrants come election time.[/QUOTE]
Yes, they will because Democrats aren't standing up to Obama and legislators, demanding a better bill:    2259
[QUOTE who="Just Info"]<quoted text> Since you state this BS as fact how about a bit of proof? The lame a$$lament that Reagan made a deal with the Iranians to hold the hostages is total BS. The thing is that the Iranians knew they could bully Carter because he was a wimp and didn't have the guts to do anything. On the other hand they fully expected Reagan to turn Iran into a glass covered parking lot if they didn't release the hostages so as soon as they found out that Reagan won they arranged to let the hostages go as a survival response.  Now if you have proof that Reagan made the deal you claim then produce it.[/QUOTE]
It was common knowledge at the time.  The hostages were released about 20 minutes after Reagan was sworn in =, ‘Decades of Republican Treason‘.    You could’ve researched this, if you were looking for the truth instead of trying to defend a traitor.  Republicans consistently put THE PARTY before their own country, and that’s why they have to appear to wave the flag higher than the rest of us - just another Republican cover-up.  2698
And goBrowns56 Westerville, OH |#2268 Friday Apr 16
Just Info wrote: <quoted text>On the other hand they fully expected Reagan to turn Iran into a glass covered parking lot if they didn't release the hostages so as soon as they found out that Reagan won they arranged to let the hostages go as a survival response.
Was that the same Reagan who broke and ran from Lebanon without doing anything after hundreds of U.S. Marines were blown up in a Lenbanon truck-bomb attack? Yeah, clearly the Iranians were TERRIFIED of him...LOL   2268
[QUOTE who="BlowmeObama"]<quoted text>Thats NOT a new poll. It's from March 26th. Here is a more current poll from Rassmussen. 54% of people favor repeal of Obamacare.   [/QUOTE]
Nobody should demand repeal unless they have a substitute, such as:  (next post)   2715
And   2716
[QUOTE who="beetlejuice"]<quoted text> Somehow you missed the point. Bachmann makes smaller government, the elimination of government handouts, capitalism and other talking points part of her campaign platform and calls people anti American for disagreeing with her. She should give up her government handouts and make it on her own and not on the taxpayers' dime. Obama's platform is not anyway near what she says she represents. If entitlement programs are to be eliminated as the conservatives want to do then they should start with their own entitlement programs as well as those they have created for their spouses and personal friends. That would give them more credibility when trying to initiate policy in DC.[/QUOTE]
Excellent idea.  That'll put an end to that!  2717
[QUOTE who="just info"]"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States." The Presidetial Oath of Office. In the opinion of man people obama has violated that oath by his actions in nationalizing the Auto Industry, as well as by forcing people to purchase a service. No where in the Constitution is that power given to the Fed.         It will be challanged as the court cases have already been filed in some areas.       So I would ask this question. If a President violates his oath of office by violating the Constitution is that treason? [/QUOTE]
That's pathetic!  So many good people are trying to make the U.S. a country to be proud of again, but they’re constantly being dragged back down by Republican parasites who cheered their Bush as he murdered and plundered through eight years of treason.  That’s as bad as going after a liberal president over an alleged sex act, but cheering as Reagan destroyed the safeguards that would have prevented this recession and all the human tragedy that has resulted from it.  Republicans are the lowest form of life and are so brain-dead that they’ll never change.  2742
[QUOTE who="Grand Old Party"]<quoted text>You obviously are part of the dumb 50% of our country that voted for Saul Ilinski for president. BTW, do your research. This all started with a facade dreamt up by dems to cook up the books for the CBO. When you tell banks to approve loans that people can't afford, and then promise to pay for them, you are the culprit. In this case, the government is the culprit. What else is new. Everything they touch, turns red. The results of this travesty where designed to fall through well after slick pervert was out of office. I wonder how the left would spin it if Kerry would have won.  Seeing how we are the majority of this great CHRISTIAN nation, Kerry in office would have kept the power on the right side. Not your illogical, asinine, clueless side.[/QUOTE]
You’re right, the government is the culprit, but, as we all know now, that was Reagan’s fault, and Republican voters.   Liberals warned about what Reagan was doing, but Republican voters thought he was a god.  Liberals warned not to elect him in the first place, but Republicans only want their party, and don’t care about what’s best for the country.  2757
[QUOTE who="Wheelhorse "]<quoted text>What law was passed or who forced these banks to make these loans ?
What caused this meltdown ? the banks and the Republicans with their free market we/the banks will police ourselves mentality.
Phil Graham and his Republican buddies got the last of Glass Steagle destroyed in 1999, then in 2002 Bush signed the Minority home ownership act to put 5 million lower income minorities in homes, those junk mortgages were wrapped up as securities and sold on the stock market, 95% of the mortgages that failed were wrote under Bush.... Revel in your free market failure moron .[/QUOTE]
Bush did it deliberately, to help his fellow criminals profit from it.  He could have stopped this recession by simply saying that those loans were fraudulent, so the banks couldn’t increase rates….  2759
[QUOTE who="MissyM"]<quoted text>You are ill-informed, Bush did-three times. [/QUOTE]
What are you talking about?  If he had, there would have been no foreclosures, and no recession.  He did nothing, to aid those who bet against us.   2936
Obama's bill advertises how corrupt our government is, and the amount of media bias that helps it grow. Have you read about even one other health care choice?  No.  The media has maliciously buried them - and they were sent to hundreds of them at great expense.
You can do a lot - you have more collective power than you know. Read all relevant posts at:  (next post) and if it's deleted, go to US News and search for: Those Opposed to Obama's Bill: 2937
And  2938
If the 67% were doing more than voicing an opinion, legislators and the media might have some respect for them.  How can you respect people who let you victimize and lie to them all their lives? (see post 2938) - how many of you just went by it because it sounded like work?    Get off political welfare - nobody can carry your dead weight this time.  2943
[QUOTE who="CBOW"]<quoted text>I believe they are, ousting the democratic liberal politicians at every election. Organizing tea party events to voice disdain IS happening. Mid terms are coming, and 2012 is right around the corner. That's the change we WILL believe in.[/QUOTE]
I applaud the tea partiers for standing up for what they believe.  The problem is, they're mainly against ALL national health care.  That's as ignorant as Democrats who blindly support Obama's bill. Too few people are standing up for an intelligent health care plan.
The only way to get the word out FAST is to attack the media which has betrayed us by keeping the American people ignorant of other choices.  So, attack them, and spread the word yourselves until the media stops being biased, to stay in business.   3295
[QUOTE who="Get a grip"]<quoted text>Well, I suppose I did generalize. There are always exceptions, as in your case. I never suggested America turn to me. I have never claimed to have all of the answers. This country is in a very tough predicament when it comes to health care, I understand this. I don't like Obama's "solution", and I don't have any power to do anything to help you or anyone facing the same crisis. No need to name call or be nasty, tho.[/QUOTE]
Here we have complaints from victims, from those who sympathize, etc. and they'll all go on complaining for the rest of their lives, and some suffering financial disaster too. Is there one solution among you?  No. Did you bother to check out solutions and share them here?  No. If not, then you truly deserve everything you get. So, here AGAIN is a solution that intelligent people understand, and other can if they spend a little time on it:  (next post)   3427
And Why Obama's plan is no good, other choices, and how to make it happen:   
Summary of the plan:  post 83 3428
[QUOTE who="conservative paradise"]Here with the morning recap: Look at that drivel and slop pouring out of grips nothing and her moron corp!!!!     Talk about a group of clueless, souless morons in denial!!!    OHHHHHHHHHHHH looooooooooookey!        My right wing haters club dorks all agree with me!!!!  UHhhhhhh Duhhhhhhhhh, gomer!!! You think they are gonna back me up??? They miss the good ol days of bushturd II taking the treasury and handing it out to the richest citizens in the country!! Very rich, super rich, so much money they don't even know how much they have!!!! And he said, here ya go, Jethro, have a few more million on me!! Who cares about the USA economy, not me and Dicky here!! We will borrow more money and add to the national debt more than any president in USA history!!!!
So they come here and drop spit kick the droooool heavy, everyday!!!    Well, I am happy about the fact: We Won!!! You Lost!!!    Oh my, that is precious!! I love being a winner on the winning team!!     President Obama: Doing a wonderful job!! OH YEAH!! Just knowing you lost is so comforting to me! You get to stew in your own crap everyday, wondering what went wrong, why the voters hate you right wing haters, CONSERVATURDS ALL, and sent your low life, home wrecking cheapskate bull turds out the door, no more, see yah, cadumbo!!! Beat It!!!     So in closing, CHOKE ON THAT!!! and dance the night away: WE WON!!!     We celebrate everyday, for a long time, LOSERS!!!! [/QUOTE]
I try to ignore most of your posts, but this is ridiculous.  YOU haven't won, Obama and his powerful and wealthy friends won.  They're doing tremendous damage, you're just not smart enough to see it because it isn't the day after it's too late to prevent it. Most people who voted for him are smart enough to see how badly he betrayed us.  Only the blind court jesters are dancing in the streets. People like you are the biggest problem because we can't take back the country until the masses wise up, and some of the don't want to. Maybe you're an idiot Republican who thinks he can make Democrats look like idiots, that's about their level of thinking.   It doesn't matter, most Americans are blindly following one Party or the other.  People:  wise up before it's too late.  There are new disclosures and bad decisions being made every day.  Are you that determined to be a pathetic victim? ex-Democrat (next post)  3691
And   especially post 83  3692
[QUOTE who="StarDagger"]We all know what unfettered, unregulated, uncontrolled growth is in any body. CANCER. Doing what is good for the large tumorous banks is not good for the body of America. It will destroy the body. Those who believe otherwise are the followers of the warped mind of Ayn Rand who believed that greed could regulate itself and after it had destroyed everything in order to obtain everything, then all would be right in the world. Because this woman worshiped greed and wealth above all humanity, she caught the attention of other rich powerful greedy people who were finally being told that being greedy and avaricious was a virtue and not a sin, and the whole of our society over the past 50 years has bought that stupid and dangerous message, until at long last the cancer of greed is indeed killing the body of America, and if it isn't cut away that is exactly what will happen. US citizens have already been transformed into subservient slave too stupid and lazy to know how life could be and happy to accept years of toil and abuse by employers and money lenders only to die in poverty or close to it. Gotta love those Republicans.[/QUOTE]
I agree, but now it's all of them.  It was Democrats who voted to let AIG execs keep those outrageous bonuses, and Democrats who are doing the damage now.  Break the monopoly.  Vote for independent or third party candidates.  3693
FlamingGayGuy El Paso, TX |#3018 Tuesday Jun 1
Just Info wrote: You all can worship at the feet of your god obama and stick your fingers in your ears so you can not hear the truth all you want but sooner or later you will have to stop blaming Bush and wake up to the fact that obama is killing this country from the inside. He is like a Cancer.
Response Part1    Blaming the collapse on Fannie and Freddie is a "REPUBLICAN Political STRATEGY." It has no basis in truth, and it was what they GOP came up with to defend themselves for what they did.       But it makes no sense. Fannie and Freddie were but a fraction of the subprime market, and Fannie and Freddie had nothing to do with the VAST MAJORITY of Subprimes because the VAST MAJORITY were 100% Private loans, nothing to do with Fannie or Freddie... let me repeat, they were PRIVATE and that was the VAST MAJORITY of the Market. It was specifically the 1999 Gramm Leach deregulation bill that led to those subprimes being created by investment houses, securitized into AAA rated products that were sold off to investors, and the PRIVATE originators of those Subprime loans had no risk. They sold them and made their PROFIT immediately. No risk. Get it?  And the people that bought those securities took out Default Swaps... insurance on their investments. AIG insured them... even though they didn't have the resources to back them.      Purchasers of securities - No risk. Get it? How was it this was allowed to happen... anyone giving away loans and selling them so they had no risk? GRAMM LEACH
      Republicans threatened to shut down the Federal Government of the US if Clinton did not sign their bill. Clinton was against it and signed it as a compromise to the GOP to get his budget funded that year.  ****      the environment was not created by Frank or Fannie or Freddie.
    Republicans did this. In fact, all I heard from every self admitted Republican in 2004 was that proof of a good economy was how GW BUSH put so many minorities into HOMES!!! Home Ownership they told me. Just look you Liberal scum... Bush has put minorities into homes at RECORD RATES! The environment was not created by Frank or Fannie or Freddie. Republicans did this. What about any of these links do you not understand?:  In 1999 when the Republicans were pushing with all their might to get the 1999 Gramm Leach bill passed, Democratic Senator Byron Dorgan went to the Senate Floor to predict that if that bill passed and effectively repealed the 1933 Glass-Steagall Act, within 10-years the risks that "free-market" principles would allow Wall Street to take would lead to economic collapse. He was deadly accurate.          So were a busload of Democratic Congressman, Economists, and some Nobel Prize Winning Economists. They said there had to be limits and regulation. Find me a Republican that predicted it. You won’t.    The Democrats didn't do this. Republicans and their "Free Market without regulations is GOD" principles did.
  There is absolutely nothing that a Democrat in America, the House, or Senate could have done in 2007 to stop the 2007 collapse... regardless of Right Wing claims of "oversight" because GOP claims hold no water.     You are repeating what Limbaugh and Hannity keep repeating... but there is no truth to it.     All Nobel Prize winning economists point fingers and the Gramm Leach deregulation bill... and Republicans blame the closest Democratic institution that they can find... why? Because it’s what Republicans do.     Blame monkeys all.[/QUOTE]
Good post. I also believe that Bush could have stopped it with an executive order, preventing any foreclosures, at least until it went through the courts.  I think he deliberately let it happen because he had buddies who were part of the group that bet on the failure, and made a fortune off that.   3694
[QUOTE who="MaliceCooper"]<quoted text>October of 06, before elections: search/we/Archives?p_product=RM&p_theme=rm&p_action=search&p_maxdocs=200&p_topdoc=1&p_text_direct-0=1148E20196FF7F38&p_field_direct-0=document_id&p_perpage=10&p_sort=YMD_date:D&s_trackval=GooglePM  
Paper reports like the following were showing up nation wide  All the foreclosures, rising to record levels BEFORE there were elections in 06, was what led to the economic collapse that started the recession and the massive jobs loss. Job growth, which was very anemic during the Bush Administration began to slow to a crawl back in 2006 BEFORE there was an election:  Do you know what's funny about this Fox News article that came out in January of 2007, just a couple days after Democrats took control of the House of Representatives? What's funny is that the article is about the crappy jobs creation record under 6-years of Republican rule, one of the worst in history at this point, and George Bush's Commerce Secretary is saying that's because they are finally coming out of 6-years worth of recession that Bush inherited from Clinton.
What a crock of sh1t. Bush's Commerce Secretary was actually implying that we would now finally see some jobs growth from the Bush Administration... right on the cusp of the WORST JOB LOSS BEGAN since the Great Depression.,2933,242424,00.html?sub_secs=  If the crap spewed by the rightards was remotely credible, how can these very same nutjobs claim that the 800,000 jobs lost during the month Obama took office (over half the month Bush was President), how do they claim with a straight face it was all OBAMA's FAULT? Unregulated Financial and Banking sector due to repeal of Glass Steagall, and Bush's "OWNERSHIP SOCIETY" policies led to the downfall. Righties claim it was all Obama because they are idiot Righties, and they don't know anything beyond what they are programmed to believe. [/QUOTE]
True, but there's something else going on here.    3697
[QUOTE who="Porkulus"]Price: Obamacare Means 159 New Gov't Agencies  The new government agencies that will be created as the result of Obamacare will worsen the quality of American medical care by restricting physicians and hospitals to use their best judgment, according to Rep. Tom Price, R-Ga., a physician and chairman of the Republican Study Committee. In fact, he says, the bill would create 159 new governemnt agencies to regulate insurance and medical care for Americans. Writing for AOL News, Price says in an op-ed that the healthcare overhaul being contemplated by House Democrats will sacrifice “the quality of health care that has made this nation's practice of medicine the envy of the world.”  “Quality remains one of the six principles of patient-centered health care that Republicans have advocated,” Price writes. “Yet, all Americans find in the Democrats' government-centered vision are various boards of bureaucrats -- not practicing physicians -- determining what is considered quality care.”  The plan will take away the right of individuals to make the best decisions about their healthcare in consultation with their physician. “An individual patient is far better served when health care decisions are informed by the advice of their doctor, not the dictates of Washington,” Price writes. “So when one reads the details of the legislation pending before Congress and finds the creation of 159 new government offices and programs, there is little else to feel but fear and concern for what will happen to the level of quality care in this country.”  The GOP has pushed a series of common-sense measures, Price says, that include tort reform and efforts to reduce waste and mismanagement in government programs like Medicare.
(Excerpt)  ------------------------------------------Look how efficient the census is. They sent out hundreds of millions of letters to let us know the form was in the mail! And we’ll still be told it’s “deficit neutral”. [/QUOTE]
Obama's bill is very bad, but Republicans had nothing, and now they use 'tort reform' as a solution.   That's typically Republican because it 1.  has nothing to do with better health care, or even better insurance coverage.  2.  in fact, it makes it worse for victims by limiting the amount of award they can receive. So, both Republicans and Democrats are owned by the horribly corrupt insurance industry, and we're the losers. Again, THAT's why the Insurance Corruption plan is absolutely necessary.
See post 3692, and ask yourselves why you didn’t care enough to check it out the first time.   If you didn’t, YOU are the problem.   3700
GOP's health care strategy: Repeal and replace | The Columbus D...
The fact is that both the Republican and the Democratic leaders are working for the corrupt insurance industry profits.
The media is taking their sides in this. So, the people are betrayed by both their political leaders and the media, so it's imperative that you TELL THEM ALL THAT THEY'RE NOT GETTING ANOTHER CENT FROM YOU, and you will not support them in any way.
If enough of the American people wise up and work together, they can demand, and get, a plan that works for THEM.        Here are two:   29
And and 30
If Republicans were smart, they'd work with ex-Democrats and together demand one of the better health care choices.
Read about them, and what you must do to penalize legislators and the media which have denied you this information.
If the next post is deleted, go to US News and search for Those Opposed to Obama's bill   31
And  32

Health bill protesters jeer at man with Parkinson's disease
They were probably Republican-Protestants, worshipping the Almighty Dollar while hating the needy.  Godly people left those churches years ago - wise up at protestant protest. net - be a true Christian, not a phony Protestant.   167
[QUOTE who="Freedom Lover"]<quoted text>I think the majority of people understand that. The problem has happened by the obvious Corruption within the Health Insurance Industry that has literally cost people their lives. People who paid their premiums.[/QUOTE]
Right.  That continues to happen because congress, prosecuters, and the American people have made it clear that they are ok with these kinds of murder. So, it's insane to let insurance companies have anything to do with the new health care bill, and proves how corrupted Congress and the White House are.  The plan at (since the summer of 2009) has cut all insurance company involvement.  It's voluntary, makes a profit, and so much more, but it has faces serious problems:  insurance industry corruption, Congressional corruption, the media which is biased for either Democrats or Republicans, and the stupidity of the masses who are too lazy to study the site and educate themselves.   The problem is that the rest of us will also suffer if this bill goes forward.  On the 'fight back' page there are ways to make it happen.  Here's a sample: - legislators.  Stop all contributions to their and their party and let them know why, and that it will continue, and will include your votes, until they give you the plan you want.  Also, demand that they lose all retirement and other benefits, etc. - media.  Let them know they've lost you as a customer or viewer because they deliberately defrauded you by keeping important information from you. There's also a new idea - just let people buy into Medicare if they want to, near the end of the interview:  This plan will save taxpayers a fortune, and the Insurance Corruption Plan makes a profit, and helps financially save the Middle Class. Both cut out insurance companies, keeping the profits within the government. Get tough with Congress - they're ignoring us all.  989
[QUOTE who="Norskejente"]<quoted text>Thanks for your reply RedSummer. Your comment holds true about everyones capability in times such as those here. We all do what we can and no one should chastise others for their decisions. My mother in law hung on to keep dad at home as long as possible but in the end her life was at risk. Dad had alzheimers and stopped communicating completely. He never said a word in his last 3 yrs of life. If he was not happy he would lung out as his way of communicating. There were many other issues beside that. But she did see him everyday at the nursing home and all the nurses were very kind. Never did we see any neglect or abuse. We were with him when he died. He was never alone alone but except for being alone in his inner self which there was nothing we or the doctors could do about that. My mom also waited hand and foot for my dad. he never wanted for anything and was catered to 24/7. Everyday for 3 months all of us were at the hospital to visit him, many times someone staying the night. All of us including grandchildren were there when he passed. Hospice is a great organization and everyone there was kind, gentle, informative about what my dad was going through, but most of all they were extremely compassionate. I thank them all for being there and helping not just dad through this difficult time but to the rest of the family as well. All in all when family and friends stick together and help when someone is ill then no one has to carry the whole burden on their back. When I say burden please don't take it the wrong way. Some burdens are worth carrying but can be difficult none the less. We will all face these decisions and burdens in our lives and no matter what decision a person makes they have to live with it, if later they regret it. In the end I think we all mad the best possible choices for our loved ones. They may not have been home but they were loved and not alone.[/QUOTE]
If your nursing homes are insured by guide one ins. co., be warned that if you have to go up against them, they use slimy lawyers, witnesses that commit hundreds of counts of perjury, destroyed evidence, scams that will violate your legal rights completely, lie continually to the juries, etc.  That's how they do business.  You were warned.   1069
[QUOTE who="Amanda"]<quoted text>You continue to insist that the system is broken and you use your cousin as an example. What are you trying to say? Do you think that she should be eligible for welfare for the rest of her life?  Your cousin is a good example of why a woman should not quit their job to take care of an adult who is sick. She had "lots of help financially and otherwise", she should have used it to help her while she worked and after while she was home with him. Instead she is in trouble financially and probably will be for the rest of her life.[/QUOTE]
Amanda, from the state that gave us that Republican evil, Joseph McCarthy, why am I not surprised that you criticize people who put life and love above the Republican-Protestant god, the Almighty Dollar (   1070
[QUOTE who="Freedom Lover"]<quoted text>I think the majority of people understand that. The problem has happened by the obvious Corruption within the Health Insurance Industry that has literally cost people their lives. People who paid their premiums.[/QUOTE]
Did you know that insurance companies are so hated that they paid our legislators to write a law preventing any jury from knowing if an insurance company is involved in a lawsuit?  That gives their lawyers the opportunity to deliberately lie to the jury and claim that their clients are poor and victimized, while the reality is that they’re working for multi-billion dollar insurance companies - and there’s nothing the other attorney can say or do about it.  The only way to attack such entrenched corruption is to hit them both at once with the Insurance Corruption plan, which makes a PROFIT, etc.  Unfortunately, the biased media has refused to inform the American people that they have ANY other choices, including one proposed by a congressman.  Why?  Because Obama‘s plan is so bad compared to the other choices.  He even went back on his word to allow someone to speak for the single payer idea during his open discussions in early 2009 (Democracy NOW).  Corrupt legislators and insurance companies are counting on the American people to be so weak and pathetic that they won’t fight back.  You may not agree with the Tea Party movement, but at least they’re standing up for what they believe. But, where are the Democrats who are being betrayed by the politicians they elected?  They’re being stupid.  They were pathetically weak when Bush was killing people in Iraq and they should have been outraged.  Very few of us tried to get him impeached. So, now there’s work to do, and if you care about this country at all, you will read about your other choices, and what you can do to penalize your deaf legislators and biased media for betraying your trust.  Go to:  (next post)  1130
And  1131
[QUOTE who="Norskejente"]<quoted text>I for one would not want to be a burden on someones life, not physically, financially or mentally. I'd rather take a nice little pill and be done with it. To ask another to take on the burden of caring for me while forsaking their own life would be selfish and inconsiderate. [/QUOTE]
They would also eventually come to resent and even hate you.  Nobody wants to leave a legacy like that behind, with relatives all talking about how selfish you were to be a burden to them when you didn't even try to demand a good healthcare plan that makes a profit, etc.
If you haven't already demanded this plan, and worked to penalize the legislators and media who have denied you the right to know about other healthcare ideas, then you are a burden to the American people who are having to carry your political dead weight.  Your free ride is over - you either carry your own weight of suffer the consequences.  (next post)  1133
And    1134
[QUOTE who="Sponge-Bob"]<quoted text>I was surprised to find that there are members of my family who agree with the Tea Party philosophy. I must say, they are the most greedy selfish people in my family. They claim to be religious, but they sure don't practice anything Jesus ever preached. Because it was an Easter gathering, most of us just let them mouth off. We never discuss politics at family gatherings, but they couldn't help themselves. I think my father is going to have a private talk with them, because they messed up the holiday. [/QUOTE]
I hope he did.  Too many people say nothing for fear of offending people who have no trouble walking all over us.  1135
[QUOTE who="Norskejente"]<quoted text>I do have a good health care plan. But that has nothing to do with the quality of my life. Even if I have alzheimers, or cancer or am paralyzied from the neck down, no health care in the world can fix those illnesses. To me that is not quality of life and if I can't feed myself, bath myself, go to the bathroon myself or eat on my own then what's the point in staying around. I don't even have to take a pill, just reject food and make sure no life support is allowed. I plan on making sure all my last wishes are known right down to the last minute detail cause if Palin becomes president I know I wil not be given the opportunitiy for a counselor to express my last wishes.[/QUOTE]
Health care has everything to do with quality of life, not just longevity.  Nobody wants to think about having a debilitating illness and nobody would help alleviate pain, or help them to live a good life before it gets to that point.  You focused on the worst, but most people will need help to get on with still-productive lives.  1140
[QUOTE who="Norskejente"]<quoted text>Absolutely! But don't we also deserve quality when it comes to the end of our life? This was the issue with Palin. She objected to having patients families be reimbursed for counselors that help their dying family member. She called those counselors death panels. She stated that to reimburse these families for people to help and assist the dying was ludicrist. Now the democrats want to kill off all the old people cause it's cheaper than paying the medical expenses to keep them alive. This was Palin on the dying. No Sarah, we need to do everything possible and spend untold hundreds of thousands of dollars keeping a person alive even though all the signs show massive organ failure. This is her philosophy. For me, when my body tells me to stop fighing cause the fight is over, I will let go. I wil do it with dignity and I will do it my way. It is my life and it will be my death and even if Palin doesn't want me to have a counselor than so be it, but no one even Palin will force me to have a tube shoved down my throat cause she thinks that just cause I'm old doesn't mean I want her to prolong my life.[/QUOTE]
Yes, I think free choice is the most important thing.  I’ve seen so many older people who deeply resent losing control of their lives. 
The government needs to respect them and stay out of it, except to provide them what they need and want, when they ask, and not to make judgment calls.  1142
[QUOTE who="Oh My"]<quoted text> Way to rationalize rationed care and death panels you illiterate lib. Your messiahs bill is a boon to the insurance industry and little else.  No controls or limits on big pharma Although after they gave him his million dollar bone he made interstate purchase of meds illegal, then we have no premium controls for the insurance companies...  Lets see, I am an insurance company.... you force me to accept pre-existing conditions and stop me from dropping coverage.... What ever shall I do to recover these negative cash problems??? Oh wait a second... I can raise and raise and raise the rates for everyone who actually pays for coverage and thereby insure my profits remain adequate.[/QUOTE]
Do we really want it to be this bad?  It seems like people would actively fight this if they didn’t, except for the idiots, the lazy, and the stupid.
There are more ways to fight it - elections are coming up in the next couple of months - a perfect time.  Read what else you can do at (next post) posts #54-55    1148
[QUOTE who="Norskejente"]<quoted text>Everyone should be able to have the final say in their own death. I do not want someone to tell me what I can or can not do. death is not a bad thing for those that suffer.[/QUOTE]
The only way to ensure that, as well as to have control over all the decisions politicians are making for us, is to force them to respect us, which they do not. Health care is the one issue that can unite all Americans to accomplish this. Read all relevant posts, and get active today, especially if you have important elections in your area. (next post)  1149

Healthcare Bill Passes!!!
[QUOTE who="YouHelpFixIt"]<quoted text>YOU WILL NOT GET FREE HEALTHCARE FROM THE GOVERNMENT. IT IS NOT FREE. You are truly an ignorant partisan sheep if you think being forced to buy into a government plan is better than having the freedom to choose to purchase private insurance from many different companies or pay for your own healthcare out of pocket.[/QUOTE]
What are you talking about?  Who says it's free?  Obama talks about paying for years before getting benefits? The plan at insurance corruption. com is about setting up a government insurance company, and the profit going toward the deficit, not sleazy insurance company CEOs who killed and defrauded for that money.  The 'insurance corruption plan' is also completely voluntary.  Republicans and the idiot masses have tunnel vision, only seeing the government's plan or the Republican no-plan.   3585
[QUOTE who="Skizazz"]<quoted text> must be a COMPLETE fool if you believe that will work. Let me explain to you why it won't. (Of course, you're not smart enough to comprehend it but at least I can say I tried.) First of all, the goverment is not supposed to be in the "Business" of health care or insurance. That is socialism and socialism doesn't work. If you believe socialism is the answer you are a bigger fool than I thought. Second, you said the government is going to set up and insurance plan and use the profits to to pay off the deficit. What??? So basically, we're just shifting the profits from businesses to the government??? Do I have that right? So how is this going to save anybody money? Instead of profits going to competing business it will be going to a goverment monopoly that has no competition to worry about and therefore no reason to operate effectively. Lastly, what makes you believe the government can run an "insurance plan" at a profit??? Basically EVERY goverment program is broke!!! A goverment run insurance plan would be no different. The program would be broke in NO time and would be another example of goverment failure.  Is healthcare reform a good idea? Sure, nothing in the world is perfect so there's always room for improvement. Is goverment control of the healthcare system a good idea? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! Guess what you fool, "Government isn't the solution to the problem, goverment IS the problem." [/QUOTE]
My god, you're dumb.  Yes the government is supposed to be in the business of health care, and has been, and will continue to be forced to serve the needs of the people.  Republican parasites love their money so much more than humanity, and yet advertise how goody-goody they are, but it's all a pretense for shallow minds.  Idiots keep saying that socialism doesn't 'work', meaning "it's all about me-me-me".  By keeping people alive, it does work.  We're shifting profits from sleazy criminals in the insurance industry to OUR government, to pay OUR deficit, which you supported by not helping to prevent it because you are clueless about how to do that. The governmental contracted-out entity would operate more effectively than the scum in the insuance industry who deliberately deny coverage and destroy lives.
Government is the problem to the degree that fools like you are too gutless to make your leaders answer to you.  You don't even try, have no intelligent solutions, and try to destroy good ideas because you're too dumb to comprehend anything better, like insurance corruption. com.
[QUOTE who="YouHelpFixIt"]<quoted text>Who says it’s free? That would be you, in post 3373. Did you notice how I put your exact words in quotes?  So in your plan the government insurance is free of corruption because is run by nice people just like the government is now. There is no need for competition to keep the prices down because government agencies are known for their efficiency and constant improvement. And best of all we won't don't worry if they make mistakes or wind up being just as incompetent as history has showed us that government is, they will be backed by the US taxpayer instead of just failing and going out of business. What could possibly go wrong?  PS. Paying for this plan would not be voluntary, if it was it would not be funded.[/QUOTE]
I don't expect you to comprehend this, but for those who might think you know what you're talking about:  
1. There's always a need for competition, and the insurance corruption. com plan competes against insurance companies instead of subsidizing them.  2. The amount of corruption and incompetence in government is a direct result of your laziness and stupidity, because you expect life to be a free ride and have refused to get off your lazy rear and make those in government accountable. 3. Yes, people will buy insurance if they can afford it, if they don't have to pay insurance company scum multi-billion dollar bonuses, which you evidently like.
People:  As long as you're alive, you have the ability to demand a good health care plan, one that eliminates all insurance company involvment.  That's the only way to cripple that particular corruption.  Idiots will continue to criticize it because they love greed, are too dumb to think outside the box, etc.  Take the time to learn or pay a terrible price.   3608
[QUOTE who="no_more_illegals"]<quoted text>You are one total dumbass. Since when is taking money from people who produce and support themselves and give it to lazy, pathetic losers who suck off taxpayers a good thing? And think about this, most of the problems with the healthcare we have now were caused by the retards in the gov't.[/QUOTE]
Wrong again.  Most of the problems we have now were caused by parasites in the corrupt insurance industry - that's common knowledge.
Many of those 'pathetic losers' were Republicans until their Bush hero cost them everything, now they're first in line for every welfare dollar they can get.   3612
[QUOTE who="YouHelpFixIt"]<quoted text>So you call it free, but you admit is not free and you also advocate a plan to eliminate corporate corruption by replacing it with a plan that you admit will be full of government corruption. The way to reduce corruption is to expose it and to increase competition, not centralize and legalize it. Your ideas are ridiculously shortsighted.[/QUOTE]
Corporate corruption is so extremely worse than government incompetence that there's no comparison. You failed to get one of the most important points, that the profits go back to the people, paying down the deficit, unless your plan is to just dump that problem on everybody else. Any intelligent plan will surely fail because it won't be backed by the idiot masses who can't comprehend it, and the corruption that wants to destroy them.   3613
[QUOTE who="Skizazz"]How can you make such a absurd statement? There are signs of goverment incompetence everywhere you look. Corporate corruption pales in comparison.[/QUOTE]
Both government incompetence and corporate corruption are an accurate gauge of the laziness of the American people.  Those problems only exist because people would rather accuse all welfare recipients of being lazy instead of getting off their own dead rears and holding the criminals accountable. That's why we can't have any healthcare plan that includes insurance companies, because their crimes against victims will only get worse due to the fact that Americans and legislators have proven they want to let them operate above the law.  That's why we have to demand a plan like the one at insurance corruption. com which solves the problem by totally eliminating all insurance companies and keeping the profits for ourselves.  3639
The biggest problem facing America is stupidity. The idiot masses can only see two health care choices, while the minority of intelligent people have open minds and can see at least two more choices:  Rep. Grayson's and Insurance Corruption's, and they are demanding one of those.  3641
And     3642
In this Bill Moyers interview, two respected people are recommending another health care choice.  The most important part is near the end:   I think the plan at  is better is because it offers much more, but intelligent people need to decide for themselves and demand one of them NOW, and never stop.  3645
[QUOTE who="TAMUOne"]<quoted text>Say what you will, I've been reading what the doctors are saying. If you think those people in the white coats that stood behind Obama when he was pitching his healthcare bill were real doctors then you're just as naive as those who believe this healthcare "law" is best for the country. This entire ordeal has been a giant ruse by Obama and his crooked, socialist circle to build Obama's legacy. To hell with what's BEST for us. [/QUOTE]
You made good points then sabotaged your message with that same old tired 'socialist' accusation.  The rest of the educated world has health care, trouble is that when we finally get it, it has to be a giant fraud. It's corrupt insurance industry money that's behind this plan.  Just think, people, THEY are the cause of all our health care problems, so why in God's name would you want them included in this bill?  Their crimes will continue because the American people have made it clear that they're not going to FORCE the government to prosecute those criminals.   Why would you want all the profits, from millions of people who are going to now be forced to subsidize insurance industry corruption, to go to the evil insurance companies?  The plan at has advocated since the summer of 2009 that those profits need to stay with OUR government, used to pay toward OUR deficit, which Congress forced on us.  They forced us to go into debt, and now force us to subsidize corruption instead of that debt. At that site, on the 'fight back' page, there are ways to bring congress under control, but you can NOT expect others to carry your weight - you have to work for this too.  Also, where is the media in all of this?  Why have they defrauded you by not telling you about other choices?  Tell them they've lost you as a customer for keeping that information from you. There's also a plan which lets people buy into Medicare if they want, at  Pick one of these, DEMAND it of your legislator, and keep demanding no matter how long it takes.  3675

Healthcare Reform Seen Critical For Rural U.S    US News
[QUOTE who="Patriot AKA Bozo"]<quoted text>I am not one of the WE. I have always been conservative and responsible. I also taught my children to live responsibly and within their means. I suppose it depends on how old you are talking about. Those of us who lived during the great depression know better.[/QUOTE]
If you lived during the great depression, survived on government handouts and jobs and legislation that was welfare, created to keep you alive, or were aware of it happening at all, and still talk about being self-sufficient, you are truly an idiot.     
Reagan also survived on welfare as a child, then grew up to sabotage it for others.  I'm sure he regrets that now -- too late.
How many national healthcare choices do you know?   US POLITICS  poll
Click on an option to vote
not interested in the debate  
just Obama's
some Congress '09 plans
only Republican plans
yes, I know about 1 other
yes, more than 1 choice
It's important to find out if the media is deliberately keeping Americans ignorant of other choices.      Obama talks about listening to the public, but does the public know about other ideas?         If so, who is / is not  telling their readers and viewers?
How many national healthcare choices do you know about?  US NEWS poll
Click on an option to vote
not interested in the debate
only Obama's
some Democrat plans
only Republican plans
yes, I've seen other choice
How much is the media biased and deliberately keeping Americans ignorant of other choices. Obama talks about listening to the public, but does the public know about other ideas?        If so, then it's the government that is ignoring the people.  If not, which media is not telling their readers and viewers?  2   (page 52)
[QUOTE who="Dingo"]You are one of the dummines? right?  here you are going to a FREE health care clinic and now flapping about ramming something..., Are you stupid or just like to read those books for dummies.? Sit back, where do you think your food stamps come from? who is paying for them? GW Bush didn't change your status and today you are listening to millioneer's talk show host telling you what to think. GROW UP. Did Obama change your status?...., NO. <quoted text>[/QUOTE]
For your information, Republican legislators also ignored other health care choices too, like 'insurance corruption. com' which isn't free, or a wasteful bureaucracy, is voluntary, etc. It solves the basic reasons why Americans hate the government's plan. Republican and Democratic legislators have put insurance company profits over the needs of Americans. They are willing to sabotage life-saving health care for their own profit. That's why Insurance Corruption also gives ways of bringing legislators back under the control of the voters. But, guess what? The masses are too lazy and too stupid to get it or do anything but bi!ch about it. (37 min ago | post #1317)
[QUOTE who="Patriot AKA Bozo"]<quoted text>I am not crazy about how the plan has been decimated by the unfortunate politicized propaganda of the opposition. By their scare tactics and hate slogans, they have made any rational discussions impossible. We need to study how other industrialized countries are able to nearly halve our costs. Until we do that, we have lost a competitive edge due to the price that our companies must pay for health care. Instead, we have come to the point of giving the existing insurance corporations, who are largely responsible for our dilemma, a bonanza in the name of "free" enterprise. If we do not fix the health care industry, the blame must surely rest on those who have put a wrench in the gears of progress. [/QUOTE]
The problem is, who is 'we'? The MASSES aren't going to do anything, the DEMOCRATS couldn't have done a worse job of sabotaging it by coming up with a disaster instead of a simple plan like insurance corruption. com, and the MEDIA is biased either in favor of Republicans who wanted no health care, or Obama no matter what he does wrong. Then there are the insurance companies, the demons in all of this, handing out money in one form or another, to force us all to increase their profits. The insurance corruption. com plan eliminates all insurance company involvement. What have you done to push the media to inform the American people of any choices? There are suggestions on the 'fight back' section. (20 min ago | post #1320)
[QUOTE who="Toni"]<quoted text>The Millennial Generation voted for Obama's Hope and Change slogans. They got caught up in the euphoria of the moment in their blinded zeal. This generation has been spoon fed Progressivism from the beginning of their education by serious minded Progressive Liberal teachers. It is no wonder this generation is is clueless. They have been reared to believe in the nanny-state, government will take care of you. Progressivism is in direct confrontation with the Constitution. It chips away at the Constitution's validity in today's society. It is a cancer, that must be exposed and eradicated. Your premise that this generation understands the responsibilities of the mess at hand and how to deal with it is naive at best. They do not understand economics....they cannot do without their charge cards, and fail to understand that history is repeating, and don't grasp the relevance of the Constitution to their well being. You sir...are a Progressive Arschgesicht!!![/QUOTE]
Get away from the tv more often and get in touch with reality.  Nanny state?  government taking care of you?  Ask the millions of homeless that you are killing with your stupidty.  Ask the millions of unemployed and underemployed who are scared to death that they'll soon be homeless.  You suffer from criminal stupidity. You did nothing while schools failed to teach kids what they need to know to survive, and to keep up with other countries.  You did nothing to save lives, and probably voted for Republican treason, too dumbed-down to know what you were even voting for. You are the cause of the cancer, defending those who took power in this country but were too brain-dead to know economics.  Your whole post is just sick.  1326
[QUOTE who="xtp"]<quoted text>It's too bad you aren't a Christian, then. You have no faith in Christ and the plan of God. You actually think that things are doomed. That is faith in the wrong god, not in Christ.[/QUOTE]
Was it the plan of God that Protestant ministers falsely claim to be speaking for Him when telling us that He wants us to vote Republican?  Was it God's plan that this country be under China's Communist financial thumb?  Was it God's plan that millions of Americans struggle to survive every day because of Republican greed making the rich richer and the poor poorer? You're in dangerous territory when you claim that this is God's country.  This country is suffering because of Republican ideals - protestant protest. net - and we'd better take Republicans and their Protestant buddies out of power before it gets much worse.  1328
[QUOTE who="Patriot AKA Bozo"]<quoted text>Never the less, they will have to deal with the mess that we leave them. They understand that corporatism is undermining their quality of life and know that the only salvation will be from the government. It is us who built the false economy that allowed for the credit card companies to fleece them. They are the hardest hit age group by the current recession but seem to have a pretty optimistic outlook. They understand that the government is the only thing that stands between them and extreme exploitation by the banks and corporations. They do not buy the RW propaganda that the market will treat them nicely.[/QUOTE]
"the mess we leave them"????  Are we all dead?  Is it set in concrete that the idiots who voted to put Bush in office and keep him there for 8 years can't learn from that?  The baby boomers fought to better this country, and did accomplish a lot, but since then parents, and the schools, have been turning out a huge number of idiots.  Their parents owed them better, so the parents should clean up the mess THEY made, for example by being too lazy to prevent the legal system from becoming the most powerful organized crime in America - legal parasites. com can help you get started.     They must also warn their children about the dangers of being ignorant and lazy.   1364
and[QUOTE who="gimini210"]<quoted text>
Not hardly. I worked in a job that dealt with the people I am talking about. One woman collected welfare, food stamps, and lived on section 8 while running a hair salon out of her home making about $300 a week more. One had a boyfriend living with her secretly who earned $15.00 an hour while being the father of her children while she collected full benefits for those same children and lived on section 8 and food stamps. Another was angry that the laws were changed and she just might have to actually work. Another was selling drugs out of her section 8 housing and God only knows how much she took in while sucking up welfare and food stamps. Many sold their food stamps to earn more money then came to us for food. We paid over and over for rents when the people received more than enough yet bought TVs and other crap and had cell phones but couldn't make that $125.00 rent. This is just some of what I saw and learned about healthy welfare lifers. Not to mention that the ones who lived off welfare some how could not manage to watch their children while they sat at home. Welfare has been a big drain with fraud running wild in it for more years than I know about. It is not a fantasy but fact. It is in need of dire reform and has been for years. [/QUOTE]
So, what did YOU do about it?   AND, what did YOU do about all the corporate and government corruption that has defrauded Americans out of billions of dollars?  Probably nothing.  YOU are the biggest problem.  1365
[QUOTE who="Kat"]<quoted text>I agree. As far as illegals they shouldn't be getting any welfare at all. As far as everyone else sucking the goverment tit, they should have to earn their living like everyone else. We have numerous jobs needing done in every community in American. If they need to pick up trash, paint over graffiti, mow overgrown abandone properties, volunteer at shelters, at kennels, basically there is an endless list of work to be done and if you receive a check you should either be doing these jobs or attending school. NO FREEBIES!!! If you have kids and can't afford daycare, then their should be daycares set up where the ones that don't attend school have to work at the daycares for those that want to. There is NO reason we should be paying anyone to just sit on their butt and do nothing but collect a check for doing nothing. It's one of the stupidest things our government does....and that is saying ALOT because there is an endless list of stupid things our government does.  Of course this would exclude those that are disabled and can't do alot of work but most disabled people can perform some types of work even for minimal hours. The free living for the lazy and generational welfare sucking bums needs to stop. Everyone should earn a living or contribute to their community. It will improve everything right down to pride in the community that people have to work to improve. Once that improves, the possibilities for our country are limitless![/QUOTE]
I'm so shocked.  You people all leave out George Bush and all other traitors who aren't working to fix all the damage they've done, and legislators who get welfare after working TWO YEARS, and YOUR able-bodied parents who do nothing all day, and the sleazy insurance company CEOs who bilked their companies and never have to work again, and their lawyers who get away with every felony they commit -- the list is huge. But you gutless cowards keep concentrating only on those at the bottom, since you're too gutless to take on anybody who can fight back.  You all are on welfare, expecting others to fight the corruption YOU finance, and carry YOUR dead weight your whole lives.  1372
[QUOTE who="Toni "]<quoted text>So we are at different poles. You are a Progressive Liberal and I am a Conservative Independent. I see your philosophy as the problem, you revert to Republican blame game to attempt to prop up your position. This country is in danger of reducing to a 3rd world country under the stewardship of the inept Obama, Pelosi, Reid. Our country is close to losing it's AAA rating due to the irresponsible bowwowing from China, India, Russia. And the idiots are still vent on borrowing more adding to the deficit which with interest, puts in double digit Trillions of debt. Our country cannot sustain this spending, we are spend more than we take in. If you fail to see're a joke...just like the Joker in the White House! [/QUOTE]
You are clearly too stupid to vote, and are the result of schools' dumbing-down.  It was REPUBLICAN Nixon who caused the loss of jobs to China.  It was REPUBLICANS Reagan and Bush who gave more jobs to illegal Mexicans.  It was REPUBLICAN Bush who sent us into a recession/depression.  It's brain-dead REPUBLICAN voters who are to blame for helping them commit all this treason.  
Liberals KNEW what Bush had done, KNEW that if a Democrat was elected, that Republican voters would blame him for what Bush did, and KNOW that Republicans are not teachable and shouldn't be allowed to vote, to save the country.  1417
[QUOTE who="Patriot AKA Bozo"]<quoted text>A liberal mind is an open mind. You take things to an extreme. Communism and liberalism are not synonyms. It is the RW extremists who have equated liberal with Socialism and Communism. In this changing world, we must be able to change with the times. While some of the old methods still work, many of them are outdated. If we cannot change, we will cease to be viable. [/QUOTE]
Every time Republicans accuse Democrats of being Communist it just shows AGAIN how ignorant they are, or they wouldn't be Republicans.  They never believed anything Communist leaders say, except when they falsely claim to be socialist.   Republicans have to manipulate the truth and tell lies, because they're too gutless to face reality and admit they're wrong.   1418
[QUOTE who="Toni "]<quoted text>Apparently you feel it necessary to support Obama incessantly by reflecting on the previous administration to change the subject...or make excuses for the "chosen one". He is neither the "one" nor particularly brilliant as you Progressives like to pretend. Selective reflective thinking on the past administration to excuse the present administration's inferior leadership is lame at best. Progressive Liberals like yourself, believe the government has the answer to all the country's wants and needs. That it knows best and should make decisions for us all....that the folks are too inept to think for themselves. Progressives believe it is positive that our children be indoctrinated in 'boys to men' homosexual education (promoted by Jennings), that it affords tolerance towards homosexuals. Progressives always profess they are the saviors for society, responsible for growing the economy etc... when in fact their leadership stifles economic growth, increases unemployment, adds to the deficit. Also, Progressive Liberals are radicals, leftists, Communists, and yes some are well meaning caring people who are misguided. Amnesia is a malady the American people suffered from around election time....ushered in Obama. Thank God they have awaken and 2010 and 2012 we will remove the cancers from office.[/QUOTE]
How can Obama be the chosen one' when Protestant ministers and televangelists have made it clear that their god has told them that we must vote Republican.  It was their god who wanted Reagan to attack the defenseless poor and create the homeless crisis, and has put money before humanity for 3 decades, even though the Bible says that the love of money is the root of all evil.  Yes, it's for Republicans to claim to speak for God, then USE Him to do evil.   You're both politically and spiritually blind.  1420
[QUOTE who="Telstar"]Synopsis of Obamacare: The insurance companies are still going to make lots of money and the cost of providing healthcare to everyone is going to be passed on the taxpayers.  Nothing is free. [/QUOTE]
That's because the American masses are so stupid that they don't even try to think of a third choice.  They were given the choice at insurance corruption. com but Republicans who complain about laziness are too lazy to work for anything better, and most of masses don't even try.  They can all complain now, but when it's too late, they'll have the corruption they deserve. 1426
[QUOTE who="okboston"]<quoted text>
Then you should have no problem finding a link to a credible source to back your statement. I don't know of a single politician who is against curtailing welfare fraud; however, they do have differing opinions of how it should be accomplished.[/QUOTE]
Where's their plan for ending congressional fraud completely?  Real men don't just pick on unarmed women and children, but Republican cowards do.  I can't wait to see what they do next, after their 'tea party' threats don't work.  They make fools of themselves but are too stupid to see it.  1456
[QUOTE who="Patriot AKA Bozo"]<quoted text>President Obama inherited a bankrupt nation. Like a family who abuse their credit cards, we had to borrow more to continue living. It is time to tighten the belt and begin paying the debt. That means that the government must collect more revenue and reduce spending. I know the teabaggers will howl and rave, but we have no choice now. Taxes will necessarily be increased. Lowering taxes and spending more will just not work. It never has. Due to the economic stresses and the unreasonableness of the conservatives, we have not been able to muster the momentum for reasonable and necessary health care change. However, any change is better than doing nothing, expecting the industry to heal itself.[/QUOTE]
and yet you didn't support a plan like the one at insurance corruption. com which lowers the deficit year after year, and gives the middle class affordable health care.  Talk is cheap.  Demand a better health care plan or pay for the rest of your lives, and your children's lives.   1609
[QUOTE who="Kat"]<quoted text>And I'm NOT shocked that you revert to Bush blame game for all that is wrong with the economy today! Oh yes he did his share, but like all little kids that become adults we can't continue to blame what happened on the play ground for why things aren't right now. At some point it becomes about NOW not yesterday.  And I did NOT leave out the able-bodied parents that lay around doing nothing if you read my post! Oh and I believe you might be overlooking what I said about welfare recipiants or you just don't have any reading comprehension ability because you are calling those that complain about welfare those that are on it. What the hell is up with that? Now do you want to debate issues like a big boy or would you like to keep calling names with anyone that has a different view and live in the dilusion that it makes your point more valid or just makes you sound like you really really know what you're talking about? [/QUOTE]
Republican simpletons started blaming Obama for not cleaning up the mess Bush made from the day he took office.  So, liberals absolutely are right to put the blame on Bush for the mess he made of things. Again, your kind are the first to demand welfare when things go bad for you, and expect liberals to carry your dead weight politically - see first sentence.  You not only expected liberals to clean up after you, you've been screaming nonstop for over a year because it's not being done fast enough.    Get off political welfare.  Next time, clean up your own mess while your guy is still in office.  We're sick of you freeloaders!  1795
[QUOTE who="Wondering"]Anyone thought of TORT REFORM?[/QUOTE] Check out legal parasites. com - then explain how it has anything to do with healthcare reform.  
[QUOTE who="progressive"]<quoted text> you need to explain what that bill is, briefly, and also how it could be enacted.[/QUOTE]
It's pretty self-explanatory, but is unpopular with insurance companies, their lawyers, and their lawmakers.  So, the American people would have to demand that specific idea be made law.  Since they hate it, insurance corruption. com, that tells you that it would be good for America.  They're choosing insurance company profits over our lives.  1834
[QUOTE who="Kat"]<quoted text>I agree most Americans wanted change in health care. But a majority of Americans did not want it in the form of this bill. of course they didn't listen to the majority. That would be why the president is now on yet another "campaign" to sell it to us. They knew we didn't want it and they decided to do it anyway and then convince us later how good it is for us, then we'll like it and they will have "won the day". Not a good bet for them to wager considering we are now finding out exactly what's in the bill, and apparently at the same time as they are. Republican's are not the only ones to use falsehoods to sell their point. Let's see...... 1. We can have the same coverage and same choices as congress and the president. TRUTH.....That was a lie! They lied several times on this one, and the president was in the front of line on doing so.  2. Kids can be covered under their parent's policy until the age of 26 with this benefit taking effect within the first 6 months. Truth....That was a lie! Even those that voted on the bill and were trying to sell it prior to the vote didn't know the wording in the bill. Perhaps they should have read it like we ask them too. Kids being covered til 26 doesn't go into effect until Jan. 1, 2014! OOPS!  3. One of my personal favorites.... This bill will reduce the deficit. WOW, really? We can add millions onto the list of those covered, and pay part of the premium if they are under a certain income level, and it will save us money. If only I could get them to show me how I can add spending to my budget and reduce my debt. Now I really want access to their accountant....This is a lie! It can't happen. And we're suppose to trust the CBO on this one. The ones that haven't gotten it right once on any prediction they ever made. Well I know I'm confident! Oh and funny thing.....after the bill has passed the CBO comes out with how they were wrong on their predictions by like 2 million, so far!  Now I could go on and on about the lies.....but I think you get the point. Both sides lie, both sides have screwed us over, and both sides, including the president, need to be removed ASAP! Our only choice now is to invest in KY because they should make a bundle! Screwing the entire country against their will is going to be quit a profit for the lube companies, quit a profit indeed! Invest now and try to keep yourself afloat, it's going to get rough! So that and patience, that's all we have. Sit and wait for the next elections and try to correct the mistakes we've made and save our country before it's too late. At the rate this administration is going....we better act fast, because they are hard and fast with their screwing. [/QUOTE]
I agree - this plan is a disaster. It has proven two things: 1.  Our legislators are owned by the powerful and horribly corrupt insurance industry.  2.  The media is part of the corruption by taking sides, and by refusing to tell the American people that they had OTHER CHOICES. Here they are:  1874
And  and  1875
And  1880
[QUOTE who="Patriot AKA Bozo"]Things to know about the Healthcare Bill.  1. Your kids are covered under your policy until they are 26 or covered by their employer.  2. You can't e dropped. 3. You can't be denied health insurance. 4. There are no annual or lifetime caps on coverage. 5. No wait until pre-existing conditions are covered.  6. Starting in 2014 you must be insured. Since we already must cover the uninsured in the IR, that just makes sense.  7. Starting in 2014 (when you will be required by law to have health insurance), states will operate new insurance marketplaces - called "exchanges" - that will provide you with more options for buying an individual policy if you can't get, or afford, insurance from your workplace and you earn too much income to qualify for Medicaid.  8. Three years from now, flexible spending accounts (FSAs) will have lower contribution limits - meaning you won't be able to have as much money deducted from your paycheck pre-tax and deposited into an FSA for medical expenses as is currently allowed.  9. If you earn more than $250,000 you will be taxed more for Medicare.  10. Starting this year, if Medicare is your primary form of health insurance you will no longer have to pay for preventive care such as an annual physical, screenings for treatable conditions or routine laboratory work. In addition, you will get a $250 check from the federal government to help pay for prescription drugs currently not covered as a result of the Medicare Part D "doughnut hole".[/QUOTE]
Common sense tells every intelligent person that this health care plan is a disaster for us and our economy.  All that profit going to criminals in the insurance industry instead of to pay toward our deficit. We KNOW our legislators are corrupted by them.  We KNOW they're criminals because they've gotten away with every fraud, every killing, etc.  We KNOW they all came together in this legislation to make a killing.  Why else didn't they just let us join in THEIR insurance? I know of only ONE legislator who was not bought off by them, Rep. Alan Grayson, because he advocates a much better idea - just let the people buy into Medicare, etc. which would save us a fortune, and best of all cuts out all the insurance company scum -  .  Another plan -  goes farther with the goal of helping to save the middle class from further decline.
Never stop demanding a plan that cuts out insurance company corruption, and cuts the ties between them and our legislators.  Voting them out doesn't work - you have to get off your rear and work to take back the government - 'Fight Back' page.   1881
and[QUOTE who="Dorothy"]We the people NO longer have a voice. When you make it mandatory or you are fined and penalized on your income taxes for not having something they are forcing on you, it is WRONG!!! They are gonna raise taxes to pay for this monster. They are gonna fine the ones who are gonna have the hardest time with this. I am waiting for them to try to take my guns or fine me for having them. They make me wear a seat belt, but a motorcycle you don't have to even wear a helmet. Our school buses aren't required to have seat belts for our children, but we can go to jail if we don't. If I don't wear my seat belt I won't hurt anyone else. The government has stepped over their boundries way to much. This has GOT to be the last straw. We the people have got to stand up for ourselves. Obviously NO ONE else will. Stand up for our rights over this horrible wrong before it is too late.[/QUOTE]
Solutions were offered in previous posts, but all you've done is list a few more problems.  There has to come a time where people back up their endless complaining with action or else they're just helping their worst enemies by doing nothing positive.   1884
And           Healthcare Reform Seen Critical For Rural U.S        cont.
[QUOTE who="Toni"]<quoted text>The answer is at the ballot box. Vote everyone out of office who voted for Obama Care and their gross spending. Force them to realize elections have consequences. Boot every usurper to the curb for their assault on the Constitution and disregard for the well-being of the nation. Join those who wish to take their country back.[/QUOTE]
Then what?  This isn't a solution for any of our problems. Until the American people stop looking for 'solutions' that take the least amount of time and effort, and start acting like they're really angry by working harder, nothing will change.  THERE ARE SOLUTIONS at insurance corruption. com - 'fight back', like letting them know that they've lost your financial support and votes, and going a step farther by forming groups that demand punishments for legislators.
[QUOTE who="Toni"]<quoted text>The answer is at the ballot box. Vote everyone out of office who voted for Obama Care and their gross spending. Force them to realize elections have consequences. Boot every usurper to the curb for their assault on the Constitution and disregard for the well-being of the nation. Join those who wish to take their country back.[/QUOTE]
Then what?  This isn't a solution for any of our problems. Until the American people stop looking for 'solutions' that take the least amount of time and effort, and start acting like they're really angry by working harder, nothing will change.  THERE ARE SOLUTIONS at insurance corruption. com - 'fight back', like letting them know that they've lost your financial support and votes, and going a step farther by forming groups that demand punishments for legislators.  1885
[QUOTE who="Toni"]<quoted text>I'll punish legislators with my vote. That is the only thing that scares them. They have no shame in their denial of the will of the People. I don't care what Party they may be affiliated. If they vote against our will they are out of there. I think term limits would be a good idea for the Congress and Senate. Many are too comfy in their jobs, listen only to special interest groups, which I suspect is behind their total disregard for the people who elected them.[/QUOTE]
Other suggestions on that site are to let them know they're not getting any more of your money, form groups to demand that they implement reforms that will actually punish them for doing what insurance companies want in spite of our protests, and making sure the media knows that they have lost customers because they've kept the information about other choices from us deliberately.  Hundreds and hundreds of media sources were told about the one at insurance corruption. com and the Bill Moyer info was on national television, but the media let it die there, so WE have to keep spreading the word.  1906
[QUOTE who="Dorothy"]<quoted text>No KIDDING!!!! I have looked into other solutions also. My biggest complaint is that we are loosing our constitutional rights!!! My family for as far back as I can trace, has fought for our rights and freedoms. I will not sit back and let them suck them away slowly and sneaky like a snake in the gutter!!!!! So you do your thing and I will do what I think is best!! Don't sit and judge me. You have NO idea what I have done to support my cause.[/QUOTE]  1891
I fully support everybody doing something but it's important to note that the more people going in the same direction, the faster we'll get a better result.  You're one of the few people posting with a 'fight back' attitude.  The worst is a CA threat in which about all they talk about is running away from those problems.  It seems contageous.  That's one reason I keep going in a positive direction, and giving information about choices, so people will feel that they have hope. The solutions at those two sites are some of the best I've found to not only get better healthcare reform, but to restore our rights at the same time.  So that people don't have to search, they are:  - since summer 2009 - advocating a better plan, getting the attention of leaders and the media, fighting corruption, etc.  
And  - very popular, would simply allow people to buy into Medicare if they want.  If you know where people are going to sign up for this, post that information.  I prefer the other plan, but we need to get all information out so people have a free choice.   1908    Correction: it should be  1909
So many Americans are against this plan, while Grayson's is gaining in popularity. So, evidently he wasn't bought off by sleazy insurance companies. Hopefully, if enough of us demand one of the plans that excludes insurance companies, it will not only give us good health care, it will also send a message to our corrupted leaders that we're taking control again. That can only happen if insurance companies aren't able to wave their money around.  Insurance companies will corrupt any plan - they've always gotten away with it, and they know they will in the future. Here are the only 2 plans I know of that exclude them, including the Bill Moyers interview:(next post):  2013
And and
Also:   2014
[QUOTE who="Patriot AKA Bozo"]<quoted text>Waiting for next post.[/QUOTE]
That was 2013, next post was 2014, and this one is 2015.  Not hard to find.    2026
This just shows how legitimate my complaint about the media is.  They're denying Americans the right to make their own choices, and if that information is also going to be arbitrarily deleted here (even though a lot of really stupid ones are allowed), what does that leave us?  We have to make the media suffer financially for what they're doing. It's almost impossible to find either one of these unless you know specifically what you're looking for.  Here is #2014, and thanks for being interested: and    Also:  2014     2029
[QUOTE who="Protester"]<quoted text>That was 2013, next post was 2014, and this one is 2015. Not hard to find.[/QUOTE]
Sorry, I didn't check to see if the administrator had deleted it before replying.   2030
p.s. - People, copy those links because they're often deleted, and you may not be able to get them again.  You can't make an intelligent choice if it's based on ignorance.  2031
[QUOTE who="Toni"]<quoted text>Grayson from Florida is a disgrace as a legislator. His BS prior to the Health Care bill and thereafter brings his office to all time lows. He is demented and his constituents need to run him out of office for voting for Obama Care.[/QUOTE]
You're obviously promoting Obama's bill, either than or an idiot for going after those who are trying to save us from that bill.  From you comments, I can only laugh at the idea of you sitting in Grayson's chair - the whole country would think Florida voters were insane.
Instead they elected a man who is doing more than any other legislator to save us from this health care disaster. People, ignore the ignorant criticisms and support this man for the good he is doing, don't do the dumbest thing possible and harm yourselves to be self-righteous, which may make you feel good for a short time, but reality will catch up.  
[QUOTE who="Marie"]<quoted text>So you posted a link to the Bill Moyers interview and it was deleted? If so, that's weird.
I've posted links to his programs before and didn't have a problem. [/QUOTE]
Well, maybe it's because this one is critical of Obama's plan.    It's important to note that the media isn't giving their readers/viewers that information either, even though one was advertised to hundreds of them, and the other is from a US Congressman.  That's why the media needs to hear about the anger, from those who keep them in business.  Here are both plans: (next post)  (forgot)  - goes farther by making a profit for taxpayers, etc. and  and here's the interview:   2035
[QUOTE who="Marie"]<quoted text>So you posted a link to the Bill Moyers interview and it was deleted? If so, that's weird.
I've posted links to his programs before and didn't have a problem. [/QUOTE]
Well, maybe it's because this one is critical of Obama's plan.    It's important to note that the media isn't giving their readers/viewers that information either, even though one was advertised to hundreds of them, and the other is from a US Congressman.  That's why the media needs to hear about the anger, from those who keep them in business.  Here are both plans: (next post)  - goes farther by making a profit for taxpayers, etc.
And  and here's the interview:    2036
[QUOTE who="Toni"]<quoted text>The Grayson I was talking about is a Demoncrap from Florida. He's the one who held up a large display in the Congress about the supposed Republicans who were in favor of killing Grannie. Even though it was pointed out by the other side that the Obama Care bill would rip 500 million in Medicare funds from the plan, and seriously reduce services as a result. Increase dramitically premiums for seniors and all currently insured..... Hello, thats exactly with Obama and his dimwits in Congress and the Senate are doing with the deeming of this travesty. I do not support Obama on any level. I figured out what his course of action would be prior to the election. He has surpassed my prediction of harm to this country. If you seriously believe he is saving this country from itself..boy you need more medication and self reflection.[/QUOTE]
This person is a good example of how a Republican parasite avoids logic and reality.  Republicans aren't able to think things through, so they vote the party, letting others do that for them.   They criticize people like Grayson, who is helping to save this country financially, because they liked it better when Repubican Bush was destroying it.  They constantly !itch when legislators don't fight corruption, then criticize those who do because they're not Republican. The most dangerous threat to our country is stupidity.  We can't turn against those who are trying to throw us life rafts and expect to survive.   Republicans are morons - if they had a brain among them, they would've let Democrats impeach Bush, hoping to win in the next election.  But they didn't - they chose to help him commit treason rather than think of what Bush was doing to them and their families.  They're idiots! Democrats, on the other hand, are more intelligent because they know that if they country as a whole doesn't do well, neither will the citizens.  So, they've been leaving the Democratic Party, choosing to be loyal to the country instead of the party.    Now, thanks to Grayson, they can come together and demand something better.  Here's a good place to start: (next post)   2039
Toni Overland Park, KS |#2048 Sunday May 23
Protester wrote: <quoted text>You're obviously promoting Obama's bill, either than or an idiot for going after those who are trying to save us from that bill. From you comments, I can only laugh at the idea of you sitting in Grayson's chair - the whole country would think Florida voters were insane. Instead they elected a man who is doing more than any other legislator to save us from this health care disaster.         People, ignore the ignorant criticisms and support this man for the good he is doing, don't do the dumbest thing possible and harm yourselves to be self-righteous, which may make you feel good for a short time, but reality will catch up.
I am not for ObamaCare and want it repealed. Nothing in the bill represents cost cutting, Tort reform, lower premiums and drug costs, ability to purchase health insurance any where in the USA for a better deal. All this bill does is provide health care for indegent people at everyone else's expense. Obama doesn't give a rats ass for Seniors, he has made that quite clear in denying their cost of living increases for two years, and gutting 500 billion from Medicare. I guess it is some kind of sick revenge because many of the older folks did not vote for him. Sorry, Grayson the congressman from Florida is a piece of shit, his grand-stand sign in Congress that the Republicans want death panels to kill grannie was pure far left BS. And I am not changing my mind on it. Repeal the HealthCare bill, and while you are at it repeal Obama. He's not worth a shit either.
[QUOTE who="Toni"]<quoted text>
The Grayson I was talking about is a Demoncrap from Florida. He's the one who held up a large display in the Congress about the supposed Republicans who were in favor of killing Grannie. Even though it was pointed out by the other side that the Obama Care bill would rip 500 million in Medicare funds from the plan, and seriously reduce services as a result. Increase dramitically premiums for seniors and all currently insured..... Hello, thats exactly with Obama and his dimwits in Congress and the Senate are doing with the deeming of this travesty. I do not support Obama on any level. I figured out what his course of action would be prior to the election. He has surpassed my prediction of harm to this country. If you seriously believe he is saving this country from itself..boy you need more medication and self reflection.[/QUOTE]
Your post is full of ignorance. I criticized Obama and praised Grayson.  Both are Democrats, but I'm not a puppet of any party, and I judge them by their record. Your tunnel vision has blinded you to the reality of what Grayson has done. People:  Grayson has had the courage to stand up to his own party, to stand alone and courageously give us a solution to the Obama disaster. Don't be idiots - look at the facts.    Obama is spending a fortune setting up a whole new bureaucracy, which is so abusive and not voluntary, that he has to use the IRS Gestapo to enforce it. Grayson would save us a fortune by simply letting people BUY into medicare, if they want to.
Read the facts, and HELP make it happen by penalizing legislators and the media for denying you all the right to have a choice in health care. 
If this next post is deleted AGAIN, go to US News and search for: Those Opposed to Obama's bill  2046
And  2047
[QUOTE who="Patriot AKA Bozo"]America Spends The Most On Health Care, Yet Gets The Least
....Overall, the winner in this year's contest was the Netherlands. Interestingly, perhaps, it's a nation that doesn't have a government-run system, but instead achieves universal coverage with an individual insurance mandate, much like the one recently passed by the U.S. Congress. The Dutch were first in access, first in equity, and second in quality of care.
The U.S., by contrast, was last in every category except quality, where it was second to last, squeaking in ahead of Canada. At $7,290 in annual spending per person in 2007, the U.S. also dwarfed second-place Canada at $3,895 and third-place Netherlands at $3,837....[/QUOTE]
Is their insurance industry as corrupt as ours?  Probably not, because they hold government and politicians accountable. Does theirs have to use the IRS Gestapo to enforce anything that most of the people are against? There are too many unanswered questions.
One fact is indisputable:  The U.S. is criminal in its health care, and Republicans never said a word about the death and destruction they caused with their votes, but were outraged because we were attempting to provide health care.   Plus, the fact is that most Americans are financially unable to afford health insurance because of the Republican-caused recession, and jobs given to citizens of other countries, especially China and Mexico.   2066

Holy Crimes of the Week               Christian
One of the worst crimes against Christianity committed in some Protestant churches, is the teaching by ministers that God has told them that they are to vote Republican. They get away with it by using issues like family values, abortion, etc. but the fact remains that there is no greater sin, and no greater sign that those ministers are speaking for satan, than to lie about what God says.  People need to get out of those churches and start their own small groups for worship, prayer, Bible study, etc. if there are no legitimate Christian churches around.
protestant  127
Add this crime:    Guide one ins. co. vigorously has vigorously defended child abusers with hundreds of felonies, including the destruction of evidence.  Otherwise they clearly would have lost the case. Their crimes nearly killed one person, and the child suffered permanent damage, but nobody was ever prosecuted for anything.  That's how much power they have. Their crimes have been committed by people in four different areas, but not one district attorney would prosecute any of them.  Protect yourself from this danger - find out who insures your religious organizations, summer camps, senior residences, etc.  138
[QUOTE who="Hmm"] Kentucky: Pastor Jody Dewain Lusk faces life in prison over new federal charges of raping a 13 year-old girl. Lusk began serving 20 years in prison last month after being convicted of six counts of child rape by the state. Virginia: Pastor Jeremy Duffer sentenced to 17 years in prison for molesting two girls. California: Sunday school teacher Melissa Huckaby pleads guilty to murdering an 8 year-old girl.  New York: Pastor Phillip Joubert to be indicted on two charges of raping an underage female. He faces 25 years in prison.   Pennsylvania: Catholic Youth Organization basketball coach Michael Kman arrested for offering bribes to league referees. 
New York: Rabbi Baruch Lebovits accused of molesting man on trial for a similar crime. Lebovits was convicted of child molestation earlier this year. Delaware: Monsignor George J. Mazzotta accused of child molestation.  Bahamas: Pastor David McCartney charged with conspiring with an immigration fraud ring. Minnesota: Pastor Jeffrey Mobley sentenced to a month in jail and ten years of probation for groping and sending sexually explicit text messages to a female minor. Uganda: Pastor Victor Ocloo sentenced to five years in prison for embezzling $50,000 meant for a group home for people with AIDS. California: Rancho Bernardo Presbyterian Church sued for allowing a known sexual predator to remain as the church's youth choir teacher.      Colombia: Father Luis Enrique Duque captured after three years on the lam following his 2007 conviction for child molestation. This Week's Winner Ohio: Organizers of the website Bishop Accountability are demanding that the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland reveal the names of 73 priests accused of child molestation. According to the group, that diocese has the "worst record in the nation" for shielding the identities of priests. In 2004 Bishop Anthony Pilla admitted that 118 priests in the diocese have been accused of sexual offenses. Only 45 of those priests have ever been named.[/QUOTE]
It's outrageous that all priests, ministers, etc. who abuse children aren't automatically prosecuted, along with every single person who has protected them in any way, especially leaders like the pope. American parents have failed their children in so many ways, and we wonder why there's so much anger, violence, and abuse? The worst thing is that it's totally legalized when insurance companies like Guide One get involved and use hundreds of felonies IN COURT to get away with the crimes.  Find out who insures your church, school, etc. so you're not victimized by them too. The most spiritually dangerous thing is when people tell us that this is God's country, giving God the black eye for all that evil.   We are obligated to correct them, unless we want to be punished too.   We're obligated to make sure they're prosecuted (next post)  168  And  169
[QUOTE who="feces for jesus"]<quoted text>Listen you brain dead moron, you are not the one who decides who is and who is not a christian.            Fact is that christians commit crimes. You calling them "fake christians" is a total cop out. You just want to turn a blind eye towards the crimes that christians have done, and try to distract from the actual topic by posting about muslim crimes.       Notice that most the christian crimes are reported from the US and Europe and the muslim crimes you post are, hey, big surpise, in the middle east.   [/QUOTE]
You just don't get it.  No adult should be so naive that they believe everything people say about themselves.  Satan loves it that evil is blamed on God, therefore it's not true when they say they're Christians.
Anybody can make the claim, but smart people can discern whether it's the truth or not by their deeds.  Then they don't get confused and angry, blaming the enemies of evil by mistake.  189
[QUOTE who="feces for jesus"]<quoted text>You're just like one of those slimey christian higher ups who wanted to cover up decades of sexual abuse. You just wish so hard that people of your faith didn't commit crimes, but it's pathetic how you try and just say that those people were not real christians. It just shows you inability to accept the truth.... CHRISTIANS COMMIT CRIMES. Accept it, and remember that you do not get to decide if a person is a christian or not. [/QUOTE]
True Christians don't repeatedly commit crimes, and they don't try and cover up crimes.  That would make a mockery of the faith.
The pope, and everybody else who has been involved in covering up those crimes, should be prosecuted.     Protestant ministers, who have used God to promote Republicanism, should have been kicked out and those churches and organizations should have lost their tax exempt status. Yet, the IRS only goes after liberal churches.   Now we have a health care plan that is so abusive and criminal that Obama has to use the IRS to enforce it. Notice how evil forces help each other?  The IRS enforces crimes which are abusive to the American people, just as the IRS has always enforced 'illegal laws' ( None of this would be happening if Christians followed Christ's example, and fought back against evil.  Instead of being faithful to God, they're faithful to their leaders. Here's what they get:  They don't have to grow up and be responsible for their actions - they're just doing what their Protestant 'daddy' told them to.  They're warned about this in the Bible, but they desperately just want to be taken care of.  They are not fit to be parents.   197
[QUOTE who="ACLU-Tom"]Some Americans are murderers, and some Christians are murderers too. Your refusal to accept facts, doesn't change those facts. <quoted text>[/QUOTE]
Christians can kill in self defense, but people who live a life of crime can't be Christians, no matter what they say. They can be Protestants, because Protestantism is big business, it's the money and power, and the corruption of Christianity.  Some of them believe that God supports Republicanism, and so should they, because their leaders told them so.  (  It's all the opposite of Christianity, since Satan is the Father of all Lies.   198

Homelessness is a silent epidemic
[QUOTE who="Felipe"]For too many, homelessness is a choice. Many "homeless" folk are lazy drug users who refuse to stay in shelters because the shelters have rules prohibiting drug use, sex, gambling, etc., and require participants to look for jobs, bathe, etc. It is difficult for many of us to understand, but many of the "homeless" simply enjoy the street life. I work with them during the course of my job duties.
Many, if not most of the truly needy would be taken care of by family and community if not for liberal/leftist/progressive/Marxist social/economic policy. The criminally punitive confiscatory and redistributionist tax code and social safety hammock deprive good folk of the disposable funds that might go to spending on faith-based and other programs that give temporary help to those in need or help them/us to take in to our homes family/friends who are in need, and the existence of the government social safety hammock sends the message that I need not help my brother or neighbor because the government will.       Abolish welfare in all its nefarious forms, drastically lower tax rates, and support God-based values/moraltiy, and the result will be greater care for the truly needy without government interference, on a voluntary basis that edifies us as a people/culture.       "The bigger the government, the smaller the citizen." Dennis Prager [/QUOTE]
This kind of stupidity is discussed at intelligent-liberals. com but is wasted on Republicans who CAN'T learn.
Also, this idiot talks about 'God-based values/morality' and then describes an evil Godless mentality which is completely anti-Christian.  It has to infuriate the real God when He's blamed for Republican evil, but it's something Republicans do all the time -- claiming to speak for God, when in reality it's Satan who loves what they're doing. This is a good example of the muddled thinking of Republicans, and why they kept Bush in office for eight years, fighting off attempts to impeach him and save the country.  They're not good Americans, they're traitors, just like their leaders, which is also discussed at the site. ?

How To Be An Atheist
Some are atheists because they didn't grow up around religion, not because they decided to hate God, etc.  I can't imagine any parent not letting their children be educated in Christianity so they can make up their own minds.  Most of the blame goes to religious leaders who are some of the worst among us.  They worship money and power, and clearly don't care about the people.  They build glass churches and other monuments to their egos.  All that money could have been used to feed the sheep.  A Baptist church school abused kids for decades, and were finally sued by the parents of a child who sustained permanent injury.  They lost because the school was insured by Guide One, the company that uses hundreds of felonies to win, including the destruction of key evidence.  That school continues as though nothing had happened.  Other Baptist organizations have been accused of endangering children, including one who was almost murdered, but they have insulated themselves from complaints.  Baptists make a lot of noise about being Christian, but you will know them by their deeds' - satanic. 255

How to make legislators listen to the people:    POLITICS
They only understand two things: votes and money. They already have your votes, so STOP DONATING to them or their party.
Then start recall elections.  Even if they don't happen, the fact that people are attempting to fire them should wake them up.
There are many more ideas at insurance corruption. com - on the Fight Back page.  There are also ideas intended to force the media to start giving us the information we need, to tell the stories of what insurance companies are doing to their victims, to be present in court, etc.  The news needs to include the facts about corruption which hits everybody.  If we don't demand this, we will continue to have some of the most ignorant people on the face of the earth. #1
The losers who don't fight back truly deserve it when insurance companies, their slimy lawyers, and legislators ruin their lives.   2

Hurled bricks, threats surround health overhaul
Republicans, if you have a brain in your head, you will face the reality that you have to compromise with the rest of the country or they will all turn against you.          You should be raging at the media for hiding the fact that there are other healthcare choices, which would benefit you greatly. Here are two: 379                   And and 380
We wouldn't be having any violence or anger, and the health care plan would have been settled in 2009, if the American people had come together and COMPROMISED FOR THE GOOD OF ALL on a plan like:  403
AND which solved all the major problems we're still fighting over. Now there's another choice:  which just lets people buy into Medicare if they want to (near the end of the interview).  There is extremely important information in this interview.  Both of these plans cut out insurance companies, cutting massive corruption, and forces legislators to remember who they work for. PICK ONE, DEMAND IT, then the the MEDIA THEY HAVE LOST YOUR SUPPORT BECAUSE THEY DELIBERATELY DENIED YOUR RIGHT TO THIS INFORMATION.  Now we know how biased they are.  404
[QUOTE who="maddog2008"]<quoted text>And it is a shame that the liberals wouldn't let that happen.It is their way or it is no way.This bill (law) is bad for our country and when the people start seeing that it will NOT do anything but cost them more and they get less, the crap will hit the fan.This is just the start of Obama's plans to take over our freedoms.The next will be open borders and forgive anyone that came here illegaly.Vote all of the liberals out no matter what party they belong to.[/QUOTE]
I agree and it's up to liberal voters to fight this disastrous plan and demand one of the plans in post 404. People:   If you know of others, post them!   As far as voting them out - has that ever worked?  If it did, this country wouldn't look anything like what it does today.
If most people would go to the insurance corruption. com site, the 'fight back' page, and follow those ideas, we'd get control of congress again.  The same with the media - have you seen any of these other plans published anywhere?  No, because they are THAT biased, putting our need-to-know last on their list.  Get active today, or pay the price tomorrow, and for the rest of your lives, and your children's lives.  This is a no-brainer, but also a no-laziness fact.  432
[QUOTE who="Molly G"]<quoted text>And the "TWO" are??? Obviously nothing. Republicans tried to keep all the pork spending and bribes out of the Health Care Reform. That they overwhelmingly voted against it will not leave them holding the bag when once Americans realize the cost to their comfortable lives and reduction in medical services. Obama started his socialist agenda with taking over banks and Wall Street bail-outs followed by mortgage assistance and now health care which will put insurance companies out of business. What do you think the government will take over next? And by the time Obama has his hand on all the things we've taken as our rights and liberties what will you have left to get rid of him?22 [/QUOTE]
All you had to do was look at the next post, 404 - it's not rocket science.  I did that for a reason.  You wrote, "health care which will put insurance companies out of business" - you know, if you're that ignorant, it's better not to talk. Insurance companies are horribly corrupt, have been meeting with our great leaders to get the plan that forces millions of people to pay them so they can support their corruption, etc.  They will make out like the thieves they are on this legislation.  People:  By supporting one of the other plans, we do several things at once.    We compete against the insurance companies, so people aren't forced to finance the corruption.  Then insurance companies won't be able to buy our legislators who pass laws which violate our legal rights.  For example, it's the law that jurors can't know if an insurance company is involved in a lawsuit, to protect the guilty.  (See the example on the insurance corruption site.)
It helps stop the human tragedy resulting from insurance company fraud.  Millions of people wouldn't have demanded government intervention if it wasn't a fact of life.   It eliminates the need to spend a fortune prosecuting all the felonies committed by insurance companies, as if the American people are ever going to develop enough backbone to do that. It tells our legislators that we won't take any more of their corruption either, so in the future, maybe they will listen to us.      It tells the media they have lost customers because they chose to be biased in one direction or the other, and refused to tell them that they had other choices. READ about these choices and make an intelligent decision.  If you don't exercise your right to have a voice in government, you will lose it, even more than you already have.   433
[QUOTE who="WOW Angry Much"]<quoted text>Because, people like you, condone violence. Voting is the way to change Washington, not shooting. [/QUOTE]
Voting is NOT the way to change Washington - has it EVER really worked?  How many years are unthinking people going to repeat that over and over again?    There are GOOD ways to force changes, but that requires doing something.  At  on the 'fight back' page there are ideas that work, which you'd all know about if you'd checked it out.  There are also suggestions for dealing with the media which has refused to inform you that you had other choices, including that one, since the summer of 2009.  You had the right to know, so tell them they've lost you as a customer for trying to keep the American people ignorant.  Another one suggests simply letting people buy into Medicare if they want to - see  - the information is near the end of the interview. Don't make a decision about health care until you have considered other choices, and don't make other people do all the work in dealing with the media and legislators.  452
[QUOTE who="Say what"]Your comments sound reasonable. Do you have any insight on how to bring unity back to America before it falls apart?<quoted text>[/QUOTE]
Donna Atlanta GA wrote:  I've been around here on Topix for several years now, and I've always used it as something of a barometer of public opinion. Because Topix is fairly uncensored posters can hide behind anonymity while allowing their true feelings to surface.
Anger in America isn't new. It's been around since before Obama came on the scene. But what's changed is the course the anger is taking. Like a stream of water, it has been eroding away at the foundation of our country, deepening and widening its path until we've gone from being a trickling creek to almost a raging river. I've made some predictions here on Topix that have come to pass. A number of years ago I predicted that our economy would fail. No one listened, but you can't stop a runaway freight train anyway.  My next prediction is that in four to six years, if things don't change (and I don't see that happening) our country will suffer a massive political and social fracture like that during the Civil War. We will choose sides and come to blows with one another. There will be much communal strife like that seen in Ireland during its religious conflicts. Most of our separation will be due to social class because as the middle class in America continues to shrink there will grow a wider and wider gap between the economic groups in our country. As racial issues continue to pour fuel on this fire, we can only expect things to get worse. So, ponder that today. Picture what lies ahead for us. And we're creating it right now, today, because like a bunch of spoiled brats each and every one of us wants our way. That can't happen in a civilized society. Like in a marriage there must be give and take for the union to be successful. There is no longer give and take. That's been gone for a very long time. We are now so individualized that we no matter what goes on we ask "what's in it for me?" The America that our Founding Fathers created is gone - not because the Constitution wasn't adhered to -  but because we have grown selfish and self-centered and put our want and greed ahead of our nation"        I disagree completely.  If you're even a little aware of the amount of abuse and corruption coming from Washington, then the last thing this country needs is for the American people to become more like sheep, pathetic critters who are controlled by masters, and victimized by predators. I'm so relieved to see that people from all ideologies are speaking out and demanding reform.  That's what will save this country from the evil that results from too much wealth and power with almost no accountability. If not, it won't take that long for the country to unravel, as our leaders are trying to drown us in debt and lawlessness. Whether people are religious or not, we are expected to fight the good fight, and save the goody-goody attitude for the less fortunate, not the Godless parasites who have no conscience. If you care about your country, and the survival of its people, read about your choices and what you can do at (next post)  489
And  490
And maddog2008 Since: Sep 08 1,053 Rochester, NY I am glad to see someone is right on the money I agree 100% 
And  [QUOTE who="-yernogood"]What a waste of time long posts are right? How does a person feel when they write a book nobody will read? Short sweet opinion darling…[/QUOTE]
If you have a learning disability, deal with it instead of criticizing those who have knowledge to share. 495

Indonesian students protest Barack Obama's visit
Obama is rejected by Muslims, but Republican simpletons constantly accuse him of being Muslim.  They're not smart enough to criticize him for choosing insurance company profits instead of a good health care plan, like the insurance corruption. com plan which solves the problems Americans hate most.  If it's going to be accepted, the American people are going to have to wake up and push it because the sleazy insurance companies, biased media, and corrupt politicians are all against it.  Also, on 'fight back' section - how to control congress.   5
[QUOTE who="Just Fred"]<quoted text>Hmm, I would hope you would get your facts straight. I am no fan of insurance companies. However, I have read that their profit margin is only about three percent. On the other hand, The President's health care bill could cost over a trillion dollars. As for Obama's faith, he was a practicing Muslim in Indonesia. I would think that the country would be glad to see him.[/QUOTE]
Profit margin?  The ignorant masses are to blame for the fact that sleazy insurance companies are murdering people who have paid premiums and have the right to be treated. Get YOUR facts straight - they recorded record profits last year and are giving the millions left over to the most corrupt CEOs who should be in prison instead of to save the lives of those who trusted them.   They are professionals at fully exploiting stupidity, and those who have to learn the hard way.  Don't be an idiot - learn at sites like insurance corruption. com or you are supporting murder and corruption.  8
[QUOTE who="MissyM"]Ins. company save billions of lives, that's a fact. Now someone tell me how many people they have helped and compare that to how many you know they have killed??[/QUOTE]
You must be a child -- no adult is that naive.  Insurance companies are horribly corrupt, their people can't be prosecuted for their felonies, they've paid our legislators to write laws that violate our legal rights -- it's a long list, but one that real adults are well aware of.  Go play on one of the kiddie's sites.  16
[QUOTE who="Think Again"]<quoted text>You sound pretty naive yourself. I bet you grovel at Obama's every word. [/QUOTE]
And, of course you'd be wrong AGAIN.   It's common knowledge that insurance companies are killing people, keeping money that could be used for coverage and giving it to their CEO's, rewarding murder.  The only people who think that's ok are those who are subhuman, having no conscience, and are probably profiting from the industry themselves.  The plan at insurance corruption. com puts people first, making health care affordable. It also puts the government first, taking profit from criminals and using it to pay the deficit.  19
[QUOTE who="Just Fred"]<quoted text>By golly, I suggest that you verify your facts. I reviewed professional business sources before I stated anything. so, good luck in your world.[/QUOTE]
"The five largest U.S. health insurance companies sailed through the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression to set new industry profit records in 2009, a feat accomplished by leaving behind 2.7 million americans who had been inprivate health plans. For customers who kept their benefits, the insurers raised rates and cost-sharing,and cut the share of premiums spent on medical care. Executives and shareholders of the five biggest for-profit health insurers, UnitedHealthGroup inc., WellPoint inc., Aetna Inc., Humana Inc., and Cigna Corp., enjoyed combined profit of $12.2 billion in 2009, up 56 percent from the previous year. It was the best year ever for Big Insurance."
MY WORLD is reality.  22
[QUOTE who="Think Again"]<quoted text>You sound pretty naive yourself. I bet you grovel at Obama's every word. [/QUOTE]
If you checked my profile, you'd see all the times I've posted against Obama's health bill, etc. What slimy insurance company do you work for?  23
[QUOTE who="MissyM"]<quoted text>I'm in the medical field, and have done every facet of it, I have watched them pay for millions in medical care and life saving treatment. I've posted the checks to accounts...[/QUOTE]
And what does that have to do with the people they've killed by denying coverage, or denying it in time to save lives?  What does that have to do with their greed which denies coverage to millions? Your comments are designed to be deceptive, using your narrow experiences to condone crimes.  Shame on you.  24

Is there a middle on abortion?
Yes, there absolutely is a middle on abortion, and it will be given to the American people, if the health care plan at  becomes law. This legislation is so extremely important that people must have it before they can even begin to make a decision about this bill. The other choices are far superior to the bill that was passed, but the media is sabotaging your right to know by refusing to publish them.  The US Politics forum suppressed more information this morning, for no reason, which is scary and makes me wonder what's going on here?  I hope you'll also go to 'feedback' (below) and 'comments' and demand that the person responsible be fired - the information is THAT important. There's also this choice which simply lets people buy into Medicare if they want:  - the most important information is near the end.  Don't make a decision based on ignorance.  47089
No one has the right to demand that babies should be born, unless first demanding that they not be killed after birth by violence and abuse, or lack of health care.   There is an intelligent end to this endless debate, which will be given if the Insurance Corruption health care plan is passed.    That plan isn't welfare but is affordable for all the middle class, helps small businesses and the middle class survive financially, is voluntary, makes a profit rather than being a burden to taxpayers, and so much more.  The secret to that success is simple, so check it out, then DEMAND it from the government.  That needs to be backed up by actions from the 'fight back' page.  The site is:  47139
and  Never heard of it?  It’s been around since the summer of 2009.  You should be furious that the media is so biased, either in favor of Democrats or Republicans, that they have denied all Americans the right to choose.  They have deliberately kept you ignorant.  You can NOT make an intelligent health care choice until you have the facts.  Another plan simply lets Americans buy into Medicare if they choose at:  - near the end of the interview.   Choose one and never stop demanding it.  We wouldn't be in this mess now if the American people had not been too lazy to do their job, of holding leaders accountable, in the first place.  47140
[QUOTE who="Teenybop"]Yes, there is a middle. Don't tell me what to do with my pregnancy, and I won't tell you what to do with yours.
If you can't get pregnant, mind your own business.[/QUOTE]
Great answer, glad to see you standing up for your rights.   47256
[QUOTE who="chooselife"]<quoted text>That one is standing for selfishness on the body of the unborn.[/QUOTE]
Oh, were you intending to support it for 18 years?  Boy, are you selfish!  47265
[QUOTE who="Most Are Walking Dead"]<quoted text>
"Don't tell me what to do with my pregnancy, and I won't tell you what to do with yours."  But we have to pay tax money for you to have an abortion if you so "choose". Where is our "choice" in this matter? Why do you get to have a "choice" but we, the tax payers, don't?  Murdering the preborn in the womb has been labeled as a "right to privacy". Then why are we forced to pay for other people's "private bloody rights"?  If I am forced to pay money for people to murder their offspring, then your pregnancies and what you decide to do with them are MY BUSINESS, specially since they are a matter of civil rights: the basic right to life.[/QUOTE]
You're forced to pay for a lot of things, like murdering hundreds of thousands in the wars we've fought - FOR NO GOOD PURPOSE.  I guess people in other countries are subhuman to the sanctimonious.  Pro-lifers aren't pro life at all, especially when they love their money more than health care to keep people alive. Then you assume tax money has to pay for someone's abortion.  Your thinking is self-delusion stacked on lies, covered with self-righteousness. People like you go through life making a mockery of the right to life, and you're so dumb you never once think it through.  You're used and manipulated for financial profit, and you don't have a clue what I'm talking about.  47286
[QUOTE who="Most Are Walking Dead"]<quoted text>"You're forced to pay for a lot of things, like murdering hundreds of thousands in the wars we've fought" There is no comparison between the victims of a war and the victims of abortion:
War: The number of civilian victims is very low; the number of military victims is also significantly lower; those fighting in have a chance to defend themselves; those who fight in wars have voluntarily joined the military.  Abortion: More than 46 million unborn human beings have been legally killed since 1973; an unborn human being cannot defend itself from the abortionist; the abortion victim is not a random victim, but its murder has been premeditated; an abortion victim did not volunteer to be in the womb for it didn't even will its existence. "Pro-lifers aren't pro life at all, especially when they love their money more than health care to keep people alive."
Whom are you talking about? If you think Obamacare is going to keep everybody alive, well, you must live in dreamland. Expect forced euthanasia of the elderly and the handicapped. "Then you assume tax money has to pay for some one's abortion. Your thinking is self-delusion stacked on lies, covered with self-righteousness."  Just your opinion, which I don't care for, nor does it affect me in the least.  "People like you go through life making a mockery of the right to life, and you're so dumb you never once think it through. You're used and manipulated for financial profit, and you don't have a clue what I'm talking about"  Again, just your sad opinion. As a matter of fact I don't care for your opinions or anybody else's.  No I don't have a clue what you are talking about, because its hard for me to actually understand stupid statements.  Have a good evening.[/QUOTE]
Voluntarily joined the military?  Get in touch with reality - our great political leaders have sent the jobs to other countries, or invited illegals to come here to take jobs, VICTIMIZING THE YOUNG the most and forcing them to join the military to survive.  How many babies are you supporting?  Anywhere near 46 million?  No, you want to dump that responsibility on others.  I was talking about how pro-lifers don't keep the children fed, keep them from dying, keep them from being victims of violence, no you just want to FEEL self-righteous by forcing them to be born.  You're just like the men who breed, but disappear at the first sign of adult responsibility. 
"Have a good evening."???  After all that deceit, just another dumb lie, shallow and !itchy.   47366
Most Are Walking Dead Fairfield, OH |#47383 Tuesday Apr 6
Intersting...looks like your own mistakes in life have made you miserable. And they have made you miserable only because you have expected somebody else to take responsibility for your behavior and it didn't work out.  You poor thing, how dare people expect you to pay the consequences of your own actions and worse, expect you to become a responsible person?  You have a lose screw. You are pathetic and truthfully I am not spending any more time on you.

Is there sex in heaven?
[QUOTE who="Heather"]<quoted text>Just as well I'm not deceitful then.<quoted text>
You go from using your opinion to criticising others using their opinion, to emphasising that personal experience is important to criticising my experience by claiming that my perception is altered because of my faith. Then you go from saying "all Christians" to it being a "general statement" and then back to it being "factual" ...yet I am the one who is being deceitful? <quoted text>
Christians labelling a group of people as evil because others want to point out the flaws in their beliefs or arguments is little different from labelling a group of people as brainwashed because of their faith and their criticism of your argument. Both are making assumptions about of a massive group of people, and both are arrogantly keen to revile those who disagree with them. That does not mean to say I think you are evil and it is not a lie - it’s a perfectly reasonable judgment which you have given me the pleasure of constructing.<quoted text>
Any evidence you have provided to show that the people on this forum are brainwashed, I agree with. I have also never called you or anybody who disagrees or points out problems within the Bible as being evil and I’m certainly not the only one. If you want to twist my words to make it seem as though I’m accusing you of being evil, rather than just showing some humility in admitting that your statement is not universal - then have fun with that, but I can’t fall into a trap that can’t hold itself up in the first place.[/QUOTE]
FIRST - recognize that Protestantism and Christianity are two different things, going in opposite directions these days.  Christianity is faith, but Protestantism is big business with big churches promoting Republican greed instead of giving, lies instead of truth, etc. - protestant protest. net  Protestant ministers and televangelists tell Americans that their false god demands that they vote Republican, and they follow blindly instead of getting out of those churches and speaking out against that evil.  Republican-Protestant leaders falsely proclaimed 'family values' as they were destroying poor families all across the US, and making millions of people homeless.  They sanctimoniously obsessed over other people's sexual activity while Republican conventions are notorious for promoting prostitution.  It's a long list of fraudulent beliefs, based on unChristian teaching by ministers and televangelists who only want money and power.  They are the ones who will be told:  Get away from Me, I never knew you.  Their spiritually blind followers are probably intending to blame their leaders when judged, but it doesn't work that way.  181
             Healthcare Industry
Lawless state enabled childs rape
EVERYONE is to blame, unless they've worked to clean up the evil we call a legal system. It's only going to get worse, much worse, because they're getting more arrogant, knowing the American people don't have enough self respect to defend their children or themselves from this 'organized crime'. You are destroying lives unless you're working to save them, because they work together AGAINST YOU. Be intelligent enough to work together against them.  (next post)    46  And   47
[QUOTE who="justagi"]<quoted text>It's obvious, the feds don't WANT to, and they don't want to answer why. All I can say is, "I didn't vote for him."[/QUOTE]
You're right, but most Americans still don't get that, even after DECADES of invasion. The reason is simple - their wealthy backers want cheap labor.  That old excuse that they're doing what we won't is finally exposed, as Americans are now desperate for jobs.
Plus, Mexicans didn't do those jobs for long - they quickly moved in to take construction, landscaping, and other very well paid jobs.
So, there's also something more sinister going on here.  Just think - politicians could make a few mistakes here and there, and would be expected to fix those problems. However, they continue to DELIBERATELY pass laws that are destroying this country.  They have an agenda.  However, with the idiot masses still too stupid to know what to do, even though good solutions have been presented over and over again, and are too gutless to actually fight back, there really is very little hope.  We're going to go through hell before the idiots finally get off their dead rears. (next post)  50    And     51

Look what they're erasing from U.S. history!
History books are full of lies, the media lies to us or leaves out important information, our leaders defraud us in every area, too many schools are doing a terrible job of teaching kids what they need to know, etc. etc. etc. -- and we wonder why the U.S. has become a joke to the rest of the world? That's why we have so many ignorant idiots who elect traitors like George Bush, and keep him in office.  Intelligent-liberals. com try to teach people to think, but the idiot masses are reproducing faster than they are willing to learn anything.  85
[QUOTE who="Jim Trebowski"]<quoted text> BTW, are you sure you're not a Tancredo-loving conservative? I checked out your website, and noticed you advocate a civics literacy test in order to vote. Aren't you aware of the history of that test, not to mention it's uncontitutionality?[/QUOTE]
The intelligent-liberals. com site covered Republican treason, the homeless, tea parties, national health care, the Mexican invasion, Mass. votes, Obama & Internet, the draft, Afganistan, media bias, Democrats' failures, bad parenting, welfare, the coming US violence, the need for liberal groups to join together, and more.      Voting should be a privilege, not a right because Republicans continue to murder the homeless and poor.  I advocate a political IQ test because I keep hearing so many unbelievably stupid comments made, mostly by Republicans.      For example, they blame Democrats for all the Mexican illegals, when it's common knowledge that Republicans Reagan and Bush granted them amnesty, knowing that would open the floodgates as immigrants expected it to happen again and again.       Plus, they expected Obama to fix Bush's scru-ups immediately, even though it took Bush 8 years to bring this country down, and blamed him for things Bush had done which couldn't be stopped in time, which shows complete ignorance.  Actually, they were criticizing Obama before he was even sworn in.    268
[QUOTE who="skeptic"]<quoted text>The NAZI's were facists not socialists no mater what was in the name. Facists are far right and socialists are left wing.[/QUOTE]
Republicans are always getting the basics wrong.  Again, this is why voters should have to pass a political IQ test.  Republicans would never again be able to bring the US to the brink of disaster.  523
Bill Smith Charleston, SC |#524 Tuesday Feb 16  How about only net taxpayers being able to vote?
[QUOTE who="Tea Party Comission"]Att. Americans:      With all respect You deserve I hereby request you read carefully the following document that pertains the Survival of our Nation and our Civilization:[/QUOTE]
This shows how corrupt and inaccessible our legal system is because most people are too lazy and/or gutless to even try to change it, starting at sites like legal parasites. com and how it can destroy us eventually if that doesn't change.        On the other hand, I'm against it because it's done by Repubicans with an agenda: treason.  It was treason that they DIDN'T even try to impeach George Bush before he could destroy us, and now they're doing this to put more of their village idiots in office.  545
[QUOTE who="Opiey"]<quoted text>The Declaration of Independence & the Constitution are being erased from American governing. As they are all but out-lawed now.       In S. Carolina, last week:      Think Government Is Corrupt? You May Face 10 Years In Jail         Subversives who think government is corrupt and should be controlled by the people face 10 years in prison and a $25,000 dollar fine if they fail to register with authorities in South Carolina, in another chilling example of how free speech and dissent is being criminalized in America.       The state’s “Subversive Activities Registration Act” is now officially on the books        The infamous Phoenix Federal Bureau of Investigation manual (page one, page two) produced in association with the Joint Terrorism Task Force listed “defenders of the U.S. constitution” and “lone individuals” as terrorists. Will anyone in South Carolina who defends the Constitution, the very bedrock of what America stands for, have to register with the authorities unless they want to be locked up for a decade?        Of course, since nobody is going to register as a “subversive” with South Carolina authorities, their failure to “comply” with the regulation will later be used against them as a means of eliciting criminal charges, in what represents a clear end run around the First Amendment.[/QUOTE]
So, what is your solution?        I think we have to start small with something we can do, at legal parasites. com we can get control of those who are destroying our lives, and then can go on to taking back control of the federal government which would prevent the state governments from committing treason against us.   546
[QUOTE who="nobleagl"]<quoted text>"The infamous Phoenix Federal Bureau of Investigation manual (page one, page two) produced in association with the Joint Terrorism Task Force listed “defenders of the U.S. constitution” and “lone individuals” as terrorists. Will anyone in South Carolina who defends the Constitution, the very bedrock of what America stands for, have to register with the authorities unless they want to be locked up for a decade?       Of course, since nobody is going to register as a “subversive” with South Carolina authorities, their failure to “comply” with the regulation will later be used against them as a means of eliciting criminal charges, in what represents a clear end run around the First Amendment.        The government isn’t going to just come out all guns blazing and ban free speech, they are simply going to make anyone who refuses to register for permission a criminal for failing to adhere to a separate mandate."       Another chapter in Janet, from another planet, Napolitano's book displaying her contempt for a free America and citizen's rights guaranteed by the First Amendment. [/QUOTE]
They're NOT going to 'come out all guns blazing...?  You need to  wake up and check our recent history.  We've all been shocked time and time again, as the government, on all levels, does things that we never dreamed they'd do to us.  They are consistently headed in the direction of complete takeover of the American people.  Are you not aware of that, or do you have a legitimate reason to think that's going to change?   Intelligent-liberals. com suggests ways of taking back political power, especially by talking to legislators in the only language they understand, money.  555
[QUOTE who="Common Sense"]Who the hell are Daniel Boone and Nathan Hale? Ultimately, who cares? We should be teaching our children about true patriots who contributed positively to American history: FDR, Truman, JFK, LBJ, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Ted Kennedy, George Clooney, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Bill Maher, Michael Moore, Bill Moyers, Noam Chomsky, Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden.[/QUOTE]
We absolutely need to be teaching kids about history, and that includes the negatives.  At intelligent-liberals. com there is a list of presidents who have gotten away with treason.  Kids need to know how pathetic, stupid, and irresponsible their parents really are.  621
[QUOTE who="Mercer Island"]Obama Commie/Progressives want to erase America off the map and make us melt into world citizenship where nobody is allowed to have more than anyone else. Its communism with a new name.      Progressive=millions of deaths.
People will not give up their country and their freedoms so easily nor should they.      This is why our founding fathers gifted us our 2nd ammendment rights.[/QUOTE]
Where have you been for the past few decades?  Read California Topix and you mostly read about pathetic losers who whine and complain about losing CA.  I've written repeatedly that they need to stand up and fight back, and that they've let their legal system become terribly corrupt for many decades, BUT IT DOESN'T DO ANY GOOD.      Shows like '60 Minutes' have been exposing corruption for decades - what good has that done?  Topix is about the only place where we have national freedom of speech left (except the Religion Forum) and you hear a lot, but what good does it do?  I've suggested sites like insurance corruption. com to help give the people a choice, but they're too dumb to get it.      Your ignorance is part of the problem, living in a fantasy world where the American people are going to do fight back.  In your fantasy, exactly what did you think they're going to do?    622

Mexico's Take Over Of California: Complete By 2014?
[QUOTE who="A Skeptic"]<quoted text>It seems your position might have a dilemna built into it. In order for fundemental effective change to occur, voters (and eligible non-voters too)are to take charge and responsibility for outcomes. Past performance indicates some folks have not been looking after their best interests, and this situation results. Isn't the natural, justifiable outcome be systemic failure for all? After all, the Universe owes no one a living.[/QUOTE]
A majority of Americans are going to have to wise up and recognize that they're fighting for survival, or will go like sheep to the slaughter once it's too late, and there are no more warnings.  It's just that simple, and just that real.   23061?
[QUOTE who="Dr Beach"]I am tired of having to deal with illegals...Mexican or any other nationality. We have immigration laws...its time that our elected officials get some balls and start allowing the enforcement of Federal Immigration Laws, states and towns that do not follow will loose all Federal funding. In fact all these so called sanctuary cities like Long Beach should loose all Federal Funding for allowing the harboring of illegal aliens in the city. Do you know police offices in Long Beach can not even detain an illegal during a police investigation and turn the illegal over to ICE.  People are getting fed up and there is a change coming to this county. Look at the Tea Party movement, we are tired of elected officials not supporting wishes. Sorry but illegals cant vote...well not yet at least. We need to do the right thing and start deporting these illegals. Sorry for the children, but they were conceived in this county by illegal alien parents.
Additionally, we need to start going after business who continue to hire undocumented employees in this country. You can stop by not hiring illegal alien law care and house keepers...there are now plenty of people out of work the are legal citizens of this county who are in need of work. The old saying that we cant get anyone but illegals to do the work is now BS.... Stop the madness and send the asses back south...[/QUOTE]
Use your brain.  All those agencies just happen to be dropping the ball at the same time??? Did you think they want to pay higher taxes to support illegals??? The feds BROUGHT THE ILLEGALS HERE.  Every time a Republican president granted them amnesty, more and more came here, expecting to get amnesty too.  IT WAS DELIBERATE.  Sites like intelligent-liberals. com have been warning you for decades, but as long as the masses want to be lied to by the media, it will get worse.  25453
[QUOTE who="Zagg"]Perhaps we just need to sell California back to Mexico. That would be a nice surprise for all the Mexicans who sneaked in, wouldn't it?[/QUOTE]
So, Californians are running away from their problems, complaining non-stop, selling one of their most prosperous states to Mexico, anything but growing up and fighting back like adults.        There's also the issue that Mexicans didn't put Brown in the Attorney General's office so he could respond to corrupt district attorneys by saying it's not his job, when it actually is.  California is completely corrupted -- none of it done by Mexicans. Intelligent-liberals. com has suggested for years that Americans stop supporting either political part and vote for inde-pendent candidates, but Californians aren't smart enough to understand that concept.  They'd rather run for the border - of Nevada, etc.  25454
[QUOTE who="Fed Up"]Illegal migrants costly to San Bernardino County Total spent on illegal immigrants elusive
Stephen Wall, Staff Writer  Posted: 02/20/2010 02:50:10 PM PST Four years ago, a group of concerned citizens expressed outrage at the cost of illegal immigration to San Bernardino County taxpayers.  The price tag for six county departments to provide services to illegal immigrants was more than $38 million a year, the county Grand Jury found. Most of the money was spent on emergency health care and law enforcement-related services for illegal immigrants. But that was just a fraction of the tab.
Fourteen other unnamed county departments had no idea of their costs for illegal immigrant services. If those departments had provided numbers, the bill would have been substantially higher, the Grand Jury's report stated. The Grand Jury recommended that the county immediately require all departments to start tracking their costs. The information should be made available to the public as well as to state and federal lawmakers who would take action to solve the immigration crisis if they knew the true cost of the problem, according to the report released in 2006. [/QUOTE]
None of you ever get it -- all your research is worth nothing because you haven't attacked the real problem - America's corrupt legislators.  There are solutions at legal parasites. com, but if you're not intelligent enough to see the real problem, you're not smart enough to recognize solutions either. Until you become adults, taking responsibility for the corruption you finance, you don't deserve a better government.  25613
[QUOTE who="humberto"]there is no legal parrasites. com except for a article by that prick John Stossel.[/QUOTE]  25892
[QUOTE who="Gonzallo"]<quoted text>Why don't all Americans have health care like Canada and other civilized nations?
Why are most mass serial killers(Hitler, Stalin, Dahmer, Manson,etc.) all white?  It is a scientific fact as we now have the complete human genome or have unraveled the genetic code.  White europeans have little to offer the human race as their genes are far inferior to the people of Africa. It is a fact that the white european is a degraded form of a creature of whom may not even be related to the human family but to their cousins the neanderthals that once and still reside on that cold continent of Europe.[/QUOTE]
What a bunch of racist garbage!  While Africans are still carrying spears and have given the world AIDS, white Europeans, Jews, and others have been a great gift to the world.  Fact is, they knew enough to get the heck out of Africa, and had the energy and motivation to make it happen.  As to your first sentence, Americans don't have national health care because life has been too good, so they've gotten fat, lazy, stupid, and arrogant.  They need to suffer, they have to learn the hard way.  Then the survivors will go to sites like legal parasites. com and take back their country.   25939
[QUOTE who="Gonzallo"]First of all any one in this country whether legal or illegal should have not those basic human rights afforded to anyone that is part of the human race. For even criminals incarcerated for the most heinous of crimes, murders, rapes, serial killers, child molesters do receive the most basic of health care services. Nonetheless most illegal aliens from Mexico are law abiding citizens and it is only a few that have strayed from the straight and narrow, and this as a consequence of being complicit or embracing American concepts of violence or violence should rule in place of reason for man is a "political creature by nature" and if not restrained reverts to that brutish state of violence even as the animal kingdom is ruled by that beast that is most dominant and brutal or brutish. But I have more to say at a later time. Have a nice day. [/QUOTE]
Get in touch with reality.  It's the majority that are the problem, plus the ignorance of people like you.  Go back through the posts and read first-hand accounts from witnesses.   They come from a country where the police are some of the worst criminals, the government is even more corrupt than ours, and where crime is everywhere.      They're not going to change, and in fact are trying to change US, our country, our language, etc. to be more like them.  They came here, bringing an 'us vs. them' mentality and we are the enemy. This thread is about their take over of CA, but the majority of blame goes to the citizens of CA and the entire country.  How pathetic are the idiot masses who have let a bunch of immigrant peasants defeat them?  How pathetic are they that they kept Bush in office for 8 years while the country burned?  At legal parasites. com there are ways for those who deserve to call themselves patriots to take back their country, maybe even some in CA are willing to do more than whine and complain.  25947
[QUOTE who="USAsince1680"]<quoted text>Just exactly why do you think Illegals should take jobs away from people who are waiting to enter legally? Those people need the low paying jobs currently being stolen by illegals. The illegal alien invaders do not deserve respect or compassion as they have proven they do not have respect for the United States nor compassion for immigrants who are waiting in line.[/QUOTE]
Have the guts to blame Reagan and Bush who enticed them here, for the benefit of their big money contributors who wanted cheap labor. Mexicans are just taking advantage of people too pathetic to fight for themselves.  In spite of almost 26,000 posts, that hasn't changed.  Californians are still pathetic whiners, battling each other, and solving nothing.  No wonder intelligent people have been getting out - not motivated by cowardice, but by the ability to know when they're outnumbered by total losers.  For others - legal parasites. com - join a REAL tea party.  25950
[QUOTE who="humberro "]<quoted text>Thats a really bad site, who ever set it proves absolutly nothing. For instance his gripe about lawyers and judges and statue of limitations - there have been and are laws concerning that. but I will agree, the justice department, court officials and bar are corrupt. [/QUOTE]
Nobody's that naive.  How many times have district attorneys prosecuted lawyers for felonies they've committed?  Everybody hates lawyers -- name one other thing so many people agree on.  Are you under the impression that they're all lying?   If there are that many angry people, then there must be a huge amount of corruption, so there must be a long, long, long list of prosecutions.  I can't wait for your list.  The reality is that district attorneys won't even investigate crimes committed by attorneys -- that's common knowledge.  You admitted that bar associations are corrupt, but never figured out why?  The reason is that there are a lot of felonies to hide.  Lawyers are so bad because they arrogantly know they can get away with anything now, thanks to naive idiots.  You can't fight back if you're not facing reality. It's also the law that district attorneys can't be prosecuted - yes, the laws are written to make sure that, even if they destroy evidence, for example, they can't be prosecuted, even if that results in someone's execution. It's also common knowledge that judges are corrupt, and that's why so many people want trials by juries. Legislators also made it law that no jury can know if an insurance company is involved in a lawsuit -- to protect the insurance companies.   Legislators and insurance companies are working together to keep the plan at insurance corruption. com from becomming a reality.  Most Americans are too stupid to come together to fight for that health care plan, just as they couldn't fight invasion from a bunch of illegals.  Truly pathetic...the amount of ignorance and cowardice.   25956
[QUOTE who="Pat"]<quoted text>They're already in Nevada, and NY, and Connecticut. Name me a state in which government IS NOT corrupt. Politics is synonomous with corruption by it's very nature. The days of the political crusader is over. [/QUOTE]
Yes, but isn't this about California?  Yes. 'days of the political crusader is over'????  You're either afraid of doing a little work or being criticized, and are ready to hand your country over to corruption, but just can't figure out who to give it to.  At legal parasites. com there's another choice, one for people who haven't given up without a fight, who aren't too lazy to bother, and are smart enough to know that they have to work together to make it happen.    25979
[QUOTE who="demure "]<quoted text>You lie about the website.[/QUOTE]
You need to learn to read, I didn't lie - legal parasites. com is about the need to peacefully take back control of the country, etc. 
[QUOTE who="freebird"]<quoted text>I take it you were one of the "intelligent ones" that ran with your tail between your legs and left a vacuum so the illegals could fill it.[/QUOTE]
I'm one of the intelligent ones who wrote about standing up to the federal government, the source of America's major problems.  Obviously, you're one of the low lifes who's too scared to stand up to anybody, but attacks those who do with pathetic personal accusations.  You're either part of that group (slimy insurance companies, sleazy lawyers, corrupt politicians, etc.) or too dumb to know that they couldn't care less about you.  25984
[QUOTE who="Gonzallo"]<quoted text>Therefore the election of President Barack Hussein Obama does not amends make for America's continued persecution, enslavement(welfare) and disenfranchisement of the black man.[/QUOTE]
You just cut him down, saying he was elected because of voter guilt.  Those white voters thought a lot more of him than people like you did.
Of course, now he's shown that he's just another politician.  The only solution to political corruption is at legal parasites. com and if the American masses had gotten off their dead *sses decades ago, Mexico wouldn't be a problem today.  Instead, they chose to be freeloaders, letting others be the adults and take care of them.  Time to grow up and fight back or pay for the rest of your lives.  We're in a race against time.  26300
[QUOTE who="Spread2Thin"]Let them have it, Los Angeles has been suffocated to death and can't be resurrected...the few of us left who are working and paying our taxes should just pick up and leave these parasites to either work for whatever business that are left, or wait in line for the government cheese...where will their welfare checks come from?...I don't care anymore...there's more lazy mouths to feed than there are pockets to pick. Good job support each other and let those of us who still want to work hard to make our families lives better get on with it SOMEWHERE ELSE. [/QUOTE]
Good people should get out of CA - there are lots of better places to live -- but only until the idiot masses finally figure out that we're not carrying their dead weight and are ready to fight to take back CA and the rest of the US.  Most important - Mexicans are not the problem, just an indication of how bad the problem is.  The problem has the same root cause as every other problem plaguing this country - corrupt politicians.  Only by going to sites like legal parasites. com, and fighting back instead of making excuses, will we solve the real problem.  26388
[QUOTE who="Gonzallo"]<quoted text>First of all let me make something clear, Mexico is not the problem.
It is those American businesses that are encouraging illegal aliens to come into this country by so giving them jobs that Americans refuse to do especially if those jobs pay less than minimum wage, etc., In addition the criminal elements from south of the border are supported by Americans in that the drug cartel's chief customer or consumers are in the USA.  Thus the violence, crisis, and corruption in Mexico is a direct outcome or consequence of the American consumer's indirect support of the Mexican drug cartel via the purchase or consumption of illegal drugs.  In addition the atrocities that are now occurring in Mexico are too a consequence of America's support of the Mexican drug cartel by so selling, supplying, and arming the drug cartel with weopons of mass destruction.  Therefore it isn't surprising that many Mexicans would cross the border into the USA if only to escape the violence or atrocities which are an indirect consequence of America's support of the Mexican drug cartel.  And as far as the election of Barack Obama is concerned, it would be too naive to believe that he had been elected into office based solely on merit alone. Even before his election into the office of the Presidency, race was always an significant factor that played a key role in his election as many of his opponents were not immune to allegations of being racist as Obama's opponents were by and large part and parcel of that white establishment(Bush cronies).
And thus Obama relationship with a black pastor, Jeremiah Wright could be excused as the political correctedness of today subscribes to the notions that no black man in America can ever be held accountable for being a racist let alone associated with a racist black pastor.
Have a nice day.[/QUOTE]
Those businesses are NOT the problem.  The workers were enticed here when Reagan gave them amnesty, as Mexicans kept thinking it would happen again, and it did, from Bush, which caused another wave of illegals.  The problems is Republican greed, money from those businesses.
Americans did NOT refuse to do those jobs.  They only wanted to be paid what they deserved.  It's YOUR fault because you didn't stand behind them, and now we're all paying for it.  It's common knowledge that those same corrupt politicians have encouraged drug trafficking across the border, otherwise IT WOULDN'T HAPPEN.  Certain trucks are waived through and not checked, just as the government falsely claims not to have enough people to check ships' cargoes.    Mexicans would find a way to promote corruption and violence if there were NO drugs, and they bring that criminal mentality with them and promote violence here.  It's the mentality of the Mexican people that won't change, even though they get to this country and have great opportunities.   ANY DEMOCRAT would have been elected after eight years of TREASON from Bush.    26389
[QUOTE who="Gonzallo"]<quoted text>All of these empires had at one time their moment of glory: The Egyptian empire.
The Greek empire. The Babylonian empire. The Roman empire. The American empire.
" For there is nothing new under the sun." Have a nice day.[/QUOTE]
I agree - this country could be going down.  The idiot masses don't think it's possible, so they obviously didn't learn the simple lesson of 9-11, that the unthinkable can happen in an instant, when it's too late to stop.  It could happen because of the idiot masses, and because, in spite of all the warnings, our political leaders are getting worse, instead of being scared straight.  They're getting greedier, as though their money can save them, and they can hide anywhere on earth.  Sounds like the idiot masses still in CA who think that running to another state will solve the problem.  Duhhhh   26390
[QUOTE who="Gonzallo"]And say all you want about how blood-thirsty those Aztecs had been, it doesn't negate the fact that America's history is just as blood thirsty and violent even more so. For it wasn't the Aztec empire that incinerated, burned, and destroyed entire cities(Hiroshiman and Nagasaki)but all these evil were at the hands of that white establishment of which still stands today.
It is that self-same white establishment as you will that so espouses democratic principles, freedoms, and liberties yet it does invade with impunity other nations(Iraq, Afghanistan) if only for the express purpose of gaining control of that nations(Iraq) natural resources.(oil)
And thus America invaded Iraq if only to continue with that self-same reason that it invaded that new nation of Mexico and that is only to steal that nation's resources.  And thus it can be justified that muslim nations like Iran and Iraq would want to acquire and develop nuclear weopons as a bully(USA) only understands force.(violence)[/QUOTE]
Wrong, wrong, wrong. Bush invaded Iraq AT THAT PARTICULAR TIME.  Why?  It had been TALKED ABOUT for years.  Because Bin Laden's family and the Bush family were long time friends, so Bush took troops from Afganistan, causing us to lose that war, and sent them to Iraq, for no good reason other than to get revenge against Saddam because daddy Bush humiliated himself and Saddam was their scapegoat.  So, Iraq was one evil motive after another = intelligent-liberals. com.  Muslims want to develop nuclear weapons to destroy Israel from the face of the earth.  26407
[QUOTE who="American Woman"]<quoted text>I agree in terms of Mexico isn't our problem - however - to expose another myth that Americans won't take jobs that pay less just isn't true. Americans cannot afford to take those jobs because we "have" to pay taxes. We "have" to have car insurance - we "have" to abide by our laws. The illegals are here illegally to begin with, therefore - the same rules do not apply.[/QUOTE]
True - and we want to be paid a decent wage for honest work, unlike insurance company CEOs who want billions for betraying their companies with money that was supposed to save lives.  26408
Yes, a nation of idiots are abandoning one of the most prosperous states because they were outsmarted by Mexican peasants.  Yes, a nation of cowards are too afraid to fight for their own country. They're running from problems, just like the Mexicans are doing.(intelligent-liberals. com) THEY ARE YOU!!!    26409
[QUOTE who="NTRPRNR1"]<quoted text>No, I don't pretend the past is to be ignored. I suggest history is used as a tool to understand what went wrong, what we can do differently, and nothing has to be whitewashed. You can't unbomb the bomb. It's done, over with, finished, kaput. Get it? Mistakes have already been made, lives have been lost, kingdoms plundered and land has changed hands through wars as far back as we go in recorded history. Humans are brutal, and it is only through civilization and culture that their instincts are supressed.  "Fall of The Republic" HQ Full Version [/QUOTE]
Good video.  I also urge everybody to watch it, whether they agree with all of it or not, it needs to be taken seriously.  Also, "Download this site now.  When Obama takes control of the Internet, sites like this will be the first to disappear" - legal parasites. com advice that should be used for lots of sites.  26412
[QUOTE who="humberto"]California is so full of shit, they put Reagan in the Whitehouse.[/QUOTE]
However, by that time they had FINALLY figured out what an idiot he was -- too bad it took so long, and that the media didn't warn the rest of the country.  If all Americans don't wise up and get involved with legal parasites. com and others, the corruption will destroy them.  Our political leaders have proven how treacherous and dangerous they are to us and OUR country.  26522
[QUOTE who="It aint necessarily so"]<quoted text>I'm one of those intelligent liberal cowards who ran. Why? I not only distrusted and disrespected the government, I found that I despised half of the population. I realized that I had no fellow Americans, just fellow secular liberals. And not only did I have no interest in helping a nation, half of which called me things like liberal parasite, appeaser, traitor, and worse, I lost my will to help America if it meant fighting people who were enabling my enemies while talking about me like I was an infection. Did you conservatives think that you could do that and still expect people like me to stand beside you? Everybody stands together, or its each man for himself. Just look at the hatred and mutual contempt in most of these threads. I guess that I just got tired of it, and tired of the infighting. I just fell out of love with America, and I wanted a divorce.  Remember "love it or leave it"? I took your advice, and, like a man who no longer loves his wife, I moved out. There are now two less liberals in your country. You conservatives should be tickled about it, not chastising me. It's a win-win. Now, I'm actually on your side, conservatives : I hope that you conservatives that despise liberals and liberalism get exactly what you want: a conservative state completely devoid of all liberal and progressive innovation. Really. Really. Sorry, fellow libs. I can't help any of you, except perhaps by example. Nobody can help you. You have to help yourselves.
I'm pretty sure that I did the right thing for my wife and myself, and that's all that really matters to me any more anyway. Like the poet said, I hope some day you'll join me. If not, good luck.[/QUOTE]
There's a world of difference between those who just run, and those who either stay and fight or get out of a bad situation and yet continue to fight.  Very, very few people are fighting for this country.  They are too lazy, too gutless, too busy, too stupid to see the danger, etc.  It's their choices, and those choices will get them. You have to fight and also keep yourself safe at the same time.  It's not an either/or choice, but reading Topix gives you an idea of how creative people are when it comes to making excuses for their cowardice, stupidity, etc.
This subject is about immigrant problems, but it could be about any subject and the conclusion is the same:  Our leaders are betraying us because they have no respect for losers who let them get away with it.  There will always be parasites, but it's YOUR job to control them, using ideas at legal parasites. com, etc. and give your children a decent country to grow up in, and in that, most of America's parents are failures.   26524
And        .
[QUOTE who="Jack123"]<quoted text>You're childish if you seriously think that Mexicans are able to take any land 'back' from the U.S.
The government has allowed this invasion to happen. That's the ONE and ONLY reason the Mexicans are here. They could send our military to the U.S.-Mexico border and put an end to the Mexican invasion right away (if they wanted that)  Mexicans seem to think that they're here because they are smart and powerful. ROTFL Well, *they* cannot reclaim ANYTHING. They will only get their land 'back' if our Government wants to give it back to them. And there are many White areas in CA BTW.[/QUOTE]
They don't have to take the land physically.  All they have to do is keep populating the land as fast as possible (by reproducing, immigrating, and chasing out citizens) and they will have the political power to make it into another Mexico.  They figured that out, why haven't Americans?  Again, stupidity, and they didn't follow the ideas at legal parasites. com to take back control of the country.  26525
[QUOTE who="Gonzallo"]<quoted text>First of all let me make something clear, Mexico is not the problem. It is those American businesses that are encouraging illegal aliens to come into this country by so giving them jobs that Americans refuse to do especially if those jobs pay less than minimum wage, etc., In addition the criminal elements from south of the border are supported by Americans in that the drug cartel's chief customer or consumers are in the USA. Thus the violence, crisis, and corruption in Mexico is a direct outcome or consequence of the American consumer's indirect support of the Mexican drug cartel via the purchase or consumption of illegal drugs.
In addition the atrocities that are now occurring in Mexico are too a consequence of America's support of the Mexican drug cartel by so selling, supplying, and arming the drug cartel with weopons of mass destruction.  Therefore it isn't surprising that many Mexicans would cross the border into the USA if only to escape the violence or atrocities which are an indirect consequence of America's support of the Mexican drug cartel. And as far as the election of Barack Obama is concerned, it would be too naive to believe that he had been elected into office based solely on merit alone. Even before his election into the office of the Presidency, race was always an significant factor that played a key role in his election as many of his opponents were not immune to allegations of being racist as Obama's opponents were by and large part and parcel of that white establishment(Bush cronies). And thus Obama relationship with a black pastor, Jeremiah Wright could be excused as the political correctedness of today subscribes to the notions that no black man in America can ever be held accountable for being a racist let alone associated with a racist black pastor. Have a nice day.[/QUOTE]
I have said many times that the illegal immigration problem was caused by Reagan and Bush (intelligent-liberals. com) but is also because the Mexican government is so corrupt.  I've also said that Mexico would be just as bad even if there were no drugs at all.  That government and people aren't going to change. I also side with Americans who demanded a decent wage from greedy employers who wanted them to be impoverished.  Instead, those employers then conspired to commit treason with Reagan & Bush.   26528
[QUOTE who="Mendocino Native"]As the rest of the US watches California, most of us here in my region agree:   All the problems we see in the Great State of California are a direct result of an over-whelmingly LIBERAL agenda. It is a direct result of a liberal dominated legislature, Senetors, Congressman, and population. Mexico's take over of California? LOL California was doomed along time ago! California gives all conservatives across the US solid proof and reasoning to make our case. [/QUOTE]
True, it wasn't the Mexicans who ruined CA's economy and turned its legal system into organized crime where all district attorneys let attorneys get away with their crimes, as a professional courtesy, since they are also getting away with THEIR crimes, and ALL because the Attorney General OKs the whole mess. However, it wasn't liberals either.  Brown claims to be a liberal, but no true liberal would have endangered, and shortened, the lives of all the mentally ill in institutions. No, it's the fault of the ignorant masses.  Just look at their education system and you see the root cause of their problems.  They could always go to legal parasites. com and find out what they have to do to save their state, and their country, but they won't, not as long as they have Mexican scapegoats to blame for everything.   26726
[QUOTE who="Gonzallo"]<quoted text>And if we look at those 8yrs in which George W. Bush was in office, it is clear that his presidency was perhaps if not the worse in America's short history. Every liberty that American's had held dear was consistently taken away by the conservatives under George W. Bush. The conservatives instead promoting democracy across the globe were making America less and less the good guys in on the world scene and more the bad guys. You need look no further than Iraq, economic recession, and unscrupulous lenders to realize the extent of the corruption endemic to those conservatives. If anything the conservatives have done for America, it is that they have further inflamed and exacerbated an already antagonistic view toward America by the muslim world and other nations across the globe.[/QUOTE]
Yeah, it's amazing how these people can be so blind.  They went along with eight years of treason, then started complaining about Obama before he was even sworn in. I've turned against him, but I gave him time to get it together.  Maybe we should have presidential elections every 1-2 years.  26728
[QUOTE who="Source of Problem"]<quoted text>Why did you think that Republicans care about the border the answer is no they don't.
They acheive and allied with the Catholic Church we never had and Ambassador at the Vatican until George Bush. The forty first president.
They decided to use the Latin American countries to invade. Have cheap labor and go after Abortion rights.  They are not conservative they came up with NAFTA to destroy the border.  Bill Clinton passed NAFTA and George Bush senior, and George Bush junior are best of friends. John F. Kennedy has a picture of Prescott Bush George Herbert Walker Bush (41) giving him a Yale Doctrate in a picture from circa 1961. Barack Obama is a Harvard Graduate. The 2000 Election had Al Gore (Harvard Grad)Running Against Bush (Yale Grad) The 2004 Election had John Kerry (Yale Grad)Running Against Bush (Yale Grad)
These Ivy League schools will let the masses bicker amongst themselves as long as they remain in power.  The next candidate that runs I would want to graduate from a community college and finish in a state university. That way I am not voting for and elitist from some IVY League school. [/QUOTE]
I agree except it doesn't matter who you elect - ANYBODY can become corrupted once elected.  There is no quick fix.  The American people are going to have to get it through their heads that they have to do the work.  They have to go to sites like legal parasites. com and FIGHT them.  YOU HAVE POWER but most Americans keep talking like losers.  USE YOUR POWER to save your country, and your quality of life.  26732
[QUOTE who="Z_SKI_"]How do we gift Califoria and it's deficit to Mexico. I have no problem with that. But we do have to stop San Fran from moving, and not allow them asylum status. And we would get ride of the house leadership. It's a win for the rest of the country. [/QUOTE]
We'd be better off if all the quitters and cowards went to Mexico, and we keep one of the potentially wealthiest states in the country.  The other way around is just brain-dead and self-defeating.  Intelligent people are trying to solve problems, not run away like frightened little girls.
[QUOTE who="Z_SKI_"]<quoted text> California WAS wealth. Then the socialist arived. Citizens pass laws, the political powers and the courts invalidate them. If we let Mexico have California, they get not only a bunch of whiners but the 9th Circuit Court. Still sounds like a win win.[/QUOTE]
No Californians committed financial suicide.  They wrote more and more stupid laws, driving out businesses.  They sue each other, which accomplishes nothing but making legal parasites wealthier - see: legal parasites. Com  My solution would be far more intelligent = send the quitters, complainers, parasites, etc., those who are problems, to Mexico in exchange for those who came here illegally, and which we can't get rid of.   26744
From : "Instead of invading Iraq, George Bush should have invaded the country that has been invading the U.S. for decades, Mexico.  He should have taken over the government, changed their laws and constitution, prosecuted bad officials and cops, and controlled the border, creating a DMZ."   It certainly would've been better for all concerned.  26753
[QUOTE who="Gonzallo"]<quoted text> First of all California's budget crisis has little if anything to do with illegal immigration. But it has more to do with many company CEO's refusing to take a pay cut even giving themselves a pay raise knowing in spite of the fact of the economic recession. You need to look no further than the corporate corruption that is part and parcel of American business or Capitalist culture. In addition many people in congress, the state legistlature, GOP, and Democrats are or have no interest in attacking the illegal immigration dilemma if only for the very reason of capitalizing upon a problem for either political or economic gain. Yes I am quite surprised that people as ignorant as you would so foolishly believe that illegal aliens are the problem w/California or any other state as the root of the problem(corrupt politicians, unscrupulous business people, etc) are rotten to the very core.[/QUOTE]
The corruption IS massive.  That's why it's imperative that the American masses start learning to work together and join those who are warning them that it's going to get much worse if they don't get off their dead rears and do their part.   The Insurance Corruption health plan does several things at once: it attacks legislators who are working against us, and media bias which has buried other choices,
and insurance company corruption which is working with our legislators and AGAINST US, and it will affect every problem we have in this country once legislators know that we are united against their corruption.    Read, learn, and get active NOW. (next post)  26827
And  26828
[QUOTE who="bottlecap"]There is no excuse for the United States NOT to have troops on the border. We are in a defacto war with Mexico.  Bush and Obama send troops OVERSEAS to fight and those two boneheads do not even protect the countries borders.[/QUOTE]
They haven't put troops on the border because businesses want the cheap labor.  Politicians listen to them just like they listened to the insurance companies when writing Obama's health care bill.  They're working together against us in every direction because they have no respect for people who let them get away with everything. Until people stand up to them, it will never change.  (next post)  26847
[QUOTE who="usandthem"]<quoted text>I agree with Gonzallo and Protester. But how and where do we begin the revolt?[/QUOTE]  - Here are other plans, critics of the health care bill, and ways to teach the legislators and media that they better never work against us again.  26852
[QUOTE who="Last White Out "]Yes Mexico won. They have successfully taken California. The Republicans helped them by flooding the state with Mexicans from the Bracero Act of 1942 on to exploit for cheap labor and then abandoning the state for Chinamen and India slaves who will work for $1 a day leaving everyone poor and jobless while the Democrats used these people for power. Now there's little left to exploit or use. The run is almost over. It's just a land of gangs at this point.[/QUOTE]
Don't just blame the Mexicans, Chinamen and India slaves - they couldn't have done it without you tripping over yourself to run the other way. 26853
Drink The Hive Orlando, FL |#26855 Saturday Apr 10
Protester wrote: <quoted text>Don't just blame the Mexicans, Chinamen and India slaves - they couldn't have done it without you tripping over yourself to run the other way.
Good Point,Ur Right What Do U Think About Wall St."Credit Default Swaps Instrument."?
humberto Clarksburg, MD |#26856 Saturday Apr 10
Protester wrote: <quoted text>Don't just blame the Mexicans, Chinamen and India slaves - they couldn't have done it without you tripping over yourself to run the other way.
What are you going to do, cracker ?
humberto Atglen, PA |#26857 Saturday Apr 10
Protester wrote: <quoted text> - Here are other plans, critics of the health care bill, and ways to teach the legislators and media that they better never work against us again.
awe, thats real good, your own thread on topix .
[QUOTE who="usandthem"]<quoted text>I agree with Gonzallo and Protester. But how and where do we begin the revolt?[/QUOTE]
Here: Protester wrote: <quoted text>
The corruption IS massive. That's why it's imperative that the American masses start learning to work together and join those who are warning them that it's going to get much worse if they don't get off their dead rears and do their part. The Insurance Corruption health plan does several things at once: it attacks legislators who are working against us, and media bias which has buried other choices,
and insurance company corruption which is working with our legislators and AGAINST US, and it will affect every problem we have in this country once legislators know that we are united against their corruption. Read, learn, and get active NOW.(next post)
(Note: I always put the link on the next post because sinister forces sometimes cause those links to disappear.  If I didn't do it this way, nobody would know that the link was ever there.)    So: (next post)  26970
And  26971
[QUOTE who="Last White Out "]Yes Mexico won. They have successfully taken California. The Republicans helped them by flooding the state with Mexicans from the Bracero Act of 1942 on to exploit for cheap labor and then abandoning the state for Chinamen and India slaves who will work for $1 a day leaving everyone poor and jobless while the Democrats used these people for power. Now there's little left to exploit or use. The run is almost over. It's just a land of gangs at this point.[/QUOTE]
Should be 'Last gutless white out'.  Yeah, great, go ahead and abandon the state that is so profitable and diversified that it could become a country supporting itself.  However, that will never happen until CA gets rid of all its gutless cowards first.  They are dead weight, waiting for mommy-daddy to fix all their problems.  None of CA’s problems would exist if it wasn’t for the blubber that just takes up space.
Those of you who believe that life is not a free ride, and that you have to fight for your rights, read about ways to fight back that will do some good, and don’t expect overnight success.  See post # 26971   26972
[QUOTE who="KSF90277"]We have been importing poverty - more and more of it. It's very sad what has happened to California. No one hates our neighbors to the south of us. Let's get real here...the wealthy in Mexico are glad to see the poverty stricken people from their country go to California. They can come here and have babies for free - and they are automatically an American citizen. It would not be so bad if they did not turn every neighborhood into Juarez, Mexico or Tijuana. Most if not all homes in Lynwood, South Gate, Downey and the list goes on all have bars on the windows. Lots of beat up cars in the yards and DO NOT TELL ME THEY DON'T because I know. Years ago when immigrants would come to California from Mexico they were PROUD to be in our country. This is not the case anymore. They do not want to learn English and insist on flying their flag. It's such an insult. Catholic church is partly the blame as well by the way. Why do you think so many (Americans) are fleeing the Catholic Church? Catholic Church has protected the illegals in Los Angeles. If I were to go to another country, do you think they would give me a lot of freebies? Heck no! Do you think I could fly the American flag so freely in another country? No! When is America going to realize we can no longer keep taking everyone in? California is about to burst at the seams. What are we going to do when we have a super bad drought? What about electricity? We've got too many illegals coming into our country with lots of diseases as well. Who is checking these people? WHO? We have cases of TB - Hepatitis etc. You have people coming into California from third world countries that have no running water or bathroom facilities. My gosh, I do not understand our politicians. I just don't anymore. Politicians no longer care and perhaps they never did. At some point, you have to finally say "no more" - [/QUOTE]
Join the crowd.  Why do you think so many people are leaving both political parties?  None of our problems will be fixed until WE CHANGE.  The politicians we elected are deaf to the will of the people.  Solution? There is only one issue that is able to galvanize both sides, and that is Obama’s health care bill.  Republicans are speaking out, but where are liberals?  Most of them are blindly following their politicians - a dangerous and dead end decision.  If you want to make your efforts count, you have to do more than just complaining to your legislators, although that’s important because they pay attention to numbers.  For all the information, including your choices, see (next post)  26974      And   26975
[QUOTE who="LUNA"]Mexico's Take Over Of California: Complete By 2014?  Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is really scary. I can see it coming already. I don’t think I can take it.  23,932 comments so far. Why can the 23,932 people that are writing comments don't start calling and emailing the congressmen and the president, to complaint about this invasion and to stop free loading all these illegals or they are going to keep coming. Sure they are becoming the majority but the majority are illegal and on public housing, food stamps, WIC Coupons, free medical and dental, free college, free school lunches, etc. etc. Many women can’t work because they are always pregnant. (Sometimes mother and daughter at the same time). They are having kids like rats at the tax payer’s expense.  We don’t want our Golden State to become MEXIFORNIA, do we? [/QUOTE]
What do you think other people have been doing?  You’re living in another era, when legislators listened to people.   They’ve complained about the illegals for decades, and against Obama’s health care disaster for two years, and the results are obvious:  THEY DON’T CARE!
So, we have to do more.  The situation is this:  We have to pick one issue in which most Americans are interested enough to demand legislators obey them, and that issue is health care.  Republicans are at least standing up for what they believe, and ex-Democrats have left the party, but where are the Democrats?  They’re sheep, blindly following Obama and thinking the issue is solved, so they are the biggest problem.   It’s hard to convince them to get informed and get involved because the media is so biased that they’re burying the information they need, such as the existence of much better health care choices.    Here’s a place to start: (next post)  26976
And   26977
I wonder how many, if any, of the Californians who bitterly complained on this site for so long, have demanded that their government jump in and repeat what Arizona's governor did. It would make more sense than advertising themselves as gutless cowards, or ranting on and on about the situation when they were given solutions which they ignored.  The worst thing they could do would be to elect either the Republican or Democratic candidate.  They are both criminals.  If California is going to stop the suffering they need to elect a good independent candidate, and follow Arizona's lead.  27213
[QUOTE who="Common Cents"]<quoted text>Yes, you are right. The way that the illegals get to live in the public housing projects in Los Angeles is that many of them have children that were born here so they are citizens.  The Illegal Immigrants have large families and family members share different units in the projects so the managenment can't keep track of them.  The illegal parents receive food stamps for the children so they benefit from that type of welfare too. The Congressman from Chicago is sponsoring another "Amnesty" for the Illegal Immigrants: [/QUOTE]
Politicians are stirring up racism and violence when they choose the citizens of other countries over their own.   There are solutions ( but the American people are too weak, and too stupid to work together.  In that, Mexicans have outsmarted the American people for many decades.  27214
[QUOTE who="Gonzallo"]Don't just talk about building a wall. Don't just talk about shooting on the spot those illegal alien border crossers.  Don't just talk about shutting down American businesses that hire illegals. Don't just talk about an international ID card. Only Cowards talk. Just Do It![/QUOTE]
People reading that are just going to say ‘Yeah, but how?’  You don’t give answers.  I have answers. You can make all the demands in the world, but most legislators are going to do what THEY want.   The only solution is for Americans to come together on one issue and overwhelm legislators, and the American people have decided that issue will be health care.  Read all relevant posts, let legislators know you’re demanding one of the other health care choices, then work to penalize them and the media for denying you a vote.
Right now, get active in the upcoming elections and make your vote or non-vote speak loudly.  (next post)  27234   27235
[QUOTE who="Gypsy"]<quoted text>The strangers that took over was when Christopher Columbus and Europeans came and stole America from the Native people, who are not only from United States but Canada, Mexico, Guatemale, etc. How can Christians kill, steal, and rape innocent people? Europeans came for freedom of religion. Jesus dis not condone what eUropeans did to the Native People.[/QUOTE]
Christians (a faith) don't, but those who call themselves Protestants (big business, worshipping money and power) do. 
Couldn't be any simpler, yet so many people remain loyal to organizations that claim to speak for God but lie - a big, big, no-no.
One of the biggest told in the U.S. is that God wants us to vote Republican (because of family values, abortion, and other frauds).
Stupid, lazy people will follow anybody rather than have to do the work of thinking for themselves. (protestant  27238
[QUOTE who="Gypsy"]<quoted text>Last week I saw over 100 positions working in the fields in Kentucky with housing included and transportation. There is no reason to be unemployed in America. It was for minimum wage per hour fromaPril until December. There are jobs. Americans just are too damn lazy to do these jobs. If illegals are the issue- why don't Americans apply for these jobs and the government force them to work in the fields instead of receiving unemployment. You should npt be able to be so choosey. Only illegals will do these jobs so we have food on our table to eat and then we have the audacity to condemn them because we are lazy. We made this problem ourselves by being lazy and employers greedy for paying illegals less money with no benefits so they can get richer. Many do not recieve public assistance or get their unpaid uncome tax refunds. People need to know the other side of the story. [/QUOTE]
Yeah, everybody uproot your families and move around the country, taking jobs from the locals.   Your kids don’t need relatives, stability, etc. 
If you're light-skinned you'll probably die of skin cancer, but that's ok, at least it's a job.  Americans were right not to work for low pay.  Greedy employeers should have been forced to pay them better wages, instead we let them pay Republicans Reagan and Bush to bring in cheap labor from Mexico.  We should have talked about impeaching Reagan for starting it all. We can either continue to be victimized or fight back.  Voting isn't the answer - almost all of them are ignoring us. Read, learn, and get involved (next post)   27247   27248
[QUOTE who="demure "]<quoted text>look at what the public officials choice's were and how they betrayed thier obligation to you for the soicial engineering of cheap labor before you blame thoes invited.[/QUOTE]
You're absolutely right. It's amazing how many Republicans are so stupid that they blame Democrats, and are shocked to find out it was two Republican presidents, Reagan and Bush Sr., who granted them amnesty for cheap labor.  Bush Jr. tried to do the same thing.
Republican:  the party of stupidity and lies.  27378
[QUOTE who="tango "]<quoted text>Who you kidding? You have no idea who runs the United States . [/QUOTE]
None of us do.  They don't want us to know they even exist.  That way, nobody points the finger of blame at them, and they are free to do what they want to us.  Sad.  27379
[QUOTE who="larryb"]<quoted text> Sign me up. That sounds like FUN,FUN,FUN[/QUOTE]
Serial killers tend to be white because the population is mostly white.  There have been a good number of minority killers, don't worry about it. Speaking of a criminal mentality and numerous destroyed lives, Republicans Reagan and Bush knew full well what they were doing to us when they opened the floodgates from Mexico.  They did it anyway because it wouldn't touch their personal lives, and their rich contributors wanted cheap labor. How much more are you willing to suffer instead of taking back your country.  I've posted it many times, but if you're all too lazy to work for it, then you deserve to live in Northern Mexico. For those of you who missed it, see next post, and let me know if topix deletes it again.  They leave abusive links, but delete these which are informative because of media bias:   27829
And  27830
[QUOTE who="El Rick"]<quoted text>Regan was betrayed by all the Latino Cacucus and other pro Mexican groups into thinking they were honest and to be trusted.  Guess what happened? They also packaged the bill with border security. ha ha Made a damn fool out of Ronnie. But lets not be fooled again by this deceit. DON'T BELIEVE any thing they say or promise regarding illegal immigration. It all about amnesty. After they get that they give the American people the Mexican finger. DON'T TRUST THEM![/QUOTE]
Wrong.  Reagan was giving his wealthy political backers the cheap labor they wanted.  He knew exactly what he was doing - you're the fool.  He was an experienced politician, and you think people are idiots who will believe he was a naive innocent?  Too dumb. The reason why the U.S. has so many problems is the stupidity of the idiot masses.  Instead of running off at the mouth without thinking, the masses should try reading some of the previous posts where intelligent people have already solved the problems the masses are still bi!ching about. 
For those of you who are intelligent and want to WORK to take back our country, go to:  (next post)   28220
And   and
[QUOTE who="Mr Hoss"]You can KISS California Good By...then watch out the rest of the country. The Illegal Mexicans are coming to take you over too! This is not the North American Union...This is a TOTAL & COMPLETE TAKE OVER OF AMERICA BY A MEXICO!!! Gear up Americans and watch your back! Anybody with a Mexican surname can be a threat to our homeland. You better know who your friends really are!!!![/QUOTE]
Great, violence as the only solution.         Guess who knew that was coming - the political parasites who granted them amnesty, the wealthy who profited from cheap labor, and their families. What are you doing for your family, except going to prison?  Yes they KNEW you'd attack each other, and that's why they have no respect for the masses.  Intelligent people already know what to do, so why are you still way behind?  Even the illegals knew enough to work together for their common good.  Well, so are intelligent Americans.      They are doing more than voting out Democrats and Republicans.  They're fighting back against the mainstream media that has deceived them. Read all relevant posts, and get very involved, if you're very concerned, and want to take back the country.  You can do as little or as much as you want, but DO SOMETHING.  Fight smart!  (next post)  28234          And   29235
[QUOTE who="Brainiac2"]Here is another view: Times reported in 2005: As the debate over Social Security heats up, the estimated seven million or so illegal immigrant workers in the United States are now providing the system with a subsidy of as much as $7 billion a year.
While it has been evident for years that illegal immigrants pay a variety of taxes, the extent of their contributions to Social Security is striking: the money added up to about 10 percent of last year's surplus. That continues to be true, according to an April 2 editorial in the Times:
In the fine print of the 2008 annual report on Social Security, released last week, the program’s trustees noted that growing numbers of “other than legal” workers are expected to bolster the program over the coming decades. We’re not talking chump change. According to the report, the taxes paid by other-than-legal immigrants will close 15 percent of the system’s projected long-term deficit. That’s equivalent to raising the payroll tax by 0.3 percentage points, starting today. And in a 2007 report, the White House Council of Economic Advisers asserted that, over the long haul, immigrants end up paying off: The long-run impact of immigration on public budgets is likely to be positive. Projections of future taxes and government spending are subject to uncertainty, but a careful study published by the National Research Council estimated that immigrants and their descendants would contribute about $80,000 more in taxes (in 1996 dollars) than they would receive in public services.[/QUOTE]
You need to change your name. The amount of social security taxes paid is the same as OUR CITIZENS would have paid if those jobs weren't taken from them.  Plus, THEY WOULDN'T SEND IT BACK TO MEXICO!!!  Plus, welfare wouldn't have to support Americans who can't find jobs now.  THINK!   28265
[QUOTE who="Legal-American"]<quoted text>See I believe the Mexican Government is in of the plot to take over America. From what I hear in there schools they teach there kids about all the free stuff they can get here and to to come here to have there baby's. They also teach there kids that this is there land and that we stole it from them.[/QUOTE]
True - My own child has come home from school, angry with me because we stole California from them.  After decades of personal experiences, it hasn't changed.  They truly hate us and will always be racist.   All illegals have to go, and there is a way, but it would be counter-productive to put that information out now.  FIRST, Americans have to successfully win the battle over health care, proving to our own politicians that they answer to us.  (next post)      And    28275
[QUOTE who="wizardbard"]Let's look at this realistically. Here's who is all for open borders 1. People who are currently in the country illegally (no big shock there) 2. People who have immigrated to this country legally but have relatives who are here illegally or know someone who is here illegally (no big shock there) 3. The businesses that just want cheap labor and know that someone who is here illegally and gets a job offer certainly isn't going to complain about bad working conditions 4. The Catholic Church which has been losing parishinors right and left over the sex and coverup scandels. They know full well that most of the "illegals" are Catholic.(No big shock there. I'm not unconvinced that the Catholic Church is run by the biggest bunch of hypocrites on the planet)  5. The democratic party who could care less about the well being of those here illegally because they know that, if granted amnesty, they'll vote Democratic.
Can't think of anyone else at the moment but, fortunately, these groups are far outnumbered by those who don't want people in the country illegally and for d__n sure don't want the ones that are here given any form of amnesty. [/QUOTE]
Add to that: The Republican Party, since it was REPUBLICAN REAGAN AND BUSH who GRANTED THEM AMNESTY in the first place, which opened the floodgates and created this disaster.  Add: Protestant churches whose leaders told America that God wants them to vote Republican, and those leaders who never said a word to contradict that. Face it, the problem of illegals is not going to be solved by Arizona or anybody else because the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT won't allow it.  You have to fight smart.
Most Americans are far more outraged about Obama's health care bill than they are about illegals.  So that's the fight to win first. 
Because the media is burying this, YOU have to spread the word, explain to people why it has to be done this way, or where to look for information. We are running out of time.  Those in power aren't just sitting in front of a computer and posting complaints all day.  They're working hard to control you. So, you need to get busy NOW.  (next post)  28290
And   especially posts 79-82 28291
[QUOTE who="USAsince1680"]<quoted text>Mexican's of the '50's were a proud people who came to work. They had not yet been brainwashed into believing the United States really belonged to them. That came later and with it.. Mexicans who think they are owed something rather than Mexicans who have anything to contribute. Problem is...if people like Obama keep getting elected, all states will be forced down the same path as California. Granting amnesty to millions of illegals will be a welcome mat to millions more just as it was after Reagan. No surprise, leave the food out and cockroaches will invade. Illegal Mexicans are already spreading across the United States like wildfire and the Federal government, under people like Obama, will FORCE states to care for them just like they did when they ruled California's Proposition 187 unconstitutional. California fell because of Federal involvement in states rights. No state is safe. [/QUOTE]
I agree, if states had more power, we wouldn't be victimized so much by the feds.      We have to take back power.  (see my previous post) 292
Training Day West Sacramento, CA |#28300 Tuesday Jun 15
Protester wrote: <quoted text>I agree, if states had more power, we wouldn't be victimized so much by the feds.
We have to take back power.(see my previous post)
I'm in for the revolution, people we have to take our country back!
[QUOTE who="kelly13"]<quoted text>If we all didn't have to pay our bills, we could work "cheap" also. Illegals don't have to make much moncy. It is all profit because they get free medical, housing,education,food,etc. plus the other money they steal from our system, such as welfare, etc. Each illegal here cost us taxpayers about $22,000.00 per year that they take in benefits.  Yes, someone is "using" them for cheap our expense. But no one made them come here to be "used". [/QUOTE]
We had the right to demand a living wage. We had the right to expect that Reagan and Bush would not betray the country they had sworn to protect.  We had the right to expect that they would not protect their wealthy backers who hired illegals. They got away with the lie that Mexicans are doing the jobs Americans won't until the Republican Recession.  Now that's exposed.     FIGHT BACK (previous post)
[QUOTE who="Morons"]
It makes a statement pass it on to your Federal State and Local Reps. The more that send it the higher the odds of it being seen by the right people. Close our borders [/QUOTE]
Good videos. Our political leaders are BLINDED by greed and power.  They don't care what happens to the country and its people.
The federal government brought them here, is not going to close the borders, and it's going to get worse until we take back control of the country. See my post 539.        And That should be post 28291.      28299
[QUOTE who="George Patton"]I would pull citizens out of LA and leave it to the ilegals, let them all congregate there, millions of them. Then seal the city off and use it for bomb practice. We can always rebuild the city, plus we would have gotten rid of the locust people once and for all.[/QUOTE]
I try not to reply to morons, but since there are so many... I understand you're saying that you're: too dumb to come up with a good solution or to comprehend any of the good ones posted,  living in a fantasy world, and think this is like a movie where you can just bomb the 'bad guys', that will end it, and everybody will be happy, too stupid to think past a simpleton thought, such as realizing that once bombed, that fertile land will not be useful for growing food, and that it won't be inhabitable for a long, long time. Idiots make things worse for themselves, but they can't be forced to learn.  The only things intelligent people can do is keep trying to teach them, and if not, just let them suffer, since they can only learn the hard way.  28328
[QUOTE who="Lisa"]<quoted text>Yes, old post I know but YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING!!!! Businesses large & small are leaving CA in droves![/QUOTE]
You're right, and there are good solutions, but they're a waste of time until people follow previous solutions for first taking back their country. 
[QUOTE who="Question"]How Many of You on TOPIX are KOOL-AID drinkers? It seems to me that 5 years of watching all the SOCIALIST movements coordinated deeply within our White House to blow American Immigration Laws to HIGH HELL.
We are NOT AMERICA anymore, the illegals from MEXICO are here to put the last nails in the coffin to AMERICANS and AMERICA....Bye, bye FREEDOM!!![/QUOTE]
Actually, the American masses did it to themselves.  This is just one problem that is destroying this country.  Solutions have been offered time and again, but the masses just keep on with their endless complaining, instead of effectively WORKING to save their country.   29331
[QUOTE who="change is coming again"]<quoted text>Here is what is the epitome of sheer stupidity of the American Liberal, in the early 80s in NYC, there was a young guy,white, around 24 years old who used to panhandle on the streets of NYC, and claim he was homeless, he actually went on a TV news show after "bumming" for a couple of years,he claimed without revealing his name of course, that he grossed in one year over 100 thousand dollars, all tax free, I would bet dollars to donuts that a large amount of that money was given by bleeding heart Liberals,also another example, there was a black guy who used to stand on the corner of the street where I lived and ask for money,I never gave him a cent, why? because he would when he thought noone was watching pull out a wad big enough to strangle a horse, and I also saw a young white girl cross the street and hand him a $5 dollar bill, all without him even asking for it, now if that doesn't sum up what these Libs are all about I don't know, what will.[/QUOTE]
So, you're blaming those who give for the sins of those who take.  Dumb, and typically Republican.  Is that your great defense of greed?
The REALITY is that Republicans who don't give are to blame for the suffering of those who need to receive.  Pretty clear, unless you have to lie to yourself to condone selfishness.     28347
[QUOTE who="screw the libs"]<quoted text>If I'm dumb, as you quote, you are to the extreme of that comment, you are dumber,and a post from some anonymous nobody who's ISP shows that it is hidden,and you want someone to take what you have to say serious?[/QUOTE]
That's your great defense when I said people should be accountable for what THEY do, not others?        Ok, so then tell us all who you are and your address.........One last thing - how many aliases are you using?  You evidently forgot to use the same alias that I replied to, duh...   28757
[QUOTE who="garagehero"]<quoted text>Youre an idiot. California, even in its current financial situation, California is still the most powerful economic engine in the USA, more powerful than the next 10 states COMBINED!!![/QUOTE]
And yet there are countless posts filled with California complainers, feeling helpless because they were outsmarted by foreign peasants.
If people are too stupid to take advantage of solutions, and to speak out in these forums and elsewhere in support of those solutions, then they're true losers, and will soon be totally dominated by the feds. I'm not posting solutions that are a waste of time.  28348
[QUOTE who="Deepwater805"]The Mexicans take over by 2014!!!??? This is the dumbest dang thing I've ever hoid. I mean...we're all gonna fall into the ocean in 2012....[/QUOTE]
Have you read any other posts?  This subject is filled with cowards who keep crying about how we need to all get out and GIVE it to the Mexicans.  Others whine about the situation, but won't DO anything, which is about the same thing. Mexicans have been outsmarting the American people for three decades - they're still here, and Americans are still complaining on and on and on.  You just KNOW they're laughing their as$es off at our stupidity every day. I've posted solutions too many times for those who choose to be losers, but since you evidently haven't read other posts, here they are again:  (next post)   28416
And Those opposed to Obama’s bill:   especially posts 80-82   83 and 86
[QUOTE who="USAsince1680"]I love the quote from a protester at an anti-immigration rally yesterday:    "I'm of Mexican nationality." "I support Senate Bill 1070 because it's gotten to the point that it's not immigration anymore, it's invasion."    "But I am not anti-Hispanic." "I am Hispanic. I speak fluent Spanish, and I'm proud to be in this country." Read more:
You can have anti-immigration rallys forever, but as long as politicians want to please the wealthy who want cheap labor, you're wasting your time. Why haven't you people figured that out YET?  The only way to solve problems is for Americans to unite and succeed with one issue, then another, etc.  (see previous post)  28418
[QUOTE who="Guest"]its not mexico's take over of california people should be worried about. worry more about the implementation of a world government run by powerful elites.[/QUOTE]
Right!  That's exactly what I'm talking about too.  Little people just see little problems, but it's the big picture that's destroying our country, and our quality of life.  28419
[QUOTE who="Citizen "]<quoted text> Not at all fond of "either/or" choices. Can't we do both?[/QUOTE]
Both?  We can't seem to agree on ANY!  29420
[QUOTE who="Funny"]All states.[/QUOTE]
To America's governors:    28421
[QUOTE who="For real"]<quoted text>So why can’t Mexicans turn Mexico into a prosperous nation, stop blaming everybody. As of May 24, 2010 there have been over 1,000 homicides recorded in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Now these are Mexicans killing Mexicans but you guys want to blame everybody else but Mexicans. Stand up and clean up your own country and STOP blaming everybody.[/QUOTE]
Are you looking in a mirror? Why can't lazy Americans stop their nation from falling apart, blaming immigrants and each other?
America's masses need to clean up their own country.  Not only can they not come up with solutions, but they ignore solutions that come from others.  I'm sure Mexicans, legal or illegal, laugh at us every day.  How stupid our idiot masses are, that Mexican peasants outsmarted them by working together. After decades of this, the idiot masses STILL don't get it. Everybody who wants to work together to take back our country FROM illegals, FROM corrupt politicians, FROM the corrupt insurance industry, and everybody else who's trying to pillage it,  (next post)   28472
And   Start with post 83, then 80-82 and 86 28473
[QUOTE who="orkin33"]yes mcsherry now if they could only do something with their own country-you do realize america has been financing mexico and paying millions not to mention the millions send home back to mexico legal and illegal every year-and monopolizing jobs by only hiring other mexicans for work-now you can wonder why california has a 30%unemployment rate bet none of those are mexicans -you have no idea what is going on over here-just for kicks my dad was navy and i was army !! whoopie doo do you get the point? why has anybody been fighting wars for freedom ?so all those people died since the revoloutionary war so you could think with your emotions about givng away your freedoms and money to anybody who jumps a fence and steals a car is entitled to free credit cards,free health care,free medical paying for all their incestuous babies since procreation is their weapon and they can hold up that baby and wait for you to support all their babies too while they rob you-wake up lady your stupid is showing[/QUOTE]
Good points.  Our ancestors died for this country, yet the idiot masses today are leaving their children a horrible life - yes, it's going to get that bad:  (see my previous post & check out links at posts 78 and 91)   28474
[QUOTE who="garagehero"]Who are thse new Republicans that have infected my beloved party?     For the most part they are extreme right-wing Christian fundamentalists, teabaggers, neo-Nazis, pedophiles, perverts, terrorists, cowards, corrupt corporate agents, fascists, drug addicts, convicted felons, racists, war-mongers, and a terrible assortment&#65279; of hate-filled scumbags. Where are our Lincolns...our Eisenhowers...our Teddy Roosevelts???[/QUOTE]
You're comparing apples and oranges, the voters vs. the leaders.      That's what the Republican Party is made up of because intelligent people have seen the lies and deception, and have left.  Only the idiots are left, those who don't mind being exploited to support corruption and treason. Those 3 that you admired were leaders long, long ago.      You answered your own question when you didn't mention Reagan, Bush, Bush, Ford, Nixon, etc.  THEY represent the Republican Party of today.       Want to know how today's Republican legislators have betrayed you? (next post)  28488 And    post 98  28489
[QUOTE who="garagehero"]I dont support illegals, but lets be fair. Illegals contribute more than poor black Americans and trailer trash combined into the American system, something like 40 billion into taxes and over 100 billion into the retail economy. Here in California alone they take out about 4.5 billion in services but put in 8.8 billion in taxes, and thats not counting what they put into the economy. But I do agree thats not a reason to keep them here. I mean, sure, they more than pay their way, but its the overcrowding, the over use, its the additional wear and tear they put on all our services, from Police to hospitals to schools. And this Anchor-baby business must be stopped at once. [/QUOTE]
If you were serious, you would have read my previous posts and would have done more than TALK. There is NO FREE RIDE anymore.   
[QUOTE who="Joe Nelson"]<quoted text>California taken over without Mexico even firing a shot. Even Castro had to fight to transform Cuba into a filthy, hopeless Slum. We just let the Democratic pols in our State hand our State over to Mexico for illegal colonization.
Some think today's Californians are pathetic excuses for citizens and parents. But, that is only the conclusion of those who are paying attention.[/QUOTE]
It is frustrating.  I've explained over and over, that we have to work together, like the illegals have, for the common good, but most are too lazy or stupid to get it. Stupid, lazy people have to get to a certain level of discomfort, then once they can't take any more, they'll finally fight back.  In many cases, though, by that time it's already too late. To those of you who just ignore ideas which can save you, check this out.  I'm not wasting my time by writing it over and over again.  One day, I'll just give up on you, and let you wallow in your stupidity. (next post)   28624
Illegal Immigration Ariz. gov: Most illegal immigrants smuggling drugs    post 299  28625
[QUOTE who="Ed Solis"]  Mexico isn't taking over California. The limp wristed democratic voting majority GAVE California to the racist ChicanoCrat politicians who don't even pretend to care about our own children's future.[/QUOTE]
No, village idiot.  REPUBLICAN REAGAN and REPUBLICAN BUSH are the only two presidents to grant them amnesty. 
You're the pathetic loser who doesn't care about your own children, or you wouldn't lie to yourself and sabotage their futures.   You're too dumb to vote, so do American a favor, and don't.  28627
[QUOTE who="Ed Solis"]<quoted text>You can't compare today's Californians to principled Americans back in the proud American States. We aren't smart or brave enough to protect our State from the Illegal Invaders. Maybe that is why we have 50th rated Public Schools.[/QUOT
I agree, today's parents have completely failed their own kids.  They could have demanded that their schools produce intelligent kids, but they didn't do anything.  Now they've grown up and are too stupid to survive because they're completely unaware of what politicians are doing to them.  That's why I believe it was done on purpose - nothing else makes sense.  I've also repeatedly told them how they can best fight illegals for a year now, but they are too dumb to get it. For those of you who haven't seen this before:  (next post) 28658
And    post 100    28659
[QUOTE who="Fed Up"]<quoted text>There was no amnesty under GWB. The Kennedy/McCain Bill was defeated!!    Ted Kennedy forced the amnesty on Reagan stating "It will never happen again and the borders will be secured." Reagan signed it reluctantly and later said "It was the worst thing I ever did."      If any one person can be blamed the all the illegals that are flooding this country it is Ted Kennedy!! [/QUOTE]
If Republicans could face reality, this country wouldn't be in the toilet now.  It's the party built on lies and confusion.  Nobody held a gun to Reagan's head, and BUSH JR DID GRANT AMNESTY. Both of your statements are lies.  They did it to REWARD THEIR WEALTHY BACKERS WHO WANTED CHEAP LABOR.  The proof is that our government has continually kept them here, and goes against any state that tries to get rid of them.  How obvious does is have to be to force Republicans to accept the truth? You're quoting Reagan, a politician who probably never told the truth?  He betrayed this country in so many ways, but Republicans held him up as a false god, refusing to listen to the truth about him.  Now, most of those idiots have faced the reality of what he was, but there are always a few who will die lying to themselves.  28661
[QUOTE who="kidritalin"]<quoted text>I think the easiest solution is the Arizona approach in enforcing the law ( although I believe profileing should be allowed ). That in conjunction with stiff penalties for employers who hire illegal mexicans. How bout that for a solution?[/QUOTE]
Great, except that Obama won't let it be a solution.  It will be defeated.   Look, the American people have been outraged about this invasion for SEVERAL DECADES, but what has been the feds' response?  To grant them amnesty again, and to effectively refuse to prosecute employers who hire them.     Don't you all get that there's something treasonous going on here? It's deliberate. (next post)  28758
The terrible truth about the illegals:      Solution:
Start with posts 100 and 83.  28759
[QUOTE who="Armup"]<quoted text>Ever been to Tijuana, where parents sell their little children on the streets for sex ???? NOW do you understand !!! Or how about the Donkey shows or the women who are so pregnant they look like their going to give birth any minute selling themselves in the bars..... These are just all around nasty disgusting people...[/QUOTE]
...and they come here, demanding that we accept their language, taking lands they say belong to Mexico (even though they don't want to live there), and expect us to become more like them instead of becoming part of the melting pot. They won't change.  They have to go.  There is a way that requires more than complaining, but no violence. (next post)   28773
And    Start with posts 100, 86, and the explanation at 83.   28774
[QUOTE who="Ex Californian"]News Alert ! Obama has conceded California to Mexico !  Obama's buddy, Presidente Calderon will take office as Presidente of California on November 3, 2010 and will reside in the California Governor's Mansion to be close to his work in regards to governing the newly aquired State, and to initate his new reform plan of immediately turning California into a replica of the Mexican Homeland.  The land rush will begin at noon, on Nov. 4. Only Burro's and wooden carts allowed, and no more than 40 family members, including pets, per cart, will be allowed on I-5 at any time. The federales will be up in full force to keep the peace. Oh, and take bribes.  As the George Strait song says, "Just Give It Away" !  [/QUOTE]
Funny, unless it actually happens, and I'm not taking any bets.   28777
[QUOTE who="TJ LBC"]Anyone wonder why we are so tired of illegal aliens...emergency rooms are over crowed, schools are over crowded, freeways are over crowded and now fewer and fewer jobs are available for illegals. More and more California's as are tax payers getting tired of having to deal with this while politically correct politicians want to debate the problem on Capital Hill...why is there debate we have Federal Laws that say if you cross into the United States you are here illegally and shall be deported. Until there is a change in Federal Law, people are now demanding that our government enforce these laws. We are sick and tired of having to deal with illegal, we dont want to have to have our tax dollars so that they can us Emergency Rooms as their free clinics...those of us who are home owners pay property taxes and a good portion of those taxes go to the school districts were children of illegals are getting an eduction at my expense. Sorry we are tire of illegal and all the good doer latino rights groups telling the government how to handle persons who are in the county illegally. You in this country illegal YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS..FU The tide is changing...the silent majority in the United States is no longer going to sit back and see the status quoe go unchecked.  Those sorry A S S politicians with their self serving agendas like LA County Supervisor Gloria Molina and LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa will not be in office long as the voters will see that they are not re-elected.       [/QUOTE]
People have been voicing their anger for decades, but do you see it doing any good?  No.  People are always threatening to 'vote them out', but what good has it done?  None.  The problems are, first that most Americans still don't get it, that their leaders are DELIBERATELY betraying them.     Then, that most are waiting for somebody else to fix things (lazy), and they'll continue to wait no matter how bad it gets. Also, most are not intelligent enough to come up with solutions, or to look for solutions, or even accept solutions that are right in front of them. So, the question is, will the idiot masses get it before it's too late?  The 'mistakes' and 'incompetence' of our political leaders is actually done to weaken our ability to fight back, so eventually there will be no way to fight back.    (post 28774)   28781
        Mexico's Take Over Of California: Complete By 2014? cont

Mrs. Bush: History will vindicate her husband
[QUOTE who="Nickles and DImes"]<quoted text>Mrs. Bush can probably read and comprehend better than you.      Intelligent-liberals would be smarter to examine the root causes of the liberals' hypocrisies and the utter failure of liberal programs. [/QUOTE]
Nothing is more politically brain-dead than Republicans.       Liberal programs succeed in keeping people alive, while Republican programs succeed in killing and warfare.  It's good against evil, intelligence against stupidity, it's Obama saving your useless rear and this country against Bush's rape and pillage.  Of course you didn't get intelligent-liberals. com - it's way over your head.  53929
[QUOTE who="Nickles and Dimes"]<quoted text>I have no recollection of any letter left by LBJ to be opened 50 years after his death. There are records that can be opened to the public fifty years after something or other. Reagan was asked about whether Martin Luther King had communist ties one time, and he replied that he would rather not speculate until the records are opened fifty years after MLK's death or some fifty year period. Reagan was talking about FBI files I think. There may be some FBI files on LBJ. LBJ was in a big scandal right before JFK got killed, and it all went away when LBJ became president.  IF LBJ left a secret letter to be opened fifty years after his death, then it may very well have some kind of information about JFK's assassination. (LBJ's lawyer wrote a book explaining how and why LBJ had JFK killed.) It is hard to know exactly what to believe about the JFK assassination. Most people don't know about the mob ties with the JFK white house and their plots to assassinate Castro after the Bay of Pigs blew up in Kennedy's face. The mob was mad at the Kennedys because the mob helped JFK win in 1960 and JFK and RFK came after the mob ties with labor unions and their investing in Las Vegas. There was a lot of real anger and hostility against the Kennedys by powerful gangsters. They have hours and hours of programs on the History Channel from time to time about the different theories and possibilities connected to the Kennedy assassination back in 1963. The way Ruby shot Oswald looked like someone wanted to silence Oswald. [/QUOTE]
I have no doubt that if the mob or anyone else was behind it, the government would've gone after them.  They staged a cover-up because they were protecting some within the federal government, and the moast obvious blame goes to the military leaders who wanted a war in Viet Nam which he wouldn't give them.  54296
[QUOTE who="AnnDee"]<quoted text>It's all about destruction. The politics of personal destruction. Look at anyone that stands in their way. Bill clinton defiled women and they were called trailer trash.  Do I even have to mention Palin and what they did to not only her but her children? Now they are going full force against the tea party. Racist nazis
It's all rules for radicals. Read Saul Alinsky's rules for radicals  RULE 12: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it." Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions. (This is cruel, but very effective. Direct, personalized criticism and ridicule works. [/QUOTE] 
Rule 12 works because the American people are too stupid to stand together against those who are destroying their quality of life, and in many cases, ending their lives.  There is a plan at insurance corruption. com but, like the health care plan, it's largely ignored.  Stupidity wins out over survival again.   People:  How much are YOU willing to suffer to avoid becoming a responsible adult, fighting back, and stop giving the next generations a much worse country than the one you inherited?    54297 - deleted by administrator?
[QUOTE who="AnnDee"]Or were the democrats in on it?
The facts according to; Madeleine Billy Howard  Sandy Nancy Jay Harry Hillary John Evan and Billy *PRESIDENT BILL CLINTON*: "[M]ark my words, [Saddam Hussein] will develop weapons of mass destruction. He will deploy them, and he will use them." (Remarks At The White House, 12/16/98)^ *PRESIDENT BILL CLINTON*: "In the next century, the community of nations may see more and more of the very kind of threat Iraq poses now a rogue state with weapons of mass destruction, ready to use them or provide them to terrorists, drug traffickers, or organized criminals who travel the world among us unnoticed. And some day, some way, I guarantee you he ll use the arsenal. And I think every one of you who has really worked on this for any length of time, believes that, too. There is no more clear example of this threat than Saddam Hussein s Iraq. His regime threatens the safety of his people, the stability of his region and the security of all the rest of us . (Remarks At The Pentagon, 2/17/98)  *MADELEINE ALBRIGHT*, SECRETARY OF STATE, CLINTON ADMINISTRATION: In discussing Iraq, we begin by knowing that Saddam Hussein, unlike any other leader, has used weapons of mass destruction even against his own people." (CNN s "Showdown With Iraq: *International* Town Meeting," 2/18/98)  *SEN. JOHN KERRY* (D-MA): "If you don't believe ... Saddam Hussein is a threat with nuclear weapons, then you shouldn't vote for me." (Ronald Brownstein, "On Iraq, Kerry Appears Either Torn Or Shrewd," /Los Angeles// Times/, 1/31/03)
*SEN. JAY ROCKEFELLER* (D-WV): "I do believe that Iraq poses an /imminent threat/, but I also believe that after September 11th that question is increasingly outdated." (/Congressional Record/, 10/10/02) *[/QUOTE]
Those were WORDS.  Not one of them was even close to the level of corruption of George Bush who had to work to CREATE a war.  Not one of them committed treason by letting Bin Laden get away by pulling troops out of Afganistan.  Brain-dead Republicans are destroying this country with their lies and stupidity.   54298?
[QUOTE who="AnnDee"]Thank ALGORE for inventing the internet[/QUOTE]
Thank Bush for butchering innocent men, women, and children in a foreign country, just so he could get revenge.  He wasn't man enough to accept the reality that his was his daddy's cowardice that kept Saddam in power.  So, thousands of Americans were murdered in the prime of their lives, orphaning thousands of children, so that the moronic masses could ignore what they financed.
[QUOTE who="fred"]<quoted text> I miss W.       Can you imagine how America would have suffered under the insane Al Gore?[/QUOTE]
Dum-dum:  He would have attacked global warming and worked to kill corporate greed, instead of attacking Iraq and working to kill thousands who were in the prime of life.  You're the one who's insane=not in touch with reality.   54299
fred wrote: <quoted text>Since we had found that global warming is a hoax, which one of us is insane? Al Gore for sure...
Oh by the way, W won in Iraq and Saddam has been hung for his crimes the Iraqi's are happy. If you had your way, none of that would have happened.
Happy? Get out of fantasy land. They definitely would have appreciated it if the invasion hadn't been a disaster from the beginning.
[QUOTE who="No More Bushite"]Mrs. Bushite is a tad naive to say the least. Her husband was (and still is) an idiot and the worse thing that happened to this country. It will take decades to reverse the damage he did to the US[/QUOTE]
Yes, that's the key word: we.  The parasite Bush and his wife are doing nothing.  The families of those he slaughtered in Iraq, including Americans in the prime of life and parents to young children, and those he crippled for life but denied needed medical rehabilitation to, can never be compensated.   54342
[QUOTE who="AnnDee"]Obama,Saul Alinsky and overwhelming the system The real goal of "health care" legislation, the real goal of "cap-and-trade," and the real goal of the "stimulus" is to rip the guts out of our private economy and transfer wide swaths of it over to the government to control. Do not be deluded by the propaganda. These initiatives are vehicles for change. They are not goals in and of themselves except in their ability to deliver power. They and will make matters much worse, for that is their design.  This time, in addition to overwhelming the government with demands for services, Obama and the Democrats are overwhelming political opposition to their plans with a flood of apocalyptic legislation. Their ultimate goal is to leave us so discouraged, demoralized, and exhausted that we throw our hands up in defeat. As Charles Rangel said, "the middle class will be too distracted to fight." [/QUOTE]
The American masses have individually made the decision to be discouranged, demoralized and exhausted.  They're spoiled and undisciplined.    You can NOT argue with the facts.  If the masses weren't already like that, then why didn't they go to sites like 'legal parasites. com' long ago and take control of their country, forcing congress to clean up the corruption?     Leaders will always be as corrupt as the masses let them, which makes the American people look really pathetic.  54528  DELETED BY TOPIX
[QUOTE who="Just Saying"]<quoted text>The proposed health care plan will just add billions more to our already huge deficit, and will require ever-increasing tax revenues to support it, which will be forced upon the already overburdened taxpayers. Instead of representing the people who elected them, the Democratic majority in Congress and the President are pushing legislation down our throats, which most Americans not only don't support, but vociferously oppose. The only ones who are happy about this are those who will benefit from it, including those who already sponge off the rest of society while contributing little or nothing to it. This is not the "change" most Americans want, yet the activist minority persists in seeking to push their agenda through the majority of Americans who are content with their health care as it is. Most Americans already have a hard enough time paying their bills as it is, without having to pay more to take care of others who can't or won't take care of themselves. This is America, the land of liberty and freedom, where everyone has the potential to achieve greatness as long as they're willing to work hard for. It shouldn't become a place where everyone is dependent on a bankrupt government to support them, instead of supporting themselves. [/QUOTE]
What did YOU do to stop it?  Complaining doesn't count.  54529
[QUOTE who="Provocateur"]Wake up Laura. Do any of these ring a bell. o Two negligent collisions, July & Aug 1962 at Houston TX. Fined.     o Two speeding tickets, July & Aug 1964 at Houston TX. Fined. o Arrested for Disorderly Conduct, December 1966 at New Haven CT. Charges were dropped.  o Arrested for Disorderly Conduct in New Jersey, in 1967. o At least one conviction for drunk driving in Maine when 30 years old; pled guilty, was fined and suspended from driving. Chronic alcohol use until age 40? Good decision-making history??  Author Kitty Kelley says in her biography The Family: The Real Story of the Bush Dynasty, that the US President first used coke at university in the mid-1960s.  She quotes his former sister-in-law Sharon Bush who claims: "Bush did coke at Camp David when his father was President, and not just once either."  Other acquaintances allege that as a 26-year-old National Guard, Bush "liked to sneak out back for a joint or into the bathroom for a line of cocaine". Bush has admitted being an alcoholic but, asked during the 1999 election if he did drugs, he said: "I've told the American people that years ago I made some mistakes.
"I've learned from my mistakes and should I be fortunate enough to become president I will bring dignity and honour to the office."
George W was MISSING IN ACTION after 2001 Inauguration, when estimates are that 75% of his time was spent on vacation until September 11, 2001 - included all of August and after PDB.  "The confidential President's Daily Brief (PDB) for August 6, 2001 contained a two-page section entitled "Bin Ladin Determined to Strike in US," and refers to possible hijacking attempts by Osama bin Laden disciples and the existence of about 70 FBI investigations into alleged al-Qaeda cells operating within the United States." GOOD DECISION???[/QUOTE]
Laura Bush is either as much as a liar as her husband, or an idiot who pushes book reading, but can't comprehend what she reads, or is out of touch with reality. In any case, I do believe they intend to use their propaganda to try and cover up their crimes, and fill our future textbooks with their lies.  That entire family should feel the wrath of the public, instead of now trying to break into tv for airheads.  54531
[QUOTE who="AnnDee"]Obama,Saul Alinsky and overwhelming the system  The real goal of "health care" legislation, the real goal of "cap-and-trade," and the real goal of the "stimulus" is to rip the guts out of our private economy and transfer wide swaths of it over to the government to control. Do not be deluded by the propaganda. These initiatives are vehicles for change. They are not goals in and of themselves except in their ability to deliver power. They and will make matters much worse, for that is their design.  This time, in addition to overwhelming the government with demands for services, Obama and the Democrats are overwhelming political opposition to their plans with a flood of apocalyptic legislation. Their ultimate goal is to leave us so discouraged, demoralized, and exhausted that we throw our hands up in defeat. As Charles Rangel said, "the middle class will be too distracted to fight." [/QUOTE]
My reply to this was deleted by the administrator - it was #54528. Between this and Obama taking control of the internet, we will absolutely lose free speech.  That's what happens when the masses aren't intelligent enough to organize to fight back.  I'd tell you how, but, again it was deleted.  Topix needs more competition.  54532
[QUOTE who="Nickles and Dimes"]<quoted text>Obama cannot publicly acknowledge who he roomed with or where he lived while an undergraduate student at Columbia University in New York City. He claims that he simply just doesn't remember. I do not believe him.
If you want people to read your posts about Bush and his family, then it might help if you keep them brief or include some info that is not typically found in most Bush bashing accusations. [/QUOTE]
I absolutely appreciated that post, and it's important to be repeated because some people only read a few threads and would miss it.
I frequently check out other sites when posted.  Too much information is never the problem -- it's when information is deleted that should scare us all.   54533
[QUOTE who="AnnDee"]Now you know why the left has been dumbing down america in our schools We have William Aryes in Chicago writing our childrens history books. [/QUOTE]
In REALITY, both sides have been in power while children have been taught to be ignorant for decades.   But, take a look in the mirror.  It would never have happened if parents had not let it happen.  American parents are failures, setting their children up to be failures too.   54538
[QUOTE who="Just Saying"]<quoted text>I voted for representatives who were fiscally responsible, and who listen to the concerns of their constituents. I also spoke out against this ill-conceived legislation. What did YOU do?[/QUOTE]
Too much to list.      The POINT I was making is that you ONLY COMPLAINED, whereas I always try to give SOLUTIONS.  Got it now?
[QUOTE who="frightwingers"]<quoted text> ooooooh yesssss  Obama and all his evil folllowers have taken over the internet.    They're controlling what you see.    The 'masses' hold elections. They matter. Your side lost. That's how our deomcracy works.     If you want to start another Civil War, be my guest.   That didn't work out too well for your side the first time.[/QUOTE]
Instead of showing your ignorance, you should have checked it out.  The story was about Obama taking over the internet, using terrorism as his excuse, but we all know it won't stop there.  But no, you wanted to sound stupid instead.    54568
[QUOTE who="AnnDee"]<quoted text> He already promised the cyber security act where at his whim he will shut down the internet. But no one is listening. Does anyone one care? [/QUOTE]
We need to worry and download all the information we don't want to lose.  We'll have to find other ways to communicate.  Topix is already cutting way too many posts.  One of mine was cut yesterday and there was absolutely no reason for it.    54569
I just tried to post information that could bring Republicans, Democrats, and independents together against this health care bill, information which the media is not publishing, and it was deleted from the US Politics forum. That should scare everybody.  If the media and Topix are keeping that information from the public, it's proof that they're censoring free speech which doesn't support their agenda.  What if they start deleting posts which complain about those deleted too?  No matter what your opinion is, you have the right to voice it.  So, you should demand that the person who deleted that post be fired - this is too important.   2.  THAT is why there's a real danger that history books will portray George Bush as a good president - we have allowed the lies of the past to continue, so the Bushs know they can get away with it too.  Fire Topix Nazis.   54728
[QUOTE who="Provocateur"]the 1963 killing of Laura's boyfriend. Laura had killed the most popular boy at school, Michael Douglas more popular than Tommy Frank, also a student there, who later would become an Army general and lead US forces in the invasion of Iraq. She stayed home until about Christmas. Laura Bush's mother has expressed thankfulness that it was *not her daughter that was killed*, since the Welches only had one child. This reminds of George Bush's attitude toward Cindy Sheehan (mother of Spc. Casey Sheehan, USA, killed in action in Iraq): "It's not mah son!"   The police report noted that Laura committed two violations of traffic laws that contributed to the wreck: "Disregard stop sign or signal" and "(illegible)" In the box labeled "Is investigation complete?", the police officer checked "No." The officer went through all the proper motions: measured the skid marks, diagramed the wreck, went to the hospital to check on the dead (Michael) and others (Laura and Judy). He took statements from the survivors and photos of the wreckage. The next day, he filed his report. But no test for alcohol. He did not issue a citation to Laura Welch!!!! The investigation apparently was never completed. No grand jury was convened. LAURA'S VERY OWN COVERUP        Media reports have appeared in "Reader's Digest" and other places with incorrect facts that would seem to be ameliorating circumstances. For example: Michael Douglas was driving an open Jeep, from which he could easily be thrown. The wreck happened right after a thunderstorm, which would imply that the pavement was wet and slick. The fact is, Michael was driving a closed sedan that was very small and no match for Laura's much larger car. The pavement was dry, as the officer checked the box on the police report form. Laura never bothered to correct these and other misstatements, including the one that she was not Michael's girlfriend. She will not acknowledge the accident or even her relationship with the victim even to this day.      The true facts came out when the police report was released in 2000, 37 years after the fact, also after the Midland city attorney refused to release the report. The Texas attorney-general compelled the release of the report after a newspaper in another Texas town, Odessa, filed a Freedom of Information Act request.[/QUOTE]
Thanks for this info.  No wonder she stayed with GW - I thought she was just stupid, but turns out they're two of a kind. Wish it was well-known when he was president and especially when Teddy Kennedy died and Republican sickos were filling the media with reminders of his accident.  Instead of honoring the fact that he did so much good in spite of endless belittling, he could have gone the other direction and selfishly lived just for his own enjoyment.   54754
[QUOTE who="AnnDee"]<quoted text>That was a stupid skit on Family Guy! A TV SHOW![/QUOTE]
That's one of those shows for mentally challenged adults, like the poster.  54762
[QUOTE who="AnnDee"]   The facts according to; Madeleine Billy Howard Sandy Nancy Jay Harry Hillary John Evan and Billy   *[/QUOTE]
You just don't get it.  Lots of people talked about Saddam, but only the village idiot Bush was stupid enough to act on it, based on lies he created.  That war was a fraud from beginning to end because his real goal was treason, to kill Americans to help bid Laden escape, etc. -   54906
You've lost all credibility with your ongoing lies.  AFTER DECADES of wondering about Saddam, Bush let bin Laden get away so he could attack Saddam AT THAT TIME?  It's obvious to intelligent people that Bush betrayed our country for personal reasons.
Either Laura Bush can't comprehend what she reads, deliberately keeps herself ignorant, or is as evil as her husband.  54908
[QUOTE who="AnnDee"]<quoted text>Have you ever seen a cost figure for 9-11? Had the Clinton's taken Osama bin Laden any one of the three times he was offered to us 9-11 may never have happened.      Come to think of it neither the USS COLE or BlackHawk down.
What do you suppose all of that cost us? All the while the Clinton's were defunding our military and selling off our bases to Hollywood! [/QUOTE]
That's why Bush should have continued after bin Laden instead of Saddam at that time - he deliberately let terrorists win that one.  54909
[QUOTE who="Provocateur"]We all wish it never happened. The war is costing 1.8 billion a week $720 million a day or $500,000 a minute 1.5 Trillion so far. "You can fool some of the people all of the time, and those are the ones you want to concentrate on." --- George W. Bush  "You know, one of the hardest parts of my job is to connect Iraq to the war on terror." George Bush--interview with CBS News' Katie Couric, Sept. 6, 2006  ."Sarah, if the American people had ever known the truth about what we Bushs have done to this nation, we would be chased down in the streets and lynched." --- George Bush Sr. 1992  "I'll be long gone before some smart person ever figures out what happened inside this Oval Office." -- George W. Bush, Washington, D.C., May 12, 2008 [/QUOTE]
Thanks for these reminders.  We need to make sure that history doesn't make these people look honorable in any way. We need to pay more attention to what our children are taught in school, that teachers aren't also bullies, etc.   54934
[QUOTE who="Provocateur"]Please Note These Crucial Legal Facts: What all of the above 2005 authors, the news media, law enforcement, and Congress did not and have never pointed out is the fact that under US criminal law, any knowing lie or creation of a false impression that causes harm to even one single person is by legal definition felony criminal fraud, and that causing the knowing preplanned unprovoked death of even one single innocent person is, by legal definition, premeditated murder.  If the president of the US 1) willfully and deliberately pre-plans and executes a massive international CRIMINAL FRAUD lying campaign (as a pre-planned false cover story for a pre-planned unprovoked war) that knowingly and falsely states that another country has WMD and is about to use them against us, 2) knows that if he were to attack that country that his attack would kill thousands of innocent women and children and at least hundreds of US military, 3) and then knowingly attacks that innocent country and kills those thousands of innocent people based solely upon his lies, 4) then his pre-planned unprovoked attack becomes his premeditated MURDER of ALL people killed as the result of his criminal fraud war (per the Felony Murder Doctrine).[/QUOTE]
If any one of us accidentally caused the death of someone, we’d go to prison, but presidents can legally murder thousands and most Republicans don’t even see anything wrong with it.  Yet Republicans tried to impeach Clinton for basically nothing.  They have a criminal mentality, and that’s why it never bothers them to keep attacking the poor.  55193
[QUOTE who="Nickles and Dimes"]<quoted text>One out of ten troops in Iraq was from Texas. Our troops supported and loved president Bush.  You sound ridiculous when you refer to using search engines to research the Bush crime family. Bush campaigned on lowering taxes for all Americans and he did that. He tried to get lousy schools to stop passing kids who were not learning, and he succeeded to a certain extent in that. He and Teddy Kennedy worked together on the no child left behind program. Bush will be vindicated by history from the irrational and ill informed people like you who have made it a hobby to besmirch him on the internet and in the news media.
I admire Bush for not getting too angry with the way he was treated by the media and the bloggers. He has returned to Texas, while, like Cheney said, the Clintons have "gone back home to New York." [/QUOTE]
Here’s an example of their criminal mentality.  You bring up his many thousands of murders, and they defend him with maybe a couple of things he did halfway well.  Try that in a court of law - you would be laughed out of the room.  Plus, bring up lower taxes and the prosecutor would bring up the deficit he caused.  No lawyer who cared about his reputation would want to defend Bush, yet he has countless defenders, and they are some of his victims but are too stupid to know it.  Dumber than Bush - that’s truly pathetic.
 Here’s a thought - let’s actually try him in court and see how that works out.  55194
[QUOTE who="Nickles and Dimes"]<quoted text>Legal scholars agree that Bush would not be convicted of any war crimes. Of course, you could create a show trial comprised of people like yourself who hate Bush, and then you might be able to try him in a corrupt manner and get some kind of conviction. Thank God this is still America, and you cannot do such things.  You call Bush an idiot, but he is probably quite a bit smarter than you. He sure outsmarted Gore and Kerry in his two presidential election campaigns.[/QUOTE]
I doubt that he came up with a single idea of his own.  Did you think they set up and operate their own campaigns?   55195
[QUOTE who="Teddy R"]Well, waddya know. Mrs. Bush was right:[/QUOTE]
That's just one news report, and they quoted a so-called expert who said, "It will be 30 years before we can accurately assess the Bush presidency."  That's no expert if it takes 30 years, and he can't figure out that you have to judge the president by what he did, based on what he knew, AT THE TIME.  They're also basing it on activities and behavior after they leave office - totally irrelevant and ridiculous.  55196
Even if Mrs. Bush never read a single book or article since the day he was elected, she must have known, decades ago, that she married an idiot.  So, she's as corrupt as he is, especially if she intends to help distort history. People like her are hopeless. For her, and all others like her, here's a documentary you need to see: 'Uncovered:  The War On Iraq'  Listen to the experts and witnesses.
Mrs. Bush:  There are no words, just pictures, so it won't stress your little brain.    Watch it, then I challenge you to come on Topix and explain how you're going to bury those truths.  55554
[QUOTE who="brad jenks"]<quoted text>Are you claiming Bush let bin Laden go in 2001 so he could attack Saddam in 2003?
You keep claiming Bush lied and invented the intelligence, yet it is YOU who seem to know nothing of the history related to Iraq's terror or the dates these different events occurred. You seem rather lame, and oh what a shame -- idiots like you continue to lie while claiming it's everyone else whose lying.  I have to question what it would take to change your mind. If for example a authenicated document was handed to a 60 Minute journalist on national tv from Iraq's own internal documents that called bin Laden an asset of Iraqi Intelligence would you think differently? What if Saddam had harbored one of the terrorists who attacked the trade center refusing our access? Would you think differently then?[/QUOTE]
You live in ignorance. For those who want to face reality: Lots of politicians, on both sides of the aisle, made political statements about Saddam, but they all knew better that to act on them.  Until the idiot Bush.  Let's see, he lied repeatedly, and he had his people lie repeatedly, to the press and to the American people.  He falsified intelligence reports that never existed, etc. - to deliberately let bin Laden get away.  They are old family friends of the Bush family, and that's also why Bush got the family out of the country right after 9-11, so they couldn't be questioned.     It's the TIMING.  After all those decades, he put the war in Afganistan on hold, where our troops were fighting those who attacked us on our own soil, so he could start a second war against Iraq.  Stupid!   It was known that Saddam and bin Laden hated each other.  It's common knowledge that in Iraq all we did was destroy a country that was already falling apart.   It's also common knowledge that by doing that Bush has set the stage for a country that will create a whole new wave of terrorism against us.
And we sat by helplessly because of all the American idiots who kept us from impeaching him at the time. 55715
[QUOTE who="AnnDee"]<quoted text>THEY ALL VOTED FOR THE WAR!**<>**<>**<>**<>****<>**<>**<>**<>**
Reuters Monday, April 19, 2010; 12:33 AM  WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Nearly 80 percent of Americans say they do not trust the U.S. government to do what is right, expressing the highest level of distrust in Washington in half a century, according to a public opinion survey. [/QUOTE]
They voted for the war because BUSH LIED - are you a simpleton?  This has been discussed for YEARS - get in touch with reality.  55716
[QUOTE who="Nickles and Dimes"]<quoted text>
There was a much better chance of putting Bill Ayers behind bars than president Bush. But Ayers got off, so what makes you think that you could get any type of conviction against president Bush. What laws did he violate? Who did he murder? Did he murder Jim McDougald or Vince Foster? Didn't many of the people surrounding the Clintons end up getting convicted of crimes? Didn't Web Hubbell end up going to prison? Wasn't Clinton impeached? Why wasn't Bush impeached if he was breaking our laws? [/QUOTE]
How pathetic that the over 100,000 murdered men, women and children in Iraq, including our own soldiers, are so subhuman to you that you ask, 'Who did he murder?'  He wasn't impeached because Republican sickos are more enraged by genital activity than the senseless slaughter of human beings.  Republicans would defend Satan himself if their leaders told them to.  55717
 [QUOTE who="Nickles and Dimes"]<quoted text>
We were already at war with Iraq. We invaded Iraq back in 2003. The removal of Saddam had been planned for years at CentCom. Bush and Cheney decided to go ahead with it, they used their selling points in an effort to get other nations to join us in a broad coalition, but many key nations were involved in deals with Saddam, so they really did not want him removed from power in Iraq.
Saddam was not a real threat to America, but it was possible that he might have gotten some powerful WMD through his black market oil dealings, or even have something hidden in the desert that nobody even knew about. If Saddam had WMD, then it was in the hands of a dangerous guy, and nobody could predict who he might give them to or sell them to. Bin Laden and Saddam were not real cohorts, but they were brothers in religion.  Bush gave Saddam every chance to bow out before we invaded. [/QUOTE]
This is ridiculous.  Either Bush invaded Iraq because he's too dumb to be walking around loose, and wasn't aware of Afghanistan, or he knew what he was doing and was deliberately trying to help bin Laden get away, just as he AIDED that family from getting away (from the U.S. and any questions).  56469
[QUOTE who="Pfluger the Union Monkey"]<quoted text>All of these guys are liars? "The community of nations may see more and more of the very kind of threat Iraq poses now: a rogue state with weapons of mass destruction, ready to use them or provide them to terrorists. If we fail to respond today, Saddam and all those who would follow in his footsteps will be emboldened tomorrow." -- Bill Clinton in 1998
"In the four years since the inspectors left, intelligence reports show that Saddam Hussein has worked to rebuild his chemical and biological weapons stock, his missile delivery capability, and his nuclear program. He has also given aid, comfort, and sanctuary to terrorists, including Al Qaeda members, though there is apparently no evidence of his involvement in the terrible events of September 11, 2001. It is clear, however, that if left unchecked, Saddam Hussein will continue to increase his capacity to wage biological and chemical warfare, and will keep trying to develop nuclear weapons. Should he succeed in that endeavor, he could alter the political and security landscape of the Middle East, which as we know all too well affects American security." -- Hillary Clinton, October 10, 2002 "I am absolutely convinced that there are weapons...I saw evidence back in 1998 when we would see the inspectors being barred from gaining entry into a warehouse for three hours with trucks rolling up and then moving those trucks out." -- Clinton's Secretary of Defense William Cohen in April of 2003  "Iraq is not the only nation in the world to possess weapons of mass destruction, but it is the only nation with a leader who has used them against his own people." -- Tom Daschle in 1998 [/QUOTE]
A basic point from conservatives here seems to be that Democrats were warning about Saddam for years before Bush invaded.
The point I made, months ago, was this:  All those warnings, all those years, but they didn't invade.  No, Village Idiot Bush just HAD to invade shortly after starting ANOTHER WAR in Afghanistan, and he wanted to go even sooner than that.  What kind of moron starts a war, then just gets distracted and walks away?  ( 
It's a real low point in Leno's career whenever he has one of the Bush women on his show.  They have profited from George's crimes, including war crimes, and for him to help them achieve public acceptance, when they should be suffering through his trial for treason.
Until the American people get some self respect and stop aiding criminals, even paying them to corrupt our government, it will only get worse.
We have to join together to stop them from completely destroying us and the country.      I emailed Leno, telling him I was boycotting his show because of that, but if everybody else just mindlessly let it go, then that didn’t mean much. (next post)   56508
And Those opposed to Obama’s bill:   especially posts 80-82   83 and 86
[QUOTE who="AnnDee"]<quoted text>Maybe she's getting pointers from the democrats... Look at all of clinton's skeletons
do we need to go there?[/QUOTE]
It's a good thing for Republicans that Democrats don't have their sick obsession with other people's genitals, because if they exposed the Republican obsession with ILLEGAL prostitution at every Republican convention, maybe the Republican idiot masses would finally face reality.  56537
Mrs. Bush: History will vindicate her husband
Mrs. Bush talked so much about the importance of reading when she was the First Lady, but she's proven that she's as dumb as her husband.  She clearly doesn't understand that it's not enough to read, you have to COMPREHEND what you read.  If she did that, she surely wouldn't have defended her husband's treason.  Intelligent-liberals. com is trying to fight an extreme amount of stupidity and ignorance, to prevent the U.S. from really hitting bottom.   2433

Obama backs plan to legalize illegals           US News
Obama is making this extremely unpopular decision because he has confidence, now that his health care bill has passed.
The only way to get control of a government that works against the will of the people is for MOST PEOPLE TO AGREE ON A SINGLE ISSUE AND DEMAND THEIR CHOICE BE MADE LAW - and THE PEOPLE HAVE MADE THAT ISSUE: health care.
Most people either don't like Obama's bill or don't like the Republican vacuum.  The fact is that there are other choices, which are so superior to Obama's, that the media has buried them.  Most people should demand one of the other choices at:  (next post)    253
[QUOTE who="Fed Up With Mexicans"]<quoted text> The Democrat's strategy to make these fool legal was in place even before Obama got elected! They know that Obama's second term in office defends on it.[/QUOTE]
You're obviously a Republican, since most intelligent people know that it was REPUBLICANS Reagan and Bush who granted the illegals amnesty =  290
[QUOTE who="Fed Up With Mexicans"]<quoted text> Don't kid yourself, the entire point of all this amnesty crap is just to get more votes for the Democrats! They will definitely modify the bill to grant citizenship and voting privileges to those fools ASAP. The true number of illegals here is actually WAY higher than current estimates! These Democrats are a hell of lot shrewder and more devious than most people realize.[/QUOTE]
Not only are Republicans ignorant of the facts about their own leaders, they they are completely clueless as to WHY Republicans are responsible for the illegals being here.  They WANT to spread their lies, so I'm not wasting my time on those who demand to be kept ignorant.  291
[QUOTE who="Fed Up With Mexicans"]<quoted text> Don't kid yourself, the entire point of all this amnesty crap is just to get more votes for the Democrats! They will definitely modify the bill to grant citizenship and voting privileges to those fools ASAP. The true number of illegals here is actually WAY higher than current estimates! These Democrats are a hell of lot shrewder and more devious than most people realize.[/QUOTE]
It was two REPUBLICAN presidents who have granted amnesty -- has that worked in their favor, as far as votes?  NO!  Republicans lie to each other about most political issues.  THAT is why they are so easily manipulated by their leaders.  THAT is why they are the poor and middle class people who support the rich getting richer.  THAT is why the country is in a recession.  Stop being stupid.  296
[QUOTE who="Fed Up with Mexicans"]<quoted text> Excuse me, but you Democrats are the ones who keep kissing illegal alien asses!![/QUOTE]
Ok ignorant, You obviously have no clue that it was two Republican presidents, Reagan and Bush Sr., who granted them amnesty,
or that they did it to provide cheap labor for the rich. Dumb.   303
[QUOTE who="Fed Up With Mexicans"]<quoted text> Hey airhead, how many Republicans are pro-amnesty now? It's only you Democrat fools who want these illegal creeps in our country!![/QUOTE]
You just can't stop lying to yourself to protect Republicans.  First you blame Democrats, then when told it was two Republican presidents who granted them amnesty, you just won't face reality that a third Republican, Bush, tried to do the same thing, but ran into too much opposition from liberals.   The Republican Party attracts those who are too stupid to understand what's really going on, those who refuse to face reality, and those who are easily swayed by lies and propaganda.   If we demanded a political IQ test before voting, the Republican Party would never win another election.  359
[QUOTE who="Jesse"]Hell, now our Children cannot even wear a shirt to school if it displays the AMERICAN FLAG. enough is enoughthis is the US, not mexiranchinakorea. It's time we these counrtys back their citizens and take ownership of our land. Don't want to love as an American? Swim back. [/QUOTE]
We can't take back the country until we unite over one issue, and the American people have already decided that issue is health care.
Obama's bill is abusive and a financial disaster.  Don't let some idiot tell you it's too late - laws are always changed - that's why we have Congress. If Obama's plan was so good, he wouldn't need to use the IRS Gestapo to enforce it.  He wouldn't have had to deny the American people the right to know that there were much better choices than his, and he wouldn't have denied single payer advocates the right to attend his meetings. Obama wants fame as the ONE who brought us health care, and has betrayed the American people to get his way.
Demand one of the other plans and work to penalize the media and legislators for their role in this.  Read, learn and get active at:  (let me know if this next post is deleted)    380    381
[QUOTE who="Donde esta tu orgullo"]I can't wait till 2012 get these idiot Liberals out of office. I voted for Obama I thought he was going to "change" things. All he does is make things better for the lawbreakers, the greedy, the illegals and the lazy people. As a law abiding, hard working US Citizen I am offended that I get to foot the bill for his policies. Time to register as a Republican. [/QUOTE]
Boy are you dumb!  But that's what stupid people do, they become Republicans.  It was REPUBLICANS Reagan and Bush who granted them amnesty, which caused the massive numbers of illegals, all hoping for amnesty too.  REPUBLICAN GW Bush also tried to get away with it but there was too much opposition by that time.  This couldn't be any simpler:  Mexicans have outsmarted the American people because they know enough to WORK TOGETHER.    Get it now?  I've been saying, for many decades, that until the American people learn to work together, their government will become more and more corrupt, etc. The one issue which most Americans can agree on is that they want a GOOD health care plan, not Obama's abusive plan. Go here, get involved, and make it happen.  Nobody can carry your dead weight, the corruption is too massive. See next post, and if it's deleted again, let me know and I'll post it again and again, and again....     428    And  429
[QUOTE who="Toni"]<quoted text>The mistake the previous administrations did was not enforce the border first. Meaning build the entire fence, motion detectors, aerial surveillance, signs in Spanish to STOP DO NOT ENTER ILLEGALLY OR FACE IMPRISONMENT, flooding of tunnels, motes filled with water on the other side of the fence, troops stationed all along the fence, and 20,000 more border guards added to enforce immigration. Then address the issue of the illegals in the USA. All should go home, obtain a visa and provide papers acknowledging they returned to Mexico, are of good character and want to become Americans, pre-certify through E-Verify their identity and non criminal status, pay fines, learn English, and state their willingness to work to support their families. That they are not looking for hand-outs, just a better life. This to me would be true non political Immigration Reform. If they are looking to Obama to solve their ills sadly they will be let down. The man has angered the Black Caucus and Jackson and many of the left. He's alienated many who voted for him due to his actions not living up to his promises. This is not one Party problem. The failure of the Mexican government to rid corruption in their government, grow their economy to better the lives of the Mexican people so they would not want to jeopardize their lives crossing over into the USA. This is the real reason for their migration. Most of these folks love Mexico, and only wish to work here and send money home to support their families. If we make it a federal offense for employers to employ illegals and prosecute those companies, the illegals will return to Mexico or whatever country they came from. Those who really want to become Americans, need apply as I have indicated above, and we Americans will embrace there desire to experience the American Dream but only if done with integrity and adherence to the laws of this land.[/QUOTE]
I agree but nothing will change because the original reason for granting them amnesty was to provide cheap labor for employers who didn't want to pay US citizens a living wage, and that won't change by itself.    Everybody agrees that it needs to change, but most Americans are too stupid to come up with answers, and too dumb to know good answers when they're right in front of them.  I'll bet that almost everybody went right by the earlier posts that explained how we can do it, how we can take back the country. So, that's why this forum has so many posts - losers just want to complain.  Anything else sounds too much like WORK.  Well, then those of you who fit that description deserve to suffer the consequences.   439
[QUOTE who="BobbySomers"]<quoted text>Amnesty did not help the first two times and the Dems wisely didn't want to make that mistake again and shut Bush down.  So what's changed? Oh, That's right. Dems need more voters now more than ever since they are taking a beating in the polls and will most likely lose power after the midterm elections. Obama's gonna need all the help he can get in 2012.
The dems are endangering our citizens for political gain. [/QUOTE]
You're so right, and yet they stubbornly refuse to change.    I guess they're addicted to money and power.    I think Democrats and Republicans both need to lose BIG, and hopefully the elections going on now will be the beginning of that.     It would be hard to start with something as big as a presidential election, so this could be the beginning of big change. I don't know of anything that can bring angry voters together, from both sides, more than health care. People who aren't already working to make that change, should go to the following post:   510
And   511
[QUOTE who="Fed Up With Mexicans"]<quoted text> You're an idiot! The Republican party represents the most intelligent and successful people in America. The Democrats back the losers, the poverty cases, the welfare grubbers, and everyone else who tries to live off of taxpayer's money! The loudest cry for amnesty now is coming from all you clowns on the left, not from the Republicans![/QUOTE]
That simple-minded mentality is typical of the Republican Party. Republican leaders could never have gotten away with all their crimes against the humanity of this country if Republicans voters weren't total idiots.  For example:  granting amnesty twice, creating the homeless disaster which continually sentences countless American citizens to death because they were mostly liberals, used God to pressure pathetic political sheep into voting for Republican evil, being one of the biggest financial backers of prostitution at every convention, keeping a president in power who lied to the entire country so he could cause the deaths of over a hundred thousand men, women and children in Iraq, - the list is HUGE!       The REALITY is that nobody but corrupt politicians wants amnesty for Mexican illegals.      The ONLY way to stop it is for the American people to come together and back one issue that they can agree on, and they have already decided that issue is health care reform. Obama's plan is a financial nightmare, and is so hated that he has to use the IRS Gestapo to enforce it.      Everybody NEEDS to carry their own weight in this, and needs to help spread the word because the media has buried the fact that there are better plans.    (next post) 512
And   513
Robert wrote:  Yes, of course he does! If he makes illegal aliens into legal citizens they will, most of them be so thankful & VOTE FOR HIM in the next election. He needs to buy their votes of admiration because even many of us that voted him into office the first time SEE what is is & is doing to our Republic, we recognize the blatant COMMUNISM that he stands for. Dear God, get the handcuffs on this man, soon!
The biggest problem here is STUPIDITY!!!  It was REPUBLICANS Reagan and Bush who started all this by granting them amnesty decades ago. You're paying for your stupidity now. Too bad you didn't realize decades ago, as I did, that Mexicans have outsmarted you - they know enough to work together for the common good, while American idiots only know how to cry about it.
I'm not going to continually type the same thing over and over again. If you want answers, go here:(next post)    518
And  and    
Mexicans do it better wrote: <quoted text>Stop worrying about illegals and start worrying about the jobs that are sent to foreign countries.
Whether American jobs are lost to illegals or China, they're still lost to citizens of other countries, and it's money lost to individuals as well as the country. It's a bigger debt because now the country must subsidize our unemployed workers. So, no 1. worry about it all 2. do a lot more than worry, because it's going to get worse.  The only solution is for the American people to stop letting corrupt politicians defeat them. First, the masses must stop being too stupid to know what's going on, too lazy to get involved, and too gutless to fight back.
Here's how: (next post)     And
[QUOTE who="Dem"]<quoted text> You are out of your mind! Bush and all the rest of you Republican fools have practically destroyed this entire country![/QUOTE]
You obviously can't read and comprehend at the same time.  I wrote two things that showed I am a liberal, and you didn't get it.
Protester wrote: <quoted text>That simple-minded mentality is typical of the Republican Party. Republican leaders could never have gotten away with all their crimes against the humanity of this country if Republicans voters weren't total idiots.  The REALITY is that nobody but corrupt politicians wants amnesty for Mexican illegals.” People, you need to know why you can't win on the immigration issue because you're fighting the federal government and all wealthy and powerful people who want cheap labor.  Haven't you figured that out yet? 
The only way to win, is to first take back control of the government. Most people are far more angry about Obama's health care bill and the IRS coming after them to force them to pay for it, than they are about illegals. You have to fight smart, not stupidly with lots of noise.  You have to convince the idiot masses because they won't get it until you tell them.  You have to sneak in under the radar as much as possible, so this is the only way:  (next post)   538         And   especially posts 79-82        539
[QUOTE who="Nancy"]<quoted text> Problem is they don't see the Constitution as we do, they change it to fit their agenda. They are changing everything, it's hope and change alright but certainly not the kind alot of us wanted to see! And alot of people that voted Obama in are seeing that now, but a bit too late unfortunately. [/QUOTE]
What were you saying when Bush's agenda was to lie to you and Congress?  Did you really think he cared what you thought, or how many of our young he slaughtered for his personal vendetta?   It's a really sick mentality that said nothing about that, but still obsesses over a liberal leader's genita! activities.   546
[QUOTE who="AmericanBoer"]<quoted text>I honestly love how self righteous and intelligent progressives are. Who else could think up regulating the sodium content of food that sits next to a salt shaker?[/QUOTE]
You're probably complaining that they neglected to list the sodium content in the salt shaker. There is no common sense in your post. 
One good thing about Topix is that so many Republicans, who only hear other Republicans' distorted views, are finally getting a breath of fresh air, and are hearing intelligent reasoning. 547
[QUOTE who="Peace"]What would right wingers have the USA do about the illegals? Pay billions to bus them back? ONly to have them walk back in. Put them in jail? Shoot 'em? How about if we in USA police the businesses that hire illegals? If you know of or hear of a business that hires illegals, report it.  No jobs, no illegals.[/QUOTE]
I don't know how Republicans could stay with a party that victimizes them so much.  The began granting Mexican illegals amnesty in the '80s, never came up with any plan for poor Republicans to get health care, etc.  Republican voters seem to live in a fantasy world where they cling to the lies they're fed. Now we have Democrats who stay with a party that is doing the same things, including a health car plan that victimizes them.    Solution:  Divorce those parties - they're abusive.  Vote only for independent/third party candidates.  Eventually good politicians will leave the two major parties as well. People:  There's so much more we have to do - see post 539.  If you're one of those who just skipped over it the first time because you thought it involves work. If you're one of those who just wants to hear yourself complain rather than work on solutions, the reality is that most people are sick of endless griping.      Either come up with a solution, or get off your dead rear and clean up the mess you're responsible for.  562
[QUOTE who="Toni"]<quoted text>
The mistake the previous administrations did was not enforce the border first. Meaning build the entire fence, motion detectors, aerial surveillance, signs in Spanish to STOP DO NOT ENTER ILLEGALLY OR FACE IMPRISONMENT, flooding of tunnels, motes filled with water on the other side of the fence, troops stationed all along the fence, and 20,000 more border guards added to enforce immigration. Then address the issue of the illegals in the USA. All should go home, obtain a visa and provide papers acknowledging they returned to Mexico, are of good character and want to become Americans, pre-certify through E-Verify their identity and non criminal status, pay fines, learn English, and state their willingness to work to support their families. That they are not looking for hand-outs, just a better life. This to me would be true non political Immigration Reform. If they are looking to Obama to solve their ills sadly they will be let down. The man has angered the Black Caucus and Jackson and many of the left. He's alienated many who voted for him due to his actions not living up to his promises. This is not one Party problem. The failure of the Mexican government to rid corruption in their government, grow their economy to better the lives of the Mexican people so they would not want to jeopardize their lives crossing over into the USA. This is the real reason for their migration. Most of these folks love Mexico, and only wish to work here and send money home to support their families. If we make it a federal offense for employers to employ illegals and prosecute those companies, the illegals will return to Mexico or whatever country they came from. Those who really want to become Americans, need apply as I have indicated above, and we Americans will embrace there desire to experience the American Dream but only if done with integrity and adherence to the laws of this land.[/QUOTE]
All those things would work, but it's consistent that the federal government didn't do anything and that 2 Republican presidents granted them amnesty in the first place = they brought them here and they want to keep them here, for cheap labor.
At this time, there's nothing we can do about it.  There was a time when far fewer Americans complaining about something made a big difference.  Not anymore.      One big reason is that Democrats and Republicans together have a monopoly.  They know they can count on votes, and donations.     None of this will change until the American people wise up, join with other Americans, and fight back.      As is it now, they're still outsmarted by a bunch of Mexican peasants who know enough to work together for the common good. (next post)  564
And    especially posts 83, 88  565
[QUOTE who="Russia1513"]<quoted text>
Neither Bush nor Obama are a prize. Bush screwed up. Obama is screwing up. You get that any time you attach the word "Progressive" to your name while in office. Progressive is just another name for SOCIALIST. This country is headed for a revolution, but it's not going to be fought with guns. It's going to be fought at the polls. Many who want real change will die by the bullet simply for believing in the founding principles of this country, merely because they go against what the socialists are poisoning our country with. Our children will not look at their ancestors and ask why we didn't fight harder: we were too busy simply trying to SURVIVE all of this idiocy@! Our children will be too busy working for the governments agenda to make everyone EQUAL. Throwing Bush at us as a purported 'insult', or asking anyone to justify what he did is a complete waste of your time, as you will find many a Republican who disagrees with what Bush did. Now we're just doing damage control for the good of people who believe what George Washington, John Adams, and Benjamin Frankline believed. We really aren't convinced we'll get America back, but we have to try. Obama is merely a shitstain on the walls of the White House.[/QUOTE]
What infuriates me is that some of us tried to impeach Bush, but probably not a single Republican.  On the other hand, Republicans tried to impeach Clinton for NOTHING, by first setting him up, etc. Republicans rant about every mistake, while Democrats let war crimes just slip by. It's the American people who have to stop repeating the same mistakes decade after decade, when they obviously don't work.  567
[QUOTE who="Tea Party For Palin"]<quoted text> Only a moron would have tried to impeach Bush! If you want to impeach someone, that airhead now in the White House should be first on your list.[/QUOTE]
At least you're consistently stupid - supporting both Bush and Palin. I know I'm on the right track when criticized by someone like you.
Intelligent people:  If you really want to end the illegal alien problem,  you have to do more than just complaining.   (next post)   581   
And       posts 90-92  582
[QUOTE who="Russia1513"]<quoted text>He has exactly 5 months to do it in, in that case. Only prayer will see that Amnesty happens. Make sure you go to church and participate.     Once we vote a supermajority of Republicans and Independents into office, who will actually LISTEN to the American public, BHO won't stand a chance to pass Amnesty. It will be rejected and overrode everytime. If it weren't for the really messy oil spill we have now, on which him and his friend George Soros stand to make a killing financially, he might be able to give Amnesty a real look, but that isn't in the cards for him. For him, the Presidency will be and remain like being housed in a really fancy and expensive kennel for the remaining 21 months of his term. He will be a terminal Lame Duck. If you don't get what that means, google it. [/QUOTE]
No, don't vote Republican.  How many times do intelligent people have to say this:  IT WAS REPUBLICANS REAGAN AND BUSH WHO GRANTED THEM AMNESTY BEFORE, but Republicans never complained because they follow the party line.           So, NO, DON'T VOTE REPUBLICAN OR DEMOCRATIC.  If you can't support an independent or third party candidate, boycott the elections.  591
[QUOTE who="Nancy"]<quoted text>Personally I think Arizona did the right thing and other states should follow in suit. [/QUOTE]
They should:   625
[QUOTE who="wizardbard"]Seems to me that we have some government folks totally ignoring their oath of office. Wonder if we can impeach them and/or file a class action suit against them The Oath of Office for the Vice President, Secretary of State, and other federal employees is as follows: “I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same, that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion, and I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.”   UN:F [1.9.0_1079][/QUOTE]  
Great idea, but who's going to do it?  Who's not corrupt?  Yes, WE have let it get THAT bad. We have to join together in strength and take back the country:  (next post)   626
And Those opposed to Obama’s bill:   especially posts 80-82   83 and 86
[QUOTE who="bea"]What are you doing to this country, Obama? Everyone has to conform to OUR LAWS and to be able to become a citizen and they must be able to speak ENGLISH.[/QUOTE]
Have you been in a coma for three decades, or did you voice outrage when Republican Reagan first granted them amnesty, then Republican Bush did the same thing -- and both committed treason by doing that. If the idiot masses had been outraged back then, we could have prosecuted them, and we'd have a great country today. Instead, by being too lazy, stupid, and gutless to fight back, the American people have created a country in which corruption thrives. Now many Republicans are only complaining because it's being done by a Democrat.  That brain-numbing stupidity is the reason our country is rotting within. Some of us tried to get Bush impeached, to stop the damage years ago, but Republicans stood in our way.  Now, we have a bigger fight on our hands, and the danger is much greater.
People need to shut up and stop their endless complaining or FIGHT back:   (next post)  
Those opposed to Obama’s bill:   especially posts 80-82   83 and 86
[QUOTE who="Toni"]<quoted text>Nancy I wholeheartedly agree. The beginning will be the removal of the Progressive Liberals all over the USA, and Obama in 2012. He has done nothing but Lie...Lie...Lie....spend....spend...spend money America doesn't have nor can repay. He has no desire to balance the budget. Obama is intent on destroying America's status as leader of the world, he as said as much many times regarding his differing view of American exceptionalism. Those who voted this clown into office did the country a great disservice in not researching his background, ideology. They instead bought a myth of Hope and Change....he's Kumbaya rhetoric.[/QUOTE]
To all of you who are like tennis balls, bouncing back and forth between the two parties at every election, or who see that stupidity as a solution, WISE UP! You are all part of the problem, not a solution.  IT ISN'T WORKING, so STOP!  Within a month of Obama's presidency, idiot Republicans were complaining that he wasn't cleaning up Bush's and THEIR messes fast enough.  Liberals knew that was coming because Republicans do it every time, like overgrown severely emotionally retarded children, expecting daddy to forever clean up after them. The problem is BOTH PARTIES, GREED, CORRUPTION, and of course it couldn't happen without the stupidity of the idiot masses. Wake up to how severe the problem really is - it's about far more dangerous problems than just illegals.  Since you can't see the real problem, you can't provide solutions. So, AGAIN, here's a solution.  (next post)      632
All your rantings are about Mexicans because you people are too stupid to get the big picture: Terrorists coming across Mexican border:   Your stupidity about how great Republican leaders are ignores REALITY: Dems & Reps work together to secretly control ‘08 debates   Your endless bi!ching has wasted valuable time because it's going to be controlled because you never get the big picture: Obama & Internet
Mexicans had nothing to do with wave after wave of foreclosures, but your pathetic stupidity doesn't get the big picture: Warren warnings of financial problems coming, mortgages:       Your stupidity ignores the really big picture:
JFK - warnings secret societies         Idiot’s Guide to the N W O:
Fall of the Republic:  I couldn't possibly get all the information on here that INTELLIGENT people are dealing with.  They're joining the fight for ALL these things by first winning on ONE ISSUE - read and comprehend: Those opposed to Obama’s bill: especially posts 80-82 83 and 86  633
You ask 'why is he so protective' but you have no answer, so the rest of your post is based on nothing. How many hundred times does it have to be posted by different people that REPUBLICANS REAGAN AND BUSH GRANTED THEM AMNESTY TO GIVE THEIR FINANCIAL BACKERS CHEAP LABOR?  Mexicans have outsmarted the American people for decades.  They knew enough to work together for financial success, yet American idiots just don't get it.  I've posted countless times that we have to work together to save this country from MANY PROBLEMS threatening it.  I've also posted how to do that, by WORKING TOGETHER on the one thing that Americans hate most, and that will cost them the most,  Obama's health care bill.  Many simple-minded people are so obsessed with the illegals, that they don't get the big picture.  THEY CAN'T SOLVE THAT PROBLEM BECAUSE THE PROBLEM IS DEEPLY ROOTED IN GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION, and until you work to attack that, NO problem will be fixed. Lazy Americans are waiting for somebody to carry their dead weight.  It can't happen - it's too late for that to work anymore. Stupid Americans are waiting until they see just how much suffering they have to endure before they fight back.  By that time, it will be waaaay tooooo late.       Solution:  (next post)    692 and    Start with post 83, then 80-82 and 86  693
[QUOTE who="j-Dog"]<quoted text>but remember, the militias can be called up in an emergency and then the president is the militia's commander in chief. So join a militia and work for Obama.[/QUOTE]
Use your brains, people.  Military forces will be ordered to fire on their own citizens when all the warnings come true.  Are you willing to stand against your own family and friends?  You'd have to choose between saving them and betraying your group, or being another victim.  It's a horrible situation to be in.  You have to choose one side, so choose now. The idiot masses have ignored warnings of every disaster, but they choose to watch tv.  That's their mentality.  So, when there are food shortages and riots, they will starve, get shot, suffer, suffer, suffer.  They'll finally get it, but it will be too late. That's why we have to stand up to the government NOW while there's still time. 
(post 633- the opportunity won't be there forever)  702
[QUOTE who="Russia1513"]<quoted text>Neither Bush nor Obama are a prize. Bush screwed up. Obama is screwing up. You get that any time you attach the word "Progressive" to your name while in office. Progressive is just another name for SOCIALIST. This country is headed for a revolution, but it's not going to be fought with guns. It's going to be fought at the polls. Many who want real change will die by the bullet simply for believing in the founding principles of this country, merely because they go against what the socialists are poisoning our country with. Our children will not look at their ancestors and ask why we didn't fight harder: we were too busy simply trying to SURVIVE all of this idiocy@! Our children will be too busy working for the governments agenda to make everyone EQUAL. Throwing Bush at us as a purported 'insult', or asking anyone to justify what he did is a complete waste of your time, as you will find many a Republican who disagrees with what Bush did. Now we're just doing damage control for the good of people who believe what George Washington, John Adams, and Benjamin Frankline believed. We really aren't convinced we'll get America back, but we have to try. Obama is merely a shitstain on the walls of the White House.[/QUOTE]
The revolution won't be fought at the polls when people are hungry and oppressed. The masses need to take a look at the warnings.  Our country is headed for real trouble. Do you really think our leaders are that stupid, that they'd consistently make that many stupid mistakes, year after year?  The mistakes have sent us into a financial crisis, and Obama's health care bill just makes it worse.  He could have accepted the Insurance Corruption plan that makes a profit for the country, but he sided with the corrupt insurance industry instead, and let them tell him what the bill should say. No, that many mistakes are not accidental.  I believe they're deliberately driving us into a desperate situation so that when the wealthy offer to come in and bail us out, we'll be so desperate that we'll let them take over.  One of the first things they'll do is burn the Bill of Rights, and from then on we will have sold ourselves, and our children, into slavery.
For those of you who have chosen to be ignorant, it's time to face reality.  Here are a few warnings:  (next post)  703
This information won't always be available: Financial crisis for beginners
Warren warnings of financial problems coming, mortgages,  
Coming collapse of the middle class - Warren
For families
Loans a problem
EU pres. & N W O   How crisis was made worse
Dems & Reps work together to secretly control ‘08 debates
Warnings about the foreclosures deliberately silenced:   Threats to free speech:
Topix charges for deleted posts        BP lawyers & anti free speech         Obama a threat to the internet:   703
[QUOTE who="Toni"]<quoted text>And still working 12 hour days making far less than Americans in jobs most Americans don't want like fast food, washing dishes, making beds, cutting lawns. You will never succeed in life under Obama's Presidency, his Party wants the downtrodden to stay down and controlled. But I guess you are comfortable with a lease.[/QUOTE]
That saying, "jobs most Americans don't want" is government propaganda. It never was true:  1.  It was an excuse to keep them here, for Reagan and Bush's amnesty programs. 2.  Now that we have a recession and CITIZENS are desperate for jobs held by illegals, it's obviously a lie. 3.  They didn't want those jobs either.  They wanted, and now have, jobs in construction, etc.   705
[QUOTE who="Festus"]Theys need Amnesty. Theys low paid hard workin people. America be needin these people to do the dirty jobs.[/QUOTE]
Where have you been?  Once they got amnesty, they went right after the GOOD jobs in construction, landscaping, etc.  That's just one more price we have paid for the treason of Reagan and Bush. We're paying because Republicans looked the other way at every act of treason committed by their traitors, and are now ATTACKING Obama for something he hasn't done yet.  Republican idiots act like they've never heard of anything so outrageous as amnesty before, but obviously they're not too bothered by it, since they condoned it when wealthy Republicans profited from it. Republican lies and stupidity are the biggest reason this country is dying now.  They're so dumb they still don't get how their legislators betrayed them last year, over the health care bill they hate. (next post) 715
And  post 98  716
[QUOTE who="drug free"]<quoted text>Racial ‘Cleansing’ in L.A. Federal prosecutors say a powerful Latino gang systematically targeted rival black gang members and innocent black civilians in a reign of terror. A south Los Angeles Latino street gang targeted African-American gang rivals and other blacks in a campaign of neighborhood "cleansing," federal prosecutors say. Alleged leaders and foot soldiers in the Hispanic gang Florencia 13, also called F13, are being arraigned this week on charges stemming from a pair of federal indictments that allege that the gang kept a tight grip on its turf by shooting members of a rival gang—and sometimes random black civilians. The "most disturbing aspect" of the federal charges was that "innocent citizens … ended up being shot simply because of the color of their skin," U.S. Attorney Thomas O'Brien told reporters in announcing the indictments. No one is sure what started the war between F13 and the black gang known as the East Coast Crips in the Florence-Firestone area of unincorporated L.A. County. Simple neighborhood demographic shifts played a role, as formerly black areas have become majority-Latino. The two gangs are also rivals in the lucrative drug trade. Much of the F13 indictments lay out a conspiracy alleging that gang members controlled drug houses where they sold large amounts of cocaine, crack and methamphetamine. Some say the killings began after the Crips pulled a large drug heist against F13 several years ago. Whatever the causes, L.A. Sheriff's Department statistics chart the war's violent toll: 80 gang-related shootings in the past three years, including 20 murders. The federal charges name 61 alleged F13 members in two indictments. The gang-violence charges came in a 53-count RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) indictment against 24 alleged gang leaders, charging them in a conspiracy to sell drugs, possess weapons illegally, and assault and kill black gang members and civilians. In the second indictment prosecutors charged the rest of the men on federal drug-distribution charges. More than 40 of the defendants pleaded not guilty at arraignments Tuesday, according to prosecutors. Michael Khouri, an attorney for Luis Aguilar, 35, says his client left the gang "several years ago" and served recently as a gang negotiator. "Mr. Aguilar will plead not guilty, and he is not guilty," says Khouri. Fifteen of the accused remain fugitives. The indictments provide a telling snapshot of the changing nature of gangs in south L.A. According to federal prosecutors, F13 has grown into a tightly controlled gang of 2,000 members in 30 cliques led by convicts and parolees who are members of the prison-based Mexican mafia. It's a far cry from the '80s, when the black drug gangs, including the Crips and the Bloods, predominated, mining the crack epidemic with ruthless efficiency. Compared with looser Latino gangs that were seen as turf-conscious fighters, the black gangs were organized and disciplined. "The stereotype was that [the black gangs] were all about the [drug] business," says gang researcher Cheryl Maxson, an associate professor of criminology at University of California, Irvine. With the black gangs, "there was a millionaire in every neighborhood" perched at the top of the crack distribution pyramid, adds gang expert Alex Alonso, who edits . [/QUOTE]
Thank god our DEA geniuses are going after the horribly violent pot growers instead working big cities.  Actually, they're going after liberals AGAIN.  Maybe they're too afraid to go into big cities, or maybe this is still part of the drug running that Reagan started, and we know how the feds like Republicans. Well, get used to it people, because there's more to come, and much worse.  We're headed for civil war, because the masses can always be counted on to attack each other instead of going after those with enough money and power to fight back. Home of the brave?  Hah!!!   (   718-20
Don't blame me - my post kept getting rejected, then it said there were over 4000 characters, so I shortened it and tried again, only to find previous posts were accepted after all. Blame Topix for censoring posts.  721
[QUOTE who="Auto Mechanic"]<quoted text>They go back and forth, have been since I first voted. The stinking job of one party forces the other party in office. Neither party is my party.  Clinton stunk so bad we elected Bush. Bush stunk so bad we elected Obama. We can only go up from here because we hit the gutter.[/QUOTE]
So, how many decades does it take you to figure out that it doesn't work? Intelligent people have been trying to get the idiot masses to get off the swing and THINK.  There are choices, but they're only as popular as the number of people who aren't AFRAID to think for themselves. People:  Vote for independent and third party candidates, or boycott elections, if only to end the Democratic-Republican monopoly.  IT DOESN'T WORK.   740
[QUOTE who="Nancy"]<quoted text> We have destroyed this country,who the hell is in office now, it's not Bush! And don't give me that crap about having to clean up Bush's mess, yes maybe to start with but all Presidents inherit issues from the previous administration. You don't hear them playing the blame game forever though. Bush is no longer making the decisions, Obama is, and it's high time he took on the responsibility for those decisions insteaad of blaming Bush or whoever! He the one creating the huge debt we have, and if it actually helped us I'd say more power to him but as far as I can see he has done "NOTHING" for our Country but get us further and further in trouble. You talk about Bush lying to us, what the hell do you think Obama is doing and has been all along?
The man has no clue about leadership, and has no loyalty to our Country either. Have you noticed that when he makes a speech there is no longer the American Flag standing behind him at the podium like all past President have done? And have you ever watched him salute the military, it's not a real salute, it's like a quick hurry up and get it over waith type of salute. As the wife of a career Navy man it makes me sick to watch him salute the way he does. And what about this whole oil mess still going on, he's had offer upon offer of ways to clean it up and help from other countries to do it too, why aren't they accepting the help and at least trying some of those methods? Doesn't that seem curious to you, cause it sure does to me! If that ordeal had been dealt with properly from the start, it could have been cleaned up by now. Instead they just keep procrastinating and the oil is spreading further and further! I can't wait til 2012 and he hopefully gets voted out of office! We need to clean house completely and just start over with a clean slate if that's even possible anymore? [/QUOTE]
The truth is that Bush is still to blame for the problems he created that can't be fixed overnight.  Liberals knew that Republicans would be throwing temper tantrums from the minute Obama was elected, complaining that daddy didn't clean up their messes fast enough, and that's what happened.  Some of Bush's betrayal can't be fixed.  Examples:  The deficit he caused won't be paid in our lifetimes, and nobody can bring the dead back to life. Obama deserves blame for what he's doing now.  He seems to be trying to clean it up, but like the BP disaster, it just takes time.  That's why we suffer, because we allow parasites to have power over us and to prey on us. On the other hand, like Bush, he is also making the rich richer and the poor poorer; and like Bush, his followers are idiots, blind to treason.            People:
What did you do when you read posts containing solutions to problems?  Ignore them?  If so, then you're the biggest problem America faces. 
Here's one:  (next post)   744 And    post 100     745
[QUOTE who="jim"]Impeach the dictator of office. Bring in a real Commander and Chief. This idiot is a weak. We might as well raise a white flag, Fire Border security, give back Texas, Calif and all in between. They took my job away from me today.[/QUOTE]
They probably took your job from you today because yesterday you did NOTHING to fight government corruption.    If so, who did you think was going to carry your weight?  I've said for decades that the masses won't get it until after it's too late.   Some people just have to learn the hard way because they ignore all the warnings.  746
[QUOTE who="Johnnywalker"]Both partys are to blame all the way down to city council and county officials. When the only thing you here about is politicians cheating on there wives and making babys and commiting adultry at the white house and going out with prostitutes and getting bribes from drug king pins, what kind of exampl is that. And then they cant even do the right thing country wise. Man I really think they have taken it to far. I just wish we could protest like during the vietnam days. boy those protests were like wood stock. The stupid politicians actually got scaired. We need to protest in masive numbers and do like we did in the late 60s and early 70s. Im all for that. The politicians must know that we know they are blowing it with the illegal alien crisis. They are invading the usa, and know one is doing anything to stop it. The war in afghanistan is done over we lost. now lets get home and line the border. The war is costing way to much money and lives. For what. ITs another vietnam. Nothing is ever going to change unless we protest in huge numbers. [/QUOTE]
You 'wish' we could protest?  Who stopped you?  How many protests have you been in over the past several decades as our country declined?  Lots of other people are.  The fact is that this country is suffering from so many serious problems that people are divided - that was done on purpose.  But the point is that we have to focus on the one issue that most people are angry about, or should be, and protest that, and penalize the politicians and media who betrayed us.   (next post)    post 100  275
[QUOTE who="bambifromfawnskin"]Question, what can we do to win the war on illegal aliens? Do we write to Obama, Do we call our Senators and leave a mesage. Do we march on Washington? How about bumper stickers that say No scamnesty for illegal aliens or, impeach Obama over scamnesty. Why are people so afraid to protest? Is it becaus mexicans may try to harm you...well so be it. You have to be brave and make a stand. Thats the sacrifice we have to make. I think its about time we make a stand. What if every car you saw on the freeway had a sticker saying NO MORE OBAMA. I know people would take notice. And what about NO MORE ILLEGAL ALIENS.Slogans can get the word out to our politicians that we mean business on this most serious issue. How about Legalize Marajuana. Are you afraid a cop will pull you over for having a sticker that says that. Make a stand. Keep mamerica freedom of Speech. Or we will be taken over.[/QUOTE]
I applaud your efforts, but people have been doing that, but it's like everything else the majority is against = most politicians only hear big money talking, and that's not us.    So, here's where you can put your effort to good use.  There is a good way to get rid of the illegals, but it won't work until we learn to do what the illegals have been doing all along - work together.  (next post)   762
And    Start with posts 100, 86, and the explanation at 83.    763
[QUOTE who="Legit"]Obama is digging this country into a hole.....has nothing to do with his race it has every thing to do with his incompetence when it comes to making the right desisions ...... this happens to be another wrong desision between this and how long hes taking for the oil spill ....jesus there goes this country...[/QUOTE]
The solution was in the post right in front of yours.  You have to look for solutions, not just complain. Since you posted this, how far have you gotten in your attempts to save the country?   You could have accomplished so much.   (See my previous post.)  764
[QUOTE who="Disgusted "]It is kind of funny how people will go and down grade Bush and say he made a mess of this country.....It took Bush not even two days to suspend a law that initialy prevented foreign aid for Katrina. Now Obama, noone seems to want to bitch about him because as soon as someone does they are accused of being racist. To hell with that.It has taken him 72 days to even try and figure out how to deal with this oil spill. And he is still "flapping his gums" instead of taking action. Other nations have offered to help contain it and have continually been turned away by Obama. All he is doing is bashing the oil company when the oil company has been trying their hardest to stop the spill only to have their every move criticized by the president and members of the government. Obama is a pathetic excuse for a president. Bush may not have been the best but he sure tried and i give him the little credit he is due.. Obama put this country into more debt than bush did. Now Obama wants amnesthy for illegal aliens?!?!?! If you people complain about lack of jobs now just wait it'll be a hell of a time for americans if this is ever passed (which is highly unlikely) So tell me hows that change working out for you people? [/QUOTE]
You need to face reality - Bush also tried to grant amnesty to illegals, but was stopped, and his DADDY BUSH and REAGAN DID grant amnesty, so those two idiots are responsible for all this mess.    You didn't give a single solution, except the non-solution of blaming Obama.
    They're all self-serving politicians who are betraying us DELIBERATLY. Obama is joining with a FOREIGN POWER to attack Arizona and the will of most Americans.  I predict they will win because the American people are too stupid to get it, that it's not about illegals. It's about total domination of the American people and denial of legal and civil rights.   A year ago, I was telling people what we had to do to win, to take back our country, but they're too dumb, too lazy, and too gutless to do anything. You're running out of time, fast. post 763   766
[QUOTE who="Disgusted "]<quoted text>I think the problem is that people want to solve everyone elses problems instead of facing their own. Noone understands we have to eliminate the corruption but most do not know how. the government put in place can hardly be called a democracy anymore. There are so many government officials who are so focused on greed and power instead of on the people it is pathetic. These people in government were originally put into place to SERVE THE PEOPLE, that notion is ignored today and noone wants to adress it and any who try to call attention to this problem are silenced. People are so comfortable with the government now because the ones on welfare ( the majority not needing to be) get a free pass on tax payers money while they get their big screen t.v's and tax payers struggle to get by. I say they get off their lazy asses and make a living. Earn it... otherwise they are undeserving of the help the government so willingy hands out.
( pretty pathetic a teenager can come to this conclusion isnt it?)[/QUOTE]
You're absolutely right about the condition this country's in. However, the cause is a little more complicated than that. First, none of us has the right to judge people when we don't know their situation, and as far as I know, people on welfare are barely able to survive.  If it's as great as you say, why are there so many homeless families with children?  Why are there so many hungry children?  Second, corrupt politicians depend on the masses to turn on each other because it's easier to pick on the poor, etc. rather than those in power who can fight back.  Maybe that's one of the reasons they granted amnesty to the illegals, so we'd blame them.  767

Obama defends health care law; tells repeal advocates 'We're not going back'

Obama gets his overhaul of nation's health care | The Columbus ...
Did your media tell you that you had other healthcare choices?  No, they're biased. Republicans are fighting this HEALTH CARE PLAN DISASTER, so now it's up to liberals to join with them and DEMAND A BETTER PLAN.  Here are two that most of the media have been hiding from you so tell them that they've lost you as a customer / viewer.  The first one has been around almost a year, and now finally we have a legislator who works for the people.  They are:  1478
And  1479
[QUOTE who="B Honest"]There will always be poor people. It is a fact of life. Gouging the taxpayers will not eliminate the poor. Government handouts will not eliminate poverty. Show me any country that has no poor people. It can't be done Since LBJ's "War on poverty" we have literally spent TRILLIONS of tax dollars, with no demonstrable effect. Liberals and Democrats can try to blame the Republicans, but that line is getting tired in light of how much money has been wasted on government programs that are corrupt, unregulated, and ineffective.  The US definition of someone living below the poverty level is most other country's definition of middle class. People who own a car and a home are still considered "poor" simply because they make a certain income. Our standard of living is head and shoulders above any other country in the world The class warfare argument is simply a tactic to troll for votes. The Democratic Party preys on the ignorant by trying to make them believe that the wealthy are living off the poor, when in fact it is the other way around. Democrats try to make people jealous of those who are wealthy, and that the wealthy are somehow undeserving of the success they have achieved and thus, they should be punished by having some of their money taken away. Nothing like breeding envy and discontent as a way to gain political power. That's what the Communists did, and look how successful their economic policy was.  The Democrats gave us the social security fund, and then they took it away and put the money in the general fund so they could spend it on pork. They need to change their symbol from jackass to a hog. [/QUOTE]
Your post is full of deceit.  Life was good for almost everybody after WWII, until we let schools turn out stupid people.  Those people started voting Republican in 1980, and the country has gone downhill fast ever since then, but the idiots were too stupid to learn from their own mistakes, and kept voting Republican. Today, what the poor earn, isn't enough to live on, which is why people have to have 2 or 3 jobs just to survive.  You're out of touch with reality by complaining about government handouts with a government that has been stealing from the poor to give to the rich for several decades.  Who would be that stupid?  People just like you. You are the problem, and as long as you're allowed to vote, no matter how ignorant you are, you will continue to sabotage the U.S.  About health care - those same ignorant masses are either blindly supporting the government's health reform bill, or are protesting against any help.  Everybody who cares about the survival of the country has to care about what corrupt insurance companies are able to tell their government that they want 'government' health care which forces millions of Americans to subsidize their greed. These are the only 2 plans I know of that will work, because they both eliminate insurance companies completely.    The first one has been around since the summer of 2009, but did your media tell you about these choices?  Let them know they've lost you as a customer because of that.  Everybody needs to demand one of these plans.  They are: (next post)  1822  which goes farther and makes a profit but is very affordable, isn't welfare, is voluntary, helps financially save small businesses and the middle class, and much more.  Those are the benefits of cutting out insurance company greed and corruption.
and  and the Bill Moyers interview about it:   Get good insurance, attack corruption, and make the biased media and deaf legislators remember who they serve, all at the same time.  A true win-win-win-win solution.   1823
[QUOTE who="A Nnoyed"]<quoted text>Public schools aren't failing their students, parents of students are failing their own children.
We more pump more money per capita and as a % of GDP into education than nearly every other country on earth.
Parents thinking they don't have to actively educate their kids and instill the right values in them because 'that's the governments job' is our failure.  Blame the people who promised that big government is the solution to our needs for tearing the concept of personal responsibility out of our people. They're the problem masquerading as the solution. Filth.[/QUOTE]
It's the schools' job to teach spelling, etc. and the parents' job to teach values.  If the schools fail to do their job, the blame falls on them, but it's also the parents' fault for letting that happen.   You're just looking for an excuse to blame big government for something and have mixed it all together.  So, it looks like your parents failed to teach you to think clearly.  1855
[QUOTE who="Pedro De Jusus"]Well, if you are covered by Medicare that is. As of 4-1-10 our all knowing government cut the level of medicare (or tie in plan) by 21% from what the Govt. has been paying. And the Govt. has NEVER paid an amount equal to what the medical community charges or charges private insurance or cash paying patients. Oh, and our great govt. also suspended all payments to the medical community. So, all you medicare patients (I'm one) when you phone to make an appointment to see your physician (if they will still see you) be aware that your physician may be working for you for free. Or at best, working for less than he feels it is worth. I doubt he/she will be overly joyed to do that for you (and me). BTW, if you don't believe me, phone the business office of your physician and ASK THEM.  Funny how you never see our president or congressmen making cuts to their own lavish medical coverage plan or in any of the other areas when our government overspends. You NEVER read about our government cutting foreign aid payments to other countries. Not even cutting such payments of billions of dollars to countries like Egypt who hates America. Nor do I see our government cutting payments that go to people that don't work or are in America illegally, etc., etc.  And for those young people here who view Medicare as a government handout or some kind of welfare that should be cut, be advised of the truth. Medicare is a program that was forced on every working American. In my case, it was forced on me back when I first started out my working life years ago. The government forced me into an agreement whereas I would pay a portion of each and every paycheck I earned into a Medicare account my entire working life. At age 65 I could then sign up and be covered by Medicare for a modest monthly payment (a little over $100.00). I honored my part of this agreement and paid over my entire working life and signed up for Medicare at age 65. Although I still work a full time job and out of each paycheck I STILL pay into Medicare just as does someone starting out their working life.  If anyone thinks this is fair, then go on about your business. Otherwise, I hope there is at least ONE reader who will do as I am going to do and make an angry contact with my congressmen and the white house.[/QUOTE]
Where have you been?  Other people have been writing their congressmen for years, and you‘re just now starting?  You’re part of the reason for such massive government corruption. This health care bill is different, though, since most people are against it, but legislators are deaf.  It’s now come to the point where writing is totally ignored, as well as threats to stop donations.  So, now we have to stop the source of the corruption - money from the wealthy.   Everybody needs to read the following, especially post #26, and let legislators know that we’re THAT angry.   (next post)  1857
And 1858
[QUOTE who="-Paul"]<quoted text>Actually, the person you responded to is absolutely right......and so are you....sort of. You both said the same thing except you seem to be of the opinion that big government is a good thing?  It isn't big government's place to instill personal responsibility any-more-so than it is government's place to write laws telling people to remember to zip their fly back up. Government shouldn't write laws against laughing at someone who forgets to zip up. The person who forgot to zip-up should be personally responsible. Government doesn't need to give everyone a wedgy checking to make sure everyone is zipped up because a percentge of the population is not.[/QUOTE]
No, I'm a liberal who's against big government.   Obama’s plan creates a massive new bureaucracy and brings in the IRS, both of which increase government even more, and adds to our financial tragedy.   The Insurance Corruption Plan (2009) makes a profit.  It requires two things:    The American people have to stop just complaining about the horribly corrupt insurance industry and FIGHT BACK.
All those people who are just watching Tea Party rallies and other demonstrations need to get involved NOW, and need to contact their legislators and demand a better plan, increasing the number of Americans who are against it.  They need to make other demands now because Congress has ignored all the complaints so far.  Information: (next post)  1866
And   1867
[QUOTE who="CitizenOnPatrolButNotCop"]<quoted text>
Is it our problem you are a diabetic? Take care of yourself don't exepct others to tak care of you leech. You are treated like a dirt bag because you are the type that sticks their hand out wanting others to pay for you and then claim others are selfish for not giving you what you think you are entitled too. We call that LEECHES AND SLIME BAGS...THOSE OF US THAT WORK FOR OUR MONEY.. Health care is not a right but you want Uncle Obama to give it to you because you are worthless piece of crap that can't take of himself.. This isn't about making health care affordable, but to extend and destroy this country by bringing it down on it's knees with unsustainable costs.
Let's just see how well you do with your insulin pump and medicine there leech!!! I hope you like the sweet deal you think you got. [/QUOTE]
YOU would be the only reason why Mexico should take over the U.S. - because there are too many parasites preying on other citizens of this country, weakening it to the point that they just fight each other.  Parasites deserve to be taken over by people who work together to get the job done.  Like it or not, that’s the real world.  You need to be a diabetic, to develop heart trouble and other things that threaten your survival, then you, like a true parasite, will be first in line for welfare, pushing and shoving weaker people out of your way.  You are truly useless.  1906
[QUOTE who="wm tipton"]<quoted text>That'll happen at the polls. The Dems have sealed their fate with this health bill. A good number of them will be on the bread lines soon enough. Ross Perot in 2112[/QUOTE]
Agreed, but they'll be joining the Republicans who have been there since their Bush began destroying quality of life almost a decade ago.                 1907
 Obama: Give Health Care More than a Week  Politics
If you knew about other choices and did not demand one of them, you deserve everything this bill does to you. You are part of the problem because you're not part of the solution. The other choices I know about are:  10
And and Keep discussing them, keep the ideas alive so more people will hear about them and choose one, in addition to emailing, protesting, and whatever else you can do. 11
Obama wants us to give his healthcare bill time because he believes the people will run out of steam and just give up like they always do.
If the American people don't win this fight, they may never get another chance in their lifetimes.  All they have to do is come together to demand a plan that excludes insurance companies.  That alone will: give us a GOOD health care plan without the massive debt,
eliminate the tremendous expense of having to prosecuted all the crimes committed by insurance companies, including murder,
eliminate the humiliation of being a people who are too pathetic to stand up to insurance company crime and greed,  cut the insurance company money used to buy off our political leaders, forcing them to listen to us from now on,  and those who think of themselves as 'good people' won't be paying the government to pay insurance companies to continue to kill people.  Also, if your media has deliberately kept these plans from you, tell them they've lost you as a customer, and why.  We can't have a news media that is so biased that they deliberately hide something this big from us.  Here are the 2 plans that exclude insurance companies: (next post)  24  which makes a profit, helps small businesses and the middle class survive financially, makes a profit but is very affordable, isn't welfare, is voluntary, and much more.  There's a media list - it's been advertised since the summer of 2009.  
and  this plan simply lets people buy into Medicare if they want to, instead of setting up a whole new and horribly expensive bureaucracy:   and the interview where liberals support it:   25
[QUOTE who="RustyS"]<quoted text>If will be far easier to just repeal the democrats in November.[/QUOTE]
Has taking the EASY way worked yet?  No.  It doesn't work anywhere else, so why would it work in politics?  USE YOUR BRAIN!
Very few of them deserve to have the power they abuse. The ANSWER is to get off your lazy rear and WORK to FORCE them to obey the will of the people.  If you had been reading my posts, you'd know that. There are ways to turn this all around at:   - on the 'fight back' page. Also, how to teach the media a lesson, for deliberately keeping this kind of information from the American people.   This information is important - use it or lose it.   28
Obama wants more time, knowing the American people will either lose interest, get distracted, or just begin to feel hopeless the more time passes by. Don't fall for it: Republicans - keep going  Democrats - your leaders passed this bill and it will be your ignorance that doesn't stop it. The rest of us need to do our part, let them know we're furious, are cutting all financial support, and cutting off the media that kept us ignorant, and are supporting one of the plans that cuts out the massive corruption that has ruined health care in the U.S. - they’re at post 25. If they’ve been deleted, let me know and I'll post them again, but they're often deleted, so when you see them, save the sites, and help spread the word. 58
[QUOTE who="Caffeinated"]<quoted text> That is very interesting...I didn't realize that there were two per state. The surprising thing, is that gangs are right under our noses...and "they" have ties to terrorism. At the right price, the innocent people could be in some real trouble. I think I heard that there were over 200 gangs in Denver alone. THAT is shocking!! Now multiply that out per city..and most people can see the danger. Just yesterday, I was out, and noticed a Hummer...mostly because of the thumping base...but something didn't seem right. I could see two people beating each other up, and the driver started swerving off the road. I tried to get a look inside at the stop light, but the driver put the hood up on his sweatshirt....and the passenger had the seat reclined. The hummer also had tinted windows, which I thought was illegal here. But in any case...the whole thing reeked of gangster. The guy driving did not look like the hard working type. How did he afford that truck? Or the gas to put in it. And what can you do? Nothing. You know what they say...if the public knew what was out there, they wouldn't want to leave their house. [/QUOTE]
What can you do - nothing??? That's the mentality that is to blame for all the problems we have in the world.  Every problem that is solved is due to someone doing something, or a lot of people getting together.  You can be a pathetic loser, or a winner who figures out how to solve problems.  That's also the reason we have this health care bill - losers who bi!ch and complain about it rather than fighting back.    If the American people don't demand one of these plans instead, they truly deserve to suffer with the consequences.  This is so simple, but intelligent people are being dragged down by the tons of dead weight of the idiot masses.  If you're not one of them, get educated and get active NOW.  Start here: (next post)   81
And   82
[QUOTE who="Caffeinated"]<quoted text>I vote....including the primaries, and I call/write MY politicians and others. I'm not in the position to force anyone to do their jobs. Specifically, what else would you like me to do?[/QUOTE]
Ok, your post was #83, and if you just look at post #82, and read that material, it should answer your question.  Of course you're in a position to force them to do their jobs!!  They work for us, they want our money and votes, and they don't want most of the US to turn against them.   Most politicians are ignoring us because they're bought by insurance companies, so liberals have to get as vocal as Republicans in fighting against this bill.  84
[QUOTE who="Caffeinated"]<quoted text> I vote....including the primaries, and I call/write MY politicians and others. I'm not in the position to force anyone to do their jobs. Specifically, what else would you like me to do?[/QUOTE]
I've never seen legislators so oblivious to the will of the people.  Check post 19,   111
[QUOTE who="Jim Hayden"]It can be done and it must be done. However as long as we continue electing individuals like Barry Soetoro, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid we are going to continue digging ourselves in deeper and deeper and deeper.  We have NOBODY else to blame but ourselves for the mess we are currently in. We elected these individuals.[/QUOTE]
We should blame ourselves, but not because we elected them.  We don't know what people are going to do until after they're elected.  I'm so sick of people complaining with no solutions, or saying we have to elect new people, which doesn't work.  See post 111- we have to get their attention in a way that lets them know we mean business are are not just having temper tantrums.  They understand money and power.  They want both, and we can deprive them of both.    112
[QUOTE who="Jim Hayden"]<quoted text>We do have a choice. The same choice we have had since 2000. Back in 2000 I was telling people that we must close our border down and I was even telling them how we could do it. At the time everyone said I was insane that there was no way we could close our borders. I proposed using our National Guard to secure our borders and what happens against my advice we erect a fence with exactly what I said would happen. The illegals are digging under it and cutting through it. It is not slowing down the illegal and drug traffic at all. There is a way we can rid ourselves of the gangs and no is will not cost no 13.1 trillion dollars either. We simple secure our border then we crack down on companies the sell, rent and fire the Illegals. There are several major stores that cater to the illegals by installing automatic check out machines in both English and Spanish. If we fine them for installing the machines then if they still refuse to remove them close them down until they agree to have them removed. Landlords who knowingly rent to the illegals should find themselves occupying a jail cell for no less than 11 months and 29 days. And they loose their properties as they are ALL sold at auction to the highest bidder. Then there are employers who knowingly hire the illegals they too must serve no less than 11 months and 29 days in jail for the first offense and additional time for every additional offense.[/QUOTE]
Those are good ideas, but a waste of time.  You miss the big picture.
Of course they're not going to stop illegals, Reagan and Bush BROUGHT THEM HERE, so their contributors could have cheap labor.
When you look at the rage of the American people over that issue, and now over health care, it shows just how corrupted our legislators are.  They've given insurance companies what they wanted, so we have to subsidize yet another industry by being forced to pay them premiums. 
The solution is that you can't demand anything - they don't hear you.  You have to MAKE them listen and obey.  Get started here, and help spread the word because the media won't: (next post)  113     114
[QUOTE who="Caffeinated"]<quoted text> People are screaming from the rooftops...they aren't listening.  Why do you think we spend so much time on Topix? If they did their jobs, we'd be some place else.[/QUOTE]
The Insurance Corruption site gave several ways to make them listen, and I've posted it countless times. Let them know you won't send them, or the Party, another cent until they pass that plan, and demand they cut salaries, end all retirement, and that Democrats need to get as active as Republicans are.  Since Topix is about all we have, because the media has deliberately buried all choices but Obama's, let them know they've lost you as a customer because of it. Send them all the website where they'll see that there are more penalties coming.   127
And   128
And Correction:
It’s been over a week now -- what difference did it make?  None.  Like I said in post Obama was counting on the American people to give up.   
[QUOTE who="Jim Hayden"]<quoted text>
Nope actually it started under Carter. Yea I know how we Republicans like to blame everything on Carter. Reagan tried to appease the illegals by granting them amnesty with a promise of no more illegals crossing our borders. Only problem the Democrats who controlled the Congress at the time could not see thing quite that way. Hey the more illegals they can get in the more money the Democrats are able to get out of them all they have to do is promise them amnesty. Isn't that exactly what Barry and Hillery did back during the campaign. Isn't that exactly what the Congressional Democrats are doing now. Bush had our attention on Iraq and Saddam while Clinton enjoyed the support of a Democratic Congress up to his last 2 years in office and we were held spellbound by Clinton's impeachment and his sexcapades. Then when Bush Jr took office with a Republican Congress he and the Republicans attempted to address the illegal situation thus we got a compromise with the Democrats and we done built us a fence that does very little to stop the illegals from coming here. Just as I said it would. As long as the Democrats are able to make money off of the illegals by promising them amnesty they will fight closing down our borders right up to the last standing Democrat. Don't take my word about the Democrats back during the last election NOT one single Republican spoke before the Hispanics or promised them amnesty except for John McCain. Of course we all know John is a Democrat claiming to be a Republican. [/QUOTE]
Your stupidity based on ignorance is truly pathetic. Homelessness doubled during the Reagan years because he betrayed the middle and lower classes to make the rich richer.  That proves your point that you Republicans do like to blame Carter for things he didn‘t do.
Your comment that Reagan tried to appease the illegals is the height of stupidity.  Did he think they voted for him, or that he worked for them?  Reagan was a slug who, AGAIN, worked to make the rich richer, which meant providing them with cheap labor, so he granted them amnesty.  Republican Bush Sr. did the same thing, which opened the floodgates even wider.  Republican Bush Jr. tried to do the same thing but there was a tremendous outrage that stopped him.  By granting them amnesty, Republicans have taken jobs away from American citizens.
Democrats are making money off the illegals?  What a stupid idea - guess you believe that those Mexican peasants are really wealthy. 
I’m not trying to help you get in touch with reality, and don’t expect you to learn a thing.  I’m concerned that some people will actually believe the garbage that comes out of your head.   130
And Here's the site again: (next post)  131
[QUOTE who="YeahRight"]<quoted text>Did illegal immigration slow down drastically or stop during the clinton years?[/QUOTE]
From the Center For Immigration Studies, "The level of illegal immigration is severely masked by several amnesties that legalized millions of unlawfully resident aliens.  The largest amnesty was the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act, which legalized 3 million aliens." (REAGAN was president)
Immigration increased after Reagan because people knew that it could happen again, and it did.  That's how Reagan and Bush literally LURED illegals to come to the U.S. to provide cheap labor for their wealthy donors. So, the massive increase in immigration was due to acts of presidents in the decades before Clinton.   The Insurance Corruption health care plan does not give benefits to illegals.
Don't give Obama more time.  They're all waiting for the American people to give up.  Don’t let them defeat us AGAIN and AGAIN.  (next post)  134
And  135
[QUOTE who="Jim Hayden"]<quoted text> To begin with Carter was responsible to the influx of illegals. The Democrat Reagan tried to shut off the flow by offering them amnesty. That only encouraged even more illegals to come here. Bush Sr and Bush Jr had their own private agendas and could care less about the illegals. Clinton opened the flood gates when he signed the NAFTA.  It is the Democrats who want the illegals here so they can get their money and their vote. If it were not for those of us who stood firm against the illegal immigration back during the Clinton Administration all illegals entering this country would be granted automatic citizenship. Heck back during the past 3 elections the Democrats here have hired illegals to work for them. Our city counsel is made up of mostly Democrats and Oak Ridge is a sanctuary city. Now if you want to be totally honest about it. The Mexicans have been jumping the border for over 100 years now only never in the numbers they are today. It wasn't until Clinton signed NAFTA that the Mexicans really started flooding across the border. Also it was Clinton who made it mandatory that government documents be in both English and Spanish and that a Spanish translator be in every government office that deals with the public. Back during the last election both Barry Soetoro and Hillary Clinton addressed the Hispanic Convention and not one Republican.[/QUOTE]
Reagan wasn’t a total moron - he knew that giving them amnesty would keep more coming and would provide more cheap labor, making more American citizens jobless, and some of them homeless.  Bush Sr. did also grant amnesty and don’t try to tell me he was too stupid to know what he was doing.  Bush Jr. tried to do the same, but there was too much public outcry, plus it wasn’t necessary.  All he had to do was to refuse to force them out.  So, Reagan and Bush opened the floodgates by providing amnesty.   It’s Republicans, the party of the wealthy, who want the cheap labor.  Republican Nixon also cut American jobs by sending them to China.  You’re lying to yourself and people who believe what they read.  Here are the facts, and remember, Republican Reagan was president from 1981 to 1989:
“The largest amnesty was the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act, which legalized 3 million aliens.”   “In absolute numbers the 1980s saw more immigrants (legal and illegal) than any other decade in U.S. history.”  (Center for Immigration Studies)    See post 135.      140
[QUOTE who="Jim Hayden"]<quoted text> No conspiracy however this has been in the works for quite some time now. It started with FDR and the New Deal and the creation of the League of Nations now called the united Nations under Woodrow Wilson. However Bush Sr was the first American President to come right out in the open and declare the birth of the One World Order. Europe is already ahead of us with the European Market and the Euro. Clinton signed NAFTA which started us down the same road and now Barry Soetoro is continuing what was started back so many decades ago by Woodrow Wilson. The reason why I say this is not a conspiracy is because of the many gaps in the process which has only slowed down the process. As long as people are willing to give up their individual rights for a free government hand out we will continue down this path to the One World Order. What we have here is a very small group of extremely greedy citizens (seeking something for nothing) coupled with a very large group of politicians exploiting them. When about 15.4% of the registered voters elect our president we are in extreme danger of loosing our Freedoms. We have seen more Americans voting every week for the American Idol then have voted for the President over the past 5 or 6 decades. Now that is truly sick.[/QUOTE]
Agreed.  People: some things have already been decided, but you can keep your personal lives from going in the toilet by fighting back.  See post 135 - fight for your survival!   141
[QUOTE who="aMERICAN FOREVER"]<quoted text>If the Government took a hard stance against the irresposible enviroment that welfare creates people would stop being irresponsible. We want a better country with less taxation lines need to be drawn.[/QUOTE]
Agreed, but your paragraph can be taken two different ways.  It could be the opinion of: Republican parasites:  We are sicko bullies who like to beat up people who can't fight back because they're weak from just trying to survive.  Democrats:  We want to fight the wealthy and corporate bullies who are beating up on the American people. The difference is a mental health issue.   1880
We've given Obama a lot more than a week, and the more we find out about his bill, the more we hate it. Plus, he hasn't prosecuted a single insurance company criminal - guess that's what all their contributions bought them. He wanted us to give it time because they all know the American people.  They know that most will give up very easily. So, this is it, either you fight or run, win or lose for the rest of your life. Demand one of the better plans, help penalize legislators and the media for denying you the right to even know you had other choices, and if the next post is deleted, go to US News, and search for: Those Opposed to Obama's bill (link is on next post) 153 
And  154
OK, we've given health care more than a week, yet after all these months, Obama still hasn't ordered the prosecution of even one of the criminals in the insurance industry.  It's almost like he lied from the very beginning, that the reform was what the criminals wanted, and as more of the secrets leak out, we're finding out that it's a disaster in every way. Yet, the idiot masses want to suffer first.  They want to put their lives on the line, and they want the IRS to come after them and TAKE their money before they decide to get off their dead rears.
They're too busy complaining about how lazy welfare people are, even though they don't know what each person's situation is any more than they know what's in the health care bill.  Ignorance is bliss. By that time, Obama will as much control over the American people as third world despots do, and it will be too late. Those of us who are fighting back need to stay in touch.    (next post)   159
       Obama: Give Health Care More than a Week          continued

Obama promises more than 600,000 stimulus jobs  US News
They're all to blame, so intelligent-libera ls. com says the American people should stop sending any money to either political party or candidates, and vote for qualified independents, etc. As far as what Bush did - it was eight years of TREASON - that's how bad it was. Republicans show how unbelievably stupid they are when they can't even comprehend that. (Saturday Feb 27 | post #42534)
[QUOTE who="Mirage"]<quoted text>It's not a health bill, it's a tax bill and a union scam -- Americans' lives controlled cradle-to-grave by government bureaucrats, run by unions, and enforced by the IRS. Aside from taxing Americans into oblivion, spending and bankrupting Americans into oblivion, demonizing business, kissing union ass and giving their union ownership trillions of taxpayer dollars, growing tyrannical government, jeapordizing our domestic and international economic and overall security, stomping out freedoms one at a time, trashing criminal justice in favor of liberal justice, spitting at self-reliance, accountability, and responsibility in favor of nanny-state control, welfare, and entitlements in exchange for votes, along with 24/7 politics-first America-last partisan politics for power and control, and of course that perrenial favorite, trampling the US Constitution --- they're doing what any self-disrespecting enemy of America and the American way would do.
Both sides of this reform have some truth and a lot of lies.  You're right that it's a financial disaster, government abuse, and about power over the people.  You're wrong = how can it be about votes when they're more unpopular every day?  It's about money, as the news reported that Obama kept meeting with sleazy insurance company executives, and their lobbyists are working on the legislators.
You're part of the problem if you haven't been demanding something better, like the following plan which   makes a profit and isn't welfare, but is very affordable  helps small businesses and the middle class survive financially,  is voluntary,   and it does so much more BECAUSE IT CUTS OUT THE CORRUPT INSURANCE COMPANIES, WHICH SEVERS THE TIES BETWEEN THEM AND OUR CORRUPTED LEGISLATORS.  It also has, on the 'fight back' page, ways to teach them a lesson so they'll start respecting the people again.  Since the media has been burying all other choices, there are ways to teach them a lesson too, but you all have to do more than complain, complain, complain. The plan is at:  46742
And  - since summer 2009  and this new plan - most important information near the end of the interview, simply lets the public buy into Medicare if they want to.  Choose one, and never stop demanding it.  We're in the fight of our lives.  46743
[QUOTE who="lutz"]Money for whom, the politics, because is not the people. We the people are supporting the politics unfair and dirty habbits. We the people have no voice("our votes don't count and netheir those our saying")so how can we demand if they don't listen or better jet, care. <quoted text>[/QUOTE]
You obviously didn't even take the time to check out the site because all those answers were there.   The biggest problem America faces isn't corruption - we'll always have that.  No, it's the laziness and stupidity which lets corruption flourish.  It's the !itch mentality that just complains, gripes, whines, but doesn't have the backbone to do anything about our problems.  You have 'no voice' because you don't deserve it, and you don't deserve the respect of your legislators.  Why should they listen to anybody who does nothing but complain about what exists, instead of knowing what they DO want. For those who are willing to do the work, the site is at:   46746
From the National Organization For Women:  The health care reform bill passed by Congress…fails in many important respects. After a full year of controversy and compromise, the result is a highly flawed, diminished piece of legislation that continues reliance on a failing, profit-driven private insurance system and rewards those who have been abusive of their customers. With more than 45,000 unnecessary deaths annually and hundreds of thousands of bankruptcies each year due to medical bills, this bill is only a timid first step toward meaningful reform. Fact: The bill permits age-rating, the practice of imposing higher premiums on older people. This practice has a disproportionate impact on women, whose incomes and savings are lower due to a lifetime of systematic wage discrimination.  Fact: The bill also permits gender-rating, the practice of charging women higher premiums simply because they are women. Some are under the mistaken impression that gender-rating has been prohibited, but that is only true in the individual and small-group markets. Larger group plans (more than 100 employees) sold through the exchanges will be permitted to discriminate against women -- having an especially harmful impact in workplaces where women predominate. We know why those gender- and age-rating provisions are in the bill: because insurers insisted on them, as they will generate billions of dollars in profits for the companies. Such discriminatory rating must be completely eliminated.  Fact: The bill covers only 32 million of the 47 million uninsured in this country, does not contain a meaningful public option and provides no pathway to a single payer system like Medicare for all. Democratic negotiators crumpled before powerful business interests and right-wing extremists, and until they get a spine there will be no true competition to help rein in costs.  We still have a lot of work to do before we can genuinely celebrate. 46822
While Obama's plan is so unpopular, Grayson's plan is gaining FAST.  We can easily defeat this reform bill which forces us to finance insurance company corruption by backing one of the 2 plans that eliminate insurance companies altogether.  They are: (next post) - since the summer of 2009.  Did your media deliberately keep this information from you?  If so, tell them they've lost you as a customer/listener because of their bias.  You don't pay them to deceive you. 46823
and  and the interview:      Demand one of these plans and take back the country.  If we can't come together on something like this, which most people are passionate about, we have lost this country to corruption and will lose the ability to fight back in the future.  This is THAT important - the corruption is growing because most Americans have gotten more and more pathetic and weak.  Turn that around NOW.  46824
And [QUOTE who="Mirage"][Part 3 of 3 continued...]
"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety." -- Benjamin Franklin, 1775
"One of the traditional methods of imposing statism or socialism on a people has been by way of medicine. It’s very easy to disguise a medical program as a humanitarian project. Most people are a little reluctant to oppose anything that suggests medical care for people who possibly can’t afford it." -- Ronald Reagan, 1961 Ronald Reagan Speaks Out Against Socialized Medicine....  The 1960's affirmed socialist congressman Ferrand said of healthcare, "If we can only break through and get our foot inside the door, then we can expand the program after that." SOUND FAMILIAR?[/QUOTE]
The Republican plan said "without adding to the crushing debt Washington has placed on our children and grandchildren."
1. It claims to do everything without tax increases, which means more 'crushing debt' - the money has to come from somewhere.
2. People would be fools to trust Republicans, who had THREE DECADES in power, but didn't do anything to save the American people.  They were too busy making the rich richer and poor poorer.  So, anything they come up with now would only be what they were forced to do, or falsely appear to do, to fight the government's reform bill.    3.  Republican leaders are as corrupted by money as the Democrats, and want the insurance industry lobbyists money as much as they do.  4.  The Insurance Corruption Plan is opposed by all of them because it cuts out insurance companies and their lawyers altogether, and it makes a profit instead of increasing the deficit. 
"A very simple explanation of this plan:  It's like the American people go into business for themselves, setting up an insurance company independent of direct government intervention.  They could all afford the insurance because premiums are lower.  So, they wouldn't make the multi-billion dollar profits other insurance companies get, but they'd still make a profit, like any other insurance company, which would be used to help pay their biggest bill=the deficit.  See Middle Class benefits, below."  More details at:  46946
and  5.  Rep. Grayson's bill just lets people buy into Medicare voluntarily, at:   We need to demand one of these two plans because the bureaucrats can't be trusted, and we've got to stop letting them send us deeper into debt.   46947
[QUOTE who="Vic"]<quoted text>No parent would ever want to give their kids everything because they know that it is more important to teach their kids how to work for their own rewards. In the same way the nanny state is also failing, by giving these individuals handouts, they are taking away the individuals abilities to get by themselves.  These people then become dependent on the government, and therefore beholden to the government for their existence. This creates a cycle of dependence that continues over generations until ultimately the rest of us can no longer afford to support those who don't produce and our system will crumble.[/QUOTE]
This post is full of nonsense and excuses to blame the poor.  There are plenty of wealthy parents who produce kids who expect a handout all their lives and are unable and unwilling to be productive.  Most people are dependent on the government because they are forced to be,  For example, Republican presidents destroyed safeguards that left them preyed upon by parasites; Republican presidents gave their jobs to citizens of other countries; a Republican president deliberately sent this country into such a deep recession that they lost their jobs; a Republican president sent them to Iraq where they were physically or psychologically damaged;  - this is a long list.
The point is that those presidents get a free ride because idiots who don't mind corruption and destruction are too busy being paranoid that the victims will somehow survive.  There is no morality in that way of thinking, but it is consistently Republican.  47829
[QUOTE who="OkieDarren"] I've been complaining for years about deficit spending and NOBODY listened when it was Bush in office.
Let's fix the problem, it's incredibly simple...Turn back the massive tax cuts by Bush, and end these stupid wars. Problem solved. The idea of giving the wealthy a tax cut during a war is the stupidest thing imaginable, [/QUOTE]
You're right, and another way to save big bucks is to demand a health care plan that makes a profit, to be paid toward the deficit. 
Democrats:  You can't blindly trust politicians - you have to find out why all other health care choices were silenced by Obama and the media.  What happened to competition?  It happened because those other choices were good for you and the country.  To be responsible citizens, NEVER trust politicians.  Read, learn, and then make your decision. (next post)  47831
And  47832
[QUOTE who="Mirage"]<quoted text>New don't pay taxes, you don't vote.[/QUOTE] Better rule:  You don't pass a basic political intelligence test, you don't vote.  Idiots with money have put this country in the toilet, not the poor =   48295
[QUOTE who="Gregory Scott"]The irony is that the Congress doesn't have any authority to legislate in most of those areas to begin with! I defy anyone to read the text of the U.S. Constitution and find any authority granted to the members of Congress to regulate health care. This legislation also provides for access, by the appointees of the Obama administration, of all of your personal healthcare direct violation of the specific provisions of the 4th Amendment to the Constitution information, your personal financial information, and the information of your employer, physician, and hospital. All of this is a protecting against unreasonable searches and seizures. You can also forget about the right to privacy. That will have been legislated into oblivion regardless of what the 3rd and 4th Amendments may provide. If you decide not to have healthcare insurance, or if you have private insurance that is not deemed acceptable to the Health Choices Administrator appointed by Obama, there will be a tax imposed on you. It is called a tax instead of a fine because of the intent to avoid application of the due process clause of the 5th Amendment. However, that doesn't work because since there is nothing in the law that allows you to contest or appeal the imposition of the tax, it is definitely depriving someone of property without the due process of law So, there are three of those pesky amendments that the far left hate so much, out the original ten in the Bill of Rights, that are effectively nullified by this law It doesn't stop there though. 9th Amendment that provides The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people; The 10th Amendment states The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are preserved to the States respectively, or to the people. Under the provisions of this piece of Congressional handiwork neither the people nor the states are going to have any rights or powers at all in many areas that once were theirs to control. I could write many more pages about this legislation, but I think you get the idea. This is not about health care; it is about seizing power and limiting rights. Article 6 of the Constitution requires the members of both houses of Congress to "be bound by oath or affirmation to support the Constitution." If I was a member of Congress I would not be able to vote for this legislation or anything like it, without feeling I was violating that sacred oath or affirmation. If I voted for it anyway, I would hope the American people would hold me accountable. For those who might doubt the nature of this threat, I suggest they consult the source, the US Constitution, and Bill of Rights. There you can see exactly what we are about to have taken from us.
Michael Connelly Retired attorney, Constitutional Law Instructor Carrollton Texas. AFTER HAVING READ THIS, PLEASE FORWARD....  If you don't care about our constitution, or your rights under it, just do nothing.  WE MUST HOLD CONGRESS ACCOUNTABLE BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.[/QUOTE]
Yes, hold them accountable, have a plan or join those who do:    49116
[QUOTE who="Pfluger the Union Monkey"]<quoted text>Well, I hear you, but I'm still amazed that Obama the Spiritual Faith Healer refuses to "create" lower gas prices. He has already improved foreign relations, he has created millions of new jobs, he is bringing peace to the people of Afghanistan, and he is loved all over the world for his generous acts. He has created new, more fuel efficient cars. He has reversed the Bush era budget deficits. He has closed Gitmo. We are withdrawing from Iraq. So why won't Hussein drop gas by 50 cents per gallon? I don't understand. This should be easy for him to do, seeing as he has already averted a second great depression and has healed the earth. He is The One, you know. [/QUOTE]
Your lies must be intended for political idiots.  It's traditionally been Republicans who pray for God to put their guy in office and see the president as God's chosen representative.  It's Republicans who combined religion and politics, which only sanctioned evil.
Republicans are always criticizing Democrats for not including their kind of religion.  So, it was George Bush who was put in the White House by their 'god'.  You're obviously being deceived by the Father of All Lies, which explains how you keep getting things wrong.  49124  
Grey Ghost Moreno Valley, CA |#49137 Friday Apr 16
Protester wrote: <quoted text>  Your lies must be intended ….
Very well stated, I couldn't agree more. His is called hatred, and a misguided ideology.
[QUOTE who="Chylloh"]<quoted text>Is that so. Well, I guess the media was lying about the Obama Administration trying to borrow more money from China (or any country stupid enough to loan it to him).The Treasury report of the billions in interest to China was fabricated also. ...or Our national debt is more than $12,787,511,039,184.15. That is how much the United States has borrowed, and how much we have to pay interest on. To put $12 trillion in perspective, our national debt is larger than the total economies of China, the United Kingdom, and Australia combined.  and under current policies, our national debt will continue to grow by hundreds of billions every year. According to the Congressional Budget Office, the national debt held by the public will grow an additional $9 trillion over the next decade, to more than $20 trillion. During that time, the United States will accumulate $2.5 billion in new debt each and every day. That’s $1.72 million per minute, for the next ten years. A Snapshot of our National Debt: The Treasury Department estimates that our debt to China is approximately $776.4 billion, having grown more than $240 billion in the last year. That is more than $10,000 in debt for the average American working family.  According to the Department of the Treasury and Federal Reserve Board, China held $776,400,000,000 in Treasury securities as of June 2009. Therefore, China’s per-capita debt holdings to the United States is $580.00. [Total Securities Debt /Total Chinese Population = $580.00] Each American’s share of that debt is $2,527.24. [Total Securities Debt / Total US Population = $2,527.24] This means that every American owes $580 to 4.36 people in China. Over the course of the next decade, the government will borrow approximately $1.72 million every minute. That’s the equivalent of 5,733 flat screen HDTVs it cannot afford.  From 2010 to 2020, the Congressional Budget Office estimates the cumulative deficit will be $9 trillion. This means that over the next decade $9 trillion will be added to our existing national debt, creating a total debt of more than $20 trillion. According to the January 2010 Congressional Budget Office report, the federal budget deficit in 2009 was $1.4 trillion (9.9% of GDP). The 2010 deficit under proposed policies is projected to be $1.5 trillion (10.3% of GDP). These are the largest deficits relative to GDP since 1945.[/QUOTE]
The American people have been told how they can attack the deficit and get a good health care plan at the same time.  It's a win-win situation, but it's been buried by the media, biased in Obama's favor. The Insurance Corruption Plan also attacks the corruption of insurance companies too, but they have to demand it AND FOLLOW THROUGH with the plan for punishing legislators and the media, to give it teeth. 
If you don't work hard on this, you will regret it the rest of your lives.  49126
[QUOTE who="Vic"]<quoted text>Our tax system has nothing to do with how much money we have, it has all to do with how much income we make. Along that lines by working multiple jobs and long hours we are paying more in taxes irregardless of how much money we have. In addition to those who work multiple jobs and long hours our system also penalizes small business owners who provide most of the jobs in this country and also report larger incomes despite less wealth.  Of course in your class warfare scenario, these business owners are merely individuals exploiting workers with low paying jobs,  Unfortunately as we are all realizing, without these individuals creating such jobs, we all just head to increased unemployment. Maybe instead of villifying them, there should be more incentive to be just like them, and then we could see a real decrease in unemployment as more and more jobs are created.[/QUOTE]
All that is useless as long as our political leaders keep giving jobs to citizens of other countries. If you want to stop that, and all the other problems the U.S. faces, the American people must come togeher on ONE ISSUE, and that can only be health care reform. Every citizen is obligated to at least get informed before making a decision on this.  (next post)  49299
And   49300
[QUOTE who="okboston"]<quoted text>If you can not respond to a simple post without simply repeating what you have already stated, is shows the lack of quality both in your argument and your thought process. 1. Obama is drawing down in Iraq, the illegal war, despite what your hero Zerobama says. 2. He is drawing down in a responsible manner that will leave Iraq able to defend itself from outside military influence. This is the responsible, adult thing to do. 3. You indicate through your posting that if you are against the war, it should be stopped immediately. This is a childish, immature postiion and is a true indicator of your maturity. As I stated previously, if this is an indication of the level that anti-Obama arguments have sunken to, the Repubs are not going to fair well.[/QUOTE]
I’m afraid that they might do well in future elections because there are too few intelligent people, and Republicans have gotten very good at dishing out propaganda, due to so many decades of experience.  Liberals are not combining their abilities to defeat this enemy of democracy,   50903
[QUOTE who="Devin"]Ding Dong....The Wicked is DEAD!.... Now maybe we can get to some honest debate. Come up with some REAL solutions and petition the Government to address all grievances in a civil manner lead with American Values and principles...
We been looted....someone needs to be made to account for the destruction that's gone on in American Politics for a generation.[/QUOTE]
It will never end until people realize that the health care debate is a golden opportunity to force legislators and the president to remember who they work for.  This may never happen again in our lifetimes, so, instead of just complaining, DEMAND and PENALIZE them all for ignoring us for the past year.  (next post)   50904
And   50905
[QUOTE who="Politics as usual"]<quoted text>What infuriates me is that Dodd, Frank, Rangel, Obama and the rest are not indicted. They orchestrated the destruction of our economy, took payoffs in the form of political contributions in order to stop any changes that would have stopped this economic meltdown, and now as we see the results of this corruption and incompetence, it is the people who dare speak up for what is right, that are attacked. The democratic party is a dispicable party of crooks and thieves who led by Obozo run on planks of lies and deception. And the media continues to act as their propaganda machines.[/QUOTE]
I agree.  We can only change that if we stand together on one issue - health care reform.  The media did bury all other healthcare choices, including Rep. Grayson’s because Obama doesn’t want COMPETITION which is so much better than his ‘deal’  (next post)  51408
And 51409
[QUOTE who="Politics as usual"]<quoted text>Right now in the present we have the biggest band of crooks and thieves in government we have ever had. Rangel, Dodd, Frank, Conrad, Burris, Pelosi, Towns, Meeks, Waters, and the rest.   Crooks, liars and thieves, in other words the hearts and souls of the democratic party. Led by Obozo the liar and deceiver who has spit in the face of America.      The democraps could not care less about honor or integrity, they could not care less about representing the people, They care about one thing, greed and how they can enrich themselves and their supporters. They have turned our government into one big kickback scheme. [/QUOTE]
Whose fault is that?  We let it happen.  Maybe complaining isn't working.  See post  51409    51410
Pittakos Since: Nov 08 1,830 Provo, UT |#51415 Thursday Apr 29
Protester wrote: <quoted text>Whose fault is that? We let it happen. Maybe complaining isn't working. See post 51409
What's this "we" stuff? I didn't vote for any of those crooks. You are right, though. We can't just complain. We need to be actively working to get these crooks out of government and restoring our government back to it's Constitutional principles.
[QUOTE who="Pittakos"]<quoted text> Now, what part of this seems unreasonable to you? These are just people who are fed up with the Federal Government over-extending it's Constitutionally granted privileges and sticking it's nose into every aspect of our lives. Once you start an entitlement program, it is difficult to stop it because you have forced people to buy into. However, with health care, as an example, now is the time to protest it and to stop it before you have been forced into it.[/QUOTE]
True, and it’s still the subject of lawsuits, and could be rejected by the National Committee on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform. 
It will only be stopped if the American people demand it.  Insurance Corruption has made it much bigger - making it the one issue that will determine if people can take back control of their government.  They have to also penalize the media and legislators who have buried all other health care choices, forcing this bill, and a bigger deficit, on them.  The Insurance Corruption plan makes a profit, to decrease the deficit.  (next post)  51500
And 51501
Pittakos Since: Nov 08 1,830 Provo, UT |#51505 Friday Apr 30
Protester wrote: <quoted text> True, and it’s still the subject of lawsuits, and could be rejected by the National Committee on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform. It will only be stopped if the American people demand it. Insurance Corruption has made it much bigger - making it the one issue that will determine if people can take back control of their government. They have to also penalize the media and legislators who have buried all other health care choices, forcing this bill, and a bigger deficit, on them. The Insurance Corruption plan makes a profit, to decrease the deficit.(next post)
The thing is that I agree that there needed to be some sort of reform. I believe that insurance companies needed to be brought under control. One example is that I have two insurances. One is a retirement insurance and the other is provided from the place I currently work at. They both receive full premiums yet when a claim is made, they have to "coordinate" benefits. That means that the primary insurance (from my current employer) pays the full benefit and the secondary insurance (retirement) only pays benefits on what is left over instead of on the full amount.(Not to mention that about every two years, they have a battle over who is primary and who is secondary) The bottom line is that the bill should be paid in full if they were both paying on the original bill but instead the secondary insurance pays a pittance even though they received a full premium. In my opinion, it should really be none of their business if a person has two, three, or more other insurances. They should be paying out on the defined benefit for the full price. So, it is things like that that I believe needs to be regulated. I'm sure there are many other situations that are similar. Of course, tort reform needed to be addressed also. Instead, we got a 2000 page document which no one in Congress even read and are now just finding out that it isn't what they thought it was. Screwed again by Congressional incompetence and the dope in the White House.
[QUOTE who="Teddy R"] What's your point? The query was about the TEA party, not the GOP. If you're suggesting the GOP has been taken up a wrong track by the religious right, you'll get no argument from me. [/QUOTE]
No, the GOP would never have been very successful if it wasn't for Protestant votes.  Those two groups worked together to destroy so much.
All those good people would never have continued to support so much corruption and greed year after year, if it wasn't for their ministers and televangelists telling them that God wanted them to vote Republican- protestant   (next post) 51502
And  51503
[QUOTE who="Plant Lady"]'One of the few undisputed aspects of the nation's new health care reform law is that it's going to be costly.
And, if implemented without changes, it will fall to several Catheter Valley companies to foot much of the bill - a prospect that has industry insiders worried about the new law's impact on their ability to survive and innovate. There's a lot at stake for the region, as an estimated 2,000 people in Glens Falls, Queensbury and Argyle are employed at just four of the largest medical device makers that make up the business cluster known as Catheter Valley. The cluster includes several smaller support businesses, as well.  The crux of concern is a 2.3 percent tax on medical device sales within the United States. That tax, which goes into effect in 2013 and is expected to raise $20 billion over the subsequent decade to help pay for the sweeping reform law, has prompted several medical device industry leaders to raise warning flags.
One of the first and most prominent was Minneapolis-based Medtronic, a maker of medical devices ranging from pacemakers to catheter-based products that employs more than 40,000 worldwide. That firm estimated the annual impact on its bottom line at between $150 million and $200 million once the tax goes into effect. The largest medical device manufacturers in Catheter Valley include C.R. Bard, Navilyst, Covidien and AngioDynamics. Officials with three of those firms said in recent interviews that it is too soon to put a dollar figure on the law's impact on their companies, but it's not likely to be positive, and they hope the tax is changed or eliminated before it goes into effect.
"We have not crunched the numbers, but it's going to put pressure on all spending areas of the company," said Jan Keltjens, president and CEO of AngioDynamics, which is based in Latham but employs about 300 at its facility in Queensbury. Big versus small
Perhaps one of the most onerous aspects of the tax is its potential impact on small or start-up companies. Delcath Systems Inc., which plans to employ about 30 people at a new manufacturing facility in Queensbury by the end of the year, could be one of the first victims.
The company's product, a system by which cancer-ridden organs can be isolated and more directly targeted with chemotherapy while minimizing damage to the patient, is only now finishing the lengthy process of approvals for sale in the United States. Eamonn Hobbs, Delcath's CEO, said an across-the-board tax on revenue with no consideration for a company's size could be particularly damaging to firms like his, which have yet to post their first profit. Hobbs said most medical device firms don't even see a positive bottom line until after the first $150 million in revenue each year.  "So, they're losing money, and it just didn't make sense to say, ‘We're going to increase your losses by charging you a revenue tax while you're struggling to profitability,'" Hobbs said. "It's not going to be good for R-and-D; it's not going to be good for jobs, and it's very, very short-sighted." cont"[/QUOTE]
It will be costly, because all the profits go to the multi-billion dollar insurance companies.  The Insurance Corruption plan is for all the profits to go to benefit the people.  That’s why Obama and the media buried all other competition - because his plan can’t compete. The Insurance Corruption plan is also dedicated to taking back the country.  If we can’t come together on this, we never will.  Start here:  (next post)  51548
And 51549
Stoneman Colorado Springs, CO |#49702 Tuesday Apr 20
Dingo wrote: You didn't get mad when the Supreme Court stopped a legal recount and appointed a President. You didn't get mad when Cheney allowed Energy company officials to dictate energy policy. You didn't get mad when a covert CIA operative got outed. You didn't get mad when the Patriot Act got passed.  You didn't get mad when we illegally invaded a country that posed no threat to us. You didn't get mad when we spent over 600 billion(and counting) on said illegal war.
You didn't get mad when over 10 billion dollars just disappeared in Iraq. You didn't get mad when you found out we were torturing people. You didn't get mad when the government was illegally wiretapping Americans.
You didn't get mad when we didn't catch Bin Laden. You didn't get mad when you saw the horrible conditions at Walter Reed.
You didn't get mad when we let a major US city, New Orleans, drown. You didn't get mad when we gave a 900 billion tax break to the rich. You didn't get mad when the deficit hit the trillion dollar mark.         You finally got mad when the government decided that people in America deserved the right to see a doctor if they are sick. Yes, illegal wars, lies, corruption, torture, stealing your tax dollars to make the rich richer, are all okay with you, but helping other Americans...oh hell no!    <quoted text>
Dingo Boy:
Consulting with people that drill for oil for a living about energy isn't allowing them to "dictate energy policy". It isn't like Bush was letting a former VP without a shred of scientific background create a huge tax scheme based on a fairy tale.  If the war in Iraq was a mistake, a lot of Socialist/Democrat congressmen made the mistake along with Bush. If you thought the conditions at Walter Reed were bad, you probably don't want the same people running our entire health care system, right? I don't put running water up somebody's nose in the same category as sawing off a civilian's head on videotape and posting it on the internet.  If you blame the President of the United States and not the mayor of the city of New Orleans or the governor of the state of Louisiana for the Katrina debacle, you're an idiot.
And I didn't like it when Bush attempted to appease the Socialist/Democrats with the whole "compassionate conservative" shtick, like signing the Medicare Part D crap with Swimmer Kennedy. I would have told the S/D's to shove it up their arses when they loaded every bill with earmarks. But he was too weak to fight the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and survive the endless attacks from the S/D's. So I tell you what: let's attack every move Lord Obama makes, harass him constantly with inquiries, investigations, media attacks. Insult Obama's intelligence in the press, criticize him in front of the world leaders. Let's see how your boy does under fire.  
[QUOTE who="Stoneman"]<quoted text>Dingo Boy: If you thought the conditions at Walter Reed were bad, you probably don't want the same people running our entire health care system, right?[/QUOTE]
The VA is notorious for abusing veterans, but the Insurance Corruption would put that agency out of the medical business and incorporate veteran care with everybody else's.  They'd get better care, and taxpayers would save a fortune. see previous post
[QUOTE who="Say the Truth"]<quoted text> You are free to send as much as you want to the Treasury. I'll bet you don't send one cent more than is required by law. You, like all liberals, are either envious or guilt-ridden.[/QUOTE]
No, we're compassionate, a concept completely lost on conservatives, or else they wouldn't keep attacking us for it.  51577
[QUOTE who="Say the Truth"]<quoted text> Tell ya what; stop my forced "contributions" to SS/med, return all of the dough I've sent to the government "trust fund" (don't forget the equal "contribution" by my employers) for the last 30 plus years, with say 5% compounded interest (I'm not greedy) and I'll happily forgo any claim of "entitlement" when I hit retirement.[/QUOTE]
Bull.  You and all the other Republicans, who keep complaining about the government having to take care of you, would start a name-calling campaign, accusing the government of trying to exterminate you, and will demand welfare to cover all your needs. All you have to do is look at the reason for SS in the first place, and the ability of the American people to mismanage their money, and it's clear that it won't work.  51585
[QUOTE who="okboston"]<quoted text> I complewtely understand the Laffer curve; however very few understand that there are two sides to that curve. The CBO, even under bush and the Republican Congress stated that more revenue would have been raised without the tax cuts, than with it. Reagan is a special case because after signing his tax cut, he signed the largest tax increase in history on SS taxes.
I do not disagree that the central government is too large nor do I disagree that it is to intrusive. What I do disagree with is their view that welfare should be cut vs. SS and Medicare. My view is that it should all be cut, but that it is harder to cut at the bottom particularly in hard times. I am all for "fixing" SS and our medical care system. But where are the solutions from the right?  Why should Marijuana be illegal? Think of the savings from no longer enforcing MJ laws and trying and locking people up for it. Think of additional revenues if it is taxed. I don't like seatbelt laws for adults.    Where are the constructive, logical solutions from the TEA Party or the right? [/QUOTE]
They don’t have any, but the place to start is with the Insurance Corruption plan.  (next post)
[QUOTE who="Pfluger the Union Monkey"]<quoted text>Nonsense. He did, constantly. Here is just one of hundreds of articles:
"The White House is mounting a stinging, sustained broadside against health insurance rate increases as President Obama and his aides enter what they hope will be the final stretch of a year-long political war over health-care reform. Obama and his health secretary staged a two-pronged attack Monday in a stern letter to health insurance chief executives and a speech in which the president castigated insurance companies 22 times. "How much higher do premiums have to rise," he demanded, "before we do something about it?" The messages are part of a strategy that Obama and those around him have begun to employ lately, to ratchet up the pace and the populist appeal of their rhetoric against the health insurance industry. The barbed tone moves far beyond that of the 2008 presidential campaign, when Obama began to say that medical coverage should be accessible and affordable for more Americans."  [/QUOTE]
That problem has been solved, but he didn't  ‘do something about it’, in fact he’s forcing us to further finance that corruption.  He has been told many times that some of us want insurance companies cut out of the program completely, to be replaced by good old competition.  Yes, let the American people decide who they want to insure them.  Obama has put his ego ahead of what’s best for us and our country.  (next post)
[QUOTE who="Pfluger the Union Monkey"]<quoted text> Nonsense. He did, constantly. Here is just one of hundreds of articles:
"The White House is mounting a stinging, sustained broadside against health insurance rate increases as President Obama and his aides enter what they hope will be the final stretch of a year-long political war over health-care reform. Obama and his health secretary staged a two-pronged attack Monday in a stern letter to health insurance chief executives and a speech in which the president castigated insurance companies 22 times. "How much higher do premiums have to rise," he demanded, "before we do something about it?" The messages are part of a strategy that Obama and those around him have begun to employ lately, to ratchet up the pace and the populist appeal of their rhetoric against the health insurance industry. The barbed tone moves far beyond that of the 2008 presidential campaign, when Obama began to say that medical coverage should be accessible and affordable for more Americans." [/QUOTE]
He’s working WITH insurance companies, otherwise he would have embraced one of the plans that competes against them, instead of demanding that we pay them even greater profit at our expense. Obama knows his bill is abusive, and that intelligent Americans will figure that out, otherwise there was no need to add IRS abuse.   More tax dollars for TWO massive bureaucracies, and more abuse against us at the same time!  What does it take for the brainless masses to get off their dead a**es and fight back like adults?    Fight the corruption and take back the country at the same time:  (next post)  51629
And   Read all the posts with information, but especially #43. 51630
[QUOTE who="okboston"]<quoted text>
Pfluger - Have you remembered yet that insurance companies started out for reform before they seemed to be against it? I have already posted the Record profits posted by UnitedHealth. Why would they have to raise rates like they did? Was it a backdoor way to get the deal passed?
What about GS the SEC and its profit announcements? And he still was not demonizing them. [/QUOTE]
I’ve said before that I do think it was part of the big scam, to pressure the masses into supporting Obama, who was supporting corrupt insurance companies, working together to prey on the idiot masses, who are dragging intelligent people down with them.   Those of us who are demanding a GOOD healthcare plan are also battling the biased media.        If you people haven’t been working with us, it’s never too late to start at:  (next post)  51671   And   51672
[QUOTE who="Say the Truth"]<quoted text>The Founders didn't envision a cradle to grave nanny state, funded by onerous taxation. Speculation, overruled.[/QUOTE]
Don't exploit America's heroes to attempt to give validity to your demonic, parasitic mentality.  Republicans have murdered ENOUGH human beings, for pure greed.  That's what you're pushing - murder, while liberals are trying to help keep people alive.   51673
Dingo Marysville, CA |#51683 Friday Apr 30
That's it in a nutshell, but some repuglicans want to relive that mentality. GW Bush and dick chaney was the latest repuglicans who became greedy at the cost of many lives.' On a side issue, both of those demons wear aUS Flag Pin on their outter garment.
[QUOTE who="James_TX"]<quoted text>I agree, but you change the requirements for people entering into the system, not people who are already 20-30-40 years into it. It would be easier to sell sharing the burden to the American people if the government lead by example and stopped blowing money.  If we had to enter into a war like WWII, then we could have this discussion, but we aren't at this point yet. Nobody has suggested we lose a war on principal. SS is going broke and we should discuss options to correct the issue. We need to get to how the system was bankrupted and robbed so we can correct the root issue. Simply having people give up their benefits for the greater good is rewarding bad behavior with no accountability.[/QUOTE]
Best idea yet.  It’s all about a total lack of accountability (next post)  51675
And  - post #26.  51676
[QUOTE who="mdbuilder"]<quoted text> There is no way to pay for it. Accumulating debt and it's crippling effects will lead to more 'emergency' legislation, "for the good of the people".  "Never let a serious crises go to waste" was ominously prophetic and uttered with the wink of an 'inside joke'. It's all proceeding according to plan.[/QUOTE]
All you have to do is put the survival of your country and its needy above the interests of the criminals running the insurance industry.  It's that simple, and it's been advertised since the summer of '09. Just think, all this time you could have been complaining about the things you can't fix.   51685
[QUOTE who="Devin"]Seems like lots of REVENUE Growth in the Country. I think we may be rounding the stretch.... Criminals are being prosecuted, and Salesmen indicted.... America is being Restored..... and under any circumstance that great news.... It's nice to read and see construction and job creation again... [/QUOTE]
Are insurance company executives and lawyers being prosecuted?  No, so it will be business as usual with them, only worse.   51686
And  - post 38 51687
[QUOTE who="Pittakos"]<quoted text> There is nothing to debate. Not everyone in this country has served in the military nor could they and this includes the current CINC. Funny how Dingo's list also included several prominent women just to make the list longer. This issue of who served in the military and who didn't is really a silly argument. My father served in the military and currently I have a son in the military. I did not serve because circumstances led me in a different direction. (I would have been happy to have served in the military, btw). Instead, I served in the Fire Service and placed my life on the line quite a few times in some extremely dangerous situations. Does this make me less patriotic than someone in the military? Same can be said of others who didn't serve and maybe didn't even serve in a hazardous occupation but contributed to this country in other ways. Where would our country be today without engineers, software programmers, the local grocer or even the guy that picks up our trash? Kudos to those who serve or served in the military but kudos also to those who make America what it is today outside of the military. When one says they think for themselves and no one changes their mind then proceeds to cut and paste some meaningless list, you better believe they are going to get some ridicule.[/QUOTE]
Are you ignoring a major point - that some fled to Canada, but made sure that OUR children will never be able to escape future Iraqs?  If it was the right thing to do, then why are they setting our children and grandchildren up to be slaughtered for nothing?  They are self-serving and may never have put the country above their political and financial profits =  51696
[QUOTE who="Devin"]<quoted text>
Those making 250K a year in wages are paid more than 900% more than those at the median of incomes......... you can see the confusion, millions of small business operators who provide meaningfull employment don't see 250k a year in profits.  "Obamacare" for the first time in History allows a write off of 1/3 of the cost of and employers contribution to their employees healthcare expense...... Do you realize the significance to small business who make those benefits available to their work force?[/QUOTE]
Do you realize the savings when they don’t have to provide healthcare at all?  They can hire more people or have a better chance of riding out the recession.  Next post  51709
And The Insurance Corruption plan at   and   51710
[QUOTE who="Pfluger the Union Monkey"]The hypocrisy of this Administration and the Democratic congress just never stops. Now, on page A12 of today's NY Times, I am reading how Dems are proposing a bill to regulate private health insurance premiums.
LMAO. I thought ObamaCare would reduce premiums. He told us it would. Several times he told us that the average premium would go down by a thosand a year, or so. But now, I read an article that says the Dems "fear that premiums may shoot up in the next few years."
LMAO. This is how President Axelrod and Rahmbo do things. They make false promises, like how they will reduce health insurance premiums, even while at the same time they mandate that insurers cover a bunch more people, eliminate lifetime caps, etc. [/QUOTE]
Premiums would be very low if we weren’t being forced to provide greater income for corrupt insurance companies.  The American people need to wise up.  See the post 51710 link   51714
[QUOTE who="Devin"]America is doomed with Unemployment... Unemployment will not dip below 7% with the current options available until 2016 at best.  4% unemployment in Amrica is not going to happen for a long, long time. It took 8 years 2001 until 2009 to double from 4.2% to over 8%. It's not going back down in 15 months.. or 6 years..... to near full employment. <quoted text>[/QUOTE]
“…the actual unemployment rate is around 20%, counting the underemployed and temporarily employed.” =  51731
[QUOTE who="DavidH64"]<quoted text> Absolutely. That investment does several things. It makes the rich richer, and grows and drives the economy. You take away the incentive to make money while growing the economy, then no one invests. What happens to the economy then? So who will you tax since there are no more rich getting richer? It is not rocket science Devin. Sad but true. But guess what. GREED drives the economy. GREED grows the economy. No GREED, means no MONEY. No MONEY means no spending, no buying, no growth, no anything. So how will all your elitist social programs be paid for then?[/QUOTE]
No greed means no greed.  Greed is destroying this country right in front of you, yet you deliberately blind yourself.  A drive to make money is mentally and financially healthy, but like anything else, taken to extremes is mentally unbalanced and financially threatens others and the country.  Odds are, you attend a Protestant Church where you worship the Almighty Dollar and hear about how God wants you to vote Republican.  51732
[QUOTE who="Gregory Scott"]<quoted text> Raising taxes wont do it in an economy like we have now. Its not all Obozo's fault, this started long before he got in office. But I doont like what Obozo has done with the stimulus bill at all. WDC has over spent and wasted money like no other POTUS. The way I see it, June or July 2010 our US dollar is going to be worth alot less, causing more US dollars to buy all imports oil, food etc..... I see America falling and America will be rebuilt, one world money, one world order on its way. There will be no fixing what has gone on just with our Unemploymet is going to do serious damage to our economy. The banks not lending money, we as a Nation are dead in the water, to many people on the Obozo sinking ship that is going down, not enough people to paddle the boat. I hope it goes better for everyone than I see it going.[/QUOTE]
It won’t if you don’t do more than hope.  There is no free ride - you have to work for it like the rest of us who care (next post)  51752
And   post 26 and all others.  51753
[QUOTE who="Why Rant"]Do we honestly believe this president can create more jobs? Everything he has done has hurt the small business community which accounts for 80% of the jobs in the US. From VAT Tax ( to health care, this is a president who does not care about small business or jobs. [/QUOTE]
The SBA betrayed small businesses when it backed Obama's bill, requiring them to pay for their employees healthcare.  How did he pull that one off?     The SBA was told in '09 about the Insurance Corruption plan which let small businesses off the hook completely, so they could afford to stay in business longer, hire more employees, etc.    If you're not demanding this plan, you're hurting yourself:  (next post) 51754
And   all posts, especially #2, 12, 26.   51755
Devin Newport News, VA |#51759Saturday May 1
By allowing Small Business owners to receive for the first time in history a 1/3 Tax Credit for Health Care Insurance Expenses. Small Business Operators with less than 25 Employees doesn't have to provide coverage, those who do can receive a Tax Credit for doing so., If you value your Employess you compensate them with Health Care Benefits to keep them satsified and help protect their Family and obligations. Not all employeers believe their employees are expendable. Finding good help is difficult.
[QUOTE who="Devin"]<quoted text> Remember the presidential debates in 2000 between Al Gore and George Bush, and how the two men argued over how to spend America’s anticipated $2.2 trillion budget surplus? The country could well have afforded domestic investment in key areas. In fact, doing so would have staved off recession in the short run while spurring growth in the long run. But the Bush administration had its own ideas. The first major economic initiative pursued by the president was a massive tax cut for the rich, enacted in June of 2001. Those with incomes over a million got a tax cut of $18,000—more than 30 times larger than the cut received by the average American. The inequities were compounded by a second tax cut, in 2003, this one skewed even more heavily toward the rich. Together these tax cuts, when fully implemented and if made permanent, mean that in 2012 the average reduction for an American in the bottom 20 percent will be a scant $45, while those with incomes of more than $1 million will see their tax bills reduced by an average of $162,000.[/QUOTE]
We're going to go through hell on earth if we don’t get control of the corruption in Washington - see post 47 at: (next post)
[QUOTE who="Devin"]<quoted text> George H.W Bush negotiated NAFTA with Mexico and Canada, the Republican Congress Passed the Treaty.... Have you forgotten? It was the unions that opposed NAFTA without any support. The Democrats, lead by the Lead Democrat Clinton Caved... Absolutely Caved in and turned his back on his base.  Clinton Traded his loyality to the Base in exchange for Health Care Reform..... his strategy backfired. [/QUOTE]
The answer is clear:  read all, especially #43  (next post)  51773
And  51774
[QUOTE who="okboston"]<quoted text> Obama stated what he would like to see in a healthplan and then he let Congress right it. He mentioned single payer, however his main goal was to get the majority of the uninsured covered. He wanted it to be revenue neutral or save money. While not neutral according to these figures, it is relatively close.[/QUOTE]
Actually, I believe Obama wouldn't let any advocates for single payer into the talks he had (Democracy NOW).  That's consistent - even today the media is burying all competition for his bill, even though they're better for the country and the people.  He has put his ego first, sending us deeper into debt.  Other plans at #51774    51779
[QUOTE who="Pfluger the Union Monkey"]<quoted text>1/10th of one percent? Look, here is my opinion on health care. If Obama wanted to extend insurance (a laudible goal, IMO), he should have come out and stated exactly how much it would cost, and what taxes would be increased. He didn't do that. He claimed he could "bend the cost curve." But, as with all his "plans," there was no plan. Just - poof! - like magic, $500 billion in Medicare savings would magically occur, despite the fact that millions of retiring boomers will be eligible for the first time. He never said HOW the $500 billion of savings would be achieved, and IMO its a totally fictiious number - a plug, to get Nancy Pelosi all "giddy" about how it will reduce the deficit.  Laughable. And, on top of that, health care premiums will really soar this year, contrary to his promises. That is why Dems are now proposing to regulate health insurance premiums, and only allow "reasonable" price increases. LMAO. I hope that next, Obama makes the price of gasoline more reasonable. He should cap it at $2 per gallon, by reading a speech from his ObamaPrompter. [/QUOTE]
Ok, hockey intermission, just time enough to mention AGAIN that his plan is full of fraud and deceit, and that’s why he has banned all competition.  If we don’t defeat the tyranny of big government on this issue, we won’t do it at all.  Get involved - post 51774  51782
[QUOTE who="ManKind"]NO-vember is independence day. We will not go quietly into the night. We will not look away. We will not be deterred in our fight for freedom. [/QUOTE]
If you're still thinking that voting is the answer, you are too dumb to have an opinion.  It doesn't work = they're all following the same game plan, it's just that conservatives are the last to get it. There is only one way to take back control of the government, and that has been posted at 51774, but conservatives probably went right on by because it requires effort (having to click) and intelligence (oh no, having to think for yourself--waaay too much work).  For intelligent people:  this does require effort but that's because we let it go too long.    51783
[QUOTE who="Say the Truth"]<quoted text>Why didn't the Obama's give away 90% of their exhorbitant income from 2009 ($5.5 MILLION)? The don't NEED it![/QUOTE]
Why doesn't everybody?    Because they have made wealth a necessity, and once you're on that road, there's never enough.  The wealthy will never give us what we need to survive - people on that road don't think that way.  They don't care about the country - they can live anywhere in style.    They set us up to turn on each other - for example, a favorite Republican solution to the financial crisis is to attack the poor.  They're bullies and thugs pushed into a corner by wealthy bullies and thugs, and don't have the ba!!s to fight back, so they attack the weak, then call themselves God's people, living in God's country. The solutions I’ve given won’t work on them, they’re hopeless.  But, there are enough people, who are doing nothing at this time because nobody is getting to them, to make it work.  So, it’s up to Topix readers, because the media belongs to the wealthy.   51787
[QUOTE who="haha"]<quoted text>The party of NO.What a joke,they have no substance or original ideas.Look at their tea party supporters,they want to take the country back 200 years.The country has to move ahead and try some new ideas or we will be years behind the rest of the world depending on them.So this election will be NO vote for reps. here.[/QUOTE]
Unfortunately, a lot of people will be voting NO - to Obama and the Democrats.  Dumb people throw their votes back and forth, as if it was a game, instead of making their votes count by voting for NEITHER. Democrats are intelligent enough to leave the party, but Republicans are like overgrown children who have to be obedient to a parent figure.   Those in the Tea Party are too dumb to figure out that they’re being exploited, and in the end, will again vote Republican. If those who are faithful to political parties, instead of to their country and families, don’t wise up, they’re going to drag us all down with them.  51799
And  and 51800
[QUOTE who="Say the Truth"]<quoted text> explain to us by what black magic (no pun intended) Obamacare reduces healthcare expenses. All predictions are for a huge increase in insurance premiums. not to mention higher taxes (hidden and otherwise) on everyone to pay for the uninsured and a new huge bureaucracy.[/QUOTE]
There is no way, short of a fraud.  That's why people need to demand one of the other choices.  By winning this battle, we will have let congress know that we've taken control of the direction of this country, and can make other demands. Read, learn, and get ACTIVELY involved - TODAY!  (next post)  51827
And  51828
[QUOTE who="Bill R"]<quoted text>We are discussing child labor laws? OK. Explain to me why under Obamacare a person 26 years old can be insured with his parents.     If we are a fair standard for who is a child, lets get real about what an adult is as well. Liberals argued that the voting age should be lowered from 21 to 18 if an 18 year old could be drafted and fight for his country. Progressives seem to be arguing that a person can be 26 without ever becoming an adult and take full responsibility for his actions or decisions. [/QUOTE]
The whole bill is one ridiculous idea after another.  If health care was affordable, anyone could get it.  That’s why the Insurance Corruption plan is so far superior to Obama’s and why the media refused to let people know about it so they could make up their own minds.  It’s never too late to wise up and demand a better plan - see post 51818.  51829   And Should be # 51828.  51830
[QUOTE who="Pfluger the Union Monkey"]<quoted text>In addition, I just read the WSJ editorial that talked about exactly what I was commenting on last week - health insurance premiums set to skyrocket this year, due to ObamaCare, and directly in contradiction of another Obama promise - that premiums would fall. It was an obvious lie by Obama at the time to ram thru ObamaCare. That's why the Dems are desperately pushing for a new bill to control health insurance company premiums. Total liars.[/QUOTE]
Of course they are. 
By now, people should have demanded one of the other health care plans, told legislators who ignored them that they won’t vote for them, and should now be working hard to get good independent candidates elected in the next couple of months.  This is the only way to get any respect from those in power.  51970
[QUOTE who="Devin"]8 Years of being in a constant state of War has produced a large number of disabled veterans that will have to be cared for and compensated. That vote to go to battle has a lot of associated financial consequences.  It would have been cheaper to send out a Hit Squad.[/QUOTE]
It would have saved over 100k lives, and taken a lot less time too, and it's not like we aren't good at it either.  However, Bush was thinking only of himself and nobody else - had to 'get' Saddam and let bin Laden get away. About the veterans - they need to get good medical care, so by demanding the Insurance Corruption plan, they will get that care, and those at the VA can join the unemployed and count themselves lucky they weren’t prosecuted for the abuses.   Demand a good health care plan and take back the country at the same time.  (next post)  52000     And  52001
[QUOTE who="Pfluger the Union Monkey"]<quoted text> Yes. Obama's demonization of the health insurance companies was typical of the way he operates. He is doing it again, with the proposed Financial Reform Bill as well as teh new Arizona law.
Did you see the outrageous speech The Stooge gave where he claimed that "an hispanic mom in Arizona who is taking her kids to the ice-cream stand will now be 'harassed.'"?? This Stooge has absolutely no class, and no shame, in addition to being a liar and incompetent. One decent bill (IMO), does not change the fundamentals and the false promises of Obama the Teleprompter Stooge. [/QUOTE]
Of course he’s moving on after his ‘success’ with health care.  Whose fault is that?  The idiot masses.   Intelligent people know that health care is far from over, and that there is no better place to draw a line in the sand and say ‘No more!’ Most people are angry about it, and if they can just find out how to channel their anger and energy, we will win this fight.  But, that means we have to tell them because the media is working against our right to have a free choice.  Put them out of business and let them know why.  Penalize legislators, and accomplish so much with this one decision:  To demand one of the better health care choices, and start NOW.  See post 52000.     52004
[QUOTE who="Pfluger the Union Monkey"]<quoted text>Did you hear Obama's speech, about Republicans opposing Main STreet? I did. It was typical. Not as severe as his prior demonization of health insurance companies and others, but he does it. All the time. Obama casts himself as The One, standing against evil forces. Its ridiculous already. But no comment on Ben Nelson, who opposes it due to Warren Buffets concerns over how Buffets businesses would be affected. Hypocrisy. [/QUOTE]
We should all demonize insurance companies for what they've done to us, as individuals, and our country. It's up to us to turn that evil into something positive - a way of uniting people to take back their country, but timing is critical, especially if you have important local or state elections soon.  (post 52000) 52017
[QUOTE who="Vic"]The irony is that this Goldman Sachs witch hunt is not any different then the health care fiasco, where the government causes a large amount of the problems, then claims to fix them in ways where the solution is worse then the problem.       In the health care fiasco a lot of the high cost and increase in cost of health care has to do with the taxes put on health care by the government, not to mention the proliferation of baseless frivolous lawsuits. The government in their never ending search for tax dollars to kickback, taxes health care by taxing the health insurance companies. The health insurance companies then pass the tax on to us, we see the increased cost of health insurance, then the government officials blame the healthcare companies. This is just another scam of government where they pass on hidden costs to us as a tax while claiming to tax the health insurance companies. The lies just go on and on.[/QUOTE] It’s going to be a nightmare, but by that time the Tea Partiers will have rejoined the Republican Party or given up, along with the rest of the masses.  We have no choice to but to stand now against government corruption and our financial downfall.  If everybody who reads Topix gets involved and tells the people they know, it will spread.  We also have elections soon  - you can make a big difference.  See next post  52024
And  read all relevant posts, especially # 54-55.   52025
[QUOTE who="Vic"]<quoted text>We can not eliminate taxes, but we need a better way to keep our politicians from wasteful spending.
There are certainly legitimate government programs and certainly the requirement for the government to spend money to protect its citizens.
The problems is that the politicians never concentrate on what is right, they concentrate on what is politically best for them. Unfortunately Obama himself is leading this charge, by his partisan attacks. We need to support politicians that pledge to cut unnecessary spending, who pledge to cut pork, and who pledge to stop the partisan politics and start doing their jobs which should be to look out for the people's best interest, not there own. This November may be the only time in our lifetimes where we as voters can make such a statement, making it clear to the politicians that we have had enough of their waste and corruption, because this will be an election where the main issue will be corruption, and big wasteful government, vs. small government, in which government would eliminate waste and limit its scope.[/QUOTE]
No, politicians pledge anything, just to get elected - stupid idea. So, your big idea to make change is voting in November - stupid idea, especially since you only said to vote, and not how.  Did you just turn 18 and think it’s never been tried before?  IT DOESN’T WORK!  You’re attacking corruption as if it was a minor incident, easily fixed.  Nothing will change unless the American people are willing to do something they’ve avoided like the plague:  work.  Before anything will change, they have to first make legislators understand that they have no choice but to start working for us, not corrupt insurance companies and all the others, and their #1 priority is the survival of the country, not their financial wealth.  Get involved TODAY, and read all relevant posts at (next post)  52189
And  52190
[QUOTE who="Pelosi Schmelosi Too"]<quoted text>EXACTLY RIGHT!    And when OBOZO tries his "amnesty" plan, with 17 MILLION or so unemployed A-M-E-R-I-C-A-N-S losing-out on those jobs, there will be violence in the streets. Mark my words..... [/QUOTE]
They should have complained when Reagan first granted amnesty, but were too stupid to connect that with the massive increase in illegals which resulted from it. Yes, violence seems to be the only way the masses choose to fight back.  Too lazy to educate themselves, they stupidly attack each other, instead of trying to figure out how to prevent problems in the first place and attack the root causes.  That's why they NEVER WIN. Until the American people figure out that they need to attack Washington corruption, instead of each other, they will always be hopeless victims.  52191
[QUOTE who="Alz"]<quoted text>You're are wrong about the Middle Class. Think for a few minutes. Our country, which has generally been Conservative for over 230+ years has produced the biggest middle class  Liberalism destroys the middle class. People are at polar extremes - rich and poor, mostly poor. Liberalism sucks because it always ends up hurting people over time.[/QUOTE]
So, you've watched Republicans pass legislation which makes the rich richer, with huge increases in the number of homeless and poor and a dwindling middle class, for THREE DECADES, and you're still saying one has nothing to do with the other??  How many decades does it take for Republicans to figure it out?  We don't have that much time.  Liberalism, which tries to spread the wealth, results in a happier society, with as little suffering and poverty as possible.  Under liberals, the middle class was large and politically powerful.
Idiots are idiots because they refuse to learn, and would have to admit they're wrong, and they just won't=hopeless.  52200
[QUOTE who="Devin"]I don't care to debate the spin on why he did what he did, it's FACT he Raised Taxes on the Middle Class Americans and reduced the tax obligation on the wealthy in hope they would reinvest, period.. Social Security and Medicare taxes are not extended to investment income, until recently. The Rich has never shouldered their portion of the burdent of maintaining the back bone of America, it's Working Class and Small Business operators.... No amount of Spin on why is necessary, it's just not relative to the actual fact that the American Middle Class shoulders the burden financially and share less in the division of the econimci pie from the Trickle Down Economics. <quoted text>[/QUOTE]
I don't think Reagan cared if they reinvested or not, it was just an excuse he gave the press.  Like all politicians, he gave his contributors what they asked for. The middle class carries the burden because they're too lazy, gutless, or stupid to fight back.  They have no one to blame but themselves. If they think life is a free ride, and all they have to do is let activists carry their tons of dead weight, they're wrong.  I think many of them know it now, but the others won't get it until after it's too late.  52203
[QUOTE who="Pfluger the Union Monkey"]Now I am reading reports from various states, concerning how much ObamaCare will cost them. In other words, how much more money taxpayers will have to come up with. Michigan's independent Senate Fiscal Agency, for example, released a report saying that ObamaCare (due to expanded Medicaid) would cost $200mm annually, but there might be some offsets.
Obama conveniently ignored how much states would need to begin budgeting. He also lied when he said its funded at the federal level. He knows it, but doesn't care.  The massive tax increases will come later, because he is a socialist. [/QUOTE]
The best answer is for the government to create an insurance company to compete with corrupt insurance companies, one that is affordable, is voluntary, etc.  It would be very profitable by providing more, which will benefit the middle class.   The insurance industry is very profitable, and the deficit is threatening our country.  By combining those two issues, one helps solve the other. Everybody needs to at least read the posts at:  (next post) and make an intelligent decision.  52265  52266
[QUOTE who="Pelosi Schmelosi Too"]<quoted text>Ask "The One'.. He has ALL the answers.... "The cost of our debt is one of the fastest growing expenses in the federal budget. This rising debt is a hidden domestic enemy, robbing our cities and states of critical investments in infrastructure like bridges, ports, and levees; robbing our families and our children of critical investments in education and health care reform; robbing our seniors of the retirement and health security they have counted on ... If Washington were serious about honest tax relief in this country, we'd see an effort to reduce our national debt by returning to responsible fiscal policies." - Barack Obama, Speech in the U.S. Senate, March 13, 2006
His health care bill is not about what’s good for the country or people, but what the insurance companies and their sleazy lawyers want.  The Insurance Corruption plan is just the opposite, which the American have to demand or it will never work.  (see post 52266)   52269
[QUOTE who="Pfluger the Union Monkey"]<quoted text>Yes. Obama's real goal is to kill competition. His real goal is to tank private insurance companies. Its insane to suggest that we need competition (which is true), but then say that the competition will come from the Federal Government. Absolutely ludicrous. If the Federal Government decided to start an airline, and could use their powers to print money and subsidize it to an unlimited degree, and then told private carriers to compete, pretty soon there would be no private carriers.
Its even worse than that though, because in my example the federal government would also tell these private carriers what would constitute a "fair and reasonable charge" to fliers. Obama knows this. He is a liar, and a socialist, and he is putting in his programs with arguments he knows are false. ObamaCare is a fiasco. We will see this over the next few years. [/QUOTE]
No, what's insane is people who just let insurance companies (executives, lawyers, employees) get away with every felony they commit. 
Law enforcement has made it clear that they will not prosecute them, that they are truly above the law, we are obligated to fight back.
Even worse, insurance companies and our legislators have worked together to produce laws which benefit them, and violate our legal rights.  .
After all that, I’m not even advocating that we prosecute the worst felonies, but that we act to survive, but it’s always those with a criminal mentality that defends them. What's sick is people who are worried about the 'rights' of those parasites, while good people are dying.
Whether from ignorance, cowardice, or laziness, there is no excuse for people who defend them.  52273
Dingo Marysville, CA |#52280 Tuesday
But you see when the likes of Ken Lay, a criminal, or Haliburton criminal enterprises or the Insurance CEO's people flip a coin heads or tails, then you die, that is OK in certain people minds, the sick ones.
[QUOTE who="Alz"]<quoted text> 9/11 probably would have happened no matter who was President. Clinton had ample time to evaluate the situation and he did nothing - despite being warned, BUT the whole country was naive about the threat so I don't put 100% blame on Clinton. As for Bush, he certainly did keep us safe as he had the balls to go after these people. Do you not think that if the terrorists had a nuke that they wouldn't have used it on New York? (I call it the Islamic Manhattan Project.)  As for Clinton's "surplus", nine months BEFORE the election, the dot com bubble was BURSTING. All of the fuel for the growth exploded. In other words, there was so such thing as a long term surplus.[/QUOTE]
Any building anywhere could have been bombed because the authorities weren't doing their jobs, weren't paying attention to the warnings, and we're still in danger because they're still incompetent.   Actually, since Bush let bin Laden win that round, we're probably in more danger.  All those troops slaughtered in Iraq, and now being sent to Afganistan could be used to start patrolling all the docks and borders.
It doesn't happen because politicians don't listen to us.  We have to win the health care battle, or we will lose this war. (next post)  52276   52277
[QUOTE who="Devin"]<quoted text>How does that change........ "ROFLMAO.... Reagan's response to the Air Traffic Control Strike epitomizes every attribute of State Control over an Industry"  48 Hours after the walkout, he proceeded to fire the 11,350 ATC's and imposed a "Lifetime Ban on Hiring those workers Fired"  That's the question? How aren't those traits of tyranical rule demonstrated by Reagan not inline with the displines practiced in Socialist Communities around the world?  What happened to good faith negotiations and mediation?  The Controllers chief complaint was not money, but hours, working conditions, and a lack of recognition for the pressures they face. Reagan broke the back of Organized Labor in the Nation with his move. [/QUOTE]
I remember when Reagan did that, and saw it as an omen of more abuse to come, which it did.   Reagan would never have been elected if the media had done its job and informed us about how unpopular he was, and why, after being governor of CA.  We never hold the media truly accountable for all the lies they tell for those in power, etc. and that's why they're lying to us now. They're also withholding informa-tion we need to have, such as better health care choices and the fact that Obama denied those choices to the people, including single payer.  That is another group that needs to be dealt with, and all these things I've been talking about are so EASY to do, but too many Americans are THAT LAZY.   If you’re not one of them, you all need to be informed and make an intelligent decision.  See post 52277         52299
[QUOTE who="DavidH64"]<quoted text>BULL Devin. It opened for more airlines, unregulated, to flood craft and flights to the airspace, without allowing for proper staffing of ATCs. This created a tremendous overload, not too mention outdated equipment, for the ATCs.
I am not against the deregulation of the airlines. I agree free market enterprise. But when you are talking about the safety of millions on airplanes in the skies there has to maintain some semblance of oversight and growth control. Secondly, it is against Federal Law (5 U.S.C. (Supp. III 1956) 118p.) for a government employee to strike, Union or not. Reagan enforced that law.[/QUOTE]
As I remember it, Reagan enforced the law, but the strike was about a government bureaucracy that didn't care, and they were desperate to save lives.  That's why I thought it was a bad sign, that Reagan was all about power (my way, right or wrong) and could not be trusted to do what's right for the people.  I see Obama doing the same thing with health care (my way, right or wrong).  The other choices are better, so he and the media buried the competition, so I guess it’s more like a dictatorship. 52318
[QUOTE who="Devin"]Reagan's own children don't and will not support Republican Conservatives..... ROFLMAO.... [/QUOTE]
I thought they were extremely brave to speak out against injustice at a time when Republicans were fanatical about Reagan and talked like he was a god who could do no wrong.   52319
[QUOTE who="Bill R"]<quoted text>If you read the official positions on most social issues of the mainline Protestant denominations (Methodist, Presbyterian, United Church of Christ, Episcopalian, etc.), you'll find they align themselves very closely with the platform of the Democratic Party.  You need to sharpen your pencil and get focused on those who really rattle your cage. The literalist evangelicals are those who are driving you nuts .... i.e. the Religious Right that consists of a wide range of independent congregations that have no denominational affiliation whatsoever. Even more, they do NOT consider themselves "Protestants." They speak of themselves as "evangelicals," "fundamentalists," "charismatics," or Pentecostals.  Call them Protestants and they'll give you a blank stare.  "Yeah, we're not Catholics," is what they'll say.  Sidebar: Do you have a beef with other Protestants like the Amish, Quakers, Mennonites, and Hutterites?[/QUOTE]
I'm talking about the trend which helped get Reagan elected, and still continues, in which Protestant leaders were telling people that God wants them to vote Republican.  They used issues like abortion, family values, and other frauds, to get Republicans elected.  (protestant   52397
[QUOTE who="Bill R"]Follow up to Protester .... Generally speaking the word "Protestant" only has meaning within Christianity as being non-Roman Catholic or anti-Catholic. Very few people define themselves by who they are not. Most people define themselves by who they are.   In short, you don't define yourself as "not Republican" but as something else.[/QUOTE]
Generally, everybody who's not Catholic is Protestant, since they exist after the protesting against the Catholic Church.  They believe Catholicism is not Christianity, but now that Protestantism has become big business, it's time to protest against them.
Sidebar: Do you have a beef with other Protestants like the Amish, Quakers, Mennonites, and Hutterites?  No, unless they become political too.
[QUOTE who="Alz"]<quoted text>Plus, it's a joke to say that we have been defunding education. We spend a fortune. The problem is more and more money goes to unions and pensions and administrators rather than teaching. Plus, the teaching is dumbed down so comply with liberal thought.[/QUOTE]
So, according to your 'logic', Tea Partiers are now liberals. No, liberals who are not well-educated do know which party benefits them, but the others are so extremely ignorant that they vote for the party that makes the rich richer, even though they're relatively poor.  They do that by continually talking to people like themselves, reinforcing the delusions and outright lies they're fed.  52401
[QUOTE who="Alz"]<quoted text>Conservatives are loyal to the Constitution, not a Party. Modern Liberals/Progressives are loyal to their religion where everything has to be made "equal". Since they control the Democratic Party, they vote for Democrats.  The Modern Liberals/Progressives fool the people in the middle and they come around and vote Democratic. As liberal ideas are put into motion, people realize that it sucks. Many don't know about this desire to force everything to be "equal", but they can see that things don't get better. People expected Obama to work to make things better. As we all can see, this desire to force everything to be "equal" ends up making things worse as success is attacked and behaviors that lead to success are undermined with the threat of more government control.    Liberalism sucks as it always ends up hurting people over time.[/QUOTE] 
No, I think both sides have people who are loyal to the party, that’s why Bush was able to stay in office in spite of all his criminal activity, and why Obama still has support for his health care plan, in spite of all the warnings and criticisms. No, I don’t think either side is more loyal to the constitution, and that most aren’t well-versed on exactly what it says. No, I don’t see anybody trying to make things equal, since that’s impossible.  I think they’re trying to survive, something Republican parasites can’t tolerate.    Liberalism doesn’t hurt people, it saves lives.  Parasites hurt themselves by denying the humanity of whose who don’t dedicate their lives to worshipping money.  52402
Devin wrote: Wait, it was during the Republican reign that 10 were indicted for corruption.....The long standing Republican Senator from Alaska was found guilty of Blanket Corruption right before the Election...... Not to mention the sexual perversion of a few in Congress on the Republican side, and there's Ensign now..... Screwing his help and offering compensation to keep the ordeal quiet.... but you paint a picture of the Democrats being the most corrupt....... Have you forgotten the " Culture of Corruption" ...... Most of America Hasn't...... Had you just began to follow American Politics? The List of Corruption on the Republican side of Congress is long,s  Nixon, Ollie North, G Gordon Liddy...... Come on now....... There's no comparison on who's the most unethical party in American Politics.<quoted text>
I think Ted Kennedy single-handed trumps all above with committing murder  Me: That’s typical of the Republican escape from reality (psychosis) that ignores the murders of over 100,000 Americans and Iraqis, which were also committed for criminal reasons.  That has also produced countless children missing parents, so the damage continues for generations. Accusing someone of murder, while knowing that’s false, shows more desperation to escape reality, especially when you obviously couldn‘t care less about any of the victims, just using them to deceive others.  52444
[QUOTE who="Bob DiMarzio"]Is Obama the real Messiah? [/QUOTE]
All these kinds of statements show how Republicans depend on lies. First they criticize Democrats for not being 'Godly' enough, then they claim that God wants us to vote Republican, then they treat their presidents like they are God's chosen leaders.  They defend every evil, including murders, committed by their presidents. Then when a Democrat is elected, they accuse him of being a muslim, then the messiah - they're stumbling all over the twisted lies. But none of that matters, ignore reality, keep throwing out lies and illusion.  It's Republicans who need to read the Bible - Satan is the father of all lies.  (protestant   52591
[QUOTE who="Say the Truth"]Say the Truth wrote:<quoted text>The Founders didn't envision a cradle to grave nanny state, funded by onerous taxation. Speculation, overruled.<quoted text>You're a fracking LUNATIC. I mean that in a helpful way. There are some effective treatments for your, er, "condition."[/QUOTE]
Again, Republicans are addicted to lying.  The minute liberals try to do something to stop Republicans from killing American citizens, Republicans call them nannies.  Sadly, there are so many people who are so dumb they'll believe that garbage, yet are able to vote.   52592
[QUOTE who="Pfluger the Union Monkey"]<quoted text>What "other" health care plans??[/QUOTE]
They're listed and described in the first few posts: (next post)  52594
[QUOTE who="Vic"]<quoted text>I understand you ideas, but by voting for third party candidates, you are ensuring that the liberal/progressives will win. I feel strongly that what the tea party needs to do is to take over one of the parties by putting up candidates and winning the primaries of one party. The republicans because they have closer ideals to the tea party people are the ideal party. Once these independent small government candidates win the primaries, then they will not have to worry about the vote being split between the independents and the republicans, and they can run over the liberals in November and take back our country from the corruption.
Small government is essential in the battle against corruption, because no matter who is in office, they become corrupt, and the smaller the government is, the less opportunity to kickback and payoff supporters, and the less opportunities for corrupt practices.[/QUOTE]
First, not enough people will vote for third party candidates to be a threat, at this time.  The important thing is to send a message, a warning. ‘Take back our country from corruption?’  Duhhh - that’s what people were saying all through the eight Bush years.  Those years proved that Republicans are BLIND to THEIR corruption.  You threatened the life of our country, and now you can’t wait to completely destroy it?  NO!
[QUOTE who="Wartime"]<quoted text> It sounds like you're suggesting that since the federal government is both incompetent and unable to enforce the law (to prevent those "felonies" you refer to), they should just step in and take over the entire industry.  Sorry, but that makes no sense at all. TG we have a Constitution to protect us from toddler logic.[/QUOTE]
Where did I say that?  I said WE, the people, the victims, should COMPETE (via the government) AGAINST the corruption since nobody will even prosecute the worst of felonies. SINCE the insurance industry has been placed in a special category (above the law), we have the right to use that special method to DEFEND OURSELVES. Instead, Obama now forces all of us to be victimized by them. If he gave a dam, he’d have first prosecuted, then tried to force us to deal with them.  Instead he’s thrown ALL of us to the wolves. If you’d read the posts, you’d see where he is challenged to FORCE district attorneys to prosecute them, but he has not.  That’s another problem - corrupt district attorneys.     It’s YOUR toddler comprehension that’s your problem.  52837
Wartime Houston, TX |#52976 Friday May 7
We're not that far off, but... The only contingent above the law is the government. And if you view insurance companies -- you know, the ones who Obama and the democrats sold us out to in their behind-closed-door backroom deals, along with big pharma -- then it's because the democrats gave them that "perk". The libs should put that in their nanny-state diaper and wear it. At least they're not complaining that there's too much tort reform....yet.
[QUOTE who="Alz"]<quoted text>The difference between the Left and the Right on this is the Right wants to make things better by stopping the terrorism and the Left is willing to live with terrorism and they will find ways to blame us for the terrorists.[/QUOTE]
Yeah, right, by RUNNING FROM the fight in Afganistan, letting THE TERRORIST get away.  There wasn't much criticism from the Right on that.  Your statement is totally opposite of the truth.  52844
Wartime Houston, TX |#52980 Friday May 7
Alz wrote: <quoted text>The difference between the Left and the Right on this is the Right wants to make things better by stopping the terrorism and the Left is willing to live with terrorism and they will find ways to blame us for the terrorists.   Protester wrote: <quoted text>Yeah, right, by RUNNING FROM the fight in Afganistan, letting THE TERRORIST get away. There wasn't much criticism from the Right on that. Your statement is totally opposite of the truth.  Oooh, those evil conservatives!!!! ROFLMAO!!! You just proved Alz's point! Say hello to Cindy Sheehan for me. ROFLMAO!
[QUOTE who="Pittakos"]<quoted text>This is what is happening in Greece. It is a painful but necessary solution. Greece can no longer afford to pay out massive entitlements and now the recipients of those entitlements are rioting. This is what happens when you create a welfare state. The teat has run dry.[/QUOTE]
It's also what happens when Republican capitalism is allowed to grow for three decades, benefiting the wealthy more and more.  They got used to it, and now that they're being told they have to pay for their greed and their war, etc. they're enraged.   The fact is that it's true of all humanity, and is why we needed better leaders, but when Republicans refuse to help liberals impeach a war criminal like Bush, leaders learn they can get away with anything.  McCain might have won if Republicans had better ethics.  52892
boston |Judge it! |#53085 Sunday May 9
Pittakos wrote: <quoted text>Republican capitalism? Capitalism is not the problem. Government spending more than it has and adding more and more programs which it can't afford is the problem. War criminal? Impeach? On what grounds? Bush went to war with the approval of the vast majority from not only Congress but from the public. Iraq? Iraq essentially declared war on us on a daily basis by shooting ground to air missiles at our planes enforcing a no fly zone that was in place by treaty. Did Bush handle things the way I think it should have been done? Nope.(Lucky for Iraq that I wasn't making the decisions because Baghdad Bob would have been right about there being no American's in Baghdad. There just wouldn't have been any Baghdad left to go to.)
McCain? No thanks. He was just Obama light. Obama heavy is actually waking the sleeping masses up to what liberalism is all about. Maybe the Republican party will catch on and come back to it's conservative roots. Somehow, though, I doubt it.
Republican capitalism is based on pumping more currency into the economy than you are collecting through taxation, in other words deficit spending. Democrat capitalism is based on taxing at an amount equal to the revenues being spent in order to balance the budget keeping your interest charges low. This enables us to save money (or the ability to borrow) for a rainy day.  Both Republicans and Democrats support social spending. If you don't believe me, ask when the Tea Party is going to come out against SS and Medicare.
[QUOTE who="Pfluger the Union Monkey"]<quoted text>Reagan was great. Carter era stagflation was eliminated. The hostages were released on the day he was inaugurated. The soviet empire was defeated without military confrontation. Few terrorist attacks after Reagan gave the order to bomb Libya. Democracy and free market ideas spread throughout the free world. A 30 plus year period of mostly peace and prosperity, interrupted by only a few brief shallow recessions, until this one, which was fueled by federal housing policies from the 90s, Clinton's deregulation bills, low interest rates, and greed from Wall Street down to Main Street (the flip this house crowd). The deficit increased, due to the large buildup in defense spending, handing his successors a peace dividend, which CLinton swiftly squandered. [/QUOTE]
You're too biased to have any credibility.  52893
Pittakos wrote: <quoted text>This is what is happening in Greece. It is a painful but necessary solution. Greece can no longer afford to pay out massive entitlements and now the recipients of those entitlements are rioting. This is what happens when you create a welfare state. The teat has run dry.
It's also what happens when Republican capitalism is allowed to grow for three decades, benefiting the wealthy more and more. They got used to it, and now that they're being told they have to pay for their greed and their war, etc. they're enraged.  The fact is that it's true of all humanity, and is why we needed better leaders, but when Republicans refuse to help liberals impeach a war criminal like Bush, leaders learn they can get away with anything. McCain might have won if Republicans had better ethics. 52896
Pfluger the Union Monkey wrote: <quoted text> Reagan was great. Carter era stagflation was eliminated. The hostages were released on the day he was inaugurated. The soviet empire was defeated without military confrontation. Few terrorist attacks after Reagan gave the order to bomb Libya. Democracy and free market ideas spread throughout the free world. A 30 plus year period of mostly peace and prosperity, interrupted by only a few brief shallow recessions, until this one, which was fueled by federal housing policies from the 90s, Clinton's deregulation bills, low interest rates, and greed from Wall Street down to Main Street (the flip this house crowd). The deficit increased, due to the large buildup in defense spending, handing his successors a peace dividend, which CLinton swiftly squandered.  
You're too biased to have any credibility. 52897
[QUOTE who="Nostrilis Waxman"]<quoted text>How original: Protester, hidden location... Typical liberal. Which one are you?  Speaking of "escapes", are you unaware President Obama sent 30,000 more of our kids to war in his first year? You must not keep up with your liberals at Code Pink!!!! Go ahead, take a peek. It won't break your nails: Last week they said Obama LIED!  Gee liberal person...if it was criminal, how come the "criminals" aren't being punished??? After all, liberals/Democrats/Socialists control the: White House Congress: - House - Senate  And Eric Holder was appointed by Obama - IE: The AG and Justice Department are run by Democrats.  Share your superior mind with us lib. If it was criminal:
- Who were the criminals?  - Why aren't they in jail? Most importantly: How does a funny liberal reconcile silly assertions against Republicans with Obama sending 30,000 more troops??? This should be really funny. Keep posting lib...[/QUOTE]
You’re really saying that Obama is not the gutless coward Bush was when he ran from Afganistan and the terrorists, letting them win that one and disgracing us before the entire world. Bush wasn’t prosecute for his crimes because, as we all know, presidents are never held criminally accountable.  How could you be that stupid? Your post was pathetic and scary.  52902
[QUOTE who="Nostrilis Waxman"]While you're at it liberal, share your wisdom about the success of Socialism in Greece. Three people are dead due to liberal "Protesters". You must be PROUD![/QUOTE]
Another stupid comment.  They evidently don't want to accept financial responsibility for the survival of their country. What's the matter with you?  Now you're attacking all protesters?  52904
There are countless posts about all the corruption, government abuses, political crooks, and disastrous results, etc. If so many people were really so smart, then they'd be promoting the solution to Obama's health care bill that would result in a profit, not increased deficit. If they really gave a dam about all the corruption, they'd also support that plan because it attacks big corruption, a trinity of evil working together AGAINST us for financial gain:  corrupt politicians, sleazy insurance companies, and a legal system that victimizes everybody every day.
But no, they have chosen to be victimized rather than either clean up the insurance industry or compete against it.  So, all their ideas are worth nothing and will change nothing because nobody in power is listening.  The Insurance Corruption plan benefits everybody in some way, except the true parasites who will take this country down as long as they profit.  After all, with their money, they can afford to live anywhere on earth, thanks to a nation of people too stupid to think for themselves, and too gutless to stand up to them.  (next post)   52909  52910
Nostrilis Waxman wrote: <quoted text>GG - you sound just like this. Unless you are a liberal, you have no right to an opinion. Everyone else in Unamerican!!!! --> Is this you? 53011
Sounds like Alz.   
Here's an example: Alz wrote: <quoted text>What happens is many people have been raised in the liberal indoctrination system where they are taught that they cannot succeed without assistance. Plus, they are taught that business is bad. They are taught that profit is bad.
Just listen to Obama talk about profit. He doesn't understand anything about Free Market economics.  So what happens is these people grow up and get angrier and angrier (as you say) because they can see that liberalism is a big lie, but they were taught that normal Conservative thinking is bad.   They are in a liberal-induced infinite loop that builds up hate and frustration. They get even more irrational as they have to live in the rear-view mirror of blame and anger. The deep-down liberals come along and then say they will make things better and people, having no other known choice, support the liberals. The infinite loop continues....  This is exactly what has happened for 50 years in the inner cities. Decaxe after decade of concentrated liberalism has only led to hopelessness, despair and death. This is why we need to get to the media and popular culture. It's an important ingredient to educating people and destruction the liberal cancer. 53012
Devin wrote: Another Excellent point, No Child Left Behind, a Republican President's social proposal, that passed with Democrat help but the Republicans refused to Fund the Program...... Smoke and mirrors. Another Republican Delusion.....
It is. The San Francisco office was nothing but a drain on the economy. They ignored complaints sent to them. I think the whole purpose of the scam was to get kids for the draft.  53015
Say the Truth Exton, PA |#53131 Monday May 10
Protester wrote: <quoted text>It is. The San Francisco office was nothing but a drain on the economy. They ignored complaints sent to them.  I think the whole purpose of the scam was to get kids for the draft.
What draft? Are you DAFT?
Nostrilis Waxman wrote: <quoted text>Liberals also don't understand that being irresponsible today not only hurt retirees, but it also burdens future generations. They do think government is the solution!
So, that's why Republicans were trying to privatize social security, and borrowed huge sums from it that they never repaid - to help retirees?  53016
Nostrilis Waxman Windsor, CT |#53024 Saturday May 8
Protester wrote: <quoted text>So, that's why Republicans were trying to privatize social security, and borrowed huge sums from it that they never repaid - to help retirees?
That was a really lame idea - privitizing social security. At least they weren't militaristic when they had control of the presidency, house and senate and it never happened like health care did. Neither party is being responsible with funding social security. Democrats just steered our ship towards Greece though with health care. I know you don't get it, but some of are worried for our kids and future generations.
By the way, I don't think a person like you "hidden location" has any credibility to be guessing falsely that I am ALZ. Stop being a hypocrite (and wrong). Us non-libs don't resort to your silliness.
Vic wrote: <quoted text>I totally agree. Pfluger certainly seems pro-American to me.  There is a difference between wanting America to fail and knowing that we are on an unsustainable path that will lead to failure unless changes are made. The sooner those in charge understand that the path they have us on is a path to failure, the sooner they will change their ways and the better chance we have of avoiding failure.
Apply that to health care. Obama’s bill is failure in every way: It makes corrupt insurance companies more profitable, at our expense; none of them will be prosecuted for their felonies; we have to deal with another massive bureaucracy that doesn’t work; we all will have to deal with the hated IRS; etc. The solution is to demand one of the other choices, fight corruption, take back the country by uniting in this, and penalize the media for deceiving us. Read all relevant posts and do all you can.(next post)  53017
Lily Flushing, NY |#53019 Saturday May 8
Protester wrote: <quoted text>So, that's why Republicans were trying to privatize social security, and borrowed huge sums from it that they never repaid - to help retirees?
With all the freakin' "geniuses" we have on Wall Street IF Social Security had been privatized - the elderly could have all moved in with Alz.
Wartime Houston, TX |#53042 Saturday May 8
Protester wrote: <quoted text>Apply that to health care. Obama’s bill is failure in every way: It makes corrupt insurance companies more profitable, at our expense; none of them will be prosecuted for their felonies; we have to deal with another massive bureaucracy that doesn’t work; we all will have to deal with the hated IRS; etc.       The solution is to demand one of the other choices, fight corruption, take back the country by uniting in this, and penalize the media for deceiving us. Read all relevant posts and do all you can.(next post)
Great post, you are 100% correct. But rest assured many more repeals will be necessary, as he has 2.5 more years to ram through more of his marxist assault and takeover legislation.
Wartime Westmont, IL |#53051 Saturday May 8
Protester wrote: <quoted text>So, that's why Republicans were trying to privatize social security, and borrowed huge sums from it that they never repaid - to help retirees?
No, that's why they pledged undending (limitless) billions of taxpayer funds to Fannie and Freddie (now $15 billion in the hole), rejected and refused all attempts to regulate them, pissed away $862 billion to unions (inc dem state pensions) and special interests, took over 51% of the US economy, tripled the deficit, are raising taxes, massively increasing government, and proposing a 2010 budget that will take the deficit to 95% of GDP by 2010 while adding $10 TRILLION of debt!  Oh wait, that was Obama and the DEMOCRATS! Nevermind.
[QUOTE who="Grey Ghost"]<quoted text>It's ridicules statements like this your total one sidedness and vicious bahavior that you so freely give all that don't agree with you. I'm retired after 21 years in the US Army, I also served in Vietnam, and you have the audacity to infer that us liberals are not every bit as patriotic as the next man, probably more so.       Most the conservatives I know never served. never once did a persons Political beliefs come up, nor their religious beliefs. Those are some of the things that made me a liberal, if you people had your way we would be even broker than we are now, there is no one you don't want to bomb. Never thinking about the consequences, but quick to blame all others, both sides need changing but there is way to much bitterness...even on here.     I have reached a point that I have no respect for a conservative, I see them as two faced and judgemental hypocrites along with demanding a house full of guns and forced bible reading,their god and their religion, they have few if any redemming qualities , they only talk a good game. If they had their way we would regress 50 years. [/QUOTE]
george barnett wrote: <quoted text>I care nothing for "giving" people a democracy.If a people truly want a Republic,let them work,finance,and bleed for it.
That sounds like what most politicians are saying about us. Most Americans aren't even willing to educate themselves about political events, let alone work, finance and bleed for it. So, you're either saying the American people don't deserve this country, or that they deserve it while those outside our country don't unless their peasants overtake their military. 53070
george barnett United States |#53106 Sunday May 9
Protester wrote: <quoted text>That sounds like what most politicians are saying about us. Most Americans aren't even willing to educate themselves about political events, let alone work, finance and bleed for it.     So, you're either saying the American people don't deserve this country, or that they deserve it while those outside our country don't unless their peasants overtake their military.
The American Revolution happened in 1776;not 2010.We are no longer capable of revolt because we only expect to be provided for and entertained.It's hard to stage a revolt if you won't get up off the couch.-------so no,Americans are no longer fit to own and operate a Republic.
Alz wrote: Things should be getting better. Real unemployment is still close to 17% and 20% of the jobs created were by government. What a mess. The 9.9% number doesn't include people who have given up.  We have a long way to go and Obama's attacks on the system are keeping the economy down. We've spent trillions and all we're getting is more liberal debt.
Things should be much better by now. How much more debt is Obama going to shove on our kids?
Those who really do care about their kids supported the health care plan that makes a profit as soon as they heard about it.(next post) 53094
Pfluger the Union Monkey wrote:
<quoted text>
Insurance companies are not in a special category. Unless you mean the Obama Demons List. They are subject to the laws.
You're very naive. Insurance companies, their executives, lawyers and employees are absolutely above the law. One absolute proof of that is the very need for health care reform, but all insurance companies operate outside the law at all times.  That's why including them in Obama's health care reform is a complete lie. How many have been indicted since it was passed? None, and they all know it, so it's only going to get worse for us.  Plus the IRS is included in the bill, so we're surrounded by corruption and abuse. We are being pounded into the ground by this bill, but the masses won't get it until it's too late.  That's why intelligent people have to get the word out, to demand the Insurance Corruption plan which attacks political and insurance industry corruption at the same time. see post 53905
And correction 53095   53096
[QUOTE who="Grey Ghost"]<quoted text> It's ridicules statements like this your total one sidedness and vicious bahavior that you so freely give all that don't agree with you. I'm retired after 21 years in the US Army, I also served in Vietnam, and you have the audacity to infer that us liberals are not every bit as patriotic as the next man, probably more so. Most the conservatives I know never served. never once did a persons Political beliefs come up, nor their religious beliefs. Those are some of the things that made me a liberal, if you people had your way we would be even broker than we are now, there is no one you don't want to bomb. Never thinking about the consequences, but quick to blame all others, both sides need changing but there is way to much bitterness...even on here.  I have reached a point that I have no respect for a conservative, I see them as two faced and judgemental hypocrites along with demanding a house full of guns and forced bible reading,their god and their religion, they have few if any redemming qualities , they only talk a good game. If they had their way we would regress 50 years. [/QUOTE]
They’d want to go back to the days when their great leaders, like Joseph McCarthy, were in control.   Republicans just can’t face the reality that THEY played a key role in getting us to where we are today.  It was Bush Sr. who advocated the New World Order, and they all increased homelessness as they made it possible for there to be record numbers of millionaires and billionaires.   Their whole solution to the problems we have today is to vote Republican.  There is no greater evidence of the great stupidity of those who support the Republican Party. The BEST VOTING SOLUTION is to either vote for independents or not vote at all.  Either way, legislators wouldn’t be able to ignore those results like they’ve ignored the protests against Obama’s health care bill.   53360
[QUOTE who="george barnett"]<quoted text>Unlike most Liberals/progressives Jesus didn't encourage immorality and irresponsibility.He did once state,"Render unto Caesar that which is Caesars".That rendering is somewhat less inclusive than Liberals' belief that ALL/Everything/100% belongs to Caesar for Caesar to redistribute.[/QUOTE]
Which liberals said that, and when?  53369
george barnett United States |#53396 Tuesday May 11
Protester wrote: <quoted text>Which liberals said that, and when?
Obama to Joe the plumber,"We need to spread the wealth".Uncle Sam isn't giving his wealth away.He doesn't have a job.Obama has to take money from an actual taxpayor to buy the votes of his constituency.We taxpayors are always called upon to dig a little deeper to provide for increased public school spending,Section 8 housing,EBT,etc.After all it's for the "chirren".You can possibly want to see a hungry child,so let's feed 'em 10 times a day.You don't want a child to be uneducated,'cause a mind is a terrible thing to waste.If it costs as much to educate a minority kid as it would to send a student to Haaaaavard;but they still don't learn anything-----then we aren't spending enough money.
[QUOTE who="Alz"]<quoted text>...and how/when did Bush run frm Afghanistan?[/QUOTE]
He ran from Afganistan when he started the war in Iraq.      The timing was a dead giveaway.  For decades there had been talk about Iraq, but nobody invaded.  Then suddenly, Bush has all that false evidence of WMDs so we had to let bin Laden get away to go after Saddam.   53372
okboston |#53084 Sunday May 9
Alz wrote: <quoted text>...and how/when did Bush run frm Afghanistan?
2002 when he focused on Iraq.
Pfluger the Union Monkey Nashua, NH |#53374 Tuesday May 11
Protester wrote: <quoted text>He ran from Afganistan when he started the war in Iraq. The timing was a dead giveaway. For decades there had been talk about Iraq, but nobody invaded. Then suddenly, Bush has all that false evidence of WMDs so we had to let bin Laden get away to go after Saddam.
Bill and Hillary and Kerry and others had the same intelligence. They all supported the war.  Bush ran from nothing. But Obama is losing Afghanistan.  How are we supposed to get out of there by next summer???? What will have changed????? I say we end Obama's war NOW. Today. That dump is not worth the life of ONE American soldier. Screw them. No more troops, no more money.
[QUOTE who="Nostrilis Waxman"]<quoted text> I knew you wouldn't leave 2008Bill. You have been going downhill.
It's obvious you are here as we can see negative feedback prevails for the 6 non-liberals, yet your lone liberal posts all have good feedback - for the single liberal. Just like old times. Why do you feel the need to hide who you are and where you are from? Is honesty detestable to you? By the way, your thread is really freeking weird. I've never seen anything like it where a person posts a thread and then responds to his/herself so strangley.  You must be bipolar or scitzoid. Don't you think taking your medications or seeing a doctor would be a better solution than demintia posts? Just so you don't feel so dejected, I'm thinking of posting there. I'm worried about you. I disagree with you but I care about liberals too. Don't be afraid to ask for help. There are people that can point you to help - if you simply get the urge to seek help. Don't you want to be happy? Good luck 2008Bill.[/QUOTE]
After reading so many of your posts, I seriously think you need therapy.  I'm NOT posting as somebody else, not leaving all that negative feedback (I don't have time and, without an accompanying opinion, who cares?).  The rest of your comments are just ranting because you don't have an intelligent statement. I don't think I sound like anybody else here, and I don't think anybody else has thought that either.   Get help.  It's disturbing to read some of your comments.  53374
[QUOTE who="Bottom Line"]<quoted text>Another key point is that, apart from the obvious cynicism and contempt for the American people, is that together the rules are NOT about what is right or honest or even in the public interest. It is about deception. Not until the goal is reached are the intentions truly revealed.   Been there. Done that. The early 70s were full of cynicism and contempt for the American people. "Rules for Radicals" simply resurrects it and dresses it up under new slogans.[/QUOTE]
The way Obama has handled his health care bill is worse than deception, but complaining about it won't change a thing. 
If critics were really so angry about it, they'd be working hard to push one of the other choices.  They'd be appealing to Democrats who support Obama, giving them reasons why that bill is such a threat, telling them to think for themselves, and put their families before the Party.
They'd have gone here, and helped penalize the media and legislators:  (next post)  53384  53385
Bottom Line United States |#53417 Tuesday May 11
Protester wrote: <quoted text>The way Obama has handled his health care bill is worse than deception, but complaining about it won't change a thing.       If critics were really so angry about it, they'd be working hard to push one of the other choices. They'd be appealing to Democrats who support Obama, giving them reasons why that bill is such a threat, telling them to think for themselves, and put their families before the Party. They'd have gone here, and helped penalize the media and legislators:(next post)
Just an opinion here, but what is needed is an enormous commitment on the part of one large newspaper to make the same commitment to investigating the entire process that led to the passage of a 2000 page bill that NO ONE claimed to have read, not unlike the Washington Post's commitment to support the Watergate investigation. It will take courage, but that is what is needed.  Unfortunately the print media is predominantly left in its leanings and isn't inclined to push for genuine research, investigation, and journalism, letting the "chips fall where they may." In my opinion the bill Obama signed into law was without doubt the worst piece of legislation ever placed before a voting body.  Unfortunately those who claim to be doing reportage on the health care legislation are far too ideological to be taken seriously by most Americans because their dice are loaded. I simply want to know what the congressmen and senators voting for the bill received in return for their vote ... for the district, for their state, and for their own political futures.   Its in there, but no one has taken up the offer to do right by the American people. I am not against health care reform in this country. What we have leaves much to be desired.  I say this as the owner of a small business employing 14 people. If the early reports of increases are correct, and I see no reason why they are not, the hit on small businesses will be stunning. It currently costs me $485 a month to provide coverage to EACH employee. Current projections are that that will increase to $605 when we renew our policy.   We are like millions of others who, in a time when resistance to price increases for product or services is heavy, are really being left with no choice but to pay the damn "fine" and toss our employees into a system that will chew them up compared to the B- service they have already been receiving and grumbling about. What they have now will look like heaven in 2-3 years.  But what irritates me more than anything else is that this is not the result of incompetence on the part of President Obama.
This has been a creature created by design. Single payer is the goal ... he has said that in the past ...and we will have whether we want it or not unless one or more the court challenges certain to come up stop the law in its tracks.
okboston |#53393 Tuesday May 11
Protester wrote: <quoted text>The way Obama has handled his health care bill is worse than deception, but complaining about it won't change a thing.       If critics were really so angry about it, they'd be working hard to push one of the other choices. They'd be appealing to Democrats who support Obama, giving them reasons why that bill is such a threat, telling them to think for themselves, and put their families before the Party.      They'd have gone here, and helped penalize the media and legislators:(next post)
I don't think Obama was any worse than those aligned against healthcare bills that lied about them. "Death Panels" is just as deceitful as anything else and there are other instances.
Say the Truth Exton, PA |#53394 Tuesday May 11  WTF do you post links in a separate post? Just wondering...
[QUOTE who="Wartime"]<quoted text> Republicans AND Americans (not you, of course) reject marxism, socialism, and the complete erosion of freedoms, liberties, and the American way, you idiot. Oooh, that evil, evil capitalism. The very concept and foundation for our country that has made American the most free and prosperous nation in the entire history of mankind. That oh-so-evil concept that our brave forefathers gave their lives for, as did millions of our brave and selfless veterans.  But they were all fools! Baah freedoms, the populace needs to be ruled over and controlled by marxists, communists, and government elitists! By Allah, every worthless non-government-employed slave should know that! Get in line and pray that there's some bread left. Yeah, that's the ticket. Yesirree! Damn that evil capitalism! Where's marx, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Mao, Guevara, Chavez, Castro when your whacked marxist government needs them?! Here's a special treat for your bedroom wall....the World's Worst Dictators. How much longer do you think the lying radical Kenyan activist is gonna stand for not being ranked number one? [/QUOTE]
So, you're telling us that our forefathers and veterans were all Republican-Americans, and liberals aren't???  Your whole post is really too pathetic for me to comment on, but for others who are reading this:   I wrote about REPUBLICAN capitalism, as being too extreme. 
It is NOT what our forefathers gave their lives for.  They fought for freedom.   53399
Dingo Marysville, CA |#53400 Tuesday May 11  Well, don't blame him, Glen speck said it so it must be true.
[QUOTE who="Bill R "]<quoted text>The health care bill that passed already has a bureaucratic maze built within it .... at last count there are something like 160+ boards and committees mandated by the new law. I'm sure each will have a 1-800 number and fine elevator music while you are on hold for 40 minutes. Talk to three people and get three different answers to the same question: just like the IRS.  I don't know how the "media" can be penalized, but the fact is the major networks are continuously losing viewers to other sources. The "circle the wagons" strategy is already in place as CBS and CNN, both doing poorly, are engaged in merger talks. They can't be penalized any more than what they are now doing to themselves without anyone helping them.[/QUOTE]
It is a financial disaster that WE have to pay for, that's why I keep posting that we have to fight it.  There are suggestions such as notifying them that they've lost you as a customer, cancelling subscriptions, maybe sharing newspapers and magazines with others, criticizing them on their sites, etc. Also, suggestions for penalizing legislators, voting for independents in coming elections, or not voting at all.  Letting people know about this as much as possible so they can get in on it.  Even if you weren't going to vote, at least you can say that.
The main point is that we have to work that much harder until the media gets the message.  Here's where to go again, since it keeps 'disappearing' - (next post)  53403    And  53404
okboston |#53098 Sunday May 9
Protester wrote: <quoted text>Excellent point. He did intervene in the legal process of capitol punishment, like a good liberal activist, to prevent a woman from being stoned to death.
Yes, just like today, conservatives had gone overboard with punishment of crime.
Say the Truth Exton, PA |#53138 Monday May 10
Protester wrote: <quoted text>Excellent point.  He did intervene in the legal process of capitol punishment, like a good liberal activist, to prevent a woman from being stoned to death.
Moron, it was an incident of MOB "JUSTICE", not an adjucated action... ignorant pest.
[QUOTE who="Vic"]<quoted text>Some counterpoints A majority of Americans want the healthcare fiasco gone, but it passed anyway.  A majority of Americans agree with the Arizona immigration law yet Holder and friends who are apparently too entitled to even read it and the corrupt media are pushing against it. A majority of Americans were against the bailouts, but they went through as well. A majority of Americans are against earmarks, but we still have them.  [/QUOTE]
A majority want...  and yet it didn't magically just 'happen' .   What's missing here???  Oh yes, WORK.  They have to MAKE it happen.
By a coincidence, health care is the one issue in which most Americans have already voiced their objections.  By demanding, WORKING, and getting a good health care bill, we will have demonstrated that we are taking back the country.   We have to penalize legislators and the media for denying us the right to choose a better plan.  All that information is at:  (if the next post is deleted, let me know and I will post it as often as necessary)  55453   And  55454
[QUOTE who="Pfluger the Union Monkey"]<quoted text>When the premiums go UP, not down by $2500 per year as stated by Obama the Teleprompter Stooge when he rammed this monstrostity through, the demonization of the health insurance companies will be very intense. FUBO. [/QUOTE]
It was criminal the way it was forced on us, and it is deception that we all have to worry about. MOST AMERICANS are against it, and this is a democracy, so what is the problem here?  Corruption.  Deaf legislators.  A biased media, even to the point of deleting many of my posts directing people to a solution.    The biggest problem is the masses, who really deserve all of the above because they expect the rest of us to carry their dead weight.  That is impossible.  So carry your own weight.  Penalize the guilty, and come together to make this a true democracy again.     Here's the information you need, and it doesn't require hard work, just do your part instead of spending your life complaining:  (next post- if it's deleted, reply and let me know.)  55478     And 
[QUOTE who="Pfluger the Union Monkey"]<quoted text>There can be only two possible explanations. One (my belief), is that Obama knows that ObamaCare will drive the health insurers out of business. He has already demonized them, and so the table is set.
Two: Obama believes his own BS.  Both scenarios are frightening, and worthy of hearings and possible impeachment.
Replace.  Revise.  Impeach. [/QUOTE]
If you're so worried about the poor defenseless insurance companies, then surely you've done everything you can to force the defeat of Obama's health care bill by demanding it be replaced with one of the better plans which don't involve insurance companies at all.
If not, then you're really just looking for an excuse to bash him. Those of you who sincerely care about the financial survival of the country, and want a voluntary plan, among other advantages, read the following posts and help penalize legislators and the media for keeping this information from you.  (next post - if it's deleted, reply and let me know and I'll post it again.)   55480
And   55481
[QUOTE who="James_TX"]<quoted text>What makes me lose sleep at night is not what we see, but what we don't see that is happening in every czars office while we are distracted. I can only hope we will have real journalism one day finally do its part and uncover what is really happening (or happened). As it stands, the MSM is complicit by either spreading the propaganda or ignoring the real stories.
Hell, there are things I want investigated from the 2 previous administrations that have yet to be investigated. Even the Bush bashers don't realize the same media they swear by are the same one's not investigating the Bush admin.[/QUOTE]
Wouldn't it be smarter to do something about it, more than sacrificing sleep?   If people like you had actually joined in with those who are letting the media know they're irate, it would carry more weight.   I guess you'd have to give up complaining - I've noticed that's a hard habit for some people to break. (see previous posts)  55482
[QUOTE who="James_TX"]<quoted text>Not exactly. I wasn't saying Russia was helping us because they are far from doing anything of the sort. My comment was in regards to Russia allowing over flights. They are only allowing those now because we agreed to drop the shield. We completely sold out our national defense (and that of our neighbors) to get a photo op with Russia. As Reagan did, it is fine to reduce the nuclear stockpile. Hell, a large number of those weapons and warheads are aging and it is probably not important to be able to blow up the earth 4,000 times over if we can do it 1,000 times. Our problem in this regard is not a nuclear war with Russia. Our problem is the rogue nation with 1-2 weapons. By dropping the missle defense, we now have killed the most high tech option we had to intercept those.
Again, stop putting so much stock in who "likes" us and how much better the world "likes" Obama then Bush. 1) An increased commitment by NATO to provide security forces does not prove they "like" us more. If they did, the numbers would reflect the same in Iraq (which they don't). This is more a commitment to Afghanistan's government to prevent the re-establishment of the Taliban and protect the nuclear arsenal of Pakistan. This is much more about a commitment to stability then "hey, America is our friend, let's go help".
2) I would take the world fearing/respecting Bush over liking Obama any day. The POTUS should be 100% dedicated to America and the American people first. He/she should take every opportunity to speak about America's unmatched exceptionalism. He/She should ALWAYS make decisions with our nation's and our allies best interests in mind. He/she should always act from a position of strength and act as the leader of the free world. What he/she shouldn't do is apologize for us, give speeches about how many mistakes we make, abandon policies and projects which directly impact our national (and global) security, abandon/distance our allies, etc.  Look at it this way. Let's say you are 10 and both sets of your grandparents are alive. One set allows you to stay up late, eat all the sugar you want, and do whatever you want when you visit. The other set makes you turn off the TV and eat a healthy meal at the dinner table, they only allow you one soda a day, and they make sure you are in bed by 9:00. As a 10 year old, you are going to "like" the first set more because you get what you want and they are push-overs. As a grown up, you are going to respect the second set, because they truly had your best interest in mind. This is the same exact thing.  The world needs to freaking get over themselves and understand that we are the ONLY nation who can lead the free world. They need America to be there when they screw up or someone bigger attacks them. The way all of this is possible is when we are the "strict" set of grand parents. Stern but fair (not your buddy).[/QUOTE]
You've got to be kidding.  When's the last time we won a war?  When's the last time we didn't invade a country, commit genocide, and leave their country in a shambles?  If we were applying for the job, we'd have to list Iraq and Afganistan as our most recent references....  We're a joke.  The world has turned against us, and they should.   Most Americans are too stupid to elect intelligent leaders, too pathetic to know what to do about the problems we create, too stupid to know intelligent leaders and solutions when they're right in front of us, and too gutless to demand accountability from our career criminals. I assume you skipped over my previous posts....   55483
Wartime Marietta, GA |#55485 Saturday May 22
You can't say that about either Iraq war. Kuwait was liberated in the first, and Hussein (the real genocidal maniac) was captured in the second. It was the exist strategy that was mucked up, thanks to Rumsfeld and thousands of terrorists. Afghanistan however, is a joke, especially now since funding it is no longer an issue for the democrats. I agree with your assessment of 'most' Americans, though   55485
[QUOTE who="poe dunk"] why should those on welfare continue to have as many baby's as they wish ? and then demand that the rest of us pay for it ? our country has gone totally insane - -liberalism is a mental disorder [/QUOTE]
Those babies should never grow up and serve in the military, defending conservative parasites, or finance their social security because Republican leaders 'borrowed' from SSI and lied about intending to pay it back, should never be volunteer firefighters - in short, they should stop supporting Republican welfare programs.  They owe freeloading parasites NOTHING.  55867
[QUOTE who="Pittakos"]"Top Official Says Feds May Not Process Illegals Referred From Arizona" Our Federal Government is now officially out of control and headed in the direction of forming a dictatorship. <quoted text> It is not his job to decide which laws to enforce. It is his job to enforce them. He forgets that the Federal Government works for us.  <quoted text> Janet Napolitano needs to be fired right now for dereliction of duty. I have never seen our government so out of control as it is today.   <quoted text>  Hell, maybe if Morton and Napolitano were doing there job, we wouldn't need a patchwork of state laws to handle what they should already be doing.[/QUOTE]
The feds have too much power and have gotten dangerously abusive. They ignore the will of MOST Americans most of the time, and the last thing they care about is the welfare of the people.  Marijuana laws are passed by the states, which the feds refuse to accept.
They have to lose the ability to be traitors to democracy, and that can only happen if the American people flex their muscles by coming together to fight them, and win, on ONE ISSUE at a time. At this time, that issue is Obama's health care bill.  Most hate it, most of the rest are ignorant and must be convinced.   Legislators and the media must be penalized for denying the American people the right to know that they had other health care choices.  There's a LOT TO DO, and if you're not afraid of a little work, and you are intelligent enough to see the dangers of doing nothing, then go to the following and get busy  (next post- if it's deleted AGAIN, search, on this forum, for:  Those Opposed to Obama's bill)  55932   And    55933
[QUOTE who="grey ghost"]<quoted text>Well, well, now we have the big wartime general. First of all we didn't invade Kuwait that was so easy a troop of boyscouts could have done it...providing Bush-Cheney wasn't heading them up. If all we wanted in Iraq was Saddams head, that had to be the worst plan in history. Most military planners suggested a much bigger manned invasion, but thanks to "larry" "moe" and Curley" we had visions of roses and chocolate. Not to mention landing on an aircraft with banners flying declaring the war is over. Most experienced military men know that it is one thing to invade a country and quite another to occupy. Your feeble attempt at glorifying those two wars is humorous at best, while revealing a total lack of knowledge or experience in either conflict. But you continue on painting that lovely picture of those two great warriors and all the while condemning our current president who is left with the remnants of a totally disasterous eight years.  While those of us that know laugh at the ignorance while feeling deep sorrow for the sacrificed and their families, but hey we got Saddam... PATHETIC.[/QUOTE]
As I recall, Saddam's top people were waiting for Bush Sr. to go in and capture Saddam so they could save the country, but daddy was too gutless.  There was so much criticism that Bush Jr. was humiliated, and maybe ran for president just to vindicate his family's 'honor'.   Unfortunately, he was a worse screwup, and had to betray our country to do it.    I don't think he gets it that he's a village idiot, even now.  Since Republicans like to vote for presidents they identify with, I think Palin has a good chance.  56057
[QUOTE who="new yawk "]If the Mexican economy cannot economically sustain its own people, what makes the Mexican or the American government believe that our Country can or should. All of our social programs, systems and economy are already over burdened and strained. We simply can't afford it; any more influx of illegal Mexicans or any other peoples wanting to come into America.  The irony, the hypocrisy is that while the tensions and resentments are brewing in Mexico over "illegals", their own people, America is being criticized and chastized as being "racist" for these very same legitimate concerns. Americans have every right to these feelings of resentment.    And how any law abiding citizen can disagree with the Arizona Immigration Bill given the murders, kidnappings, drug trafficking, weapons smuggling, human trafficking, prostitution rings in Phoenix, makes no logical sense.     America can no longer sustain nor extend: "Give me your masses". Let alone your criminals. We Are Broke! Our Borders need to be protected and secured, plain and simple.    <quoted text>[/QUOTE]
There's a much easier and cheaper way to deal with all these problems, but the American people have no voice in how their own country is run. We first have to come together to replace Obama's health care bill with one that most Americans can agree on.  That one success, and the penalizing of legislators and the media, can bring more successes in other areas. We don't want some of those stimulus jobs to be the IRS Gestapo, making us even more subservient.  If that threat, and the pending financial disaster of that plan, aren't enough to get most people angry, then nothing is. One of the first steps is to pressure the media to stop deceiving us, and let American know they have health care choices.  (next post)  56061   And    56062
[QUOTE who="USAsince1680"]<quoted text>Good Morning New Yawk. Sorry I missed your post yesterday. I agree 100%. Our country must wake up, enforce existing laws and change the law that permits children of illegals to receive American citizenship upon birth.
We can no longer sit back and enable law breakers to enjoy the "American Dream" which is available to those lucky enough to be born here of parents who entered the country legally through patience and personal sacrifice. No other country would allow such blatant disrespect of its country and laws.[/QUOTE]
That too could be fixed, and retroactively, but first we have to come together against the health care bill. That should include encouraging others, on all threads, to contact the media and pressure them to inform America of other choices.    It will take so much longer to get that information out without the media's help. (Those Opposed to Obama's bill - US News forum)   56098
[QUOTE who="Pittakos"]<quoted text>Just think, Obama could create 12 million jobs if he would just enforce our current immigration laws.[/QUOTE]
He could pull our soldiers out of Iraq and Afganistan and have them patrol the southern border.   56099
[QUOTE who="James_TX"]<quoted text>Thank you for posting this. It is a perfect example of the disconnect within the left of center mindset.  It is not the governments responsibility, nor purpose, to run private sector businesses. It is; however, the primary responsibility of the federal government to protect the country and its people. Free market capitalism has mechanisms to protect itself, one of the most important of which is called bankruptcy. Companies who have failed should be allowed to completely fail and the business should be allowed to move to companies who succeed. In capitalism there should be winners and losers and not a steady stream of mulligans.
The oil spill is a completely different matter. BP is responsible and should be held to account, but simply getting on TV and saying that is unacceptable. If the current admin had spent half as much time focused on the spill as they did in anyone of the government takeovers, this spill would be stopped and the cleanup well underway. Again, thank you for the post. Applying equivalence between the two clearly identifies the gaps in understanding the role of the federal government.[/QUOTE]
BP exec. Robert Dudley was interviewed a couple days ago on PBS.  He tried to blame the tar balls on beaches as coming from something else, except for LA.  The interviewer neglected to challenge him on that.   PBS did tell Americans about the Grayson health care choice, so it's important to tell the media that you're turning to PBS for news because of that.  56102
     Obama promises more than 600,000 stimulus jobs   CONTINUED

Obama turns up the heat for health care overhaul  US Politics
Obama scrued up royally by choosing to force Americans to increase insurance company profits instead of life-saving health care. The legislators are ALL just as bad, plus most of the media is biased in support of one side or the other. No wonder plans like 'insurance corruption. com' haven't even been considered. All legislators were told about it, but they rejected it because it leaves out ALL insurance companies, and has far superior solutions. The American people are going to have to FORCE their legislators to do what they want, and there are ideas on the 'fight back' page for controlling congress, no matter what the issue is. (10 min ago | post #2)
[QUOTE who="Lawrence Wolf"]It's come down to a simple choice. Either you are for the private health insurers stealing your money, while trying their best to deny coverage, or you are for more and better health care coverage for more people, at lower rates. The rest is bullshit.
I do blame the Obama administration for one thing. Use of the term "public option" (formerly the even more incendiary "government option") is a stupid label, that many do not really understand. Many have even taken it to mean government controlled health care, which it most definitely is not.  From the beginning I have been critical of the "public option" terminology. I feel certain if it were called "public choice", that would have been far easier to understand, and would convey the idea to people that they have a free choice of insurance plans, including one sponsored (but not mandated) by the government, that would be one they could select from among others on the market. People would better understand that the decision is theirs to make.  The Congress and the White House should have realized this tone deaf mistake long ago, and done something about it. Maybe they should have hired a smart advertising agency.[/QUOTE]
Only two choices?  This is the result of dumbing-down, of letting public schools turn out people too stupid to think.  The biggest problem America faces is stupidity.  NO, THERE ARE COUNTLESS OTHER CHOICES - GET A FUNCTIONING BRAIN!!!!
The one at insurance corruption. com makes a profit AND eliminates most of the corruption by eliminating insurance companies completely.  It's been advertised since the summer of '09 but: the American masses are too stupid to get something even this simple,    legislators are against it because they're working for insurance companies, lawyers don't want it because they can't defraud us all,  insurance companies are against it because they've paid legislators big bucks to force it on us, etc.  It's a long list, but the fact that so much corruption is against it is one big reason that Americans should demand it. The insurance corruption. com site has ways of dealing with all these problems, on the fight back page.  So, it's not just about health care, it's about taking back your country.  Are you part of the problem, or part of the solution?  It's now or never, as government continues to tighten controls on us.  213
[QUOTE who="Lawrence Wolf"]<quoted text>I agree with you. It's just the kind of abuse that has to be weeded out of the system. Yes, it should have happened years ago. I can only hope they will do it now. There seems to be no end to human greed. When there is a system that can be exploited, there is never a shortage of exploiters. They should be found, and their punishment should be severe.[/QUOTE]
should, should, should It will never happen until the American people MAKE it happen - legal parasites. com wants to take control of congress and force them to work for the American people.  502
[QUOTE who="Patriot"]<quoted text> So what you are saying is its better to have a plan that stinks, sucks, unwanted by the majority, costly, or one Congress won't tell us the price for individuals/families/businesses. Than it is to have no plan. The current plan needs to be shredded. Start from scratch. Get regular people to say what we want and don't want. Congress to listen write down those suggestions. Obama and Pelosi along with other members of Congress haven't done this. Its their plan or no plan. I choose no plan at the moment. Based on what they are currently showing us. Perhaps you will stop and think about this for a minute.[/QUOTE]
That's been done at insurance corruption. com but the media won't publish the wishes of the people.  So, what do you do - check out the 'fight back' page, which includes the idea of letting your media know that they've kept you in the dark, and that you're going to help put them out of business.  503
[QUOTE who="Problem Solver"]<quoted text>
Yes, I have thought about it. You line of thinking is illogical. There are Americans that are currently dying over this heath care problem. Literally, they are dying. The rest of us are going broke over this problem as premiums are rising 5 times the rate of inflation.
At the same time, the Congress whom we have sent to represent us and to lead us seems incapable of solving this issue. This is a problem that is sending our country, over 230 years old, over the brink financially. Think about it...the British couldn't beat us, the Nazis, the Confederates, the Japanese, and the Russians could beat this country. And we letting a comparatively stupid problem stop the strongest, most powerful nation on Earth. Are our leaders that incompetent. Doesn't that upset you? I'm sorry but I want a plan. I also want leadership now. I'll give the Democrats a C+ for effort, but I give the Republicans a straight F-. The Republicans are obstuctionists trying to regain political power...that's all. And they are using fearful, gun-toting, angry, mob-mentality citizens to carry out the dirty work. [/QUOTE]
It's been there since last year - at insurance corruption. com.  That plan is up against massive corruption= legislators working for insurance companies, the media which is biased in favor of one side or the other, and people who don't want to have to think for themselves. 
They're so lazy they won't fight for their own financial survival.  The biggest problem we have is the stupidity of the people.  They not only can't come up with answers, they can't recognize them when right in front of them.  That's why this country is in the toilet, and about to be flushed.  You people better help demand this plan, with whatever changes you want, and let your media know you're going to help put them out of business for not informing you about other choices in 2009.   507
[QUOTE who="Le Jimbo"]<quoted text>BIGGER LIES FROM OBAMA AND COMPANY RASMUSSEN: OBAMA SLIDES TO 43% APPROVE/56% DISAPPROVE... Obama promises broken in final bill...  SOURCE: They're going to vote for the 'fix it' bill, before voting on Senate-passed bill. They're going to vote against it, before voting for it... Whoa! Obama actuary CAN'T analyze bill in time... THE TRUE NUMBERS TO THE BILL CAN NOT BE SCORED, PREVIOUS NUMBERS INCOMPLETE. MORE LIES. [/QUOTE]
The government's plan is a disaster.  That' why America has to keep demanding other plans. Rep. Grayson has a plan which is similar to the insurance corruption. com plan.  Both eliminate the biggest problem - insurance companies.  They're corrupt, and they are above the law, killing people for greed.  Since the American people have proven they won't prosecute those crimes, we have no choice but to eliminate them completely.  Even now they're raising rates - they clearly hate the American people, and our country.  They gouge us, then they force us to pay for a new plan, and they sabotage that by meeting in secret with legislators and Obama to get the plan THEY want. Americans who still haven't overcome the stupidity of their school education, and whose parents didn't teach them, need to wise up and deal with this problem. 
This is also an eye-opening revelation as to just how bad America's media is.  I don't see a lot of coverage of Rep. Grayson's plan, and the insurance corruption. com plan has been available since the summer of 2009.  TELL THE MEDIA that you're boycotting them because of their bias.  This issue is too important to be ignorant about.   525
[QUOTE who="Jane Says"]<quoted text>that was the MASTER plan all along, because it will put private health insurance out of business. in the meantime, between the pre-existing condition coverage and coverage for adults until 26 under parents' plans...our premiums with private insurers will skyrocket. obamacare does nothing to control costs.[/QUOTE]
So, it will put private health insurance out of business AND premiums will skyrocket???  Makes no sense.  They're forcing millions of people to buy insurance from them, AND they're going to lose money??? WHAT? You're naive if you don't think that insurance companies are getting what they want out of this, and may be the ones who authored the plan. Nobody but a fool defends insurance companies - they are evil.  They're cutting coverage that saves lives while giving their CEO's millions - pure evil.  That says a lot about you for defending it.  533
How about making a profit instead of any health care debt? The media knows the health care bill can't compete with the other choices, that's why they're burying them. Get informed and get active - we have to spread the word - (next post)  541   542
[QUOTE who="Jane Says"]<quoted text>insurance companies can't afford to pay a lot of claims, whether it be for health or floods. if everyone had to pay and there were interstate choices with less government interference such as mandates and taxes...costs would not skyrocket. if you can pay a small annual fine and only purchase health insurance right before your knee replacement or fertility treatments instead of paying higher monthly premiums. and the company can't deny you for a pre-existing condition...premiums will unfairly skyrocket for those that pay all along. insurance companies will go out of business.[/QUOTE]
So, how do they go out of business AND make so many billions each year that they can afford to give it away to their evil leaders?
There are only 2 kinds of people who defend insurance companies - those who profit from their crimes in some way, and.....   551
[QUOTE who="MissyM"]<quoted text> Do you have any concept of how much money Exxon Mobile makes?? How about that rotten company G.E. Both provide things vital to our living. Do you hate them as well. Do you see Obama going after them?? What's with the selective hate her on your and Obama's part?? Medicaid and Schips is subsidized by government funds, neither the states of the fed. gov. can afford them. They are hugely in the red. Where is the money going to come from to pull them out of it?? Simply math, can you grasp that??[/QUOTE]
What muddled thinking!  Is it that hard for you to focus on one subject?   If you're going to turn the subject to all big corporations, etc. then the conclusion is this:  It's bad enough that we've been forced to bail out so many who had put themselves in financial trouble, we should not be forced to subsidize the insurance industry too.  They are not only making big profits and are just being greedy, it's also outrageous that we are forced to subsidize the corruption that victimizes us too.   555
[QUOTE who="Teach"]<quoted text>You jumped into a debate over whether or not the insurance companies were going to make scads of profit now because thirty million people were going to be added to the insurance rolls. I merely pointed out that 60% of those who are uninsured now won't be paying into insurance rolls. They'll put put on Medicaid, which is funded by taxpayers and that a percentage of that cost comes from the individual state coffers, not the fed. Then I asked how the states were going to raise the additional billions of dollars that they are going to need. A question, BTW, that you didn't answer. And, states that have insurance programs, like TN and MA, have seen ER visits increase dramatically, not decrease.[/QUOTE]
Instead of getting free health care, they should pay SOMETHING, no matter how small, to help curtail abuses.  That’s just another reason why the Insurance Corruption plan is better, and that’s why the media is burying all other choices - Obama doesn’t want competition.  Obviously his ego is more important than our physical and financial survival.  The plan:  (next post)   557
And   558
[QUOTE who="Dennis S Apopka Fl"]<quoted text>
Decreased visits to the more expensive ER; rather to a primary care office...will drastically decrease costs. That alone will not cover the costs...however it seems you are hell bent on giving healthcare...rather than selling an affordable health plan. Alot of folks can't afford a 500.00 per mnth healthcare plan...however they can afford a 200-250.00 per month plan, and would purchase if the option was presented.
From what I have heard.....I am quite sure you know better....seems you know it all....the increased visits to the ER in TN and MA are attributed to visitors not residents of the states....and because of the unemployment...or down turn in the economy. [/QUOTE]
That's exactly what the Insurance Corruption health care plan is all about, but most people are too stupid to get it, or to lazy to try.  Let them suffer, then they'll wish they had pushed it.

Ohio Tea Party Groups Hope To Block Health Bill;Local Legislatu...
If Republicans REALLY want to block the bill, they'd support a better health care plan instead of fighting all health care.   Republicans:  UNLESS YOU COMPROMISE WITH THE REST OF AMERICA ON A GOOD PLAN, YOU WILL LOSE COMPLETELY.  The American people will never support you - they want health care. Also, let the media know you are boycotting them for not telling you about other choices last year. They are:     29    And and   30
And The most important part is at the end of the interview:   530
[QUOTE who="Nikki H"]<quoted text>If they want health care then they should get JOBS and BUY some! [/QUOTE]
Oh, are you going to pay to send them to China, etc.?  That's where the jobs went, thanks to Nixon, but you were too stupid to think that through.     Are you going to chase the Mexicans out so they can have their construction, etc. jobs back?  No, you're probably too gutless.
Are you going to personally prosecute the scumbag Bush for treason for not preventing all the corruption that has destroyed jobs?  No, you would be totally clueless as to what to do since you obviously can't even see the problem clearly. Go sit in a corner and be quiet.   798
Here are details of Grayson’s health care reform which is gaining in popularity, and the interview in which liberal leaders support it.  Also, the plan which helps financially save the middle class and small businesses, and makes a profit. Most important:  These plans work because they both exclude corrupt, greedy insurance companies, the cause of  our health care problems.   It doesn’t work to put the fox in charge of the hen house - demand insurance companies be excluded. See next post:  875  and .
Also,  876
[QUOTE who="Bill Choice"]Teabaggers say:  Lets not open up health care to 32 million Americans. Lets just keep it like it is. Let let the industry charge us what they feel like and raise prices every year 18-20%. Lets pretend we are for tax relief while supporting the party that doubled our national debt while we were silent. Lets act patriotic even though we would destroy the country for political gain. Lets have lots of tea party's I have not had so much fun since we did the Swift Boat thing. Unamerican? You betcha[/QUOTE]
I agree completely, except I say:  Democrats USE THE TEA PARTIES to demand a GOOD health care plan.  The more people protest against Obama's, the sooner they won't have to subsidize a terribly corrupt insurance industry.  Go to :  (next post) 1061   1062
[QUOTE who="Justwondering"]<quoted text>Please respond to this without using any emotional arguments. Just facts and logic. please.
First of all, why do you call the Tea Party "Tea Baggers"? They are called the Tea Party. I assume that you know this but insist on damageing your credibility and showing your ignoance by saying Tea Baggers. This has nothing to do with any sexual fetish. Stay on topic and your posts will receive more consideration.  Second, the Tea Party has never, ever said let's not open up healthcare to anyone. They say that the government is not the way to do it. They say that every social system the government has tried to run in history is either broke or an abysmal failure.  Third, yes, the Tea Party says that they want the government to stop taxing the people. Let them keep what they earn. Do you have a problem with that? If you knew what you were talking about, you would understand that the Tea Party is NOT the republican party. There are many republicans that are not welcome in the Tea Party movement because of their centrist or left leaning views.
And lastly, if you don't think that the current adiminstration is purposely trying to destroy the country for political gain, you need to wake up and look at what they are doing to your freedom. If the government runs the auto manufacturers, the healthcare system, the banks and so on, freedom of the people is lost. The government has total control. Is that what you want? Beacause the constitution was put in place to keep that from happening. [/QUOTE] 
1. I never said 'tea baggers' - so YOU ARE THE ONE SHOWING IGNORANCE AND NO CREDIBILITY. 2. Stay on topic?  Moron, most of the posts are off topic.  How did you get so stupid? 3. You're a liar - the tea parties did start out as a protest against healthcare, complaining that it's more welfare, etc.  Now they can't even agree among themselves as to what they stand for. 4. Stop taxing people?  You can't be that stupid. 5. Your last point is the most brain-dead of all and, since you are not teachable, I won't waste any more time with you. You are clearly one of the reasons this country is going in the toilet.  You got nothing right, but I'm sure you won't let that stop your mouth.  1090
Yeahright Southfield, MI |#1081 4 hrs ago
Justwondering wrote: <quoted text>Please respond to this without using any emotional arguments. Just facts and logic. please.
Unbelieveable. You start off with asking somebody to respond without using emotional arguments, then you blather about how your sexuality is being questioned and how somebody is ignorant by using the phrase "Teabaggers". Remember that the next time one of your brethren throws the "Commie/Marxist/Socialist " card, all interchangeable because they obviously mean the same thing. And if Social Security, Medicare, and government subsidies for are all abysmal failures, come up with specific ideas rather than pointing fingers. And if you would actually show some intellectual honesty, perhaps you would finally realize that this is a very Republican bill, at least it was in the past, as an alternative to Hillarycare in'94. But I understand that it is not convenient for you to admit as much.  As a matter of fact,  When it comes to letting people keep what they earn, then perhaps others should pay what they should. Corporate welfare much? Or is that free-market enough for you? I also find it interesting that "There are many republicans that are not welcome in the Tea Party movement because of their centrist or left leaning views" is the teabagger way. It only confirms the perception that your crew is predominantly a bunch of morons who are basically telling the government to keep their hands off your handouts, such as the case of this fine fellow..   And with the comment about the government running everything and ruining lives, maybe you should get with some people who lost everything due to an unchecked market. I'm sure they are real sympathtic to your caterwauling. Add two wars that Bush had no intention of paying for, and yes, Obama is out to ruin you. Hide the white women!    1081
[QUOTE who="MySmileyFace"]<quoted text>
Now try this again. Tea parties started because of taxing, not health care. Get your facts straight. Now who is the stupid one? You.[/QUOTE]
It got national attention after Obama's health care plan was written in 2009.  THAT's what I'm talking about.   Their tea party means different things to different people who support it, as many different posters have said.    Of course, they didn't become enraged over Bush's immoral killing spree in Iraq, which cost us the war in Afganistan, but then neither did Democrats.  1248
[QUOTE who="Justwondering"]<quoted text>Why do you hate capitalism and freedom? [/QUOTE]
I wrote that tea partiers don't even agree on what they stand for, that it's not realistic to stop taxing people, etc. to someone was totally out of touch with reality and lied about what I had said.  You clearly have that same mentality - your statement makes no sense, and is a another lie.  Don't respond to my posts if you can't follow a thought without lying.  1249
[QUOTE who="Guest"]<quoted text>You sir are a complete IDIOT and one of the reasons the country is in the shape it is.[/QUOTE]
Who's the idiot?  You're the one who can only come up with a meaningless sentence.
I wrote:  Protester wrote: <quoted text> 1. I never said 'tea baggers'- so YOU ARE THE ONE SHOWING IGNORANCE AND NO CREDIBILITY.  (Here's my actual statement:  "Democrats USE THE TEA PARTIES to demand a GOOD health care plan."
You and a couple of other idiots are too dumb to be commenting. (see previous post)   1251
Mysty Since: Apr 10 57 Bronx, NY |#1126 Thursday
Guest wrote: <quoted text>  You sir are a complete IDIOT and one of the reasons the country is in the shape it is.
Now there's a typical Republican conservative retort from someone who can't defend his position or express it in words.
[QUOTE who="Mysty"]<quoted text>Now there's a typical Republican conservative retort from someone who can't defend his position or express it in words.[/QUOTE]
You're so right.  The original post was #1061 and 1062 and I was trying to give health care information, but they completely ignored that, probably thinking they have all the answers, and instead they lied and defended each other.  So sad. To turn the tables, THEY, and their stupidity, are "the reasons the country is in the shape it is".  People who refuse to learn are the reason we can't get this health care sorted out.  For those who do want the information - next post:  1252    1253
[QUOTE who="Widget"]<quoted text>
The Dems voted for it as well. The Dems believed the same thing. Look up quotes dems made during the voting process. Many also believed the intelligence. NO Republicans voted for this sham of a law. This will not "fix" health care. The Government cannot run any program fiscally prudently. Look at Medicare, Social Security, Welfare programs. Most are in the red, most are rife with fraud. [/QUOTE]
Who's fault is that?  Republicans love to complain endlessly, but never admit that they have a responsibility to hold politicians accountable. 
They also complain instead of admitting that they just left the needy to die in the streets during all those decades when they had the power to save them.  And most of them call themselves 'God's people' - no, they were obedient to another god, the Almighty Dollar. Now the best chance to get rid of this bill is to demand a better one and to take action against the legislators and the media that is deliberately keeping this information from the public. People, if you don't help hold them accountable in an organized way, you will lose because they are very organized - against you.  Read, learn, get active, and spread the word, since we have to make up for the media's betrayal.   1285
[QUOTE who="Abbey"]<quoted text>Do you honestly believe the insurance companies will fix it? don't hold your breath. This administration wants to help people now. It's now or never. This law is not a sham. It's that war that's a sham. Why aren't you yelling about the cost of the war in money and lives?[/QUOTE]
The problem is that this bill includes insurance companies.  Their abuses and greed are the cause of our health care problems and Democrats included them!!!  People must demand one of the plans that works because they keep insurance companies out, so who gets all the profit from all those premiums?  With the Insurance Corruption plan, it goes toward the deficit.  So, that plan makes a profit, deals a blow to horrible insurance industry corruption, and punishes legislators all with one blow.  (next post)  1286
And  1287
[QUOTE who="Justwondering"]<quoted text>How can you honestly thuink that government can fix it? Government has failed at every single social system they have ever stuck their hands into. I back up her statement and throw in Freddie Mac and Fanny Mae. The department of Energy is another failed federal entity. Social Security is broke. Medicare and medicaid are broke and rife with fraud. We ALL believe that healthcare needs reformed. But the government can't do it. No matter what they say. This will hurt the country not help it. Let's do something. Not the wrong thing just for the sake of doing something.[/QUOTE]
PEOPLE: The government CAN DO IT, if you do YOUR JOB.  It's your job to make them accountable, not just vote then sit on your rears for the rest of you lives.   Remember - there are more of us than there are of them.   Remember - we control the votes and we put them there. We lost control of the money because we failed to do our jobs, but we can change that. This is a golden opportunity to change it, but the time is NOW.  Read and learn (next post)   1489
And  1490
[QUOTE who="Justwondering"]<quoted text>
The tea partiers are actually pretty educated. And I don't call you an idiot because I disagree with you. Name calling causes you to lose credibiltiy and you will never gain a convert by demeaning people. Having said that, the reason for the tea party is because we are sick and tired of business as usual in Washington. This applies to both republicans and democrats. We don't think that the republicans governed by the will of the people and we don't think that the democrats are doing it now. Yes we are looking for fiscal conservatism. Would you argue with that? We also are trying to get the power back to the people instead of the government. Would you argue with that?[/QUOTE]
How are you intending to get power back to the people?  All I see is a lot of venting and media coverage because of the cost of health care.  They’re not a threat to government, because they‘re not threatening Obama‘s bill.  Legislators believe they will vent, run out of steam, and that will be that.  On the other hand, other liberal health care choices are such a threat that the media refuses to inform the American people about them.  One of them comes from a congressman and it’s almost impossible to find that in the media!    I believe the best choice is the Insurance Corruption Plan which makes a profit.  So, why aren’t Republicans getting behind that, if they’re so angry about the cost of Obama’s health care?  That site also gives ways of REALLY taking back the country.    The fact is that the American people will run out of steam and all will be lost unless people spread the word about other (middle-of-the-road) choices - the media won’t.  Fight back or lose this one chance.  (next post)  1500       And  1501
[QUOTE who="Justwondering"]<quoted text>
*a.. The U.S. Post Service was established in 1775. You have had 234 years to get it right and it is broke.*
*b.. Social Security was established in 1935. You have had 74 years to get it right and it is broke.*
*c.. Fannie Mae was established in 1938. You have had 71 years to get it right and it is broke.* *d.. War on Poverty started in 1964. You have had 45 years to get it right; $1 trillion of our money is confiscated each year and transferred to "the poor" and they only want more.*
*e.. Medicare and Medicaid were established in 1965. You have had 44 years to get it right and they are broke.*
*f.. Freddie Mac was established in 1970. You have had 39 years to get it right and it is broke.*  *g.. The Department of Energy was created in 1977 to lessen our dependence on foreign oil. It has ballooned to 16,000 employees with a budget of $24
billion a year and we import more oil than ever before. You had 32 years to get it right and it is an abysmal failure.*
*You have FAILED in every "government service" you have shoved down our throats while overspending our tax dollars.*
No, it’s about people like you being FORCED to get off your rears and do YOUR JOB of making them accountable.  You sit around and do nothing, and expect mommy-daddy to do it for you?  Forget it, they dumped it on you.  You have to do more than complain, you have to make it clear that you are standing up to legislators and will not just give up, no matter how many years it takes. (next post)  1501
And 1502
ps: I have to say (next post) every time because Topix often deletes the entire post if it's included.  Example:  post 1501 disappeared.  It was the same as 1502, but it was deleted.  We're left wondering, is that person a Nazi-Republican, or a biased Obama follower?  Either way, you were denied the right to know.  This should be post #1503.    1503
[QUOTE who="Justwondering"]<quoted text>
The people will get the power back by voting. You may go ahead and "assume" that this movement will run out of steam. I don't see it happening. This has grown into more than I have seen in my 45 years on this planet. Did you get that? I'm 45 years old. Both my mother and father have passed. I don't depend on them for anything as you obviously "assume". And you also "assume" that all I do is sit around and complain. How do you know what I do? Do you have a crystal ball? How do you know so much about me? Keep making your "assumptions". You are a really smart person. God like, I would say, with your super powers. Watch what happens in November. The democrats/liberals are going to take one of the biggest hits in the history of this country. That cake is baked. Sit back and enjoy a piece. I know I will. So with that, I will ask, What the hell do you do? You obviously know everything about me. What do you do to make a diiference?[/QUOTE]
Oh great.  Village Idiot Bush has been out for less than a year and a half, and after all the suicidal Republicanism of his eight years, the best some people can come up with is to vote Republican.  My God, that’s been the ’solution’ for GENERATIONS - AND IT DOESN’T WORK!
Here’s what intelligent people do.  They vote them BOTH OUT.  They vote for independents and third party candidates, and issues.  They stop donating a single cent to either party.  They contact their legislators and let them know what they’re doing and why. 
Most of all, since the Tea Party movement gained momentum because of Obama’s health care bill, they demand something better.   Last year, the American people could have demanded one that makes a profit, and maybe this would all be history now, and we could enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done.    But no, it goes on and on because the media has buried other ideas, so we have to work harder to spread the word and organize ourselves.  Plus Obama went back on his word and refused to let anyone speak for a single payer plan during the discussions in ‘09.  (Democracy NOW) So, we need to work to hold the media accountable too.  The information, other choices, how to fight back, etc. is at:  (next post)  1519  And    1520
[QUOTE who="Justwondering"]<quoted text>Why do you find it offensive for people to want less government, less taxes, more personal responsibilty and and to reject socialism? Are you in favor of socialism? If so, just admit it. Or are you ashamed that you want socialism? That is all we want. We want to control our own lives without the intrusion of government. Why is that offensive to you?[/QUOTE]
What's offensive to some is the ONGOING STUPIDITY of conservatives who use the word 'socialism' to be drama queens, and without having a clue as to its meaning.   1522
[QUOTE who="wm tipton"]<quoted text>I agree with putting rules in place to stop abuse of the welfare system. I dont agree with it being done away with because it helps provide for children that might otherwise be starving. Im against aid to other countries while OUR children starve.[/QUOTE]
Good comments.  I also think it's even more important that we have rules to stop the abuse that comes from the kind of parasitic capitalism that most Republicans advocate.  For example, the kind of rules that Democrats put in place, until Republican Reagan eliminated them, resulting in the recession we're suffering through now.   1588
[QUOTE who="Chuck"]Tea Party participants are not uneducated, racist and bigoted, Jennifer - and the "unsavory agenda" that you mention is this: They want the government to stop wasting our tax dollars. They want the Government to represent the will of the people. They are tired of Washington spending money that we don't have, driving up the debt to such levels that we will never be able to pay it off. People like you who don't like conservatives cannot argue the facts with the Tea Party folks, because you don't have the facts on your side. That's why you resort to calling us Racists. I can't wait until November when you and your liberal classmates find out that there are more of us than you in this country. Of course when the Dems lose their majorities - and they will - you will probably cry racism again, or accuse us of voter fraud. I understand the anger - Obama has failed so badly. The Left in this country has been humiliated by his ineptitude far worse than when Bill Clinton got himself impeached. His administration is a disaster that we will be paying for for years to come. You should re-think your position on the Tea Prty movement, because it's really the only glimmer of hope we have politically.[/QUOTE]
Worse than Clinton?  How about worse than Nixon?  Compare Nixon’s treason in sending American jobs to China, to Clinton who balanced the budget!   (Nixon harmed the US financially, while Clinton did the opposite.)  Remember, it was a generation earlier that Republican Nazis went after innocent Americans, and destroyed lives, with their psychotic phony attack on Communism in the U.S., then they reward a Communist country that was our enemy, and which now OWNS US, thanks to Republican Bush!     Republican treason and braindead stupidity knows no limits.  The Republican Party attracts parasites and idiots who only listen to each other’s lies. 
Liberals KNEW, while Bush was still in office, that if a Democrat was elected, Republicans would rant and scream at the top of their lungs that the new president wasn’t cleaning up their disasters fast enough, and sure enough, they are.  They never change, they never learn, they never grow up, they refuse to face reality.  1590
[QUOTE who="PDI"]Its a amazing to read the hate among Americans. Im a military man with a basic education that allows me to be sucessful as long as I apply myself. No matter where I go, I cant wait to come back to the U.S.A. I have served under quite a few President in my time, and they do what they can. But it will take parents to educate their children how to save and spend wisely. They need to enforce family values and respect, and most of all healthy living habits. If everyone would step back and look around, then offer their hand in assistance to those that need help, we might succeed as a nation.[/QUOTE]
Those are personal ideals, but you’ve thrown in political comments as though the politicians are part of your personal belief system.
No, in the real world, presidents do NOT share your values.  You wrote that they “do what they can.”  To what?  To get away with treason, sell us out for personal profit, etc.?  YES, most of them do.   You gave good personal advice, but the worst possible political advice.  You can’t get away with doing nothing politically.   The American people are going to pay for their laziness in health care reform, just as in every other area.  If they don’t demand a better plan, Washington will only get worse.    There is no other subject in which both liberals and conservatives can come together more than this, and if liberals don’t start speaking out as loud as the Tea Partiers, then they have no one else to blame.  Here’s the information:  (next post)  1610
I won't criticize anybody who tries to replace Obama's health care bill with one of the good ones.  Everybody needs to work to make this happen, or suffer the financial abuse that comes from his bill and IRS demands.  We need to work hard for this because the media is so biased that they have kept this information from the people.  It was even deleted here when I posted it as #1611.     So, I'll try again - the information is at: (next post)  1615    and  1616
This tells you how badly the media is trying to kill all competition  - because they are so much better than Obama's bill. This is why we all have to spread the word, to people we know, organizations, local media, radio, etc. Everybody needs to demand one of the better plans, then penalize the legislators and media for denying us the right to know that we even have choices.  Go to US News and search for:
Those Opposed to Obama's bill Download the info before it's deleted too.  1616
And   1617
Q&A: What next for US healthcare reform?  Health care policy forum
The government's plan is a DISASTER.  Other choices: 1. Rep. Grayson has a new plan in which people just buy into Medicare.
2. Insurance Corruption has had a similar plan since the summer of '09 in which people would buy into an independent plan, similar to an insurance company, which would make a profit, etc.  Very important:  BOTH PLANS ELIMINATE SLEAZY INSURANCE COMPANIES, THEIR FRAUD, CORRUPTION, AND ABUSE. Remember 9-11, Katrina, and other disasters in which insurance companies refused to pay, defrauding the victims?   Even now, insurance companies are gouging people, raising rates while they have massive profits.  Pick one of these plans, or demand both, but also let your media know you're boycotting them because of their bias.  They should have let you know about the insurance corruption. com plan in the summer of 2009.  This has been an eye-opening revelation into how biased the US media really is.  Make them pay for their part in the deceit.
The are:  and l - the most important part is near the end.  2
The insurance companies are the problem, so the last thing we need is to be forced to subsidize their corruption and abuse.
You have other choices - read about them, and help penalize politicians and the media which have denied you the right to know about those choices.       We have to spread the word to make up for media bias. If the following post is deleted, go to US News and search for: Those Opposed to Obama's bill   And

Racism simmers below surface on health care       ALL DELETED?
I'm an ex-Democrat who voted for Obama to get Republicans out of power. This Democratic health care plan is a DISASTER, but the American people deserve most of the blame for not taking control of Congress generations ago. ALL LEGISLATORS ARE CONTROLLED BY THE HORRIBLY CORRUPT AND POWERFUL INSURANCE INDUSTRY, with few exceptions (Alan Grayson, Al Franken). The American people are to blame for letting the media deceive them too.  The media have taken sides, and almost nobody is telling the American people that they had OTHER HEALTH CARE CHOICES which are 100% better, and here they are:    909
And    and    910
And    And     918
[QUOTE who="Mr Arkansas"]<quoted text> And so am i....But Rome wasn't built in a day! While you're some constructive things for yourself....and not destructive! Get away from the computer, enjoy life.....RELAX![/QUOTE]
NO!  STOP BEING DEAD WEIGHT!  YOU'RE NOT OUR CHILD, MAKING OTHERS DO ALL THE WORK WHILE YOU 'enjoy life'!!!  Get off your dead rears and stop 'waiting' for others to lead you around - start acting like adults, step up and take responsibility for the government, working to fix what's wrong.  You are part of the problem of the, Congress-corrupt insurance company connection, if you're not trying to stop it.  The best way to do that is to demand that they be cut out of health care reform completely, severing the ties to Congress that are betraying us.  Horribly corrupt insurance companies are not just violating our rights to survive illness, natural disasters, etc. but are violating our legal rights by paying legislators to write corrupt laws that victimize us in and out of courtrooms. Use your brains - do you see ANYBODY PROSECUTING ANY INSURANCE COMPANY EXECUTIVES FOR ANY OF THE PEOPLE THEY'VE MURDERED BY FRAUD?  Since they're they cause of the problems, why would anybody want to let that trojan horse in as part of the solution?  That's BRAIN DEAD!!! Demand the plan that does just that, and as a result, makes a profit for the country, is affordable to all but isn't welfare, helps save small businesses and the middle class, and solves all the major problems the government bill is dumping on us.  The plan is:  1188
and and has been around since the summer of 2009, but has been buried by the biased media.
The 'fight back' page tells you how to teach the media and deaf legislators lessons they won't forget.  So, it does more, it helps to turn this country around too.  This plan is THE answer. WORK FOR IT or regret it the rest of your life.   1189
Instead of bickering about racism, all that wasted time could have been used in a positive direction.
You could have demanded a health care plan that didn't increase the deficit, etc. and helped deal a blow to deaf legislators and the biased media that has refused to let you know about other choices:(next post) 1344
And    1345
[QUOTE who="lily boca raton fl"]<quoted text>Did you ever go to school?
Ronald Reagan was a white supremacist to his very core, and left enough traces over his lengthy political career so that it’s evident for anyone who cares to look—which apparently few do. Domestically, he opposed every legislative remedy for African Americans, betraying a meanness of spirit and an open racism. As Sidney Blumenthal wrote in The Guardian in 2003: Reagan opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, opposed the Voting Rights Act of 1965 (calling it "humiliating to the South"), and ran for governor of California in 1966 promising to wipe the Fair Housing Act off the books. "If an individual wants to discriminate against Negroes or others in selling or renting his house," he said, "he has a right to do so." After the Republican convention in 1980, Reagan traveled to the county fair in Neshoba, Mississippi, where, in 1964, three Freedom Riders had been slain by the Ku Klux Klan. Before an all-white crowd of tens of thousands, Reagan declared: "I believe in states' rights."  It’s hard to believe now, but in 1965, a higher percentage of congressional Republicans voted for the Voting Rights Act than Democrats. Reagan, then, wasn’t following party tradition; he was making a grab for the white racist vote—and it worked. Southern Democrats abandoned the party en masse for one more welcoming to white supremacy. No wonder so many loved, and still love, the man: He validated people’s whiteness. [/QUOTE]
To be fair, Reagan apparently hated everyone who wasn't rich.  For example, he created the homeless crisis.  He was just plain evil, but he got away with all of it because he epitomizes Republican ideals:  Be a phony who acts like God's political representative, while trying to destroy everybody who doesn't agree with you.  It works because Republican voters see what they want to see.   1360
[QUOTE who="Pinebeetle"]<quoted text>For a moron such are you to make such a ludicrous statement explains why you hide your location.[/QUOTE]
Gee, no facts, no information, just 'duhhhhh'!!!   1508
lily boca raton fl Boca Raton, FL |#1362 Monday Apr 12
Protester wrote: <quoted text>To be fair, Reagan apparently hated everyone who wasn't rich. For example, he created the homeless crisis. He was just plain evil, but he got away with all of it because he epitomizes Republican ideals: Be a phony who acts like God's political representative, while trying to destroy everybody who doesn't agree with you. It works because Republican voters see what they want to see.
Yes, thank you      1362
[QUOTE who="proud to be white"]<quoted text>absolutly hillarious!!!!!! were YOU in the rubber briefs??? howl!!!!!!! thats what that
 southern in-breeding gets ya!!!! lmaorof!!!!!![/QUOTE]
You're showing your sick criminal mentality.   1509
[QUOTE who="Dems too crazy"]<quoted text>In a socialist society, humans become expendable, oppressed humans don't value their own lives or the lives of other the way a free population does. This is what the O'bama administration wants.[/QUOTE]
You need to go back to school.  The goal of socialism is to give the people power (over the means of production, etc.). 
It's the Republican ideal of capitalism that makes them so expendable that they give their jobs to citizens of other countries, creating a homeless disaster which shortens their lives, sends them deep into debt so the rich can become richer, and sends them to be slaughtered in war because the bin Laden and Bush families are old friends. The real problem is that a 'free population' of irresponsible idiots are voting Republican rather than educating themselves first, so that they're competent to vote.   1511
[QUOTE who="Dems too crazy"]<quoted text>Frontline did a special on the Health care bill tonight-It was a deal for the insurance companies and big Pharma-that's it-that's all-and at the expense of the tax payers-the Health care bill is going to help no one-the rates are going to keep going up-no one will be forced to buy health care-no one. With rates increases up to 50% over the next year-I bet even more will drop their policies-the bad news is that 80% of Americans take a pharmecutical and many will not be able to survive-can you say George Soros Eugenics? you libs are just ignorant. [/QUOTE]
That's why people should be demanding a better choice, which has been posted since summer 2009:     1512
[QUOTE who="Pinebeetle"]<quoted text>Here's where it gets interesting. Sure I've had illegals do my lawn. they did such poor work I now do my own lawn work. I no longer go to any fast food restaurants because the illegals ALWAYS get my order wrong. Not only do I provide for my family, I no longer rely on other for anything. They're dead beats, a drag on society.[/QUOTE]
So, you betrayed your country for a few bucks.  Higher taxes for everybody else, just for the sake of your lawn. 
People:  This is why we're in so much financial trouble now.  If you care about this country, you have to work harder to carry the dead weight of the parasites who put themselves first.  If you want a national insurance plan that helps save the middle class, get active: (next post)  1521
And   1522
[QUOTE who="Que"]<quoted text>Maybe it's because you're a racist, dummy!!! This is the only comment I will make on this stupid topic. All of you whites on here that say racism is dead, I would like for you to look at some of the screen names. I would have you look at the hate groups (black and white), of course more white than black. Hell look at some of these names on here. Now that a black man is president he has access to all of the dirty little games you've played for years. You are very afraid that he will level the playing field. And BTW I am a sucessful black man that has worked very hard for the things I have, not just material but spiritual. Maybe some typo's but who cares. P.S. If you know anything about history you know the poor whites were only treated slightly better the blacks were. You should be made to purchase health insurance, it is only the responsible thing to do. I don't want to pay the tab for your un healthy habits. It's really simple like car insurance, You hit me You pay to have my car fixed if you have insurance. You hit me without insurance I have to sue you just to try and recoup some of the damages. Without heath insurance: You smoke, eat fried foods, get cancer, we all pay becuase you don't have insurance. With Health insurace: You pay your prem, make the choices you want, if you get sick you pay along with your carrier. If Sarah Palin is what you tea baggers are looking up too, then you have already failed. That's one of the dumbest Women I have ever seen in my life. She is here only for the money>..[/QUOTE]
No, I think she’s after the attention mostly.  Sad.   Now, to the important stuff:  Nobody should be forced to buy health insurance.  The Insurance Corruption plan is voluntary, makes a PROFIT, lets small businesses off the hook, and so much more.  There’s also a plan that just lets people buy into Medicare.  However Obama refused to allow the American people to choose a different plan, went back on his word to let someone talk about single payer in the discussions last year, and the media has helped him bury those plans.  One of them is from a Congressional Legislator!  That’s how corrupt the whole thing is, because the other plans are far superior to Obama’s.   Ignorance isn’t bliss, it’s killing us.    The IC Plan also includes optional insurance of all kinds, to help the middle and lower classes survive financially.
We wouldn’t even be having to deal with all this now, if the American people had a voice in 2009.  So, we need to penalize the media too.  To read about the choices, penalties for deaf legislators and the biased media, go to: (next post)  1525
And 1526
[QUOTE who="j w mcsherry"]<quoted text>Socialism if it's so good why are not millions of people going to North Korea instead of the US? Jobs to other countries remember NAFTA was signed by President Clinton when Dem's controlled congress. Rich Not like poor underprivileged Kennedy's or Kerry or Rockefeller plus are not 8 of 10 riches Senators all Democrat's??[/QUOTE]
So, you're so naive you believe that everybody who claims to be a socialist, all over the world, in all times, actually is???? You've seen the proof, the results of Republican extreme, unregulated capitalism - the human tragedy, right in front of your eyes, for over three DECADES.  THAT's what I criticize. 1532
[QUOTE who="beetlejuice12"]<quoted text>Socialism does not give power to the people, just look at Russia. The power is in the hands of the elite government, you really have a low class and a upper class society. Capitalism built this country, the problem is the cycle of how corporations work in society. Just look at the history of all civilization up til now, cheap labor will always take business away from existing long term labor who keep getting higher pay. It's the nature of the beast. Come up with a better solution than the crap Russia was dishing out to its people and maybe I'll listen, but for now I'll stick to the Capitalist idea, it works. Quit blaming the republicans, this is a Democracy, the democrats are included as well. The democrats love to spend our money, money we don't have and programs that shouldn't be funded from IOU's.[/QUOTE]
“Intelligent liberals know very well that Russia’s system is not socialism, it’s communism, but naïve and stupid Republicans choose to believe it.  That way they can scare Americans away from liberalism, which would benefit them, and toward the extreme form of Republican parasitic capitalism, which harms them.  Intelligent liberals know better than to believe anything that comes from Russia or Republicans - they’re too much alike.”  1549
[QUOTE who="beetlejuice12"]<quoted text>Capitalism has been in our country for more than three decades, more like hundreds of years and it's what made our country. It has its good side and its Bad side. Just look at history, all countries if not up to current standards will be beat by a lower work wage of another country or Business for that matter. Democrats want socialism, spend your money, and have no set budget as we have to live by. I make money and only spend what I can afford. I wish I could take the tax payers money and not have to pay it back for the things I want!! Your siding with irresponsible Democrats who like to spend, spend and spend without any regards for your wishes to save money for something you would like to do!![/QUOTE]
Uncontrolled capitalism would destroy this country.  You're siding with them, but are totally wrong about me.  1550

Q&A: What next for US healthcare reform?        Health care policy forum
[QUOTE who="HumanSpirit"]Get rid of the Mental health Industry that has plagued the health and welfare of the public with no science and has bilked the government and insurance industries on made to order mental illness.. There is no medical model and no evidence based medicine (EBM)and the industry lied about chemical imbalance to compromise the sanity of the people (children and infants).
Violence, Deaths Murders and Suicides from mind drugs. SSRI stories  There Are No "Chemical Imbalances" "The hypothetical disturbances of neurochemical function that are said to underlie "mental illness" are just that: hypothetical. No experiment has ever shown that anyone has an "imbalance" of any neurotransmitters or any other brain chemicals. Nor could any conceivable experiment demonstrate the existence of a "chemical imbalance," simply because no one, least of all the biopsychiatrists, has the slightest idea what a proper and healthy chemical "balance" would look like." "...the views and beliefs of biopsychiatry have nothing to do with the answers to scientific questions in any case: the hunt for biological "causes" of "mental illness" is an entirely fallacious enterprise in the first place; the non- existence of data to support its assertions is quite beside the point."     "The latest edition of one pharmacology text has this to say about the status of depression as a disease: "Despite extensive efforts, attempts to document the metabolic changes in human subjects predicted by these [biological] hypotheses have not, on balance, provided consistent or compelling corroboration." This is a long-winded way of admitting that not even a scrap of evidence supports the idea that depression results from a "chemical imbalance." Yet patients are told every day - by their doctors, by the media, and by drug company advertising - that it is a proven scientific fact that depression has a known biochemical origin. It follows directly that millions of Americans are being lied to by their doctors; and people surely can't give informed consent for drug treatment when what they're being "informed" by is a fraud.... To sum up: there is no evidence whatsoever to support the view that "mental illness" is biochemical in origin; in other words, things like "Unipolar Disorder" and "Attention Deficit Disorder" simply do not exist." [/QUOTE]
I've heard, and do now believe, that our corrupt government agencies, such as the FDC, label as many conditions as possible, as 'diseases' because they've been bought off by the drug companies who can then sell drugs for those conditions and make a fortune. It also give them the ability to legally prevent anybody from promoting natural cures. They are PARASITES, destroying lives and quality of life, and the American masses just let it victimize them.  Until the American people take a lesson from the Mexican illegals who stick together and lie for each other for their mutual benefit, nothing will change. We have to work together on ONE ISSUE, and the American people have already decided that issue is Obama's health care bill because it's abusive and a financial disaster.   Join others and fight back - (see next post)   8    And    9
What's next is that we will have a good health care bill, if the American people are doing their job.  Most people have done almost nothing to combat corruption in government (bi!ching doesn't count). So, this will tell whether they're able to learn, or if they are THAT lazy and stupid.  Every day that goes by means more money down the toilet, OUR money spent on a disaster.
(See #9, especially posts 83 and 86, and the last few posts.)   10

Racism simmers below surface on health care       ALL DELETED?

Reject Tea Party politics
Do NOT reject tea party politics!  Just reject it when Republican idiots mess it up.  If you want to be a responsible adult, join a real tea party at legal parasites. com and really make a difference.  1528
[QUOTE who="2008bill"]<quoted text>Take the time to watch and listen to what this says about your Tea party mentality. I happen to live here so I know it is true. [/QUOTE]
Do you even know what 'tea party' represents?  It's the beginning of a revolt against the federal government.  That's not what the video talks about -- they're saying they don't trust the feds and are arming themselves to deal with terrorists.  They don't have the manhood to get involved in a real tea party.  They're no threat to federal corruption -- they're a joke.  AGAIN, for those who are real grownups, get involved in an intelligent tea party at: legal parasites. com and go up against enemies that have been working to destroy this country for personal profit, for many generations, for example, those who get elected then write corrupt laws that favor insurance companies.  Now, THAT's a threat.  1573
[QUOTE who="Cranky Joe"]<quoted text>1. Factually it it is true and a supportable stament that cutting taxes increase revenues to teh Government. In 1983 taxes were cut and revenues to the Government increased by 54%. 2. Too much Government only kills the standard of living. The more Governemnt is involved the more it kills a good standard of living. Just look at the USSR the ultimate in Government invovment and control. It failed.  3. True growth (not mere sustainment) of a quality life can only come from entrepreneurship and personal liberty which are guaranteed by the Constitution.  4. The Government has no rights.[/QUOTE]
The simple-minded are against the government, period.  Intelligent people control the government, which makes the American people look pretty bad.  If you want to do a little work, go to legal parasites. com and take back your country.  You're either complaining and running like a coward, or you're fighting back.  You're either a part of the treason or a loyal American.  There's no middle ground here.  1574
[QUOTE who="okboston"]<quoted text>Then you should have no problem finding a link to a credible source to back your statement. I don't know of a single politician who is against curtailing welfare fraud; however, they do have differing opinions of how it should be accomplished.[/QUOTE]
Where's their plan for ending congressional fraud completely?  Real men don't just pick on unarmed women and children, but Republican cowards do.  I can't wait to see what they do next, after their 'tea party' threats don't work.  They make fools of themselves but are too stupid to see it.  1577
[QUOTE who="2008bill"]<quoted text>
You say that it has been going on for generations, yet there is no evidence that an oranized protest of this size and nature has ever existed until now. Now that we have a Black Democratic president who has very little experience. What was the hold up in the past. Did these people five the White Presidents a Free pass because these fine citizens cared more about how they looked rather than what needed to be done for America and its citizens? Where were the protestor near any president who was speaking bearing loaded hand guns and rifles? Where was the outcry of the past? Do you actually believe that the general public buys your BS about the truth behind this massive obstruction to government and our democratic process? Yes the video I posted was right on target, you are just unwilling to admit it, and you hide behind lies, deception and promote unfounded FEAR. As I have posted in the past, the Mecicare Drug "Entitlement" that was pushed though by Republicans during the Bush Administration, was the biggest heralthcare expenditure in 50 years. The cost just for that entitlement over the next 10 years is expected to exceed 1.2 trillion dollars, and the healthcare bill is much less than that at 787 Billion. This is the kind of deception that you and your protestors support. [/QUOTE]
What organized protest are you talking about?  On one hand you say there's no obstruction to the government and democratic process, then on the other hand you defend people who are actually taking up arms!!  On one hand you say the video was right on target, whatever that means, but then you deny that they're talking about terrorists!  THEY SAID TERRORISTS!  None of your post makes any sense and you seem to be talking in several directions at once, not making a clear point anywhere.  I just can't waste my time with people writing nonsense.  1581
[QUOTE who="2008bill"]<quoted text>Skirting the post again? Where did I say there was no obstruction to the government. quote the sentence please. Where did I defend people taking up arms. Quote the sentence please. When I say the video was right on target, I am saying that the guest speaker/author has the tea party and the local "exodus" group pegged correctly. For a person that brags about speaking so many languages, you seem to have a problem with the one that you should know the best. BTW, in a previous post you stated that it makes no sense to learn a language (Spanish) that represents Latin America because Latin America is going no Where, but then at the same time you Brag about learning Latin? Which countries speak Latin as their primary language? Are the kettle calling the pot Black? LOL![/QUOTE]
Read what you wrote.  Again, your post made no sense in response to what I wrote, and you're hopeless, so this is not to you:
The fact is that Republican tea parties are a mockery of the term: - some have made it only about voting, mocking the patriots, REAL MEN, whose tea party helped start the Revolutionary War. - some are living in a fantasy land where they're going to take control of the country by taking up arms. In reality it's just a severely emotionally retarded temper tantrum by simple-minded parasites who didn't get their way, whereas at legal parasites. com it's about taking control of the government BEFORE it comes to violence.   1601
2008bill wrote: <quoted text>
Skirting the post again? Where did I say there was no obstruction to the government. quote the sentence please. Where did I defend people taking up arms. Quote the sentence please. When I say the video was right on target, I am saying that the guest speaker/author has the tea party and the local "exodus" group pegged correctly. For a person that brags about speaking so many languages, you seem to have a problem with the one that you should know the best. BTW, in a previous post you stated that it makes no sense to learn a language (Spanish) that represents Latin America because Latin America is going no Where, but then at the same time you Brag about learning Latin? Which countries speak Latin as their primary language? Are the kettle calling the pot Black? LOL!
You have me mixed up with somebody else -- I never talked about Latin, etc. Again, all my previous posts were correct. 1681
ANSWER:  1603
And   1576
DEMOCRATS: EMBRACE REAL TEA PARTY POLITICS because it's your responsibility to demand GOOD HEALTH CARE, not this monumental disaster created to subsidize even more corruption financed by the insurance industry.   That would save a fortune Obama's plan will cost us, and will stop the consequences to us.  Here is that information:   1697
And in which liberal leaders advocate a plan in which the American people can just buy into Medicare, if they want to, and the plan at   which offers even more benefits, is designed to help save the middle class, plus makes a profit, and so much more.  1698
Reject Republican Tea Party politics because it's all about evil, greed, and hating your fellow Americans so much that you don't care if they die.  They never protested against the LOSS of life in Iraq because they were Republican-inspired murders.
THE MEDIA HAS SABOTAGED YOUR RIGHT TO KNOW ABOUT THESE (and other?) PLANS, so let them know they've lost you as customers, viewers, listeners.  There's a complete list of the media on the Insurance Corruption site, along with benefits to that plan, criticisms of the government's plan, insurance companies, and more. Speak out now to stop this government corruption! 
[QUOTE who="2008bill"]<quoted text>It is sad that no one cares to do anthing about a problem untill someone else comes up with the solution (not perfect but the only comprehensive health-care reform since 1934), ONLY to demean, criticize, find fault and whine about it. Very sad indeed![/QUOTE]
"No one"?  Really?  There will be idiots who agree with that, but it's a lie.   Other than that, I'm not going to waste my time with you because you'll never get what so many intelligent people are saying about it.  1713
[QUOTE who="2008bill"]<quoted text>What about this post? Did you ever correct this one, or respond to it?
Protester wrote:<quoted text>Read what you wrote. Again, your post made no sense in response to what I wrote, and you're hopeless, so this is not to you... Here I broke down your post and my responses so that even YOU should be able to follow it and understand.
Protester wrote:<quoted text>What organized protest are you talking about?
2008bill wrote:<quoted text>Skirting the post again?  Of course the Tea Party Protesters, the subject of this thread.
Protester wrote:<quoted text>On one hand you say there's no obstruction to the government and democratic process, then on the other hand you defend people who are actually taking up arms!!  Where did I say there was no obstruction to the government. quote the sentence please. Where did I defend people taking up arms. Quote the sentence please.
Protester wrote:<quoted text>On one hand you say the video was right on target, whatever that means....
Protester wrote:<quoted text> None of your post makes any sense and you seem to be talking in several directions at once, not making a clear point anywhere. I just can't waste my time with people writing nonsense. When you read just to refute, rather than read to comprehend it is easy to be confused by even the simplest of responses. I hope breaking it down like this helps your cognition.
Nester Pittsfield, MA 2008bill wrote:<quoted text>When I say the video was right on target, I am saying that the guest speaker/author has the tea party and the local "exodus" group pegged correctly[/QUOTE]
You've been ranting and raving about this, and when I get time I will go back and investigate.  In the meantime, I know of other people who seem to go off the deep end over details - I truly suggest you get help.   1714
[QUOTE who="Ballyvaughan"]Protester, so what is it that you and your Republican buddies have in terms of a new health care policy. Your buddies in Congress say they want health care reform, just not what this Congress passed. You are going to find in November that the electorate will reward the party that did something and punish the party that sat on the sidelines and criticized. [/QUOTE]
This is indicative of the biggest problem we face: stupidity.  I couldn't be more liberal, but you're not able to comprehend something as simple as " which LIBERAL leaders advocate a plan in which the American people can just buy into Medicare, if they want to... from post 1698.  Based on that you somehow decided I'm a Republican, which would be laughable if it wasn't so sad.  This is why the idiot masses either support Obama or the Republicans - they don't take the time to think.  Intelligent people understand what was said, investigated for themselves, and made intelligent decisions.  People:  THINK!!!   This is where LIBERAL TEA PARTY politics comes in.  Republicans are wrong, but they are standing up for what they believe in.    There's a huge amount of criticism against this bill FROM LIBERALS, and since Democratic legislators passed it, it's the responsibility of Democratic voters to speak out, and demand something that doesn't force us to subsidize another corrupt industry - insurance companies.  Is it THAT hard to understand that, since they're the cause of our health care insurance problems, they should not be part of the solution?  There are two choices in that post and every intelligent person should be able to agree with one of them enough to DEMAND it. (If you know of others, SPEAK UP). Now we have to take it a step farther because Democratic legislators and Obama are not listening to us.  The only thing they hear is the sound of insurance company money coming their way.  By fighting that bill, we're also fighting that corruption. Plus, by taking it farther (insurance corruption. com - 'fight back') we're letting them know they pay a price for not listening to us. It's the same with the media.  Have you seen one of the other plans anywhere?  No, because they're THAT biased.  Let them know they've lost you as a customer because of that.  That's the only thing that will get their attention.   The way this bill has been pushed on us, and the media cover-up, has been a really eye-opening experience.  Those who don't learn from it are truly hopeless.  1716
[QUOTE who="STA"]<quoted text> I consider myself to be independent and You have made some very good points I have been trying to educate myself on this bill to find out if this will actually benifit many of us the jury is still out and I have alot of research left to do. Good post [/QUOTE]
It's good to get positive feedback after all the criticisms by people who evidently are too lazy to even try. What you're doing is what every good citizen should try to do.  I don't claim to be an expert, but I'm outraged at the amount of corruption and stupidity working together to completely destroy this country. Thanks.  1718
[QUOTE who="ptboat527"]And the answer is??...<quoted text>[/QUOTE]
Funny you should ask....   I just tried to post information which everybody needs to have, and which the media is refusing to publish, on this forum, but it was all deleted.  I hope that scares everybody enough to contact topix and demand that person be fired.  If they're all deleting it, how are Americans supposed to be able to make intelligent decisions?  Go to 'feedback' (below), then 'comment'. I'll get back to you, and answer your question soon.   1724
[QUOTE who="ptboat527"]And the answer is??... <quoted text>[/QUOTE]
I wrote about post 1698.  "Intelligent people understand what was said, investigated for themselves, and made intelligent decisions.
People: THINK!!! This is where LIBERAL TEA PARTY politics comes in. Republicans are wrong, but they are standing up for what they believe in. There's a huge amount of criticism against this bill FROM LIBERALS, and since Democratic legislators passed it, it's the responsibility of Democratic voters to speak out, and demand something that doesn't force us to subsidize another corrupt industry - insurance companies. Is it THAT hard to understand that, since they're the cause of our health care insurance problems, they should not be part of the solution? There are two choices in that post and every intelligent person should be able to agree with one of them enough to DEMAND it.(If you know of others, SPEAK UP). Now we have to take it a step farther because Democratic legislators and Obama are not listening to us. The only thing they hear is the sound of insurance company money coming their way. By fighting that bill, we're also fighting that corruption.  Plus, by taking it farther (insurance corruption. com -'fight back') we're letting them know they pay a price for not listening to us.  It's the same with the media. Have you seen one of the other plans anywhere? No, because they're THAT biased. Let them know they've lost you as a customer because of that. That's the only thing that will get their attention. The way this bill has been pushed on us, and the media cover-up, has been a really eye-opening experience. Those who don't learn from it are truly hopeless."
So, the two I know about are  - since summer 2009, but the media has buried it, and from Bill Moyers Journal:  - new but gaining ground. Both of these solutions are so far superior to the bill just passed, and both eliminate the cause of our problems, corrupt insurance companies.  1728
The IRS is going to have another reason to come after us like Nazis = they're going to be enforcing the new healthcare bill.  If you were in a coma, or had some other legitimate excuse to do nothing to stop that bill, you need to pull your weight.  This is going to be extremely abusive and will be an ongoing violation of our rights. Tell your legislators you want one of these plans which help save us financially by keeping insurance companies from keeping all the profits:  which I think is the best plan because it FORCES DEAF LEGISLATORS TO OBEY THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE (Fight Back! page), (next post)  1796
and  Also, here's the info about the IRS:   If this doesn't scare you into action, nothing will.   1797
[QUOTE who="reason"]<quoted text>Do you think you'll be beaten, raped, and put into a gas chamber? That is what the Nazis did.  Maybe you should think about the words you use. For the record, 3 weeks under this new law and as far as I know, no holocaust has begun as of yet. When were you expecting it to start?[/QUOTE]
There are warning signs, but you seem to want to ignore them.  The Nazis also exercised great control over their own people, causing them to live in constant fear of the government.  It started with the obedient masses believing the government's lies, THEN progressed to physical attacks against those they saw as enemies, and their own people who refused to obey without question.       1799
[QUOTE who="PDupont"]<quoted text>Oh yeah, the old fear the government shtick. The reason that the right wing calls for smaller government is because their big corporate donors know that a small government is less able to protect the citizenry against their abuses. Corporations will not pay to abate air and water pollution, provide safe working conditions or assure consumer protections on their own they need a robust system of regulation.  Your comparison to Obama and the likes of Hitler and Mussolini is stupid beyond belief. You’d have to look to the previous administration for that. Hitler, Mussolini and Bush were put into power by the corporate elite. Bush’s Patriot Acts bear an uncanny resemblance to Hitler’s Enabling Acts. [/QUOTE]
Good comments.  Republicans are consistent in their obsessions to make corporations wealthier and more abusive toward people and the earth. The only good thing I can say about them, with reservations, is that at least they're fighting Obama's bill.  Democrats should have shown that much activism when Bush attacked Iraq. Democrats:  If you blindly trust Obama or any politician, you need to get informed about this bill.  If you don't your party will suffer in every coming election for years.  Read and learn, then make an intelligent decision. (next post)  2022    And 2023
[QUOTE who="Veruca"]<quoted text>Are you familiar with the way that Massachusetts enforces their Universal Healthcare debacle? They require you to file a 'MA 1099-HC' form that you receive from teh Insurance Carrier with your tax return. If you don't, they fine you and penalize you on your taxes. That's where they get the idea. That is how the Fed. Govt. is going to enforce this - Through your taxes. Who is in charge of that?  THE IRS!!![/QUOTE]
Too many people believe it when they're told that the IRS will not enforce it, etc.  Realistically we know they will, and that it won't be good, which is another great reason to reject it.   People, join with others and get the current plan out and one of the others passed.    2104
[QUOTE who="Dupes"]<quoted text>Oh please, the only "plan" you want is a Republican one. Too bad, the current one is law, it will not be repealed, not even by a long shot crybaby.           FAce it, you don't accept our system of Government, WHEN YOU LOSE!!!!! [/QUOTE]
Ok, so you can't read or can't comprehend what you read.  The Insurance Corruption Plan is clearly a liberal idea which the idiot masses won't get anyway, so it wasn't written in baby talk. (next post)  and 'Those opposed to Obama's bill:  2262
[QUOTE who="BrokenSystem"]If people are happy with the current fashion that our government has been operating in for the past decade - then there are no problems. But I really sense a growing concern with many citizens that they are sick of a lack of representation by their elected officials and the seamless corruption by these same elected officials. This is true on both sides of the aisle and the only real recourse us citizens have is to boot these officials out of office. Of course, others feel that they need to do more and I do not see why that is such a bad thing. As long as people stay within the confines of the law and jurisprudence of this country - what is really the problem?[/QUOTE]
Nice talk, from somebody watching the country fall apart.  Do you not get how terribly serious the problems are?  THEY left the confines of the law behind them along time ago.      If somebody's trying to attack your children, do you just watch to avoid wrinkling your clothes?   2263
And               7am
[QUOTE who="BrokenSystem"]<quoted text>So what is your point? My point was citizens of this country have a right to demonstrate displeasure as long as they stay within the limits of the law. I really have no desire to protest, etc but that does not mean other citizens cannot. I am personally sick of party politics and just want to hold government officials accountable for their actions or lack of actions.[/QUOTE]
So, what have you done to hold them accountable since you won't even protest?  Write letters?  That's original.  Have they been influenced by your letters, or by all the letters?  No. If the 'silent majority' doesn't get off their dead rears, face the reality that we are in serious trouble,  and take advantage of the current anger of a minority, it will die, and you probably won't get another chance in your lifetimes. (next post) 2264     And   2265
[QUOTE who="Dupes"]This is where we must make a stand, this Government wil never represent the people again if we don't stop it!
"An analysis by Public Citizen found that at least 70 former members of Congress were lobbying for Wall Street and the financial services sector last year, including two former Senate majority leaders (Trent Lott and Bob Dole), two former House majority leaders (Richard A. Gephardt and Dick Armey) and a former House speaker (J. Dennis Hastert). DICK ARMEY Funds the teabaggers, H~E~L~L~O!
In addition to the lawmakers, data from the Center for Responsive Politics counted 56 former Congressional aides on the Senate or House banking committees who went on to use their expertise to lobby for the financial sector.  Visa had the most former Congressional officials, with 37 lobbyists; it was followed closely by other financial powerhouses like Goldman Sachs, Prudential, Citigroup and the American Bankers Association, according to the analysis from Public Citizen, an advocacy group that has pushed for tougher lobbying restrictions." [/QUOTE]
People keep posting 'we must', etc. but most never have any ideas about how to do that, or have the same old solutions that don‘t work.   I've been posting solutions for about a year, so if people had acted on those solutions, instead of just complaining, this whole issue would be history, and the country would be in much better shape.  2389
[QUOTE who="TonyT1961"]<quoted text>Very interesting, but not unexpected from the GOP. Since they have a dwindling amount of support, I would assume that fund raising would be difficult, so who better to go to than Wall St. executives. [/QUOTE]
That's the point of the latest solution.  In addition to threats to withhold donations NOW, there must be legislation to cut funds from other sources, and SOON. We have to spread the word because the media has made it clear they don't care what we want. (next post)  2391
And   2392
[QUOTE who="Plausible Paul"]Rick Santelli of CNBC started the Tea Party movement (without even knowing it). As he says in this excellent video the "silent majority" is fed up and not going to take it anymore! The Government rewarding the bad behavior of others! I believe it is called the right to express ones self through peaceful protest.[/QUOTE]
Interesting video, but I reject the idea that the ‘silent majority’ is doing anything.   I’ve been posting a lot, trying to get them angry and  suggesting ways to fight back that should really get results, but I don’t see any evidence of majority activism online or in the media.
If you’re one of them, go to the following, and make a note of it now because they keep ‘disappearing’ from topix while posts full of cr@p are left.  That’s one of my biggest complaints, that the media is so extremely biased that they’re refusing to let the American people know about the choices that are available.  That’s why I have to keep typing (next post) to help keep track of those that disappear.  (next post)  2439
And  2440
[QUOTE who="Emerald"]<quoted text>You are 100% correct. This was misinterpreted by many people, including myself. I recently found out that it was only 10% AND you could invest it in anything...CDs. Bonds or whatever. My banker told me this. Now I wish I had not misunderstood back then as I think it is a great idea, it puts some of your money to work.  Lesson I guess, do your research and don't listen to the media. Wish I had! PEACE[/QUOTE]
Really?!?  That makes as much sense as the idea that the IRS isn’t going to strong-arm us into paying into Obama’s health care program.
No, think about it.  Only 10%  Why?  Maybe they wanted to eliminate the program, but thought the public would never go for investing it all, so they started with 10%.   We were right to reject it, even if only because it came from the Bush people.  2442
[QUOTE who="Not Really"]I'm sick of GOP using socialism as a scare tactic. The same individuals that talk about socialism are the same individuals collecting (or will be collecting) social security when they are eligible. Ok lets pay less tax, but we should expext less from the government. Tea Bags have NO SOLUTIONS. [/QUOTE]
Hopefully ignorant voters won't be swayed by their never-ending complaining. If they were smart, they'd compromise with ex-Democrats and Independents on a better health care plan, (next post) 2515  2516
[QUOTE who="JustWantAccountability"]PDupont - you forgot to add how true Christians like the Catholic Church defend the raping and molesting of children. You take that time to clothe the naked and feed the hungry - all the while, your church priests are molesting your children. [/QUOTE]
Your ignorance is showing.  True Christianity has very little to do with either the Catholic or Protestant Churches.  They are all big businesses worshipping the Almighty Dollar.  Christianity is a faith, and true Christians have said NO to the exploitation of their faith, leaving those churches, knowing they must not compromise with evil. (next post)   2592  And     2593
[QUOTE who="Emerald"]<quoted text>Well, enough of us to know that you can't dig yourself out of a hole. that is what is currently happening. Its called fiscal responsibility and common sense.       To let this continue, in my opinion, is very bad for our fiscal health. That means it has to stop....Congress is not about to stop spending.. on our credit Congress has to be stopped...only way is to vote them all out! It may not be the solution of solving our indebtedness, but it will be halted and sorted out. Better than what we have now!
You forget, we are not a "Party", we are people, and we vote. We know what is happening now is not right. So we want a change, this time it will be a vote "against" not "for" I believe was a big factor in Obama's election, lots of people voted against Bush not for Obama...they are realizing that. There is no platform, there is little organization, perhaps it will wind up as a third party but I hope not. I like the freedom. Let the candidates fight for my vote. Sorry about the "rhetoric", my side job is writing speeches for Obama.[/QUOTE]
We have to stop Obama from driving us deeper into debt just to feed his ego, so he can claim health care victory.  He and the biased media have buried all other choices because they are superior to his, sabotaging American competition and fairness.   People:  Learn about other choices and back one of them at (next post)   2596
And  - this is frequently deleted, again denying the American people the right to choose. 2597
[QUOTE who="ElMuertoMonkey"]What's so Wrong with the Socialism ? Really..... This is Just Capitalism at it's finest, a very few who own everything and the rest serve there growing wealth and interests.    Date: April 18, 2010 01:42PM I find it ODD that the so called conservatives , say people should pull themselves up with there bootstraps (which is a magic trick never yet to be seen) That Socialism in any form is EVIL and BAD. That people should be self reliant, they should be independent. etc etc etc. The problem with all this to me is it's truly as silly /??     I would like to see, really how many so called Conservatives or so called Libertarians would really give up ALL the Government Programs except for Defense. For example Fire Department , Police Department, State Hospitals, Freeways, Tollways, Almost ALL paved roads other than on Private Property. Sewers, Storm Drainage, Power Grid , Hydroelectric Power, Nuke Power, Universities, public schools, Unemployment Insurance, Social Security, Medicare, Medicade, SSI, Food Stamps , Wic, FEMA, DDA , OSHA, MSHA, CIA , NSA,ATF, FBI, State Police, DMV, Requlations on Profesions, Labor Laws,Street lights. I find it not more than a little disturbing that so many people seem to be against something without being able or willing to articulate what it is they are against or why they are against it.[/QUOTE]
Very good points.  I’m so sick of the stupidity and greed.  Hopefully most of them will be able to become responsible adults and join the rest of us who are trying to save this country before it’s too late.  (next post)  2762
And 2763
[QUOTE who="JustWantAccountability"]<quoted text>What sheer ignorance do you really believe in? The message from tea partiers is not one of absolving national powers, but an accountability to voters and politicians both. The broken mutual contract is the binding agreement that they protest. Why does that bother so many people? What is truly disturbing is the sheer ignorance by the liberal sheeple. [/QUOTE]
Exactly WHAT have you done to demand accountability, and WHAT have your results been after all these years of effort? 
You're ignorant if you speak for the tea partiers on their singular goals -- they can't even agree on what the problems are, so how can they agree on the solutions? They all want different things and are totally clueless about how little they agree on (my previous post).     2765
[QUOTE who="Pit Bull owner"]<quoted text>Prepare for Revolution if that happens the next step is suspending elections Dictator Obama should be tried for high treason during wartime[/QUOTE]
When did you sign up to impeach Bush?  Of course not. Have the adulthood to admit you don't care about treason, or the country and its people.  It's obvious that you're only motivated by your political/racial prejudices.  2766
[QUOTE who="ssvs04"]<quoted text>What we want is for liberals and every president since the 1st Bush to stop wasting my tax dollars on entitlements for the lazy and ignoring the constitution. Then you liberals can actually get out their and take some personal responsibility and for once in your life earn what you want without a handout. Then you guys can live in your lollipops wonderland and leave conservatives to live their lives in reality.[/QUOTE]
Liberals want Republicans to stop living on political welfare.  Just because you choose to be too lazy to learn, we have to work harder to undo the damage done by your criminal stupidity and we're sick of it. Grow up, take responsibility for what you Bush idol has done, for the lives he has ended, for the children who have suffered, and help get him prosecuted for his  war crimes and peace crimes.  2787
[QUOTE who="Peppy"]Went to the local tea party rally on April 15. Other than the speakers, it was incredibly quiet, almost like a library. No anger or outbursts, mostly flag waving patriots in a sea of smiling faces. Most were just happy to know their thoughts were not unusual and that a lot of other people also see the fed government as too large, obtrusive and out of control. In a sense, misery loves company.
If anything, my tea party experience was noticably dull and boring. Nothing worth noting transpired. The media concoction of these rallies is so off base, it is laughable. [/QUOTE]
The Tea Parties are just a way for conservatives to vent their anger, and will dwindle to nothing because they have no platform, no agenda, no answers, and only attracts people who don't want to have to think. 2788
[QUOTE who="Stamos"]<quoted text>
Affirmative action was allowed by the Supreme Court as a temporary exception to the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution until blacks had the same opportunities others did. It has now been about forty years, and the goal posts have moved farther and farther Left. Today it's not just blacks -- it's women, homosexuals, and illegal aliens. And it's no longer equality of opportunity, but equality of outcome, which was the goal of Communism for seventy years in the Soviet Union, until the whole Soviet Empire crumbled as a result. The election of Obama was a combination of affirmative action and reparations politics on the part of well-meaning white Americans troubled about the past and also the present. The election of America's first black president, it was believed by many, would show that America had redeemed itself, overcome the supposed sins of its past, and lead the way into the brave new world just around the corner. It seems to me that many journalists thought this way. They were mesmerized by the racial angle, circled it continuously like the moth fascinated by the flame. For them, and I suspect for many others who supported Obama, it was all about race. Obama met their minimum threshold for qualifications -a very minimum threshold indeed- so the thing that got him elected was his 1/2 black status. No merely white candidate with Obama's shady past and astonishing lack of qualifications could have even made it up to the starting gate, much less campaigned for and actually won the presidency. [/QUOTE]
All those words, and still so ignorant.  The REALITY is that the majority of voters were so scared, after watching a Republican drive their country into the ground for eight years.  The REALITY is that they also knew that Republicans were not letting him be impeached, so they’re obviously choosing THE PARTY over the survival of the country - and they were right. What are YOUR solutions?  2789
[QUOTE who="real reason"]<quoted text>Listen up Jimbo, Does "having and showing "papers"" sound at all familiar to you? Where was that phrase coined and what was happening?  There's a name for a state of being like that.[/QUOTE]
No, no, no.     Use your brain.  Germany demanded people show papers because they were trying to find and exterminate an entire race of people...  -, 'Mexican Invasion'      Arizona wants to know who is here illegally, harming our country, to send them back.  2806
[QUOTE who="Alex"]<quoted text>I don't know if you're from MA or not. But, they have this type of Healthcare aleady and do you know how they enforce it?  Through TAXES!!! MA Residents are required to file a "MA 1099-HC" form that is provided to them by their Insurance Carrier. This must be filed with their taxes or they get penalized on their taxes. So, is the claim that the IRS is going to be enforcing this really not a valid claim? Only if you aren't paying attention.[/QUOTE]
I'm aware of how it's done in MA, and said that the IRS IS going to enforce it, which is another reason to reject Obama's bill.        This bill can easily be stopped but that is the American peoples' responsibility.  We have to spread the word because the media is biased, and have to demand it because most Democratic legislators don't care what is best for us and the country.  If we can’t unite to take back control of the country on this subject, then we never will because this bill is rejected by both Republicans and intelligent liberals.  Get to work: (next post)  2807 And 2808
[QUOTE who="Ray Kinsella"]<quoted text>
The problem is all of the brown skinned AMERICANS that will be harassed because they look MEXICAN. You want them to have to carry papers to prove that they are AMERICANS. What's next, sowing flags to their sleeves like Jews had to wear stars?[/QUOTE]
Has already been answered at #2806 - pay attention.  Awww, you're afraid your drug supply will be cut off.    2856
[QUOTE who="Government is the best"]<quoted text>Please keep this America hater off topix.[/QUOTE]
You're the worst, for trying to inhibit free speech in a country with fewer freedoms every day.   2857
[QUOTE who="Keri22421"]<quoted text>
Bus ride to the border just means they'll walk right back over. We have to fix our border issues first.
Laws need to change so that we aren't supporting anyone that isn't a citizen. Get rid of the anchor baby concept. No public assistance what so ever including schooling. Find them, fine them, educate them on the legal process to remain in the country. Only deport the criminal element and those that refuse to register and pay their fine/community service. Amnesty didn't work in the 80's because there were no consequences to being here illegally. For amnesty to work they must first secure the border and stop the flow of illegals. Then they must give a period of time for illegals to register and either pay their fine or make arrangements for community service. After this date has pass ALL social programs (welfare, food stamps, even public school) stops until they register. In the mean time we can offer free bus trips to the border for those that won't cooperate. Harsh but something needs to be done.[/QUOTE]
Nothing will work because you don’t recognize the root problem.  All presidents have wanted them here so their wealthy backers could have cheap labor.  So, you first have to stand up to the politicians on the federal level, and there is only one issue that can bring all Americans together = health care.  Obama’s plan is a disaster which we will suffer under for the rest of our lives.
If you’re not demanding one of the other choices, and penalizing the deaf legislators and biased media for denying you the right to know that there were better choices, then you are the problem.  You can talk and post all day and will accomplish nothing.  If you want to carry your own weight, start here and read all the posts, especially post #26.  (next post)  2858
And  2859
[QUOTE who="JustWantAccountability"]<quoted text>Of course liberals (like Protester) will decry ignorance because they have their ears shut and eyes closed. Why does the Tea Party Movement bother so many Liberals is the better question? Most know accountability is the number one priority for most voters in this nation - unless of course, you are unemployed and collecting welfare - then it is a booming time for them. [/QUOTE]
Protester wrote: <quoted text>“Exactly WHAT have you done to demand accountability, and WHAT have your results been after all these years of effort?  You're ignorant if you speak for the tea partiers on their singular goals -- they can't even agree on what the problems are, so how can they agree on the solutions? They all want different things and are totally clueless about how little they agree on (my previous post).”
Speaking of ignorance, didn't have any answers, did you?  2861
[QUOTE who="real reason"]Why aren't the Tea Party calling their representatives and demanding they address Wall Street Reform?
"The movement's popular appeal stems from grass-roots outrage over the bailout of America's financial system, the expanded role of government, and the growing deficits." It's supposed to be at the heart of their grievences? I just don't understand, why don't they support what they say they support?     Ohhhhhhh, cash!!!!!!![/QUOTE]
For a very good reason:  post 44, but read them all.   (next post)  2862
And   2863
[QUOTE who="Emerald"]<quoted text>Unfortunately you have hit the nail on the head. Why is something so obvious is so hard for people to see???[/QUOTE]
Yes, why IS it so hard for Republicans to get the simple point that they were betrayed by their own Republican presidents, Reagan and Bush, who granted them amnesty, so their wealthy donors could have cheap labor?   Because their entire belief system is based on lies.
Yoga Man wrote:  Mr Emerald, I think the key issue here is that the illegal immigrants when granted citizenship will overwhelmingly vote for the social democrats. Mr Obama doesn't care about any violence or illegalitie they may engage in. He doesn't care about upholding the Constitution. He only cares about getting 20 million new voters enrolled into the social democratic party. Rather pathetic I'd say, but that is who we have as president.  2865
[QUOTE who="SCOTT Free"]<quoted text>"What happened to open debate on C-SPAN for all major legislation?"
It's going to be aired along with all of the Healthcare Reform debates that were supposed to be aired on C-Span. You know, the ones that Obama promised would be aired on C-Span, but ended up being closed door meetings where only Democrats were invited. So, not only were we, the American people shut out from the "Transparency" but, the very officials that we elected to represent us in these meetings were locked out too - Because they were the minority. How unamerican is that?[/QUOTE]
More than that, Democracy NOW! Reported that it was because Obama didn’t want us to know that he wouldn’t allow anybody to speak for the single payer plan, which they objected to.  I’ve been saying since last year that he and the biased media were covering up all other plans.
If this doesn’t make everybody mad enough to get active and demand one of the better plans, then nothing will.  We’re headed in a very bad direction, so we have to fight back now.  (next post)  2867      And  2868
[QUOTE who="Stamos"]<quoted text>Whether you are a citizen, an illegal alien or Congressman/women these are a MUST SEE video's on the immigration debate. [/QUOTE]
Excellent videos.  This is why we MUST take back the country and stop letting Republican presidents grant amnesty so the wealthy can have cheap labor.  It should be treason.  The ONLY WAY there can be justice, or any solution to all the problems we have with our government's policies, is for MOST AMERICANS to come together on one issue and win.  That will show politicians that we mean business.       That issue is health care because of the fact that most people are already against Obama’s bill.  Read, get involved, don’t let this die, because I can guarantee that’s what will happen, and they are counting on you all to be too weak to stand your ground.  It’s now or never (next post). 2869      And  2871
[QUOTE who="real reason"]The Tea Party now supports NAzi "show your papers" kind of "Liberty"! Not the Liberty the founders had in mind huh. Fascism is now supported by Tea's, I think because they don't actually know what it means! They also now support full Government bailouts of Bankers and the Financial industry when they take on too much risk and lose. Sooooooo, all that griping that initiated the Tea's has been tossed under the Bus so Republicans might have a better chance at election! Yep, it's quite clear what the Teabaggers stand for, nothing they won't change their mind about if it means Political risk for their beloved GOP!!!! Yeah, THAT's ALL VERY "Independent"![/QUOTE]
And              I think it’s exactly what the founding father had in mind.  That’s why they gave us the right to bear arms.  That’s why we have something called ‘citizenship’.   Try caring more about your own country than those invading it who care very little about yours, except to exploit it. 2872
[QUOTE who="Government sucks"]<quoted text> Go to mexico and see how you are treated, outside the "tourist" spots and get back to me. If you are stopped by a LEO, are you not asked for license, registration and insurance documentation? KBG?[/QUOTE]
Try going into a Mexican neighborhood at night here in the US!  You'll be lucky to get out alive.  They hate us.  They've made it clear they want to take back THEIR country, California. Americans are so pathetic they've been outsmarted by these people for 3 decades and still can't figure out how to get them out. The answer was there all along - you have to FIRST TAKE BACK YOUR COUNTRY.  See post 2870 and get busy NOW.   2873
[QUOTE who="Government sucks"]<quoted text> I'm saying that because mexico is the one country protesting against this and sending an "alert" to it's citizens to avoid AZ. whereas the govt. of Mexico treats it's Illegals and tourists worse, in the same context, do you here of canadians putting out the same "alerts"? The Border Patrol can ask the same of the people it suspects of being "ILLEAGAL", why can't LEO's do the same?[/QUOTE]
I shouldn't waste my time with this stupidity, but: Maybe Canadians aren't worried that we'll teach our children to hate them and their children, or have an agenda of taking back part of Canada which we falsely think belongs to us, or will hate their cops and bring rampant crime then lie to the authorities to protect our criminals. Maybe we don’t want to work for less so we can take their jobs and make them homeless, then send the money back to the U.S.  Maybe we don’t want to set up our own neighborhoods, and violently attack any Canadians who dare to come onto ‘our’ territory.  Maybe we aren’t going there to make fake ID s, etc. to take, take, take from them.   Idiots:  Republicans Reagan and Bush created all these problems, betraying the U.S. for the financial benefit of their wealthy contributors.  If you don’t start taking back your country very soon, it could be too late.  Get involved and NOW - see next post  2934
And - read all relevant posts, especially #54-55   2935
[QUOTE who="Emerald"]Sanity, AZ is literally begging for help, they have been, they aren't getting any. The AZ police admit they are outgunned and cannot stop the violence. The law only says the same thing the Federal law says. Specifically prohibiting profiling, and there must be an illegal act involved. Nothing new. There is a mini border war going on right at our OWN border. What don't you get?
And you don't want the violence stopped so peace loving Hispanic kids can play safely in their own neighborhoods??? And ranchers aren't murdered on their own land???? Have you lost your mind?????[/QUOTE]
That’s somebody who doesn’t care, who is more loyal to foreigners who victimize us that to his own country, a real loser.  Ignore it. 
In addition to speaking out in support of AZ, the best thing we can do is exert our political power to solve all the problems that threaten us.  We need to work to save this country from financial disaster and violence, and NOW.  See post 2935       2936
[QUOTE who="Emerald"]<quoted text>Agreed. You got any ideas on how to stop the madness??????? However, seriously, the situation in AZ really needs attending to, and if this brouhaha accomplishes that goal all the batter. PEACE[/QUOTE]
See insurance corruption. com - illegal immigrants section.   2937
[QUOTE who="Emerald"]For Pete's sake, you have to show your "papers" when you use a credit card or write a check. It is called a "driver's license" or "picture ID".    This is all much ado about nothing, being whipped up and generated for political purposes. Think about it! [/QUOTE]
Having to show an ID is nothing, and we do it every day - TO PREVENT CRIME.  THAT's why they don’t want to have to do what the rest of us have no problem with, because it would also enable police to find those with outstanding arrest warrants, etc.  They have no problem using race to hide from the law.   2963
[QUOTE who="Emerald"]<quoted text>I did, and would be more than happy to do the same for Obama.[/QUOTE]
I would also sign to impeach Obama, but now I realize, what difference would it make?  I see very few politicians standing up against their own party for the sake of our country and its people. We have come to a point where the American people can't ignore the corruption any longer.  We're losing ground too fast, and we're the ones who will lose financially as the corruption grows. People need to fight for survival NOW - read all the relevant posts at:  (next post)  2965
And  2966
[QUOTE who="JustWantAccountability"]<quoted text>Of course liberals (like Protester) will decry ignorance because they have their ears shut and eyes closed. Why does the Tea Party Movement bother so many Liberals is the better question? Most know accountability is the number one priority for most voters in this nation - unless of course, you are unemployed and collecting welfare - then it is a booming time for them. [/QUOTE]
I’m glad the Tea Party Movement exists, but I will continue to criticize their stupidity.  It almost sounds like they’re working FOR Obama, by making it look like his critics are political idiots. You’re a liar to say that accountability is the number one priority.  Most Americans are too gutless, lazy and stupid to make anything but selfishness their #1 priority.  If that was true, there would BE accountability, but in REALITY, there’s almost none. Instead of criticizing people who are telling you the truth, you and the ignorant tea partiers need to try listening and learning.  2967
[QUOTE who="Emerald"]Deport them, of course. Yes it will cost money, but a heck of a lot less than supporting them for the rest of their lives. Cut back on border costs too. Our country would be in tatters??? Our rep with the rest of the world???? Do you realize that we are the most lenient country toward illegals on earth.... you are right....they do have lives here.....and they certainly do affect local economies....usually in a negative way. They are ILLEGAL...they need to go home and apply just like all LEGAL immigrants have to do. Don't lump legal immigrants in with the illegals. Our country still welcomes those who respect our rules.[/QUOTE]
I agree except that the legals who broke the law by coming here, should be kicked out too. (  That's why they were granted amnesty, because they were criminals....    3003
[QUOTE who="Keri22421"]<quoted text>  Bus ride to the border just means they'll walk right back over. We have to fix our border issues first. Laws need to change so that we aren't supporting anyone that isn't a citizen. Get rid of the anchor baby concept. No public assistance what so ever including schooling. Find them, fine them, educate them on the legal process to remain in the country. Only deport the criminal element and those that refuse to register and pay their fine/community service. Amnesty didn't work in the 80's because there were no consequences to being here illegally. For amnesty to work they must first secure the border and stop the flow of illegals. Then they must give a period of time for illegals to register and either pay their fine or make arrangements for community service. After this date has pass ALL social programs (welfare, food stamps, even public school) stops until they register. In the mean time we can offer free bus trips to the border for those that won't cooperate. Harsh but something needs to be done.[/QUOTE]
Everybody says that, and has said that, for many decades.  Is it working yet? The American people have to come to grips with the reality that the root cause of all our problems is corruption of officials, AND the laziness and stupidity of the masses.  So, who's going to have to change first? I applaud all those who are angry and are speaking out but, who's going to carry all the other tons of dead weight?  Nobody, because nobody can.  The American masses have always let other people fight their battles for them, sometimes sending money to a group, etc.  What did your money buy you? You all have to actually get off your rears and WORK.  We have to come together on one issue and the American people have already decided that it will be health care.  So first we have to demand a GOOD health care plan, and succeed.
If you're finally ready to do your part, read all the relevant posts and make an intelligent decision:  (next post)  3005  3006
We are fighting an evil trinity of corruption and betrayal involving:  insurance companies, legislators and the media which has refused to tell us that we had other choices, and to report that Obama refused to let the single payer advocates be involved in the discussions (breaking his word).    We have to come together on one issue and the American people have already decided that it’s health care.  No matter what the opinion on it, they’re pretty worked up.  That is the energy that can be used, by demanding a GOOD health care plan, and getting it.  That’s the first step.   There are ways to penalize all of them, and to benefit from it at the same time.  It’s a win-win-win-win-, etc. situation for us, but because we’re up against so much, we have to work that much harder.
[QUOTE who="Government sucks"]<quoted text> When the people elect Hispanic/Cuban legislators, who are sympathetic to thier (Illegals) cause, lawyers get involved,the legal Americans lose.[/QUOTE]
Both sides have lawyers, but the Americans are too stupid to learn from the illegals, who stick together for the common good.  For over a year, I've been advocating that the American people wise up and do that by starting with something they're all interested in: health care.  Evidently they need to suffer more.  For those of you who aren't idiots, get involved, make your demands heard, and penalize the legislators and media who have ignored you.  Read all relevant posts and get busy NOW:  (next post)  3057  3058
[QUOTE who="Keri22421"]<quoted text>Bus ride to the border just means they'll walk right back over. We have to fix our border issues first. Laws need to change so that we aren't supporting anyone that isn't a citizen. Get rid of the anchor baby concept. No public assistance what so ever including schooling. Find them, fine them, educate them on the legal process to remain in the country. Only deport the criminal element and those that refuse to register and pay their fine/community service. Amnesty didn't work in the 80's because there were no consequences to being here illegally. For amnesty to work they must first secure the border and stop the flow of illegals. Then they must give a period of time for illegals to register and either pay their fine or make arrangements for community service. After this date has pass ALL social programs (welfare, food stamps, even public school) stops until they register. In the mean time we can offer free bus trips to the border for those that won't cooperate. Harsh but something needs to be done.[/QUOTE]
Everybody has ideas, but in case you haven’t noticed - YOUR LEGISLATORS ARE IGNORING YOU ALL. Reagan and Bush granted them amnesty decades ago so that the wealthy would have cheap labor, and idiots would have scapegoats when all their stuff hit the fan. This is really simple people - you’ve been outsmarted by Mexican peasants for decades because they are intelligent enough to know that they have to work together for the common good.  America’s brainless masses deserve to be victimized for refusing to learn.
SUFFERED ENOUGH?  If so, here’s the solution:    Go to post 3057-8.  If you ignored it before, it means you’re pretty dumb and haven‘t suffered enough yet.  If that’s true, you’d better make note of it because they keep getting deleted.  3063
[QUOTE who="Ray Kinsella"]<quoted text>The problem is all of the brown skinned AMERICANS that will be harassed because they look MEXICAN. You want them to have to carry papers to prove that they are AMERICANS. What's next, sowing flags to their sleeves like Jews had to wear stars?[/QUOTE]
Grow up.  All people have to carry papers at some time, and for many reasons, and there are plenty of reasons this time. Your criminal mentality is showing.  Let's see:  On one hand we have rampant crime, increased racism, and death, and on the other, showing papers. 
Pathetic.   3064
[QUOTE who="2008bill"]<quoted text>There would have been no diversion/invasion of IRAQ, and we would have focused on Afghanistan where Osama Bin laden and the 911 terrorists were, and 4500 American lives would not have been lost looking for non-existent WMDs, or any of the other bogus objectives assigned to the War that should have never been.[/QUOTE]
...and the world would not have seen us a fools for electing an idiot, and Iraq would not be the future source of terrorism that will come back on us (what goes around, comes around = when you terrorize a nation, murdering over 100,000 of its people, you receive terror and death back)  3834
[QUOTE who="Vance1"]Finally Americans are awakend [/QUOTE]
Republicans lose all credibility with more people every time they promote propaganda like this. It's common knowledge that the only amnesty has come from REPUBLICANS Reagan and Bush, so when this site lies, "The only answer the democrats have is pure Amnesty, The republicans have “NO” Amnesty.", all you are all really saying is that you think Republican voters are total idiots.   Yes, you have succeeded in being the Party of Idiots  who can't tell the truth from lies, the party which manages to get poor and middle class voters vote to make the rich richer and sabotage their own families, decade after decade.  3945
[QUOTE who="46 and 2"]“It will be of little avail to the people that the laws are made by men of their own choice if the laws be so voluminous that they cannot be read, or so incoherent that they cannot be understood.” ~ James Madison  The original constitution is 6 pages. If anyone knows the answer please tell me how 2409 pages of additional laws and regulations is going to make America a more free country than it was before it passed. [/QUOTE]
It will enslave us - it's a complete scam. It also proves that legislators have no respect for the American people, and why should they?  Most are against it, but are they FIGHTING back?  Of course not - they want to spend their lives on political welfare, expecting a few of us to carry their dead weight.  Not this time.  This time you get off your dead butt and work, or suffer the consequences for the rest of your lives, and don't think your kids won't hate you for it.  Get started: (next post)  If it's deleted, go to US News and search for: Those Opposed to Obama's bill  3948    And    3949
[QUOTE who="okboston"]<quoted text>"The legislation that Congress passed does not say enemy combatants are people who "take up arms on the side of al-Qaida." The bill instead refers to people who provide "material support" to the enemy. The language of the bill says that is the standard for both citizens and non-citizens. But Berenson says that's not how the administration will apply it." [/QUOTE]
That bill is extremely dangerous.  It's so vague that anybody could be imprisoned just for criticizing the administration, for example.
It should be used against Bush. 3953
[QUOTE who="the Messiah"]<quoted text>Should we arrest Obama for Treason? Obama breaks the Law with Assassination Order of US citizen In late January, I wrote about the Obama administration's "presidential assassination program," whereby American citizens are targeted for killings far away from any battlefield, based exclusively on unchecked accusations by the Executive Branch that they're involved in Terrorism. At the time, The Washington Post's Dana Priest had noted deep in a long article that Obama had continued Bush's policy (which Bush never actually implemented) of having the Joint Chiefs of Staff compile "hit lists" of Americans, and Priest suggested that the American-born Islamic cleric Anwar al-Awlaki was on that list. The following week, Obama's Director of National Intelligence, Adm. Dennis Blair, acknowledged in Congressional testimony that the administration reserves the "right" to carry out such assassinations.
Today, both The New York Times and The Washington Post confirm that the Obama White House has now expressly authorized the CIA to kill al-Alwaki no matter where he is found, no matter his distance from a battlefield. I wrote at length about the extreme dangers and lawlessness of allowing the Executive Branch the power to murder U.S. citizens far away from a battlefield (i.e., while they're sleeping, at home, with their children, etc.) and with no due process of any kind. I won't repeat those arguments -- but I do want to highlight how unbelievably Orwellian and tyrannical this is in light of these new articles today...
And what about all the progressives who screamed for years about the Bush administration's tyrannical treatment of Jose Padilla? Bush merely imprisoned Padilla for years without a trial. If that's a vicious, tyrannical assault on the Constitution -- and it was -- what should they be saying about the Nobel Peace Prize winner's assassination of American citizens without any due process?  No due process is accorded. No charges or trials are necessary. No evidence is offered, nor any opportunity for him to deny these accusations (which he has done vehemently through his family). None of that.  Instead, in Barack Obama's America, the way guilt is determined for American citizens -- and a death penalty imposed -- is that the President, like the King he thinks he is, secretly decrees someone's guilt as a Terrorist. Who is going to arrrest the criminal Obama before he assassinates one of us?[/QUOTE]
Both Democratic and Republican presidents have been murdering US citizens, on American soil, for decades. But you remain OBSESSED with anti-Obama tyrades, over and over again.  You're wasting your time. Let's prosecute the over 4000 killed in Iraq, TO HELP TERRORISTS ESCAPE, first.  That's treason.  Plus, you are so obsessed that you miss bigger points, such as:  With a government as corrupt and abusive as ours, it doesn't matter who we elect. People have to stop being children, trusting greedy, self-serving politicians.  They have to stand up like adults and be accountable for the corruption they willingly finance. (see post 3949)  3955
[QUOTE who="ObamaFailuresContinue"]<quoted text>Republicans lost huge in 2006 and 2008 because they screwed up. Now Democrats will lose big in 2010 and 2012 because they screwed up. Figure it out brother. Defend all you wish but Americans wants Leadership not people that Blame all of the time. Leadership - say it again - Leadership. We currently have none in this administration.[/QUOTE]
It's the idiot masses who keep bouncing back and forth between the two parties, too stupid to stop repeating what doesn't work - all their lives.  Can't get any dumber than that. Intelligent people are either voting for third party or independent candidates and issues.         They're also getting informed about Obama's health care disaster and how to stop it:  (next post)   4732
And    4733
[QUOTE who="ObamaFailuresContinue"]<quoted text>Republicans lost huge in 2006 and 2008 because they screwed up. Now Democrats will lose big in 2010 and 2012 because they screwed up. Figure it out brother. Defend all you wish but Americans wants Leadership not people that Blame all of the time. Leadership - say it again - Leadership. We currently have none in this administration.[/QUOTE]
If Obama's not leading anybody anywhere, then he's not to blame for anything, except lack of leadership. Most voters are always going back and forth between 2 political parties, like (Is there any animal that stupid?  No).  They're dumb as dirt, and too stupid and lazy to even think of anything else. THAT is why this country is falling apart - idiots are forever electing the worst leaders, regardless of which party.
There are better answers and if people were even slightly intelligent, they checked that out.  That's the difference between them and the idiot masses who saw a solution and were afraid that meant work.    (post 4733)  5138
[QUOTE who="About Time for Coffee"]<quoted text>Lynchburg VA. I wonder why it is called "Lynchburg"...home to the most racist, angry white "religious man" ever to walk the earth.  But I digress. If SS had been privatized, you, and the rest of us, would be broke right now, dipstick. Remember how your pals in the Bush/Cheney administration let the financial wizards rape and pillage our financial system?? You'd be bankrupt, and then, I bet all those "bad" social programs would suddenly be "gooooood" social programs.
Biggest hypocrites on the planet. Donate your SS and Medicare benefits to a charity, show me the receipts, and then, I will listen to what you say. Otherwise, you're just another ME ME ME republi-con.[/QUOTE]
You're right.  Republicans just want to TAKE when times are good and get rid of laws that stand in their way. Then when they're victimized by their own Republican-caused recession, they TAKE every kind of welfare they can get. Parasites can destroy whole countries just like they destroy individual forms of life.  5593

Reminder: Republicans Were For Obama's Health Insurance Rule Before They Were Against It   CANT FIND THREAD
Republicans have no choice - they have to demand a better plan, along with all intelligent Americans, because the government plan is a disaster.  Since the media has denied you the right to free choice, you MUST tell them they've lost you as a customer / viewer/ listener, (with these exceptions). The first plan has been around since summer 2009 - did the media give you this choice?
Here they are:   267
And   and 268
And This bill is a disaster, which is evidenced by the underhanded tricks they used to get it this far. Yes, health care is good, but NOT THIS PIECE OF GARBAGE, designed to force us to subsidize yet more corruption - the insurance industry.  More evidence of how far the corruption reaches is this:  THERE ARE OTHER HEALTH CARE CHOICES, BUT DID YOUR MEDIA KEEP THAT INFORMATION FROM YOU? Yes, most of them did. 1. Let them know they've lost you as a customer / viewer because of that.
2. Demand one of the other plans from your legislators, and don't stop even if it takes years. 3. Let them know you're never sending them or their party another penny until they do. Other choices:    425
1. has been around, and heavily advertised, since summer 2009.  Advantages:  makes a profit, voluntary for people and small businesses, low premiums, etc. - but best of all, it takes all the profits from the sleazy insurance companies and their scumbag lawyers.  This is the only way to fight that corruption until the American people develop a spine and prosecute them.
2. - just letting people buy into Medicare if they want to.  The most important part is near the end.  Advantage:  saves a fortune by not setting up another government, and EXTREMELY complicated, government bureaucracy which won't work for those reasons.  SPEAK UP NOW OR FOREVER PAY THE PRICE!!!  426
I just tried to post important information which would bring Republicans, Democrats and independents together on this bill, and would give them the information the media is not giving, in the US Politics forum, but it was all deleted.  That should scare everybody.  Is it a sign that the government is already stepping in to curtail free speech?  Remember that Obama is going to use terrorism as an excuse to control the Internet.   At the very least, demand that the person responsible for the deletion be fired - we have to fight for free speech every time.
Think it's not really a problem?  Name the other health care choices you've read about in the media:  587
[QUOTE who="Democrats are Retarded"]<quoted text>There is no right to free speech.  The first only says "CONGRESS SHALL MAKE NO LAW" proof of no right ? Can you yell fire in a theater ? NO = No right to free speech[/QUOTE]
Not clear thinking - that's public endangerment. We have the right to free speech because congress can't make it illegal.
People:  Because your media deliberately kept the truth from you, that you had OTHER health care choices, you not only have the right, but you have the obligation to tell them that they've lost you as a customer.  If they took your money, leading you to believe they would keep you informed and didn't even mention the plan at even once since the summer of 2009, then they defrauded you.  There's also a plan which would simply give people the opportunity to buy into Medicare if they wanted to, near the end of the interview:  We are losing free speech - today I tried to post more info on US Politics and the entire thing was deleted.  That person should be fired because nobody can make an intelligent health care decision until they have all the information - it's that important. 589
Corrupt, greedy insurance companies are the cause of all our health care problems, so why would you want them to be any part of the solution?  No plan will work if they are part of it. Both the American people and the government have proven beyond any doubt that they're not going to prosecute crimes committed by insurance companies, not even murder.  So, how can anybody be so stupid as to believe that would change?  The insurance companies KNOW it won't.  Did your media tell you that you had other choices?  Tell them they've lost you as a customer for that. Here are two choices that exclude all insurance company involvement:  651
And and  652
[QUOTE who="Teach"]<quoted text>Big Pharma is making profits hand over fist while we all point and blame the insurance companies. Pharmaceuticals actually contribute to the cost of health care, while insurance reflects the cost of health care. If health care costs go up, so do the costs for insurance.  Yet lately, I've noticed that every other commercial on TV is a lawsuit aimed at the Pharmaceutical companies. Blood thinners, heart meds, diabetic meds, birth control...the list goes on. This is why we need tort reform. This is also why we in the U.S. pay more for drugs than other countries. Tort reform would do a lot more to lower the costs of health care than just capping malpractice suits.  Can you give us an example of an insurance company murdering someone?[/QUOTE]
You've got to be kidding.  Don't you ever watch shows like '60 Minutes', or do research?  Most of the country is up in arms about what insurance companies have done to them, or someone they know, or are worried that they'll be next.   Tort reform helps insurance companies profit, just like Obama's bill does.  It's criminal that legislators are trying to force people to finance corruption and murder.  That includes denying benefits until it's too late, cancelling people when they get sick and become a negative cash flow, etc. I've given great choices, hope you made a note of them because they're often deleted by Topix, so it's important for people to copy those sites right away.  They're almost impossible to find anywhere else because the media is biased either for Democrats or Republicans.  Information is priceless, if you didn't get it, you will be left behind.   686
[QUOTE who="Teach"]<quoted text>Great screed, but what's it got to do with Big Pharma and their profits? Since you're such a fan of research, I'm sure you already know the percentage of profit these companies are making. And, of course, you understand that drugs are a big part of the cost of health care and that we pay more for those drugs in this country than anyone else in the world. I merely pointed out that they are constantly being sued and that this is greatly contributing to the costs that we Americans are paying.  Tort reform would lower costs for doctors, who pay through the nose for malpractice insurance and would probably lower the cost of Pharmaceuticals. That, unlike anything in the health care bill, might actually lower the cost of health care.[/QUOTE] 695
So, when you told your legislators which plan you wanted, did you include all this information?   Did you put your solution on a website and tell everybody you know, and the media, so they could also demand it, if they wanted to?  Or, did you demand the insurance corruption. com plan, and include these comments, as the site suggests?  If you have answers, and have not done these things, then what good are they?  717
[QUOTE who="PlacitasRoy"]<quoted text>Still spewing the debunked IRS fear mongering carp? LIEs! Are you that ignorant or are you just intentionally and maliciously LYING? From "This wildly inaccurate claim started as an inflated, partisan assertion that 16,500 new IRS employees might be required to administer the new law. That devolved quickly into a claim, made by some Republican lawmakers, that 16,500 IRS "agents" would be required. Republican Rep. Ron Paul of Texas even claimed in a televised interview that all 16,500 would be carrying guns. None of those claims is true.  The IRS’ main job under the new law isn’t to enforce penalties. Its first task is to inform many small-business owners of a new tax credit that the new law grants them — starting this year — which will pay up to 35 percent of the employer’s contribution toward their workers’ health insurance. And in 2014 the IRS will also be administering additional subsidies — in the form of refundable tax credits — to help millions of low- and middle-income individuals buy health insurance.
The law does make individuals subject to a tax, starting in 2014, if they fail to obtain health insurance coverage. But IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman testified before a hearing of the House Ways and Means Committee March 25 that the IRS won’t be auditing individuals to certify that they have obtained health insurance. He said insurance companies will issue forms certifying that individuals have coverage that meets the federal mandate, similar to a form that lenders use to verify the amount of interest someone has paid on their home mortgage. "We expect to get a simple form, that we won’t look behind, that says this person has acceptable health coverage," Shulman said. "So there’s not going to be any discussions about health coverage with an IRS employee." In any case, the bill signed into law (on page 131) specifically prohibits the IRS from using the liens and levies commonly used to collect money owed by delinquent taxpayers, and rules out any criminal penalties for individuals who refuse to pay the tax or those who don’t obtain coverage. That doesn’t leave a lot for IRS enforcers to do...." there's a lot more:[/QUOTE]
Boy are you gullible, not only believing the government, but specifically the IRS!  
[QUOTE who=" Chicago Guy"]<quoted text>Boy, you have a healthy fantasy life!! LOL  The Congress DOES, in fact, have every right to pass this law. And it's Constitutionality has been established with 100 years of case law and precedent under the Commerce Clause. That gives Congress incredible leeway to regulate interstate commerce and nearly unlimited ability to levy taxes. I think the Republicans will probably pick up a few seats in November, but I'll bet anything that they don't take majorities in either chamber. And even if they DID, and could get the 60 votes needed to repeal healthcare (it'd NEVER happen, btw) it would go straight to Obama's desk... and he'd veto it.
Right now there is not a single GOP candidate who could come close to beating Obama in 2012, thought granted that's a ways away. But if you cons insist on such a fractured view of reality, just don't be surprised when you lose big in 2012. Again. Right now Obama is doing far better than Clinton or Reagan in their second years. Look it up.  And your notion that "80%" of AMericans favor repeal is perhaps the looniest thing you've said. I know conservatives love to lie about the healthcare polls, but 80% was NEVER an accurate figure. 
And currently only 52.4% oppose healthcare:  That number is sure to shrink as people get used to it, and understand the REAL benefits. And don't forget that a significant percentage of those who are against it are liberals, who fought it because it wasn't LIBERAL ENOUGH. You think they're gonna vote against Obama in 2012? Ridiculous.[/QUOTE]
We liberals who fight against it, have many reasons.  You seem to be unaware, as some of us know, that it has some really bad provisions, and that there are better choices. Did it never occur to you that something is wrong when other choices are buried, by Democratic politicians and the media?  Didn't it make you think when you saw how badly they handled this in Congress? It's because this bill can't compete with other plans, and I assume those politicians have a hidden agenda, perhaps more control over the American people, perhaps they sold out to insurance companies and are forcing us to subsidize their greed, maybe all of the above.  Whatever people think, those who remain with the Democratic Party are actually betraying the party by blindly following Obama without listening to other ideas and criticisms, because if it does turn out bad, the Party will pay.  That means Republicans will be back in power.  So, which are you loyal too:  that party or your country?  754   And Check out:    755
Sarah Palin emerges as tea party movement leader...maybe
Republicans don't even know what a tea party is.  Join a REAL tea party at legal parasites. com and you don't even have to leave    US Politics
your computer.  So easy, yet so revolutionary.  548
[QUOTE who="A Citizen"]Sign The Tea Party Pledge!!![/QUOTE]I found it at:   578
Now let's see how long it takes Palin supporters to complain and violate free speech at post 579.  It's now 7:42 a.m. PST, on 3-31-10.  579
If Democrats are smart, they'll use the tea party movement to demand that legislators give them a decent health care plan. I just tried to post all that information on this forum, but it was deleted. There was also information that people have a right to know, which the media isn't giving them either. That should scare you into demanding that Topix fire the person responsible. If they and the media are working that hard to deny the American people that information, then that's more proof that what they're going with this bill is treacherous.   As an ex-Democrat who voted for Obama, I was appauled at they way they were not even letting legislators see the bill before demanding a vote on it.  It couldn't be more obvious that they were engaged in criminal activity.      I better stop here or this post will be deleted too.    If you value your free speech, contact Topix right away and demand and end to every attack on free speech.  Go to 'feedback' (below), then 'comment'. 603

SC Lt. Gov.: "Don't Feed The Poor, They'll Breed"
[QUOTE who="Steve Tellers"]<quoted text>I agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Vote all incumbents out in 2010, obama and all of the incumbent Senators in 2012, and all of the incumbent Senators in 2014. Then we can start with a completely clean slate!!![/QUOTE]
That's a stupid answer.  Who are you going to vote FOR? The intelligent solution is to take it in steps, not start out with a stupid tea party from Republicans too gutless to follow through with the next step. Intelligent steps are at insurance corruption. com and one of them is STOP DONATING ANY MONEY - they'll listen.  They LOVE money.  
[QUOTE who="Curmudgeon"]<quoted text> Homeless folks are the ones who are responsible for their plight. This is America any one who will work can prosper and own their own home. For example Take a Mexican He will come here and work send money home and still prosper and do better than many citizen. Why because he will work and no job is too lowly for his consideration. All through this country,s history the newest bunch of immigrants worked harder and did better than those already here. Political parties are just worthless parasites. They cant stop a individual with a success work bound additude. and they cant change a lazy the world owes me lazy ner do well into a productive worker. Everyone paddles his own canoe.[/QUOTE]
This is why sick Republicanism works for the dumbest Americans.  They send American jobs to China, give them to Mexicans, etc. then blame the jobless.  They demand an end to welfare, creating homelessness, then blame them for not punishing the kids by giving them away.
Republicanism is a combination of satanism and cowardice.  They're afraid to face the reality that they are the cause of massive human suffering. Their stupidity is the reason we have had a national health care DISASTER forced on us.  All Republicans had to do was compromise with the plan at insurance corruption. com which basically created an insurance company that worked for the people instead of against them.  But Republicans love those evil insurance companies and want them to keep killing more people and keep creating more homeless victims who can then be blamed for the natural disasters.  Intelligent people remember Katrina and 9-11 and how insurance companies refused to pay the victims.  The insurance corruption plan calls for prosecution of the guilty, but you know Republicans love that evil too and will fight it.  If you're not a subhuman parasite, you have every reason to back the plan that helps the country and its people, no matter how long it takes because it's the right thing to do.    1093

Shame on Mass. voters  Mass.
Thanks to Democrats, Mass. has good health care, but they sabotaged the rest of the United States by voting Republican.  We'll never know how many people those idiot voters have murdered because they won't get help in time.  I hope the new Mass. leadership cuts all health care for that state, because that' what Republicans do.  There's more at intelligent-liberals. com about this and how liberals can work together to fight morons who are allowed to vote. #1
You fools set us up to be ruled by Palin -- yes there are THAT MANY idiots who will vote for her, believing Republican lies about Obama.  While you threw your little hissy-fit against Democrats, it's liberals who are worried about this country SURVIVING!  #5
[QUOTE who="dash81"]<quoted text>Ha, I like your expression: "Go grow a brain" - pretty funny!      Anyway, some of us pay high premiums and high co-pays while people like my sister-in-law only pay $5 co-pay (union deal)... I count myself lucky that my family is healthy and we only require well check-ups... because $25 co-pays add up!       And I'm thrilled that Scout Brown won the Senate race!
Balance is good! TWO seats: one party each![/QUOTE]
I can see why you support a Republican, duhhh.      Counting on luck?  duhhh.       Crying about paying $25?  You're pathetic - many people have to pay their own way - you Republicans just love welfare, but only when it's for you, the wealthy, and corporations. (sick)        Happy about union medical coverage?  Thank Democrats.  duhhh       We're the only industrialized nation that doesn't have national healthcare because we have too many Republican idiots.  17

Should the US have universal healthcare?
We need GOOD health care, so intelligent people have known all along that they can't just complain, they have to have something better for people to support.  Unfortunately, this all goes over the heads of the idiot masses, so they're just posting endless garbage that accomplishes nothing.  So, even though they've probably ignored every intelligent idea because they're too lazy to try to understand it, unless they join with intelligent people and tell Congress clearly what they DO want, we will suffer with this health care bill. Here are two which are voluntary and save the taxpayers a fortune because they eliminate the cause of all our health care problems, corrupt insurance companies which have paid our legislators to force us all to subsidize them:  80054
and  has been around since summer 2009, and is like the American people setting up their own profitable insurance company, and helps to financially rescue the middle class;
and  where two liberal leaders advocate a plan which just lets Americans buy into Medicare if they want to.  The most important part is near the end. Be intelligent - YOU make the choice for Congress.   80055
[QUOTE who="Glass Houses Break"]Anyone have any comments now that the health care bill is law??? It always amazes me that there is always someone out there saying that the fed government if too large. But who do you look for when there is a disaster? If there was such a thing as federal criminal law that applied to ALL states, there wouldn't be states like Texas that would rather just kill the damn criminal - who cares if s/he may be innocent. Or states where mere possession of marijuana is a crime that can cause you to go to jail for 10-15 years while it is legal in other states! How about treating juveniles as adults when the D.A. wants to - just so he can run for governor! Ever notice that D.A.s, in general, ABSOLUTELY REFUSE to question the fact that they may have made a mistake, especially when another person admits to a crime while the innocent person rots in jail because the prosecuting D.A.doesn't want to ruin his record of being "hard on crime"! Which state would you rather live in - the one that throws away the key for children who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, or the state that is willing to give the alleged crime a second look. If you live in Texas, you would be given the death penalty and dead before ANYONE took another look.
Bottom line, if there were federal laws for certain issues, that allowed everyone to have truly EQUAL rights, wouldn't that be better than one state doing one thing while another state does something else - both for the same reason? We really don't have equal rights, but wouldn't it be great! Just a great as universal health care so that EVERYONE would be treated for their medical issues without regard to "Let me see your insurance card first!" when you walk into a doctor's office. And WHO do you think makes the decision on what kind of treatment you will receive? The doctor without any pressure from anyone so that s/he actually TREATS you as you should be treated medically? NO!NO!NO! It's the damn insurance companies who "have paneal" who make the decision, or a doctor who allegedly reviews your case from thousands of miles away and says they will not authorize the treatment the doctor says you need. And these panels of allegedly medical personnel (I sincerely doubt it IF there is even a panel) and the individual doctors who are paid by the uinsurance companies to deliberately deny treatment - ALL of these people - IF THEY EXIST! (ever try to look up a doctor's name that is at the bottom of the page you get from the insurance company and who is denying your treatment? Very often doesn't seem to exist!) are PAID BY THE INSURANCE COMPANIES! And you are afraid the federal government is going to take over those decisions?! Better them than the insurance companies who HAVE to make sure that their shareholders get their dividends, and their CEOs get their monster bonuses as well as the rest of management and the adjusters who get bonuses for denying coverage to people people who don't know how to fight them! Did you know that? Insurance adjusters are paid for denying coverage and getting away with it. They are also paid to lie, as well as doctors who want to keep their business! So don't think the feds will do worse. If the insurance companies haven't already dont it, it can't be done. In other words, the fed certainly cannot come up with all the tricks of the trade that insurance companies have perfected.[/QUOTE]
I can tell you that the insurance companies are working with the legal system and legislators to treat us like we are the enemy.  You have NO rights that they don't let you have.  Laws are written to protect insurance companies which violate our legal rights. Obama's bill was supposed to change that, and he has been challenged to start prosecuting ins. co. execs, but he hasn't prosecuted even one, and doesn't intend to.  His entire bill is a fraud. We need a GOOD health care plan, but the media has buried those choices, so unless the American people want to do more than complain and be forced to pay for a bad system and a financial nightmare, they have to spread the word themselves.  I bet there are so many loser on topix who do nothing but complain, every day all day, while all that time could have been used to actually accomplish something.  Everybody needs to help, join with those who have already demanded one of the better plans, and help penalize deaf legislators and the biased media. If the next post is deleted, go to US News and search for: Those Opposed to Obama's bill:  83063     and   83064
[QUOTE who="gump hump"]Insurance and Risk Pooling Risk Insurance is a method of pooling risk to minimise the cost of rare events to any one person.     Insurance works well for situations where the risk has low likelihood, but high impact. For example, the likelihood of a person’s house burning down is quite low. However, the impact on the inhabitants is enormous, if it does happen. House insurance is method for pooling the risk and spreading the costs of fires across all homeowners. In a city with a thousand homes, only one homeowner might experience a catastrophic fire in their house in any year. If everyone who lives in the city pays into an insurance fund, each home owner will only have to pay one thousandth of the cost of rebuilding a home to give the insurance fund enough money to pay for the cost of replacing the one house that is burnt down. Homeowners have several good reasons for paying into an insurance fund.
No one knows in advance who will have a fire. It might be me.      The cost of a fire would be devastating for the family whose house burns.
       The cost of the insurance is relatively cheap. The probability of a house going on fire can be estimated by investigating at the history of house fires. Insurance deals effectively with risk like a house fire, because it is relatively rare. The insurance company is able to estimate the probability of fires occurring and calculate an appropriate level for premiums. Everyone benefits from sharing the costs of the fire, because they know that next time they could be the one facing a tragedy. Insurance is very effective for risks with low likelihood and high impact, but it stops working if the risk changes from being low likelihood to extremely widespread. That is why insurance companies have exemptions for extreme events like war and “acts of God”. If the city is bombed during a war, nearly every house might be burned down. In that situation, sharing the cost does not help. Paying for a thousandth of the cost of rebuilding all the houses is no cheaper than the cost of rebuilding your own house. Pooling the risk of an event that will affect everyone the same makes no sense. Insurance cannot deal with a widespread risk, because there is no benefit in pooling the costs.[/QUOTE]
Sounds good, but I couldn't find in your post where the billions of dollars come from that are given to the criminals at the top, as a reward for victimizing the little guys.    The Insurance Corruption plan would charge very low premiums because there would be no parasites at the top.  It wouldn't be another government bureaucracy because incompetent people would be fired.  It would help the middle class survive what the insurance industry REALLY is.  (next post)   And   especially posts 83 and 86.
             US Politics
Southern Baptist Leader: Obama 'Very Dangerous'
It's Protestant leaders like this who have destroyed the U.S. economically and morally by telling us for decades that their false god wants us to vote Republican. That is the reason the American people are suffering now, because they let the real God be used for Republican-Protest ant profit. It will destroy us if we don't stop them - protestant protest. net says we're flirting with disaster because the masses obey without question, and without using their own brains. So, now they don't know the difference between good and evil anymore. (4 min ago | post #6)

"Spiritual Wickedness In High Places"         deleted
That lesson doesn't mean anything if you don't apply it to what's happening now.  Protestant ministers, who told us that God wants us to vote Republican, put Bush in office and kept him there while he nearly destroyed this formerly Godly country.  Now we're being punished for that.  If Protestants don't turn away from those churches, we'll be in for much worse -- protestant protest. net.  Plus, we need to hold them accountable.  9

Study: Illegal immigrants having more kids in US
[QUOTE who="The Last Templar"]Of course, they have kids here, they get citizenship. Wonderful example of our government enforcing the rule of law in this country.  Pack them all up, and send them back to Mexico, and wherever else they came from. Establish an orderly system for who gets in ( yeah, try doing something intelligent like discerning who is a drug addict, diseased, a criminal, etc.), and a regulatory process for who gets to hire and who gets to work, BASED ON LEGAL CONTROLS ALREADY IN PLACE. [/QUOTE]
That still wouldn't deal with the ORIGINAL PROBLEM - Republicans granting amnesty to illegals which caused more illegals to come here, expecting the same, and getting it when Bush granted them amnesty too - intelligent-liberals. com   You can only find the truth that exposes Republicans lies from liberals.  4510
[QUOTE who="Dingo"]Living in the past? We all do.     Maybe you are upset that I keep mentioning those dead American Troops from that lie Gw Bush told, Yes he is out of office but those American Troops are still dead.., Am I supposed to forget about them? <quoted text> [/QUOTE]
No, honor them by using that travesty to keep them out of Afganistan for several good reasons ( 
[QUOTE who="Jobe"]There is only so much America to give away...when its gone...civil or socio-economic war.[/QUOTE]
And it is coming, we all know it, because America can't solve its problems. We can turn this around if most Americans agree on one issue and stand together against politicians who have their own agenda.  The American people have already decided that issue is health care, so demand one of the other choices, then help penalize legislators and the media who have denied you any other choice but Obama's.   He wouldn't even let advocates for 'single payer' into the discussions (Democracy Now!).  He wants only his plan, so he can take all the credit, and give sleazy insurance companies what they want.  We need a plan that won't send us down the same road as Greece and the other countries that are facing civil war.  There is no free ride, nobody can carry anybody else's dead weight.  We are in serious trouble and will now have to fight twice as much, but if we don't, IT WILL GET WORSE. So, read all relevant posts and make the intelligent decision to fight back, but do it now.   6531
[QUOTE who="Jeffery Wright"]Giving the USA back, one day at a time: California Students Punished for Patriotism
Yeah, just don't ever accuse the public school systems of progressive indoctrination. Five students at a California high school were forced to leave school and then face disciplinary action yesterday for the crime of wearing clothing printed with American flag designs.
"(The Principal) said we could wear it on any other day, but (May 5) is sensitive to Mexican Americans because it's supposed to be their holiday so we were not allowed to wear it today," Daniel Galli said.  So, they wouldn't have gotten in trouble for wearing the shirts on St. Patrick's Day? I guess that means people of Irish descent are considered real Americans, but those of Mexican descent aren't, at least, not by public school administrators.    [/QUOTE]
That’s outrageous.  Shame on the Morgan Hill parents if they aren’t working to get that principal fired.   There are warnings all over the place, that we are losing our freedoms, and losing political power, based on the fact that legislators totally ignored the fact that most people are against Obama’s abusive health care bill, not against health care itself. If you’re not actively involved in penalizing them all, including the media that buried all other health care choices that were far superior to Obama’s then you deserve to pay for the rest of your life.  Nobody’s going to carry your dead weight, because nobody can.   For all that information , see next post:  6624  6625
[QUOTE who="AbsoluTruth"]so the whole world knows how dumb you are: As Investors Business Daily reported in March 2005:
"The U.S. Justice Department estimated that 270,000 illegal immigrants served jail time nationally in 2003. Of those, 108,000 were in California. Some estimates show illegals now make up half of California's prison population, creating a massive criminal subculture that strains state budgets and creates a nightmare for local police forces." link is about the hospitals  [/QUOTE]
You didn't say who you were posting to... I agree that those immigrants are a terrible problem, but it exposes the American people for the cowards they are, for letting it go one decade after decade. It also exposes that they're too stupid to come up with answers, and too lazy to act on good answers that others have come up with.  It should be obvious to everybody by now that legislators are deaf to our complaints.   The only way to take back our country is for the majority to come together on one issue and they've already decided that the issue they're most angry about is health care.  Most aren't against any health care, they just want health care that works now, isn't a financial disaster, isn't forced on us, and isn't abusive by using the IRS Gestapo to enforce it. Here are the other choices, and what you must do to penalize deaf legislators and the biased media for denying you this information. Also, what you must do right now is spread the word to encourage voters to vote either for independent candidates or not vote at all in the coming elections. Here's the information - let me know if it's deleted:  6707  6708
[QUOTE who="Fed Up With Mexicans"]<quoted text> Yeah, wonderful for you because you go from rags to riches by just crossing over that border, and it is all at our expense!!![/QUOTE]
Whose fault is that?  If the American people are so pathetic that they do nothing but complain, then they deserve to be victimized.
Those who want to LEARN FROM THE MEXICANS WHO HAVE OUTSMARTED US, will learn that they have to work TOGETHER.
The one thing that has gotten their attention is fighting Obama's abusive HEALTH CARE bill. Here's where to go and join in - there's no free ride either : next post  6750    And    6751
[QUOTE who="Fed Up With Mexicans"]<quoted text> "OUTSMARTED US"??? Can't you see that these are criminals? When someone steals from you they are not outsmarting you, they are breaking the damn law!!! [/QUOTE]
Well, I can see they outsmarted you.  Okay, in simple terms: They know enough to work together, to lie for each other, whatever it takes for their race to succeed, and it has worked for them for the most part.  They've made a lot of money, sent a lot of it back to Mexico, and some got to be here legally.  People like you never learn, so I was talking to those who do.  I say we need to work together to get them out, but idiots like you, criticizing statements like that, are helping them. People: the one issue most Americans can come together on, is health care.  Most are against Obama's bill so you can work together to defeat it.  If Republicans are smart, they'll realize that health care isn't going away so they should demand a plan they can compromise on.  We have common enemies - the legislators who ignore us and the media that has buried any plan but Obama's.  Help penalize them. The goal is to demand respect from those in government and the media.  Read all relevant posts and get busy - nobody CAN carry your dead weight on this, even if they wanted to.  This is a major change and requires most Americans to participate.  If the next post is deleted, go to US News and search for:
Those Opposed to Obama's bill:   6791   And   6792

Tea partiers just like Timothy McVeigh   US News
Republicans can't do anything right. If you want a REAL tea party, go to legal parasites. com (16 min ago | post #34)
[QUOTE who="gav0906"]I'm a tea party member, and Im not racist nor am i anything like Timothy M. I just love my country and my freedom and I see it being taken from me. So Im standing up for myself. [/QUOTE]
Standing up against what?  If you're involved in a tea party, then you're planning to overthrow the federal government, but my guess is that, you're all too gutless, and are just throwing temper tantrums because you lost the election.   52
[QUOTE who="Mac-7"]<quoted text>Libs are so freaked out by the Tea Party movement that they think voting Democrats out of office amounts to the same thing as an overthrow of the government.  But it's really just small "d" democracy in action.[/QUOTE]
How is voting Democrats out of office a tea party.  No, it's just more Republican stupidity.  Republicanism naturally attracts those who want to be deceived.  I said it was a real tea party at legal parasites. com because it's about....    Republicans will never figure it out because it's intelligent.  57
[QUOTE who="ga_patriot"]<quoted text>OVERTHROW THE FEDERAL GOVERMENT????? really!!!!!! The tea party movements main goal is to ensure that the current federal goverment remains a "REPUBLIC"....and if you mean overthrow at the ballot box then you are correct...are we prepared to defend the republic with the use of firearms....yes....but it won't be the tea party firing the first shot...they will however, be the ones firing the last shot. I guess we will have to see who is the gutless one, right Protester[/QUOTE]
I'm overwhelmed at your stupidity!  Read the previous post - none of you know what it means. A tea party signifies the beginning of a revolution against the federal government.  It was a great moment for brave revolutionaries.  Republican parasites have disrespected them by turning it into a hissy fit for losers who didn't get what they wanted.   To Republican idiots it means nothing more than voting.  Firing shots at whom?  Do you have any clue?   58
[QUOTE who="torchwood"]<quoted text>Nope, just getting rid of a fascist socialist government that does not follow the will of the people! Believe me they will gone soon enough all voted out![/QUOTE]
VOTED OUT???   Republicans have dishonored the memory of real men who helped start the Revolutionary War, and are too stupid to even know it.  59
[QUOTE who="Mac-7"]<quoted text>Libs are so freaked out by the Tea Party movement that they think voting Democrats out of office amounts to the same thing as an overthrow of the government.  But it's really just small "d" democracy in action.[/QUOTE]
You seem to be out of step with your comrades - check the other posts.  Again, it's a stupid idea and a mockery to the ideal of the original tea party and it's true meaning.  77
[QUOTE who="ga_patriot"]<quoted text>OVERTHROW THE FEDERAL GOVERMENT????? really!!!!!! The tea party movements main goal is to ensure that the current federal goverment remains a "REPUBLIC"....and if you mean overthrow at the ballot box then you are correct...are we prepared to defend the republic with the use of firearms....yes....but it won't be the tea party firing the first shot...they will however, be the ones firing the last shot. I guess we will have to see who is the gutless one, right Protester[/QUOTE]
You all can't even agree on what your intentions are, plus the tea party movement is the Republican temper tantrum response to national health care.  So, that means you've alienated all the American people who do want it.  So, duhhh, just how successful do you think this little hissy-fit of yours is going to be?  78
[QUOTE who="Mac-7"]<quoted text>Can you give me an example of what my "comrades" are saying that disturbs you so much?[/QUOTE]
Read their posts - they have different ideas as to what a tea party is.  It's about the overthrow of the federal government.  If they just want to affect voting, then call it that.  The important thing is that the Republican Party attracts idiots, and this is just more proof.  89
[QUOTE who="ga_patriot"]<quoted text>You are a moron....our intentions are quite simple...even a pea brained idiot like you should be able to understand....First of all...about 28% of the tea party movement are democrats...the rest are republicans and try real hard to comprehend that....people who voted for OBLUNDER are comming to their senses...the independants vote was mainly an anti Bush vote...the out of control budget and enormous health care debacle plus the potential AMNESTY for ILLEGALS is what is behind this movement. Congress in 2008 sent a budget to Bush that was loaded with pork. In case you forgot Bush did not sign it. He sent it back to congress. In 2009 they sent it unchanged to OBOMBER...he signed it saying he was doing last years buisness. Barry then claimed he would not allow anyone in the country ILLEGALLY get health care....then came his call for another push at AMNESTY. Make them all legal with the stroke of a pen and problem solved...give them taxpayer funded insurance.our intentions are to simply stop spending money we don't have and to stop rewarding people who have broken the law or refuse to be responsible. According to this healthcare bill starting in 2017 a family of 4 that makes less than 30,000 a year will have 100% of their insurance paid by the taxpayers. Sorry....but if a husband and wife make less than 30,000 dollars a year they shouldn't be having a child....let alone two. If you voted for Barry and still support him then quite simply you hate your nation....why don't you go to washington and make an appointement to see him...and if you do why don't you just blow him and get it over with.[/QUOTE]
You just don't get it and never will.  TEA PARTIES REPRESENT THE OVERTHROW OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, but they keep saying that's not what it's about, proving they just want to throw big fits, and throw big words around, but will run at the first sign that they'd have to actually follow through. For your information, god, people who make less than $30k/year have been having children without your permission since the dawn of time.  Guess nobody thinks you have any credibility.  91
[QUOTE who="Mac-7"]<quoted text>The Tea Party patriots do not want to overthrow the federal government. But they do want the federal government to keep its hands of their healthcare and to stop Obama energy policies that are going to ruin the private sector. That will probably involve having to kick most of the Democrats in Washington out of Congress and electing a new president in 2012. That is sort of an overthrow of government I suppose.        But it is a peaceful and totally legal revolution sanctioned by the Constitution.  [/QUOTE]
No, it's a farce.  They don't want to clean up Washington, they want Republicans in power, in spite of what they've done to this country and it's people.  They have no conscience, no morality, and no common sense.  They are the village idiots who didn't get their way in the last election, and are throwing temper tantrums.  Like 7th grade girls, they want the drama, the attention, and they want their way and want everybody to cater to them.  They're making fools of themselves because it's all noise.  They're too stupid to know real change and too gutless to make it happen.  Intelligent people of all backgrounds will recognize that real change is called for at legal parasites. com which calls for controlling the ALL of the parasites.  97
[QUOTE who="Mac-7"]<quoted text>When the alternatives are Republicans or Democrats I will choose Repubs every time.  Not that one is always more honest than the other but because the Democrat Party is beyond salvation.  It's so dominated by the far left that the Dems may never support any policy that is best for America again. However, the Republicans are only slightly better and amount to little more than the lesser of two evils. But I'll still take the less evil over the more evil when I can get it.[/QUOTE]
Never donate to either - insurance corruption. com, and demand the plan that eliminates all sleazy insurance companies and their scumbag lawyers.   134
[QUOTE who="RealityCheck"]<quoted text>At present, democrats think their part is American government. At the present, they think that they are more important that the constitution. They have tried to shred it. There are many Americans that want to overthrow the democrats because of their disregard of both the constitution and the wishes of the Americans they were elected to represent. In November, there will be a reckoning of those that chose to vote against the wishes of their electorate. In my state, Bart Gordon is not running again. Because of his actions, there will not be a democrat elected in his dictrict for generations. You are correct about people having children they couldn't afford since the beginning of time. Until the last century, they gave those children up if they couldn't support them. Now, they just ask for the government to support the children and themselves. The democrats reward those that don't product and punish those that do. Why is that? [/QUOTE]
You seem to be ok with giving up children, and against those who keep them.  In both cases, parents are trying to do what's best for their children, the opposite of you, complaining about welfare. Then you seem to say that Democrats reward those who don't produce and punish those who do.  Which is it??? No wonder you vote Republican, you think like one.   135
[QUOTE who="Stop the madness"]<quoted text>Sorry, clueless, but the tea party is made up of republicans, democrats, and independents. They are the people who worked hard and did it right. And they are lobbying for the likes of you, too. You haven't noticed that right up to this minute your govt. is pushing itself into your life and freedom of choice? Is it just noise that turned elections in Mass., N.J., and Virginia. These people have the fortitude to spend their time and money protesting the scourge Washington has become. Progressive liberals have put this country in the downspin it's in now---no morals, ethics---lazy drainers of resources, high crime, etc. It's time to rid this once great country of it's true parasites so that we can excel again.[/QUOTE]
I have a lot of choice words, but you're a total waste of time.  Only a total idiot would say those things while we're still trying to recover from the conservative traitor Bush.   167
              US News
Tea partiers vow revenge over health overhaul - Connecticut Post
Republicans will never stop the bill unless they change directions and get the American people behind them.  The only way to do this is to have something better, and they don't.  So, they have to stop the hysteria and compromise intelligently. Here are two good plans that nobody wants you to know about = not the Democratic or Republican leaders, not the corrupt insurance industry, and not the biased media. Also, MOST IMPORTANT, tell them all that you're finished with being deceived and are not giving them any more money - nothing else will get their attention. Here they are so wise up and stop the health care disaster:   127
And and 128
[QUOTE who="zepproxx"]<quoted text>Take back both houses and the white house and this country is gonna see repeal of many things. Were you posting links? I don't see any. I liked the Republican plan submitted to the senate. Free market soultions and common sense. CBO scoring was all in the black. No red ink and it insured more Americans and no fines or government takeover. Since it was written by Republicans alll the libs herew will cry out that it BS. It tears the dem plan apart![/QUOTE]   and   166
[QUOTE who="Really"]Where was the tea party when we found out that there wasnt any WMD...(hundreds of billions of dollars and thousands of US lives lost...) What short memories are dear tea party member have, maybe they should right things on there hand like Mrs. Bimbo does to remember. [/QUOTE]
I agree with you completely, and have said so many times myself, BUT: If Democrats are smart, they'll listen to their own leaders who are speaking out against this bill, and will use the Republican wrath to also demand a bill that isn't secretive, loaded with abuses, etc.  It's slimy the way this whole thing has been handled. See the topic on US News = Democrats:  What are you doing?        This is a golden opportunity for us all to work together against legislators who have been working together against us for decades, but we need to work fast.   272
Also, I tried to post 'Democrats: What are you doing?' first in the US Politics forum, but it was all deleted.  If you value free speech at all, demand that Topix fire the person responsible - this is too important.  Go to 'feedback' (below) then 'comment'.  Remember, the media is also keeping that information from the American people.  273
[QUOTE who="tort"]I agree that the healthcare system isn't running the way that it should but I don't believe government run healthcare is a good way to go. This isn't just about healthcare, I don't believe the government should be involved. I think there are a lot of options that are available that are less intrusive for a capitalist society to take... tort reform being the first and foremost of those. Price of medical care of medical insurance is what is the root of issue... [/QUOTE]
1. Tort reform is about the legal system, health care is about the medical system.  Tort reform is being used by Republican leaders to confuse their idiot masses and re-direct attention away from the real issues. 2. The blame for our current health care crisis falls complete on the shoulders of the horribly corrupt insurance industry and our legislators who are working together for mutual greed, we we're their victims!
"the healthcare system isn't running the way that it should" - are you kidding - they're KILLING HUMAN BEINGS!  It's a tragedy.
3.  So WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO SAVE THEM?  Nothing.  In fact you're aiding murder by supporting the idea of letting it continue.
You're also helping them to get away with fraud, murder, etc. instead of demanding that they be prosecuted for their crimes.  Funny how those who are against government health care never want to clean up the system that exists either - they consistently work to support the most evil solutions. Good people are so outraged by the corruption that they're demanding that government health care must completely exclude all insurance companies.     There are plans that do that and this one has been around since the summer of 2009, but has been buried by the biased media: 291
and  - is like the American people setting up their own insurance company, affordable and not welfare, financially saving small businesses and the middle class, is voluntary, and so much more.  This site also gives ways of teaching the biased media and deaf legislators a lesson they won't forget.  They will develop a new respect for the American people. So, get active, or pay, in so many ways, for the rest of your lives.  292
[QUOTE who="my gripes withobama"]<quoted text>Ours is a nation set up to keep the government out of our personal affairs aside from where course of law and preservation of peace and justice is concerned, when the government forces people to purchase something (which by the way is a constitutional issue that will have to play out in courts where already lawsuits are being filed by about a dozen states).when the government takes direct control of almost 1/3 of the nation's economy, then that is reason for concern. It's not the healthcare per se' that is the issue so much as it is CONTROL over healthcare,[/QUOTE]
If you're not fighting him, you're helping him, and it's you that will pay for it. This wouldn't be happening today if the American people had demanded one of the other choices last year, but they didn't know about them because the media is so biased that they deliberately kept that information from them.   So, tell them they've lost you as a customer/viewer because they defrauded you, and they're also to blame for this situation we're in now. Demand one of the plans I posted earlier, and take the advice on the Insurance Corruption site which will force legislators to stop working for the corrupt insurance industry, and profiting from our suffering. Do it this weekend because Obama knows that if he can stall long enough, the American people will get tired or bored and give up. Democrats need to wise up and use the Republican rebellion to help make this happen, by demanding one of the better plans NOW.  325
And It's at post 292, and also there's Grayson's plan at: (next post) 327
And  and the interview in which liberals support his plan: The other plan is at  328  
[QUOTE who="A Nnoyed"]So repeal the prescription drug benefit immediately or raise taxes. Or both. Balls in the looey left court. Fix it. And the new law is deficit increasing legislation. Shell games and leaving out hundreds of billions in costs can only fool the CBO because they're required to be fooled if given faulty cost and revenue numbers. Can't blame them, their hands are tied. Obama's trying his hardest to get us to well over 20 trillion in debt by 2020 with an annual interest only payment of near a trillion. Assuming we keep our AAA rating that keeps our rates lower. You support that. I don't know why but you do. Spend, spend, spend, spend, spend, spend, spend, spend, spend. Just like Bush. And he was an idiot.[/QUOTE]
I never see any of you doing anything but complaining.  You don't have solutions, don't help spread the word about them, and obviously don't even want solutions because then you'd have nothing to complain about.  For those of you who are intelligent, here's a place to start: (next post)  407     And  408
[QUOTE who="theres lotsidont like"]I believe there needs to be reform, but I am very very against this bill. I do not like that they can fine people who still choose to not have health care (or, in extreme cases, those people can face some jail time). I don't like that 16,500 new IRA jobs are being created to do monthly checks on every person to make sure everyone has health insurance(I mean, new jobs but I find it funny that people protested the Patriot Act so much as an obstruction of privacy when they'll now be able to check into this too).I don't like the taxes ; yes yes I know it says only those making $250/yr but people should be well aware that this isn't going to work that way and the middle class will also end up being taxed. I don't like that the majority of the country (in the lastest polls) don't like the healthcare bill and that the government isn't listening to that and just pushing through a bill to make a change . There's lots I don't like.[/QUOTE]
This bill is dangerous to our freedoms.  Just think, the media is sabotaging all other liberal choices, and I just tried to start a thread to Democrats on 3 different forums and it disappeared from all, and many, many times my internet connection is cut.  That doesn't happen anywhere else.  We know most people are against this bill, the thing is, can they stop it?  Do they see the danger?  I have to blame liberals and the idiot masses because Republicans are fighting it.  The people who don't read about it, and actively work against it, will deserve what they get, but they drag us down too.  Read about it - post 407:     413
[QUOTE who="A Nnoyed"]<quoted text>oooh goodie.  what is it? I can't wait. Government spending solving the problem? LOL[/QUOTE]
Go away.  It's not for those who are too lazy to try, can't read, and can't learn.   You're part of the problem, the dead weight we have to carry.   414
[QUOTE who="A Nnoyed"]<quoted text>oooh goodie.  what is it? I can't wait.    Government spending solving the problem?LOL[/QUOTE]
No, that would be simple-minded, but I'm sure you chose to jump to conclusions (maybe you're used to being ignorant) instead of taking the time to check it out. For those who are willing to do something for their country, and their own financial survival, it's about using good old competition against the insurance companies' organized crime which destroys lives and quality of life.  Normally people like that should be prosecuted, but let's be realistic - they're above the law and none of you are doing anything about that.  This plan is about making money which would go toward the deficit, by using that money which ins. co. executives would give themselves as bonuses, rewards for corruption. So, it attacks many problems at the same time, including: If most Americans can demand this one plan, they would have taken a major step in taking back their country too. We have to work harder because we have to carry A Nnoyed's dead weight.  We have to do it ourselves because the media has buried this information. Help penalize politicians and the media, and so much more at the same time.  If this next post has been deleted, go to US News and search for: Those Opposed to Obama's bill 415
And  416

Tea Party is doomed to fail   US News
Republican tea parties have done more damage than good.  We all know Republicans are never going to revolt against the government, so, in their stupidity, they've sabotaged any future efforts to threaten the government, etc., discussed further at intelligent-liberals. com, along with more unbelievable Republican stupidity. 56
[QUOTE who="Stop the madness"]<quoted text> The tea party has done damage, it's true. Damage to the self-serving, single minded politicians in office now. They helped stop the ramming through of govt. controlled health-care. They've made lock-in-step (so-called) representatives think twice. The revolution has already started and it will continue until the citizens of America are in control again. Speaking of stupidity (yours), the tea party is comprised of democrats, republicans, and independents. And, to poster WDRussell (who consistanly TRIES to play a race card) there are, gasp, people of color in the tea party--- unbrainwashed people with guts who are willing to act on behalf of everyone.[/QUOTE]
Did Republicans start a tea party because of the money wasted on death and destruction in Iraq?  Of course not.  How about being forced to finance the corrupt legal system which victimizes us all?  Never.  No, they only became enraged when their money would be used to help STOP DEATH.  There's a legitimate tea party at legal parasites. com but I bet Republicans would run from that.  208
[QUOTE who="Lowell Grant"]Palin HAD an 80% approval rating in Alaska until the people got to know her, its far below 50% now as she abandoned them after fracturing her state. Neither here nor there, she is just a pop phenom like Paris Hilton only not as smart, no substance, just a pretty face with an empty head.  She is not the issue, the "tea baggers" were and the fact is that we have had 30 years of tax cuts during which time "Voodoo" economics has failed to produce the growth in our economy that would wipe out the debt. The one and only time we began to make progress, in Clinton's last year, that was quickly wiped out by 2 more huge, unfunded tax cuts that swelled the defict by another $2 trillion. It is a fact that over 90% of our deficits were run up during republican administrations. Let me dump $11 trillion into the economy without any intention or obligation to pay it back and I too can make many people love me. The lame attempt to blame Barney Frank for all this is laughable. When did he control ANYTHING during the bush administration, even his own committee? He was A MINORITY leader, duh. The republican theme is very consistent..."The buck stops THERE!"[/QUOTE]
Many times we've seen where Republicans are elected president because the media failed to tell the voters that those former governors would never have been re-elected in their own states, due to their incompetence/corruption.  People have to let their media know that they're losing customers because of this -- insurance corruption. com = cancel subscriptions, etc.  212
[QUOTE who="James Henderson"]Sir: With all due respect,Its not they but them.Its both party's. Its the system that creates this mess. I would suggest talking with a honest bureaucrat and ask if its not hard to be honest under the rules that govern them. How can one not look locally and see how the system is used by the ins over the outs. I know you know a honest person just ask her. With its a personnel matter they can hide,lie and cheat with only the citizen speaking up. I clam not to know it all but one thing I do know this was done my both party's and has been going on for a long time.So we debate while the bureaucrats lights the fire.[/QUOTE]
So, stop debating, go to legal parasites. com and DO everything you can to change things.  It will seem too drastic to cowards, but if you're going to take on institutionalized corruption, then yes, you have to fight like you mean it.  Have the courage to join a REAL TEA PARTY.  214
[QUOTE who="Donna Christopher"]Sandra - have you ever thought that race may be a big factor (as in the straw that broke the camel's back)? I know simply asking this question may well result in a)the reposting of past satirical/sardonic comments b)many great bits of snarky and/or personal comments/attacks. Sorry, but as a daughter of the south (with a great, great, great uncle a Captain for the Confederate Army) racism still runs extremely deep. Most of my relatives still reside in West Virginia - let me tell you, they are more p i s s s s s s s e d over melanin totals than debt totals. I watched the tea party protests at the Mall and could count on one hand the number of persons of color I saw (acknowledging that I could only see what the media showed, most of it coming from Fox but not all).
Where was the outrage over off-book spending for two wars (one COMPLETELY unprovoked and now in the aftermath we only kid ourselves that Iraq will hold together)and lack of accounting of monies spent in both - yeah, I'm looking at you pallets of shrink wrapped bundles of hundred dollar bills that disappeared; Medicare part D and the majority of the TARP monies proffered and passed on W's watch? Medicare part D - not only not paid for but there was no allowing the cutting of any kind of deals that would have resulted in savings. Okay, not actual savings but less debt incurred. I am neither R or D - we need to break their stranglehold with 3rd, 4th etc partys.    [/QUOTE]
They'll be just as corrupt.  No, none of those solutions will work.  You have to stand up to the ones in power and control them, then it won't matter who's elected because they'll ALL be accountable.   215  deleted one!
[QUOTE who="Gypsy"]Protester: You seem passionate about your cause; as were Adolf Hitler, Charles Manson, and David Duke. You are off topic, off balance, and likely off your meds. I would hazard a guess that most rational people - Republican, Democrat, or None of the Above - tend to pass you on the street without making eye contact.[/QUOTE]
You're a coward, expecting everybody else to carry your dead weight.  So, in your simple little mind Republicans are moderates who just happen to have started a revolt against the federal government.  You are too dumb to vote, and are part of the reason this country is in a mess now.   216
[QUOTE who="Caffeinated"]<quoted text> Do you understand what the Tea party is about? Probably not since they get so much negative media coverage.     They are loyal Americans who feel that it is more important to vote for a candidate based on honesty, good values, and sound judgment...instead of voting for a party. Think about it...we have had some of the crappiest politicians in office for a very long time. Do you want more of that? Or is it possible to vote for a candidate with integrity? I don't know about you, but I'd rather vote for common sense, than jump on the sheeple train.[/QUOTE]
Voting is your great solution??  That's been the 'solution' for hundreds of years -- when is it going to start working for you? A tea party is a prelude to a revolution - a voting revolution?  You're idiots! If you read my previous post, you'd know that there's a real tea party at legal parasites. com and it's different from the same old stale solutions that never worked before and are not a threat now.  It's about fighting not just political and legal system corruption, but about fighting the stupidity of the masses who support their own demise.  220
[QUOTE who="Caffeinated"]<quoted text> is my solution. We need a third party who truly represents the people. The Tea party does NOT prelude a revolution. I hate that word, because it sounds like guns-a-blazing. We don't need more chaos in this world. We need a thoughtful process, honesty, and good decision making. Specifically what is "your" solution?[/QUOTE]
A third party is just more of the same, eventually.  The American people have to stop trying to get away with doing as little as possible - it's clearly not working - go to legal parasites. Com   224
The Tea Party is doomed to fail because Republicans are turning the rest of the country against them instead of trying to compromise and work with the rest of the people who are also against THAT PLAN. It will take a tremendous amount of energy because the media wants to sensationalize the fight rather than give Americans the fact that they have other choices.  Here are two:  238